The Billionaire's Temptation: Alpha Billionaire Romance (The Billionaire's Touch Book 1)

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The Billionaire’s Temptation

The Billionaire’s Touch Series Book 1

L.N. Pearl


Copyright © 2015 by L.N. Pearl. All rights reserved worldwide.

No part of this publication may be replicated, redistributed, or given away in any form without the prior written consent of the author/publisher or the terms relayed to you herein.

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


Book description:

Kendra has fire in her veins and steel in her backbone.

She’s a fighter, someone who had to overcome the demons of her past and she has big dreams. However, she’s not just a dreamer: she’s a doer as well. Being extremely gifted as a fashion designer, she’s set up her own business and is waiting for her big break. But rent is due and Kendra is broke.

Jax runs one of the biggest investment banks in the country. The handsome devil is young, attractive and successful, which makes him dangerously desirable. And he knows it. Besides sports cars, there’s one thing he loves collecting: women. But this is about to change.

After a terrible accident, Jax suddenly becomes responsible for another life: his six month old nephew, a bundle of warmth and joy, but also an incredible responsibility.

Jax needs help and his reputation is now a burden: gold diggers and shallow bimbos posing as nannies keep lining up, but none of them really cares for the baby.

But one nanny will stand out: Kendra. And she’s going to rock his world.

: this is the first book out of five in the series. Contains explicit language for a mature audience only.

1 - Jax

The night hadn't gone anything like I had hoped.

Mia, my blond bombshell of a date, snuggled into the passenger side seat of my Rolls Royce and hadn't stopped talking about herself since the date began. I pulled into the drive and waited for my staff to come and get the key of the car. I owned the entire building and lived in the penthouse on the top floor while I collected the rent from all the tenants living below in their luxurious condos. I needed assets to invest in, and the building was a steal that I simply couldn't pass up.

"Wow, is this your place? I love it. Sleek and modern, just the way I like," she gushed, a large smile on her pretty face.

It should have caused me to smile, but I was beyond finding anything in common with her. A good fast fuck and I would kick her out. The only hope was that Asa, the babysitter, would stay for an hour or so. Asa had a sense of entitlement where I was concerned, but it was rather unfounded. One night of passion and she had dibs on me, or so she thought. The idea of inviting her back to watch my nephew almost gave me pause, but if things didn't work out with blondie, I know Asa would be up for a romp in the sheets.

"It is. Get out and let's go wrap up this night properly." I motioned for her to eject her talkative ass from the Rolls as the bellhop walked toward us.

She continued to talk again as we walked to the entrance and I nodded toward Henry. I slipped my hand into hers and pulled her against me before entering the lobby. Pressing my finger to her lips, I glanced down at her, hooding my gaze and giving her a sharp warning as we approached the elevator.

"Hush. Don't speak again unless I tell you to. Understood?"

She nodded, which was enough for me. She was a grown woman. Surely she understood my directives and would beckon to my desires. She would. They all did.

We rode in silence to the top floor and walked to the front door before she made a small peep again. I glanced back at her and growled before pushing the door open. The smell of vanilla and sandalwood rushed to greet us, the scents always having been present in my mother's house too.

Mia made another noise, and I turned my head, pinning her with a reminder stare. She pursed her lips and nodded. The bitch was getting on my last nerve.

“Wait for me. Don’t touch anything.” I left her in the kitchen before jogging up the stairs to the nursery. My sister's son was my new charge, the small boy no more than a six months old and honestly a joy, but with that warmth came incredible responsibility. It had begun to overwhelm me, the thought of being responsible for another life far more than I was capable of handling.

My mother would have to take the child back. Alice, my sister, would want the boy raised by someone well-rounded and responsible, which just wasn't me. Having to bury my sister left mom heartbroken, a shell of who she had been only months before Alice's death. The funeral was a nightmare, the plane crash not even affording us a body to bury.

Tucking away my morbid thoughts, I stopped outside the bedroom door before peeking in and holding my breath. The sound of soft snores caused my lip to lift. The little guy was sound asleep. Asa might be a little too much for me to deal with, but she was the perfect girl to help with Tyson. She was looking for a long-term relationship that morphed into a white-picket fence and three kids.

I wasn't, nor would I ever be.

