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Khalil was pleasantly surprised when Lauren informed him that she was free for a few hours. The two of them hadn’t seen each other in months and they both looked forward to some quality time together. The drive to the restaurant was full of laughter and silliness, something Lauren was notorious for, and he loved to hear her stories of college and men. She told him how she planned on pledging AKA in the fall, something their mother didn’t see the need for but supported nonetheless.

“I will have the grilled halibut with steamed vegetables and rice.” Lauren said to the waitress as she handed her back the menu.

“And for you sir?” the waitress asked Khalil.

“Let me have the salmon with the same sides.”

As the waitress walked away Khalil looked at his sister and was amazed at how she kept herself up in the midst of all of her activities. She was wearing a linen sundress that hung perfectly on her small frame and her French tipped nails were manicured to perfection. Lauren was a beautiful incorporation of traits from her parents and she carried it well. Her mocha complexion, small frame, soft brown eyes, and long wavy hair are a perfect look for a young lady that was not only physically breathtaking but possessed a warm and loving spirit that caught many by surprise.

“So when are you heading back? You got time to do my hair?” she asked.

“Well hopefully today will be the last day of shooting. The director wants to get a scene with the sunset, so we are pretty much on break until it gets close to that time. If all goes according to plan I will be in my own bed on tonight. It will probably be only Lea and I flying back, because I got a feeling that Kerrion and Spencer will stay another night to get some more partying in. And no I don’t have time to do your hair. I was wondering what was up with that ponytail, but I just chalked it up to your busy schedule.”

“Yeah well at least the ponytail is all mines and I don’t have to pin one on. Why didn’t you bring them with you? I would love to have to seen the crew, especially Kerry with his silly butt. Is he still with that same guy?”

“Please. Kerry is solo, Spencer is solo, and Lea is still a fag hag. They would have come but they wanted to do some shopping. Besides I wanted us to have time to ourselves.” He said.

“Oh ok. You seen mom?” she asked as she began the process of sweetening her tea.

“No. But I talked to her before I flew out and she told me you were up here sweating through your classes. But you know how she over-exaggerates, so I had to come and see for myself.”

“Big brother it’s rough, but I gotta do what I gotta do. I mean, I’m cool with the classes and everything; it’s just that my social life is non-existent. All I really do is go to class and hang with my girls. A sister needs a decent date and she needs it quick.”

“What happened to the last brother you were dating, I thought you were feeling him?”

“I was, but he started pressing me for sex and it started to get on my nerves. I keep trying to tell everybody that I am really innocent, but they think I am knocking boots on the down low. I guess nobody wants to try to earn a virgin, they already want the cherry popped and bleeding everywhere.” She stated while conducting a taste test on her tea.

Khalil dropped his head and broke out into laughter. He was proud of his sister for keeping herself all these years. In the age of sexual promiscuity, a twenty year old virgin was not only rare but damn near extinct. As he lifted his head back up he looked at Lauren who was staring at him with this look on her face that was so serious it caused her last comment to seem even funnier. “Do you have to be so blunt?” he asked her between chuckles.

“Khalil, I am not ready to have no dude climb on top of me, take something that I hold dear, and then run and tell all of his boys that he hit it. Oh hell no, uh uh.”

“Well do you ever have the urge?”

“Yes I have the urge! I am human and absolutely certain that sex is a wonderful thing, but I want it to mean something, especially to me. I know so many girls walking around looking all jilted because the guy has left them for something tighter. Don’t worry, when I do decide to hop on the train, you best believe that I will be the owner and will ride it until the wheels fall off, but as of right now I haven’t met anybody worth my body.”

“I’m proud of you. I mean seriously, to be as beautiful as you are, in college, and maintaining a virginal status is something worth applauding.”

“Thanks big bro.” She said as she took two more packs of sugar and added them to her tea.

“Not to change the subject but last night I had the strangest dream. You want to hear about it?” he asked as he frowned at her for pouring all the sugar into her drink.

