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The Final Chapter


For the next two days, Tanya tried to call Kurtis. She tried his cell but he never picked up and each time she tried his hotel she was told that she had just missed him or that he was not there at the moment. They would ask her each time if she'd like to leave a message but her call was never returned.

It was Friday morning and she had taken a day off work. Jeannie had asked her to come with her to pick out an outfit for their night out at Rafaelo's.

“Don't worry, I'll pay you, Tanya,” Jeannie had joked when she called the day before but Tanya didn't laugh. “Is everything all right?” Jeannie had asked and Tanya said that everything was fine.

But as they walked along Fifth Avenue on the shopping spree for Jeannie, it was obvious that Tanya's mind was elsewhere.

“I'm sick of Fendi these days,” Jeannie said to Tanya as she stopped to look into the shop window. “What do you think?” She looked at Tanya who had a vacant expression on her face. “I mean I could always buy a tablecloth and wear a belt around my waist or perhaps just go topless. What do you think Tanya?”

“Um, yes,” Tanya said.

“So you think that's a good idea?” Jeannie put her hands on her hips.

“Perfect,” Tanya said.

“All right, now I know something is up. I don't believe you'd really want to take me to your favorite place with my boobs hanging out for all to see.”

“What are you talking about, Jeannie?”

“Exactly! You haven't listened to a word I've said for the last two blocks. What's the matter with you?”

Tanya put her head down and slowly turned to Jeannie. “I did something really crazy the other day,” Tanya said, so quietly Jeannie had to get a lot closer to hear her above the busy traffic.

“What was it?” she asked.

“Well, I tried on a wedding dress.”

“What's so crazy about that? You are engaged. You're going to get married someday, right? You'll be trying on dozens of dresses.”

“I know. But the crazy thing was, that dress I tried on, it was perfect. It was only the display dress but it was an absolute perfect fit.”

“And you bought it didn't you? Oh, that's not crazy, Tanya, that's amazing.”

But Tanya had not smiled, neither did she looked up.

“What is it, Tanya?” Jeannie could feel the solemnity of the situation and stopped flapping with excitement. “You have to tell me.”

“The thing is I got a really strange feeling as I stood there. I mean one second I was overjoyed about finding a dress and I was about to call all you girls up and tell you, the next second I went cold and felt so weird like you wouldn't believe.”

“But, I don't understand it, Tanya.”

“I just felt as though by trying on the dress, I changed my fate somehow.”

“That's not possible. You know all about Fate. Fate is Fate. That's the point. It's coming to you anyway. You can't change it.”

“Can't you?” Tanya began walking again. “Look, we haven't found you an outfit yet. I'm sorry.”

“Wait!” Jeannie pulled her to a stop. “You can't make sweeping statements like that and carry on shopping. Forget my outfit. What the hell is wrong Tanya?”

“I'm not sure, but I think I just blew it with Kurtis.”

“He's not even here.”

“He called me. Asked me a question about James.”


“Yes, just out of the blue. Asked if I'd met up with him in an apartment.”

“I said yes. And that was the truth.”

“What the hell, Tanya. Why go meeting that jerk? I told you to stay clear.”

“That's just it. I was staying clear. You remember how Kurtis and I first got together. I didn't call him and he got me up to his apartment by pretending to be a client needing a personal shopper?”

“Yes, pretty cheeky, but it worked.”

“Well, guess who else had the same bright idea?”

“No,” Jeannie drew the word out.

“Yes, and I fell for it. It was his mother's apartment, or so he said and that was the day he started all those lies about the picture of Catherine.”

“That slimy, evil, bastard. But you told Kurtis all of this.”

“Not everything. Stupidly, I told Kurtis I only just ran into James. It was a little white lie because I know how much he hates him. Thought it would soften the blow, so to speak. Only now it's backfired and he thinks I lied to him. He's so angry with me he won't even pick up my calls.”