The sound of feminine voices lifted from the bottom floor. I turned on my heel and walked quickly down the stairs to find Mia and Asa with their fingers in each other's faces. Did they know one another?

I didn't even stop to gain a clear understanding of the strife, but paused at the edge of the kitchen. Tyson was crying again.


"Get out. Both of you. Get your shit and get out." I glanced toward Asa. "I'll send you a check in the mail for tonight and I'll think about having you back, but don't hold your breath."

"What about me?" Mia asked, her thick ruby red lips puffed out.

"Not interested. Find a new topic to talk about while you're on your next date. 'You' gets boring fast. Don't let the door hit you in the ass."

I turned and jogged back up the stairs, pulling out my phone and letting out a weary sigh. I missed my sister like crazy, but damn her for leaving me with such a huge burden. I wasn't the right kind of guy to raise a baby, especially not hers. She was brilliant and had all of her shit together. I called her when I was in trouble or needed help.

I moved into the room as the pain of loss stung me deeply. Alice was gone and finality had struck us all. I took a deep breath and tried to regain self-control.

Taking Tyson in my arms, I tried like hell to calm the boy, but it only seemed to agitate him more. There was nothing left to do but call my mother. It was late and she would be pissed, but having the kid scream all night after not getting laid wasn't going to help me. I dialed her number and put her on speaker so I could keep bouncing the boy in my arms. 

"Jax? Is everything okay?" Her voice was laced with sleep and worry.

"No, mother. It's not. I can't get this kid to stop screaming. My nanny thinks we should be married. My date was a complete idiot and once again my life isn't my own. I can't do this. You have to come get Tyson. I don't know what I'm doing."

"Jax." A soft albeit shaky sigh resounded around me, my mother's pain almost tangible.

"Mom, please. I can't do this. I’ll send someone to pick you up if you want."

"It's a great opportunity for you to grow up a little, son. You haven't even had a pet before. You have no concept of what it means to give of yourself for another. This experience is going to be hard, but you will grow and mature so much during this time. Take it as an opportunity."

I nearly laughed. "An opportunity? It's a fucking nightmare."

"Watch your language with me. You know I hate that word."

I paused and bit my lip. "This isn't my burden to bear, and honestly I haven't a clue what the f—, what I'm doing."

"I miss her too much, son. I can't bear to keep the baby here. He looks just like her. Don't make me suffer any more than I have. This is your moment to shine. Do it like you do at work." A soft sob lifted from her.

I let out a long puff of air, my legs suddenly weak. Dropping into a nearby chair, I shook my head in desperation and closed my eyes.

I can't do this.

"Alright. I'll try. I don't want to add to your grief. I just..."

"Thank you, son. I love you. I need to go."

The phone went dead, leaving me alone and lost as to what to do next. I needed help, but who was there to give aid? The only person in the world I trusted was gone. My sister was everything to me.

"What are we gonna do, little man?" I stood and pulled the boy close to me, rubbing his back as I pressed my cheek to the baby's small head. "What are we going to do?"

I hadn't had to deal with a younger brother or sister, but surely someone in my friend circle had. I milled through the faces, trying to discern if any of them had mentioned having to help raise a younger sibling. The fact that I knew little to nothing about the guys I would call my closest friends was concerning. I patted Tyson's back as the child wailed, something obviously wrong.

Laying him down, I walked into the hall and pulled up an old group text, offering beer and late night pizza for anyone who was awake and would come over to help. The text was short, but most of the guys would show up. They were all mooches in some way or another.

It wasn't but a few minutes before the doorbell was ringing. I jogged downstairs as despair tugged at me. The boy was screaming like he had a splinter in his eye. It wasn't an agitated cry, but a painful one. If the guys couldn't help out, we would be on our way to the ready clinic down the road.

I opened the door in time to see Paul and Jared clap hands, each having just shown up.

"Get in here," I barked and turned on my heel, walking to the kitchen and pulling out various brands of beer and wine. It was just after midnight from what the clock above the oven reported. There was only one pizza place in town that would still be open. "That'll have to do."

"Hey buddy. We're going to go up there and see if we can get him to calm down." Paul smiled, his red hair and freckles making him look all of ten years old.

"Yeah, good luck," I muttered and turned to face the back windows of the kitchen. I pressed the phone to my ear and ordered the food. The doorbell rang again and I walked to it, tugging it open and nodding at three more friends of mine from my college days. "Any of you guys have younger siblings that you helped take care of?"

