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“She had a brother? I never knew she had a brother, or at least I don’t remember she had one.” Tyrin’s voice had calmed down a tad, but he was still feeling uneasy by this stranger calling his house.

“Yeah, well, she did.” Darion responded.

“OK. So what can I do for you? Why are you calling me?”

“Well I heard that you had a graphics design company. I’m doing an independent film and was wondering if I could get some assistance from you in the field of advertising?”

“So how did you get my home number and why wouldn’t you call my company to set up something like that?” Tyrin quizzed.

“You know how black folks do it. I wanted to see if you could cut me a deal since you and my sister dated.” Darion said.

“Man, what the hell, I dated your sister in 1992. That was almost ten years ago, and we only dated for a few months before graduating and going our separate ways. I haven’t talked to her since my plane landed in L.A.” Tyrin couldn’t believe the nerve of this brother.

“Well, look, is it possible that we can meet and discuss your company working on my project, it would really be appreciated?” Darion asked.

“Sure, business is business. Let me get your phone number and I will have one of my assistants call you to set up a meeting and we can go from there.”

“Thanks man I really appreciate it.”

Tyrin went into the kitchen, looked for a pen, and scribbled down the number that was recited to him. “No problem. And by the way, don’t ever call my home number again.”

“My bad, I apologize. Thanks again for your help.”


Tyrin placed the cordless receiver on the base and trotted down the flight of stairs that led to the garage. He entered the driver side of his midnight blue Range Rover, popped in the new CD by Mystikal and backed away from the house.


“I absolutely hate flying, there has to be a better way to travel than this.” Lea said.

“So you would rather take a bus and ride a bumpy road for six hours instead of a sixty minute flight? Bitch you crazy. The faster the better, so I can get my ass back home.” Kerrion responded.

“I don’t understand why the hell they wanted to go all the way to San Francisco to shoot a video. L.A is full of locations they could’ve used.” Spencer chimed in.

“It’s because these fake prima-donna bitches think that the more money they spend on look and location, the better their voices will sound.” Kerrion added.

“Not!” all four said in unison before breaking out into laughter.

“I feel the concept though. The song is titled “Prisoner of Love”, so they believe that if the video is filmed at Alcatraz it will symbolize how the love they have to offer has a way of trapping a man into a fortress that has no way of escape.” Khalil explained in an effort to shed light upon the reason why the director chose the location.

“If love is going to have me feeling like I’m in jail, or better yet, a federal fucking penitentiary, then I don’t need it, nor want it.” Spencer replied, as he sipped on the cocktail he smuggled aboard.

“Shit, if that’s the case then Khalil is simultaneously in Alcatraz, Rikers Island, and Pelican Bay.” Kerrion said with laughter.

“Don’t forget Folsom, San Quentin, and all the honor ranches nationwide.” Lea added.

“Shit, fuck that, this brother is in motherfucking Fort Knox, in a six-by-eight cell under the gold.” Spencer said in closing; causing all but Khalil to throw a high five at the other.

Khalil couldn’t help but to let out a mild chuckle in his seat. He was in love and he knew it. He had waited a long time for it to

happen and now that it was finally here he was basking in its glory. He loved being in love, it gave his life a meaning and made him feel wanted. So many people he came across were spending their time trying to find someone to give their life a sense of balance. He knew that he was one of the lucky few to have found, and been found by Tyrin.

“Beverage?” the lily white, red haired stewardess asked Khalil, breaking his thoughts.

“Cranberry juice, please.” She prepared his drink and leaned over Spencer to hand it to him. “Here you go sir.”

He thanked her and while taking a sip he glanced at his team of friends and close confidants. They had established a bond that was more like a family than a cadre of hair artists.

Lea is the single mother of Khalil’s Goddaughter, and although as straight as they come, she is comfortable being around gay individuals. She knows where she stands sexually and no matter what, she is not switch hitting for anybody. A lot of her pain comes from the absence of her child’s father, something quite common in the black community. However, it has caused her to be stronger than most women due to her ‘I’ll get it my damn self’ attitude towards life. Her Halle Berry mane, delicate face, and dancers’ body, make her appear to be docile and passive; but her aggressive personality comes through once conversation begins.

So far, her ability to do hair has blessed her with the finances to purchase a beautiful home, drive a nice SUV, and ensure that her daughter isn’t lacking for anything. Most men are intimidated by her independence; but like many black women, her strength and survival instinct is what pushes them away. Why a man would want a weak woman is totally beyond me. All I can do is offer her advice on men and make sure that whenever an opportunity arises for her to make some extra cash; she is in the loop with me.

