The Children of Time (The Children of Time Trilogy Book 1)

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Chaiene Santos









Copyright © Chaiene Barboza Santos

All Rights Reserved

Digital Edition


Any unauthorized copying, broadcasting,
manipulation, distribution or selling of these works constitute as an
infringement of copyrights and it is punished by the law.


This book is a work of fiction. Names,
characters, incidents and places are products of author’s imagination and any
resemblance is coincidental.

















Translated by: Bianca Carvalho








Nova Friburgo

Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
























This book is dedicated to my wife, my daughters and my entire
family. They were always by my side allowing me to own the necessary peace to
sail in the creative process.






















“If at first the idea is not absurd,
then there is no hope for it.”

Albert Einsten









Table of Contents



 I. The Meeting

 II. The Revelation

 III. The Development of the Human Being

IV. Another Ship on its Way to Earth

V. Nicolas and Zara

VI. The Almost Ordinary Life in New York

VII. The Danger is Near

VIII. Nicolas’ Extraterrestrial

IX. The Alpha-Omega Team

X. The Sky and the Stars

XI. The Other Mission of Merko

XII. Lorena’s Sadness

XIII. The Confrontation

XIV. Waiting for the Trip

XV. The Arrival at Planet Vida

XVI. In King Zador’s Palace

XVII. The Surgery

XVIII. Mirov
’s Escape

XIX. The Success of the Surgery

XX. Back to Earth

XXI. The Wedding

XXII. Helen’s birth

XXIII.The Family









– I. The Meeting –


Year 2017


Nicolas was preparing himself for another day at the university. He took
his blue backpack with black stripes, full of books, a computer and his Smartphone,
in which he could always check his e-mails and text messages sent by friends
from college.

He drank a glass of milk and took two bites of the sandwich prepared
by his mother. He was running late as usual, to get to the bus for his classes.

“Nicolas, wait! I need to talk to you.” Lorena shouted, unable to
reach him.

She looked at the door and saw that he was already inside the bus. She
thought it would be better to talk to him at night, since he rarely sat at the
table to have breakfast.





In the bus, Nicolas thought that Monday would be another ordinary
day, but many things were about to change in his life.

He had white skin, blue eyes, medium and sharp nose, average lips,
with the upper being slightly thicker than the lower; he was 5’10”, thin and
his hair was dark brown.

Romantic, he enjoyed physics and astronomy. His dream was to become a
great physician and discover the secrets of the universe. He was studying Physics
at the University of California, in Los Angeles, where he lived.

The campus was crowded; students and teachers walked everywhere to
get to the classrooms. Right at the entrance, Nicolas met his friend Sanchez, a
Mexican-born American. His friend always wore his black hair combed to the
right side, covering his big forehead. He was 5’11” and spoke the language with
perfection, because he lived most of his life in the United States.

“Hi, Nick. Today we’re going to meet a new student who got
transferred from another university. We’ll also start that discipline we enrolled
at in the beginning of the semester, do you remember? And the girl is on the
same class.

“This course took so much time to begin that I thought it was going
to be cancelled. I’m anxious to learn his new subject and to meet the new
student.” Nicolas replied.

The first three periods of class had passed and the students could
barely hide the curiosity about the next class, as well as the freshman, whose
beauty had been already commented.

At eleven o’clock, they heard the bell announcing the end of the
class. Few students left, but many entered the new class. They were excited to
learn new things.

Finally, the coordinator of the physics department, Doctor Finken, walked
into the room and said.

“From now on, Cosmology, the science of the Universe, will be taught
for those who signed up in the beginning of the period. The course’s
coordinator had some problems filling in this position and that is the reason
this class did not start yet. Fortunately, we found a very competent
professional, who studies the outer space and the great secrets presently known
by men. Dr. Carlsson Glein is a PhD in Cosmology.”

The coordinator walked toward the door and opened it.

“Come in, Doctor Glein.”

The professor entered the classroom and looked at the group who were
still starring at the door, because a surprisingly beautiful figure was
standing in there. It was the new student who everybody was talking about it.