“Sure” she replied without losing focus on the task at hand.

“Ok, peep this. I was standing behind a podium talking to a room full of men dressed in suits. I know that part doesn’t sound strange but the clincher was that in the midst of all of those men was the smell of ladies perfume. And as I stood there talking to all of these guys, I kept trying to figure out where the woman was that was wearing such an aromatic fragrance. In the beginning the smell was calming and tranquil, but as I kept on talking it grew pungent and tart and I actually began to gag like the scent was killing me. The more I forced myself to keep on talking in the midst of the choking sensation, the harder and more intense the men kept staring at me, like they wanted to kill me or something. Then it got real hazy in the room like overcast or something, and in place of the men in suits, I saw naked frail bodies sitting in the same chairs shivering like they were cold and hungry. Their ankles were being nibbled on by little puppies like they were food or something, and in the back of the room was a man dressed in a black trench coat with blood red eyes holding seven huge dogs on one leash, ready to be let loose on me. But I wasn’t scared of those dogs, I wanted him to let them loose so I could show him what I was made of. I actually felt like saying I dare you to let them go. I came from behind the podium and I started kicking the little dogs off of the men and telling them to get behind me, the more little puppies I kicked the bigger the ones on the leash got. The man was heaving his chest like he was about to explode from anger but I didn’t care and I didn’t stop kicking the little ones. I was actually aching over the fact that these men were hungry and looking so malnourished. All I wanted to do was get them to safety.” He paused and stared at his sister who had stopped stirring her tea and was mesmerized by his dream, before he said “Then my alarm went off and I woke up. So I guess I will never know if I saved them all or not.”

“Did you tell mom about this?”

“Please. All she would say is that it probably had something to do with me and church. I really I ain’t trying to hear all that. It was just a weird dream. Something I ate Lauren, no need to call Juanita Bynum. I was just sharing with you because no one else is around.”

“Khalil. How long do you plan on running from? ”He took his eyes off of her and began to look around the restaurant for their server. “Where is the damn waitress? You need to put something in your mouth.”

“Whatever boy, but you are playing a dangerous game.” She said as she picked up another packet of sugar.

“God knows my heart. Let’s leave it at that. And don’t you put another damn grain of sugar in that tea!” He sharply expressed.

“OK, OK, OK.” She said as she surrendered the small packet. “By the way, my dad told me to tell you hello. I told him I was having lunch with you today.”

“Really! How is he doing?”

“He aiight, buying all the Houston real estate that he can. He just bought his third apartment building. He keeps asking me to transfer to Texas so we can bond.” She said with an attitude of disgust.

“So you gonna go?” He jokingly asked.

”You gonna get a wife?” she asked in return.

“Touché.” He said as he raised his glass in the air as a sign of defeat.

They continued to talk and Khalil filled his sister in on how he and Tyrin were doing and assured her that he was still happy. On the way back to the campus he made a stop at her bank and deposited one thousand dollars into her account to hold her over until she got some more from their mom.

The two embraced in front of her dorm and as he watched her walk away he reflected on the little girl that used to climb in bed with him after she had a bad dream. She matured into a secure young lady that was in control of her body and the choices she was making in her life. It was enough to bring a broad smile to his face and walk back to his car like a proud big brother.


Spencer, Kerrion and Lea went from store to store seeing what they could purchase. The mall was loaded with men that were causing Kerrion to go into shops that he had absolutely no interest in, but since he was out of town he thought he would try his luck with whoever seemed promising. He walked into a record store in search of the new Xscape album and as he strolled up and down the R & B aisles looking for his record of choice, the store manager approached offering his assistance.

Sporting the latest FUBU gear and smelling of Bijan cologne, the freckle faced, toasty brown brother led Kerry to the CD he was looking for. They stood and talked about various types of music and out of the blue the manager actually asked him out on a date. After explaining to the fine looking prospect that he was heading back to L.A the following morning, they settled on meeting up for coffee later that evening once Kerry was done with the video shoot. Kerry walked out of the store with not only a CD, but also new attitude about the rest of his stay in Frisco.

