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“Okay. You better get in there, then. I'll be waiting in the back seat of your car. And be quick, I'm losing my nerve here.”

“You'll be great. This is fun and so nice to have a partner in crime for a change. See you later, Poison Ivy.” James winked at her and headed for the entrance of the wine bar. He had no problem getting in. All he had to do was position himself in the right place in the bar and watch the plan fall into place.

About half an hour of dancing later, Tanya was beginning to feel dizzy. She picked up her purse and put it over her shoulder.

“Guys, I think I've had too much to drink,” she slurred. “I'm going to the bathroom to cool off for a spell.”

“Yow want me to come with you?” Mae looked concerned.

“No, I'm fine. I just can't keep up with you guys tonight.”

Tanya edged her way through the dancing crowd and found herself outside the bathrooms, not sure how she even got there. Those tequilas were fun at the time, she thought, but now they were making her head spin and she could hardly stand. In fact, her legs didn't feel as if they were her own.

She managed to get into the bathroom, pushing past three other girls who were lining up for a stall to become vacant.

“Hey, can't you see there's a line?” someone whined.

“S-sorry,” Tanya said. “I only want to splash my face.” She staggered to the sink but couldn't turn the taps and staggered out of the door again.

“You need some help?” A girl said as she watched Tanya leaving the bathroom.

“No,” a male voice interjected. “She's all right, she's with me.”

“James,” Tanya gasped as James caught her under the arm and started to drag her towards the exit.

“What, what are you doing?” she said to James. “Where are we...”

“It's all right, Tanya, I've got you now. Come with me and I'll make sure you get home safe and sound.” He walked her across the street and made a left turn. As they walked, Tanya's legs finally gave way and he had to carry her to his car. He sat her down and her head flopped to one side. “Tanya? Tanya,” James sang her name, but she was not responding. “It's okay,” James said. “She's out cold.”

Catherine sat up. “Hand me her purse.”

“Why?” James said.

“Her friends will worry if she just disappears like that. I need to reassure them.” She rummaged in Tanya's bag for her cell as James got into the driver's seat and started the ignition. “What are their names?”

“It's Kaya and Mae. Jeannie's in there too, can you believe?”

“Well she always did know how to slum it. There, I sent them a message saying she's on her way home in a taxi. She didn't feel good. Let's go.”

When James arrived at Tanya's apartment building, they had to hook her arms over their shoulders and support her all the way to her door with her toes dragging on the ground.

“There's no security camera here is there, James?”

“Look, you know I checked all that out. No cameras and no security guards. This is so easy it's dull.”

Outside her door, Catherine searched for Tanya's key and they continued to drag her inside.

“Which way is the bedroom?” James said.

“This way,” Catherine said.

They pulled Tanya onto the bed and lay her down. Both James and Catherine looked at each other.

“Now you have to be all in with this, Catherine. No backing out now, all right?”

“I'm here aren't I? Now let's just get on with this.”

“This is the nice part,” James said and started to take off his jacket. He threw it across the floor.

“And now for the beautiful Tanya.”

Piece by piece, garment by garment, Catherine and James removed every item of Tanya's clothing. Tanya was completely oblivious, her body limp and floppy like a rag doll as the pair of them pulled back the covers and positioned her inside the bed.

“How long will the drug last?” Catherine asked.

“Maybe an hour. We've got more than enough time on our hands. Let's get some drinks, have them in here. Make it look authentic.”


It was almost midnight; Kurtis couldn’t sleep. He had sat with a drink of brandy in his hands just rolling the large glass around and barely drinking from it. He couldn't help thinking about the events of the past week. He wondered if he was being unfair and that maybe he should have answered Tanya's calls.

It was bloodyminded of him. Jeannie always accused him of being stubborn and maybe she was right. This was Tanya, the woman he loved. How could he not have given her chance to say her piece. Just as James had managed to put seeds of doubt into Tanya's mind, causing her to doubt him, here they were again, doubt hanging over their relationship. This time, he was the doubter and yet again, James was involved.

Suddenly his cell rang from the other side of the room. He thought it must be Tanya calling. Maybe she hadn't gone to Rafaelo's after all because she needed to speak to him.

He looked at his cell but didn't recognize the number.


“Oh, Kurtis it's Catherine. Sorry to ring so late. I knew you got in today and I wondered if you'd had a chance to speak to Tanya.”

“I told you already, I'm meeting her tomorrow for breakfast.”

“Oh yes, that's right. I'm sorry. I didn't wake you did I?”


“I guess you have a lot on your mind, right? I just want you to know Kurtis that if this all goes wrong, you find you can't trust Tanya, then remember, I'm your friend. I know you don't love me like you used to. But that's all right. I'll get used to that. If you feel you need a friend, a shoulder to cry on, anything, I'm right here for you. Okay. Goodnight, Kurt.”