"Naw, not me man." Michael shook his head. "Seth is a doc though. He should be able to figure out what's up."

"Fuck you, Mike." Seth walked in and turned to me. "Where is he?"

"What buddy?" Michael popped Seth on the back. "An animal doctor is still a doctor. Shit."

"Totally different," Kent muttered beside them. "I'll start researching the situation. Where's your laptop and what's the little dude doing?"

Michael and Seth bounded up the stairs, simply following the sound of a pissed off kid. Paul and Jared had yet to calm Tyson and the hope of anyone being able to was dwindling fast.

"Computer's over there and honestly, I don't know what's wrong with him. Just type in 'excessive crying' and see what the options are." I shrugged and walked back to the kitchen, popping the top off a beer and drinking half of it before taking a breath.

"Dude. Little man is thoroughly pissed." Paul walked into the kitchen and took my beer from my hand, emptying the rest. "Did you drop him or some shit?"

"No." I grabbed another one and leaned against the counter. "He's been crying since my date and my babysitter got into a screaming match. It's been a hell of a night."

"Sounds like it. You want me to call Stephanie?"

"Your girlfriend?" I lifted my eyebrow.

"Yeah. She's babysat before. We could at least ask her what the hell to do next."

"Sure. Anything is better than sitting around him, praying for a miracle."

"You pray?" Paul chuckled and walked to the door, already knowing the answer to his asinine question.

I walked from the kitchen and took the stairs two at a time as sickness rolled through my gut. I needed the guys to help me solve the situation, but leaving the boy with them too long would only scare the tyke. Not having his parents for the last little bit had to have him out of sorts.

"Maybe that's it," I grumbled and walked into the room to watch the circus. Seth was trying to hold Tyson and survey his little body as if giving him a sad excuse for a physical. The other two idiots in the room were dancing around while Jared sung a fucked up version of Little Miss Muffet.

"Give him here, damn." I walked toward them and took Tyson from Seth, tucking him against my chest and giving them a hard stare. "None of you fuckers have had experience with a baby?"

"Um, no. We try to stay far away from the topic." Jared laughed and walked toward the door. "I'll call my mom. She'll tell us what to do."

"It's one in the morning. Your mom is up?" Seth moved out next and I followed him, leaving Michael to mill around the room, playing with various baby toys.

"True dat. Okay. When in doubt, use the internet for answers. Google is my God." Jared jogged past me down the stairs, leapt over the couch and landed by Kent, who grumbled something.

The doorbell rang and I handed Tyson off to Seth again before pulling out my wallet. I paid for the food and sunk down onto the couch as the guys went through video after video. We did a checklist of things that needed to be done.

Changed his diaper? Check.

Fed him in the last two hours? Check.

Checked for fever? Check.

The list went on and on. As it approached four in the morning, I'd had all I could handle. I politely kicked everyone out, not getting anywhere. Tyson wasn't crying much anymore, but I couldn't blame him. He had to be exhausted. Paul was the last to leave, his constant apologies at being ineffective and Stephanie not answering her phone were on my last nerve.

If I had to say, 'it's no big deal' one more time, I might pull a kill bill and start tearing limbs from my closest friends.

After seeing Paul to the door, I walked back to the living room and sunk down on the couch, closing my eyes as the sound of Tyson's breathing told me he was out.

"Fuck me," was the last thing I muttered before succumbing to the darkness.


"You look like shit." Hunter, the youngest and best trader on our trading floor stopped by my office at nine as planned. I had dropped Tyson off at the nursery on the bottom floor of the large investment bank building my family owned, grateful for the reprieve.

"I feel like shit. Come in and sit down. Take a load off." I pointed to a chair in front of mine and worked to not rub my eyes. It was a long night of changing diapers, heating bottles of milk, cleaning formula that I spilled, cleaning the vomit, changing clothes, and patting the back of a tired little boy.

Raising my sister's kid had to be tougher than any business deals I'd been faced with. I was going to give myself another week and then my mom was getting the boy. Her grief would have to be overcome for the greater good. Tyson was all we had left of Alice. I wasn't willing to fuck the boy up and it seemed that's all I was capable of doing.

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