Kerrion is the baby of the bunch. Twenty-four years old and full of flavor. Of all the people I know, he is the one that will spend his last dime on a pair of $300.00 designer jeans and then eat off the dollar menu for dinner. He is an underground celebrity at the gay clubs, bars, and watering holes, throughout Los Angeles.

He is a pretty boy in all aspects of the word. However, his temper and vindictive nature is something else altogether. Once you get to know him, you will either love him to no end, or despising everything about him. His tapered afro, green eyes, and baby smooth skin, leave room for envy among the gay-club elite, and he is well aware of that fact.

His one quality that can be seen as admirable is that he doesn’t miss a church service. He is a loyal member of one of L.A’s most recognized mega churches. If he ain’t at the club, the brother is at some type of choir rehearsal, young adult meeting, or mid-week service. I often ask myself how someone can be so religious, yet so caught up in material possessions.

Spencer is the closet thing I’ve ever had to a brother. He acts like a full-fledged dude with no homosexual identifiers. There are so many women out there that have tried to turn him around but failed that it’s almost embarrassing to admit. He is big, beautiful, and paid. His thick curly hair and full eyebrows drive women crazy. But in the words of Spencer, he is strickly-dickly, 100% homosexual, no changing, no turning back; he is a chest man not a breast man.

He and I met while working on a movie set and instantly hit it off. We opened our salon together seven years ago and have been successfully joined ever since. Nobody partied harder, longer, or better than us. We would close out one club, hop in a raggedy ass Nissan Stanza, and go close out another; but all of that stopped once I met Tyrin. A lot of things ceased once I met Tyrin, the clubs, the bars, the whole scene just seemed to disappear.

My world is my baby and my baby is my world. Spencer understands that and is so supportive of my relationship that when Tyrin and I have disagreements he always makes sure that I see both sides of the picture. People used to question why he and I never got together on that level and we would laugh at the thought of it. It would be like incest. He and I know too much about each other to even attempt to cross that line. I once heard someone say that your best friend is supposed to be your lover, husband, wife, or whatever your into; but I firmly believe that you can’t tell the person you’re sleeping with everything, and you need someone on the outside to go to when necessary.

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen. We are now about to start our descent into San Francisco. Please make sure your tray table is secure and your seat is in the upright position. An attendant will be by shortly to pick up any trash that you may have. Once landed please wait until the Captain has turned off the fasten seatbelt sign before you move around within the aircraft. Also be careful when opening overhead compartments, some items may have shifted during our flight. The weather in San Francisco is 89 degrees and should remain the same throughout the day. We hope you enjoyed your flight and will choose us again for all of your traveling needs.”

“Just land the damn plane, shit.”

“Shut up Kerry!”


Inside the 5th floor office of IS IT LIVE, sounds of the latest hits are blaring through the speakers. Tyrin walks the floors like a king overseeing his land, making sure everyone is doing exactly what they’re paid to do. He has a staff of ten full time employees and also utilizes a few interns to assist with the many contracts afforded the company. The environment is constantly busy with people bustling in and out, but for the most part, Tyrin runs a tight ship that is all about producing a quality product.

He sits behind the desk sifting through letters of invite, bank statements, bills, and the other miscellaneous mail his receptionist handed him when he arrived. He let out a sigh, clicked on his computer, and shook his head at all the unanswered e-mails that were starting to take over the screen. He picked up the phone and dialed Craig’s extension to get an update on where he was with the urgent project from earlier.

“This is Craig.”

“How you coming along with that flyer?”

“It’s all good. I’ll be done with it in about an hour. You need to call Koya though because she needs to find out what time that group is coming in for their shoot.”

“Will do. Hit me up if you need me.”

“Got it. Oh, Ty, what time you going to lunch, I wanna roll with you.”

“Man I just got here.”

“Well I didn’t and I’m hungry. Don’t go eat without me or that’s yo ass.”

“Just finish the flyer and we’ll hook up something for lunch.”


Tyrin hung up the phone and called Koya, “Koya speaking how may I help you?”

“Hey sweetheart, how are you doing?”

“I’m good. But I have a question for you.”

“So I heard.” He leaned back in the leather chair waiting to hear what Koya had to ask.

“What kind of concept am I using for this group I about to start shooting? I mean I know that they’re a new male R&B group but what audience are they trying to attract. What is their vibe? I need motivation.”