When the coordinator, Doctor Finken, noticed the shadow that the new
student placed over the Cosmology teacher, he said:

“I’ll take the opportunity to introduce our new student, Zara.”

And she walked into the room. Nicolas observed her and noticed that
she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her hair was red, thick, reaching
her shoulders; she had white and smooth skin, blue eyes, full lips and
sculptural body, like it was the creation of an artist. She seemed to be around
25 or 30 years old and 5’7”. He soon became mesmerized and tried, with no
success, to hide his surprise.

Sanchez was sitting beside him and said astonished.

“Wow! Nicolas, now the course will become more interesting. What a

“I’m surprised too. She’s gorgeous!”

Zara looked around class and stared at Nicolas like she was trying
to read his own thoughts. Then, she walked to the only vacant chair in the
room, right by his side.

“I’ll leave you alone with your class, Dr. Glein. I hope they like
Cosmology.” Said Dr. Finken.

“It’s fine. I’m sure they’ll like to study it, because the knowledge
about the Universe is amazing.”

He introduced himself to the class and began to explain the
different subjects he was going to teach. It’s a science that studies the
Universe structure, composition and its evolution.

“As the noble Dr. Finken said, I graduated in physics, with a PhD in
Cosmology. Today I’m going to make a brief introduction about the outer space,
but before that I’d like everyone in this class to introduce themselves so we
can get more comfortable during our course. We can start by the first one on my

The students began to introduce themselves, and it was Nicholas

“My name is Nicolas, but you can call me Nick. People here in
college call me geek, but I don’t like labels. I dream of being a great
physicist and to travel to the space.”

Everyone began to laugh, and a student called Adam, who was sitting
in the fourth chair on the right corner, said ironically.

“You should become an astronaut. I think you’re in the wrong course.”

“No more comments.” The professor intervened. “I ask you to be brief
or we won’t be able to finish the presentations.”

“Nicolas, don’t worry about the space trips.” Zara told him in a low
voice, while other student was introducing himself. “Sometimes what we dream
can be very close to us.”

The boy didn’t understand what she meant but he was still observing
everything with curiosity.

During the student’s presentations, Zara looked deeply into Nicolas
eyes, and he felt something different when he looked at her. A chill inside his
chest, and his heart was beating so fast, things that he had never felt before.
He wondered where someone with such beauty could come from.

“It can’t be. She’s not looking at me. It must be a wrong
impression. A woman like her would never get interested in a guy like me
.” Nicolas thought.




Later at home, after his homework he went downstairs to have dinner
with his mother and his sister.

“My son, today I wanted to give you a good morning kiss, but when I
came downstairs you had already left. Why don’t you wake up earlier? So there
would be some time for us to talk in the morning. All this rush isn’t good. I
feel so lonely since your father has passed.”

“That’s okay, mom. I’ll try to wake up a little earlier. We really
only have time to talk at night, besides, I also want to give a good morning
kiss to Sophia, even if she is not awake.”

Sophia smiled happily. She was 8 years old and after her father’s
death, she became her mother’s best friend and worshiped her brother.




During the weekends, Nicolas liked to ride his bike around the city.

There was a lot of green everywhere and beautiful landscapes to be
admired. Along the way it was possible to find natural springs, that ran
through bamboo pipes left by the owners of the sites along the trails. Whenever
he got tired, he stopped; leaned the bike on a three and put both hands under
the water that poured in abundance and drank it, until his thirsty was
quenched. Then, he picked up the bike and kept going hearing the birds singing,
which contrasted with the silence of the woods.

On Sunday, he was strolling and some heavy drops of water began to
fall from the sky. It was almost dark. He felt that nice smell of wet land and increased
the speed to get to his home faster. But the rain got stronger and he decided to
stop and rest, taking shelter beneath an abandoned hut.

That was when, suddenly, a person came into his direction, also
trying to escape the rain. As it was coming closer, he could notice it was a

Even in the darkness of the night he noticed he knew her. She
stopped under the hut and said:

“What a storm! Thank God we found this shelter.”