He walked into Gap kids and found Lea and Spencer waiting in line to make their purchases for her daughter Toni. Kerry walked up in full diva mode and stood next to them and exclaimed with a lisp that only a seasoned homosexual could perfect. “Hello ladies.” Spencer turned, looked him up and down, and began to shake his head in irritation. “Will you not do that please? I don’t need you drawing any more attention than you already do. And for Gods sake unfold your arms.”

“I got a date.” Kerry said with glee.

“What, with who?” Spencer asked with a look of disgust

“This fine brother that works across the way at the record store.”

“Congratulations Kerry. What Motor Inn are you going to? I’m sure they have a Snooty Fox up here somewhere.” Lea said.

Kerry gave her a death stare and then focused his attention back to Spencer. “Anyway the brother has gorgeous dreadlocks, a body fresh out of jail, and luscious lips that I would love to suck dry. I just wish he were wearing sweats so I could see if he was swinging or not.”

“Oh my God. You are so trashy.” Spencer said.

“Bitch please, you wish you were more like me. When the last time you got some dick?” he stood waiting on an answer with arms folded.

“I love myself too much to be throwing my ass to everybody that I think is fine. Kerry you are like school on Saturday.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Kerry asked.

“No class.” Spencer and Lea said in unison.

The young lady behind the register couldn’t help but overhear their discussion and for the most part it was making her mundane day a tad more delightful. “Fuck y’all.” he said, as he looked each one of them up and down “All three of y’all” The cashier stopped ringing up the items so she could let go of her laughter, and Spencer began to make apologies to her on behalf of his ill-mannered friend.

Lea paid for her purchases and they walked through the rest of the mall managing to spend a great deal of money on items that none of them truly needed. Clothes, shoes, accessories, whatever they saw that caused them to pause, they purchased. After three hard hours of shopping they decided to make a pit stop for nourishment before heading back to wait for the sunset the director longed for.


Khalil filled them in on how Lauren was doing and informed them that if all went according to plan he was heading back to L.A after filming. Lea agreed to fly back with him, Spencer however, opted to stay with Kerrion just in case something broke out and he needed his help. Khalil knew Spencer wanted to stay so he could hit up a club or two. In spite the façade of being happily single, he secretly desired something long term. Of all the men Spencer ever dated, none of them ever had any length or meaning, and since longevity is not an active word in a lot of black gay relationships, most have had their hearts broken on more than one occasion. Khalil wished that he could introduce his best friend to someone as loyal as Tyrin, but in his heart of hearts he felt as though Tyrin was the last one left.

At 7:30pm the director announced that the video was a rap and all that could be done was. Khalil let out a joyous sigh and immediately headed to the airport to catch the next flight back to L.A. He was in a funk about not talking to Tyrin over the course of two days and decided to set up something nice for his baby when he got back home.

It wasn’t as if they hadn’t tried to talk to each other, but as fate would have it they kept playing phone tag. Tyrin had left numerous messages letting him know that he was thinking of him. When Khalil would find the time to call him back he would be in a meeting with a client, or on a conference call. Both men realized early on that it wouldn’t be easy to be involved with someone that had an equally hectic schedule, but with much understanding they have managed to make it this far.Immediately after arrival back into L.A., Khalil made a quick stop for some much needed items, before heading to the house. Once home, he was pleasantly surprised to find it empty. He skillfully set the atmosphere and hopped into the shower to assure freshness.

He was in a very sensual mood and wanted to make sure that every crevice of his body was clean and ready for tasting. He walked around and did a final survey making sure that everything was where it was supposed to be. Pleased with the final outcome, he picked up the phone and called his king.

“This is Tyrin.” he said wearily.

“What’s up baby?” Khalil responded.

“Hey you. I never thought I would hear your voice again, I was about to put out an APB on you.” He said with a smile in his voice.

BOOK: The End of the Rainbow
11.8Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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