Kurtis hung up and dropped himself onto the sofa.  He stretched out there, but knew he would not be able to sleep. Tomorrow was not going to be fun and he hoped to God that he could come away from meeting with Tanya and have faith in her again. He loved her too much to let his stubborn pride ruin this for them.

Just then his cell sounded again. A text came through. Catherine or Tanya he wondered and crossed the room to pick up the cell from the corner of the sofa it had wedged itself. This time it was from Tanya. He opened the text message and read it.

Kurtis, I think I may have done something stupid. Forgive me. Please.

Kurtis read the message several times and each time he read it was only saying one thing to him. Tanya was about to or had just committed suicide and it was all his fault. He didn't answer her calls, he left her thinking that there was no hope. He slapped his hands to his face and looked around frantically for his car keys. How could he have let this happen?

He raced down to the underground car park and started the engine. His tires screeched across the concrete and caused a loud echo. It was only a few blocks away and he'd have his car if he needed to get Tanya to a hospital.

“What have I done? What have I done?” He kept saying the words over and over under his breath. He didn't stop at either of the red lights on the way, but pulled to a halt outside her building, parking his car across two available parking spaces . He ran as quickly as he could, taking two steps a time up to the main door.

He hurried up the stairs to the first floor. He sped along the corridor to Tanya's door and found that it was unlocked and open. Someone has gotten here already were his first thoughts. Maybe she'd messaged one of her girlfriends. But as he stepped inside he walked onto something soft. He looked down, and picked up a jacket, one he didn't recognize but he was sure it belonged to a man.

Kurtis was puzzled. The place was in darkness apart from a light coming from under the bedroom door. He rushed at it but stopped when he heard voices.

Who was with Tanya, he wondered. Had someone already called the doctor?

He knocked on the closed door and the voices stopped. He opened it and could not believe what he saw.

“Kurtis!” James said, sitting up in Tanya's bed. Tanya rolled onto her back and exposed her breasts. “This is awkward. I'm sure Tanya wasn't expecting you tonight, were you, honey?”

“No,” Tanya croaked and tried to sit up.

“We had a lot to drink as you can see,” James said. “I thought you two were having breakfast tomorrow morning.” He went to cover Tanya. She opened her half-shut eyes and stared at Kurtis, trying to bring him into focus.

“Kurtis?” she said. “What are you...?”

“What am I doing here? You sent me a message, or was that James?”

“What message...I...” She sat up and looked at James who was shrugging her shoulders. “Oh no, no, no. No, Kurtis this isn't how it looks. James get the hell out of my bed.” She stumbled to get out of bed, saw she was naked and pulled a cover over her body. “Kurtis, don't leave. I can explain this.”

Kurtis had stormed away but stopped dead at her front door. “Explain? What's there to explain. He told me you were coming onto him and I didn't believe it, but now! How could you do this, Tanya and to stand there trying to act so innocent.”

“Kurtis, I don't know what happened.”

“You're drunk, Tanya! Drunk and in bed with that...that. I'm leaving.” He made for the door again.

Tanya positioned her body so he couldn't open it. “I can't let you leave. Kurtis I love you. It's been breaking my heart you never called me back.”

“And so you ran to him for comfort.”

“No, you have to believe me it's not what it looks like. Stay please, and let me explain this.”

Kurtis gritted his teeth. He wanted to get out of that apartment before he could do something he would regret. He saw James out of the side of his eye, grinning from the bedroom door with just a sheet around his waist.

“How the hell are you going to explain this, Tanya?” Kurtis's voice was a monotone.

“I..I...” Tanya looked over at James, at the cover she'd thrown around her body and into Kurtis's eyes. Only rage reflected back at her. She felt hot tears come to her eyes, her lips were moving but she did not know what to say. There was nothing to say because she didn't know how any of this happened. She looked down at the floor.

“Didn't think so,” Kurtis said. He pushed Tanya aside and she fell to the floor.

“That's no way to treat a lady, my friend,” James said coming to pick Tanya up off the floor.

“You're not my friend and this is no lady. If I see your face again, McConnagh, I'll kill you. As for you!” He stabbed the air with his finger as he pointed at Tanya. “Don't dare try to call me. I never want to see your face again.”

He slammed the door as he left. There was an almighty bang that reverberated in the deadness of the room. Tanya came to her senses and snatched herself away from James and chased after Kurtis. With just a cover around her, she ran, tripping down the stairs and calling after him. She stood out on the front step of the building watching him pull out in his car and drive away at such speed the tires of his car burned the drive. In a tiny voice she said: “Kurtis, please. I don't understand, I just don't understand.”


To Be Concluded... 



The Billionaire Saved My Life: The Finale


They thought it was fate that brought them together but it seems like it might be human intervention that will tear them apart.

The damage has been done and it seems irreparable. Is there any possible way for Kurtis and Tanya to still make it down the aisle?

OUT MAY 11TH 2015


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BOOK: The Billionaire Saved My Life - PART 2
13.08Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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