“We were lucky, because I guess there isn’t any other in miles.”
Nicolas said. “You are the new student, Zara.”

“Hi, Nick. Is your name, right? It is nice of you to remember me. You
even know my name.”

“Yes, I am the student who wants to be an astronaut. Although the
other students were laughing, something tells me that in a few decades, space
travel will be very common. About your name, I’m sure all the students had
already learned it; it’s not usual that a student caused so much admiration on
her first day.”

Zara blushed with the praise and replied.

“Thank you, Nick. Can I call you that? I like your name.”

“Yes, you can. It’s nice that you like my name.”

“Don’t worry about the comments. There’s always someone to criticize
us. Sometimes life changes so much and so fast that we can’t waste time with
other people’s opinion.”

There was a moment of complete silence; only the singing of the
birds and the sound of the raindrops could be heard. They began to look at each
other just like in the classroom. The rain was increasing, and he couldn’t hide
the attraction he was feeling.

She put her bike on the ground and got closer to him. Nicolas
touched Zara’s soft skin and her eyes seemed to bewitch him. When the raindrops
touched her body, a smell of jasmine made the atmosphere more pleasant. There
was nothing else around and the boy let his emotions take over, as happened only
a few times in his life. Everything was like a dream and he didn’t want to wake
up; he kissed the lips that have messed so much with his heart. They
surrendered to that infinite moment and that was the best thing that happened
to them.

Generally, when he met someone, Nick wasn’t used to feel something so
intense, but with Zara everything was different. He had never met a woman with
so much experience. He wondered what he could do to make her fall in love with
him and stay by his side. It wasn’t enough to only admire her at the college, with
a sudden passion; he became closer to her with the intensity of the kiss they
shared. She interrupted his line of thoughts, which mingled with his dreams.

“Nicolas, it’s getting late. I have to go, because we have classes
in the morning. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“That’s okay, Zara. I really liked to see you. I’ll count the hours
until tomorrow.”

She touched his lips and smiled softly. Since the rain had already
stopped, she grabbed her bike and left.

The boy arrived home with shining eyes and a huge grin on his face, and
Lorena noticed that something different had happened in that Sunday’s ride.

“Son, will you tell me what is going on?”

“I’ve never seen you so happy!” Sophia exclaimed.

“Well... I... met... A person while I was riding my biking. I guess I
am... in love.”

Mother and daughter smiled understanding that something new happened
with Nicolas, and it would certainly make him very happy.

At that night, the young student went to bed early, dreaming of the serendipity
meeting at the hut.

Next day he had breakfast with his mother before his classes. When
he was on the bus, he thought about his reaction to see Zara again. “
she really feel something for me? Or was that only a quick moment
?” He
couldn’t control his emotions.

Nicolas decided not to tell anything to his friends. They certainly
wouldn’t believe and would laugh telling him that was only a fruit of his
imagination. Sanchez came into the room and saw his friend ready for the class.

“You’ve arrived early, my friend. You always wait in the courtyard
until everyone is inside. What happened?”

“Nothing. I’m just sitting here, thinking about life.”

They kept talking until Dr. Glein entered the classroom. He greeted
everyone and began his speech, explaining how the Theory of the Relativity
worked. The students observed his explanations with attention, but Nicolas was
looking at Zara, who was sitting by his side again, stared at her beautiful
eyes and remembered the date they had in the previous day. She was also looking
at Nicolas, returning the smile.

At break time, he looked for her in the school’s courtyard.

“May I talk to you for a moment?”

“Yes. Let’s go to the cafeteria.”

“I can’t forget what happened between us and I’d like to see you
again on the weekend.”

“I also liked very much what happened with us. Would you like to
meet me in the same trail we met on Sunday? Is that okay?”

“Sure... I... I’ll be there in the hut.”

Zara knew that Nicolas also liked her and, somehow, she was also
getting involved with him, who was at least ten years younger. However, it
seemed that she knew him for some time.

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