“Well all I know is that they have a song out called ‘Who Can?’. They are doing well on the charts but as far as their audience, I don’t think they’re trying to appeal to kids. I believe they are more for the young adult audience. Wait, has their promoter called yet? I told her new ass that we needed some info as to what their concept was.”

“I haven’t gotten a call, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t call.”

“Do me a favor and check with Kim for any messages she may have forgotten to pass your way. If you come to find that no one has called, just set up for a young adult vibe and go from there.”


“By the way, did Dana make it in?”

“Yeah, she is in the back getting some accessories together.”

“Is she working out?” He asked with some skepticism.

“Yeah she’s cool, she’ll be better once she gets a car. You know she lives in the hood and trying to get down here on the bus can be a bitch.” She answered in her defense.

“Aiight. I trust your judgment on this matter because time is my money, you feel me.”

“I feel you, just give her a few weeks to get on her feet and if she still can’t get here on time then fuck her.” Koya responded.

Koya was his pride and joy. The two of them went to high school together and years later when he saw her doing freelance photography at the movie premiere of Waiting to Exhale, he swore that when he made it big he would give her a job. He has watched her work grow from ordinary to extraordinary, and her visual eye has been a great asset to the growth and success of the company. He values her opinions and trusts that when a job is given to her it will come back flawless in every way. If anyone at the company wanted to be arrogant about their position, Koya is the one with the most headroom.

He hung up the phone and finished skimming through his e-mails. The phone rang and he answered it via speaker. “What’s up, Kim?”

“I have Khalil on line #1.”

“OK. Put him through.”

“Hi baby. I’m here, safe and sound.” Khalil responded, trying to talk over the airport noise.

“How was the flight?”

“It was cool. Short and direct, just like I like them.”

“I thought you liked them tall and shy?” he joked.

“Ha-Ha, I see somebody’s in a good mood.”

“Better now. I was actually going to stay home and get some rest like I was instructed to do, but I made the mistake of calling here and just couldn’t stay away.”

“I thought you guys weren’t that busy? Hold on baby, No, I don’t want any, thank you. Sorry about that, damn peddlers. Anyway, what were you saying?”

“Nothing much, just talking about work but that can wait. Where is the rest of the crew?”

“Inside getting their bags. Those fools packed like we were going to be gone for two months, but of course you know Kerrion packed for the club. I asked him not get too wild, because I don’t want to hear any excuses about him being tired and unable to get the job done right. Anyway, you already know Lea is sticking with me, and we’re just trying to go to Fisherman’s Wharf for some seafood; but those other two are ready to get their party on.” Khalil stated while looking around for the others.

“I miss you.” Tyrin said softly

“I miss you too baby.” He located an empty bench outside of baggage claim and sat down.

Tyrin tilted his head to allow the phone to rest on his shoulder as he began doodling on a piece of scratch paper, a habit he did when he was unnerved about something. “What time does the shoot start?”

“Well, we are supposed to leave here, go to the hotel and then meet with the girls to start working on their hair. The director wants a start time of 4pm so he can get a shot of the sunset, but knowing how this bullshit always works, he won’t get that shot until tomorrow when everyone knows what the hell is going on. Hold on again.” He covers the phone and yells to his crew “It’s supposed to be a suburban to take us to the Hilton. Sorry Boo. Anyway, that’s about it for me, you still didn’t tell me what’s going on at the company that made you go in.” He said.

“Same ol’ shit baby, just a different day. I thought it would be a light day, which in fact it may be, but I just feel stressed about something and I don’t know what. This new chick named Dana that I hired is starting to get on my nerves. She just can’t seem to get here on time and I am contemplating letting her go, but Koya says to give her some time to get her stuff together. Other than that it’s nothing out of the ordinary.” He responded.

“Well don’t stress over it. She has to work with Koya, right? So until it starts to get on her nerves just leave it alone. How is Craig’s dumb ass?”

“You hit the nail right on the head. His dumb ass is cool, I got here this morning and he was already trying to make lunch plans. Lazy bastard. Oh baby, some brother called the house this morning, talking about he needed help from me regarding a movie advertisement.”

“Some brother? Who is he?” Khalil quizzed while watching people embrace their loved ones.

“I don’t know, he claims to be the brother of this girl I dated in college, and he thought that maybe he could get a hook up since I dated his sister.” Tyrin responded.

“OK, so how did he get our home number?” Khalil continued.

“Hell if I know. I told him I would give him a call to set up an appointment for a meeting. Matter of fact, let me get his number out and have Kim give him a call.”

BOOK: The End of the Rainbow
12.77Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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