“Oh, Tanya. I'm so sorry. Kurtis can be so stubborn. But I'm sure he'll come around.”

“I hope so. We're meeting for breakfast tomorrow. It was supposed to be a chance to set a date for the wedding. But, like I said, I think I've messed with Fate and I don't know how he'll be or if he'll even show up for our date.”

Jeannie put a long elegant arm around Tanya. “He loves you. He'll be there. Just let him fume for while, work it out of his system. No matter what, he won't stand you up. He'll be there and then you can work this out with him.”

“I hope so.”

The girls continued to walk along 5th Avenue. Just then they passed a bridal shop. Tanya turned to Jeannie with a sad look on her face.

“Don't worry so much,” Jeannie said with a wide smile. “Kurtis adores you. You'll see him tomorrow for sure. But for now, let's think Rafaelo's and why don't you get yourself a new outfit too? My treat.”

Tanya managed a half smile. She wasn't looking forward to her girls, night out. What she thought she was facing the following day, like it was her last chance with Kurtis.


Kurtis landed in New York's JFK and caught a taxi straight to his office. His secretary had some papers for him to sign and then he would go back to his apartment and drink himself stupid. He was weary of all the traveling he was doing. Secretly, he had been planning to work less so he could spend more time with Tanya. He’d thought that they could travel around the world together. She had talked about it as being one of her ambitions and he looked forward to sharing that experience with her. But that dream might be coming to an end.

He sat at the desk in his corporate office, looking over the letters and contracts he had to sign, watching himself going through the motions and wondering how his breakfast date with Tanya would go. He wasn't convinced he even wanted to see her but he needed to get things clear once and for all.

“Thanks, Edith,” he said handing her the signed paperwork. “Get these out but I won't stay.”

“I expect you're tired after the meetings you've had.”

“I am, must be getting old.”

He went to the elevator and breathed a sigh of relief that business was over for a weekend, at least, and he could just relax now. It had been a stormy and emotional week.

He felt refreshed by the late afternoon air and looked around for a taxi. One pulled up in front of him to let a passenger out.

“Well, well, well. If it isn't Mr. Tycoon music man. Been up in your golden tower counting your money, Kurtis?” James stood there grinning at him and in his surprise to see James coming out of the taxi. He let it go and was left looking for another to hail.

“Out of my way, James. We don't have anything to say to each other.”

“Really? I thought we could compare notes.” James had his usual sly grin across his face.

“I don't know what that means and I don't have time to find out.” Kurtis waved an arm but a yellow cab raced by him.

“I'm talking about Tanya.”

Kurtis stopped still and then hesitated before trying to call a cab again.

“You know you want to ask me what that's all about, Kurtis. I can see it in the way you're trying to act so damn cool. I know you only too well. You were always the one with the feelings, the softy that girls love to take advantage of when really they all love a bad guy. And Tanya's no exception.”

Kurtis dropped his briefcase and grabbed James by the collar of his jacket.

“Whoa! Easy there, old chap. This is Armani.” Kurtis pushed him away. “I see I've touched a nerve. I take it Tanya told you about our little get together a few weeks ago.”

Kurtis did not answer just gritted his teeth and clenched his fist, patches of red collecting on both cheeks.

“Oh, Kurtis. Have you two fallen out over me? I don't mind stepping in to satisfy your little black beauty. I love girls with plenty up top, if you know what I mean? And that ass, I'm sure she likes to shake that thing...” Kurtis pulled back a fist and hit James square in the jaw.

“Just stay away from me, McConnagh.”

A crowd of people had stopped to see what was happening.

“No, Reed! You learn how to control your women. You don't even know how, do you? I mean where is she now? What's she up to tonight?” James stepped in close to Kurtis and grimaced. “Just as I thought. You don't even know.

“Tanya hangs out at Rafaelo's every couple of weeks, Jackass! And I'm seeing her tomorrow. Not that it's any of your business. Just get out of my face. What are you doing on this side of town anyway?”

“I got what I came for!” James shouted in Kurtis's face and walked away wiping away the blood trickling down his cheek.

Kurtis stepped off the sidewalk and whistled for a cab. One pulled up beside him and he got in and slammed the door.

One thing was for sure. He would definitely keep his appointment with Tanya. But he needed tonight to cool off. If this was the end for them, he wanted to face it with dignity.


Jeannie, Kaya and Mae had succeeded in getting Tanya to calm down about the whole Kurtis situation. They convinced her that she'd gotten herself a good man in Kurtis and no matter what, he would not dump her just like that. He loved her too much.

“Anyone can see how much he cares,” Mae said. “Here, have another tequila. The DJ will be here any minute and we needs to get up and dance.”

“Amen to that,” said Kaya as she slammed a tray of shots onto their table. “If I'm not mistaken, I can see the DJ setting up right now.”

“I'm not sure I can even keep up with you guys and your drinking,” Tanya said. “Why can't we get our usual bottle of wine?”

“You can keep up,” Kaya shouted. “We'll get to the wine later. This is our chill juice. Come on Tanya, don't be a baby.” She pushed a shot glass in Tanya's direction and started banging her hand, rapidly, onto the table and watching Tanya. “Drink, drink, drink,” she said repeatedly until Jeannie and Mae joined in. Tanya tipped the shot into her mouth and swallowed. She grimaced and made a slapping sound with her lips. The girls all did the same.

“Yay!” Kaya said with both arms in the air. “The music is on. Let's dance, bitches.”

They left their table and followed Kaya as she danced her way to the back room of Rafaelo's where a number of other people had rushed onto the floor and were dancing for joy, dancing to shake the blues away or just letting off steam on a Friday night. It was like being in a family at Rafaelo's and finally Tanya was able to relax. She smiled at the other girls as she spun around, weaving and moving her body in and out of the rhythm of the music. It was the music they loved, it was loud and a crowd had formed on the dance floor.

“This is amazing,” Jeannie shouted in her direction. “How come I never heard of this place before?”

“Not your part of town, Jeannie,” Kaya said, moving into the middle of their circle and gyrating her hips. “Think you can do this Miss Moneybags?”

“Just watch me!” Jeannie said and barged Kaya out of her central spot.

“Girl!” Kaya stopped to draw out the word as she watched Jeannie move. “Where you learn to do that?”

They all laughed and continued dancing as the song came to an end. The DJ blended another tune in right away and the crowd cheered because it was another Rafaelo's favorite.

“I'm gonna line us up some more drinks,” Tanya said. “I'll get us that bottle of wine.” She made her way to the bar. “A bottle of white wine,” she shouted at the bar man. Another bar man almost tripped over himself to serve her.

“Coming up,” he said. Tanya had seen this guy before and she smiled at him.

When the other girls joined her at the bar, the bar man had placed four glasses in front of him and opened the white wine. He handed a glass to each of the girls in turn, making sure each girl received a glass into her hand.

“Cheers ladies,” the barman said. “That'll be $25.”

“This one's on me,” Jeannie threw a credit card at the bar man and each girl took a sip of their drink.


In the dark alleyway outside Rafaelo's, two figures stood hunched together.

“Are you sure this is going to work, James?” Catherine said wrapping her arms tight around her body.

“Just relax, it's all taken care of. My guy in there knows what he's doing. I'll go in soon and keep my eye on how she's reacting.”

“She’ll never accept a ride home with you, no matter how smooth you can be.” Catherine said, looking over her shoulder and into the shadows of the alleyway.

“That doesn't matter. All we need to do is make sure she goes home alone. This won't work if any of those other girls go with her. If I can get her out the door without them, then we're on. Otherwise we've got to follow her home and get into her apartment to set up the next part of this plan.”

BOOK: The Billionaire Saved My Life - PART 2
7.16Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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