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By Tara Sue Me

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An enticing extract of
The Master

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About the Author

Tara Sue Me
wrote her first novel at the age of twelve. It would be twenty years before she picked up her pen to write the second.

After completing several traditional romances, she decided to try her hand at something spicier and started work on
The Submissive
. What began as a writing exercise quickly took on a life of its own, and sequels
The Dominant
The Training
soon followed. Originally published online, the trilogy was a huge hit with readers around the world. Each of the books has now been read and reread more than a million times.

Tara kept her identity and her writing life secret, not even telling her husband what she was working on. To this day, only a handful of people know the truth (though she has told her husband). They live together in the southeastern United States with their two children.

Find out more about Tara by visiting her website
, or visit her on Facebook
and on Twitter

Praise for Tara Sue Me’s breathtakingly sensual Submissive series:

‘I HIGHLY recommend
The Submissive
by Tara Sue Me. It’s so worth it. This book crackles with sexual lightning right from the beginning … It has heart and the characters are majorly flawed in a beautiful way. They aren’t perfect, but they may be perfect together. Step into Tara Sue Me’s world of dominance and submission. It’s erotic, thrilling, and will leave you panting for more’
Martini Reviews

‘For those
Fifty Shades
fans pining for a little more spice on their e-reader … the
recommends Tara Sue Me’s Submissive Trilogy, starring handsome CEO Nathaniel West, a man on the prowl for a new submissive, and the librarian Abby, who is yearning for something more’
Los Angeles Times

‘Unbelievably fantastic! … Nathaniel is something special, and he has that … something “more” that makes him who he is and makes me love him more than all the others. Beneath the cold and detached surface there is a sweet and loving man, and I adored how Abby managed to crack his armour a tiny bit at a time … I can’t wait to continue this beautiful story’
Mind Reader

‘A blazing hot BDSM story between a billionaire and someone who’s admired him from afar. I really enjoyed this smoking tale and recommend it to erotic romance readers’
Night Owl Reviews

‘Tara Sue Me’s
The Submissive
was a story unlike anything I’d ever read, and it completely captivated me … It’s an emotional, compelling story about two people who work to make their relationship exactly what they need it to be, and how they’re BOTH stronger for it’
Books Make Me Happy

‘I am awed by Tara Sue Me … a very powerful book written with grace and style. The characters were brought to life with a love story that will leave you wanting for more’
Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

‘Very passionate … The characters are very easy to relate to and there is a depth to their feelings that is intriguing and engaging … intense and very, VERY H-O-T’
Harlequin Junkie

‘This is the kind of erotic writing that makes the genre amazing’
Debbie’s Book Bag

‘Titillates and captivates from the very beginning’
Romantic Times
(top pick)

By Tara Sue Me

In The Submissive Series

The Submissive

The Dominant

The Training

The Chalet (e-novella)

The Enticement

The Collar

The Exhibitionist

In The Partners In Play Series

Seduced By Fire

About the Book

Book Six in The Submissive Series

She’s ready for even more…

When Abby West discovered her submissive desires, she felt like she was born anew. But lately, her Dominant husband hasn’t been the demanding Master who once fulfilled her every passion. Abby begins to crave something else – and to wonder if Nathaniel can still push her past her boundaries.

Nathaniel knows that Abby belongs to him completely, but even he can’t ignore the pleasure on her face as they get to know their new BDSM group. They’ve invited Nathaniel to guide their group to a new level, and he’s promised to show them the way, even as he recommits to fulfilling his beautiful submissive wife’s every desire. Only this time, uncovering her sexual limits may also expose their relationship to more conflict than it can withstand…

Before there was the fan fiction that became
Fifty Shades of Grey
, there was
The Submissive…
Indulge in the series that started it all:
The Submissive, The Dominant, The Training, The Chalet, The Enticement
The Collar.

To my sister
my secret keeper, my cheerleader, and friend.


When I started
The Submissive
in January 2009, I thought maybe ten people would read it. It was a new venture for me. Up until that point, I’d never written anything more graphic than a kiss. Truthfully, if you had told me everything that would happen as a result, I’d have had a good laugh, slapped you on the back, and told you that was the funniest thing I’d ever heard.

Well, what can I say? Life is funny sometimes.

Since I took that step forward and opened the bedroom door in my writing, so many incredible things have happened. I’ve met some of my closest friends and I’m now able to spend my days doing what I love.

And though I never planned to write Nathaniel and Abby beyond
The Training
, it’s been a lot of fun visiting with them again. Of course, I can’t do this alone, and I’m forever thankful for the people who helped me.

Christin, who helped me with the German parts. Any error is all me.

Tina, who very graciously read and gave me feedback.

Elle, who is always there for me to brainstorm with, laugh with, and share stories with. (P.S. Cole’s next!)

Claire, Jenn, and the entire team at NAL, whose enthusiasm for Nathaniel and Abby keeps me going.

Steve, who made this possible.

My children, who ensure I actually turn the laptop off at times.

You, my readers, who encourage me. I wish it were possible to meet every single one of you.

And Mr. Sue Me, who doesn’t bat an eye when I blurt out, “OMG, I JUST REALIZED WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!”

Chapter One


he smell of lust filled the room. In fact, the sexual tension was so high I would bet most of the women present longed to be in the place of the lovely redhead. Currently standing in front of Cole Johnson, the Partners in Play group’s newest senior Dominant, the petite woman trembled slightly. Although she was fully clothed, she displayed a vulnerability I was all too familiar with.

“Daniel told me she’s been having difficulties focusing,” my husband and Dominant, Nathaniel, said. We were at a play party being held at a private residence. He stood behind me, and though we were somewhat removed from the group, he still whispered. “He said he hopes the session with Cole will help.”

“With everyone watching?” I asked. “That seems unlikely.”

“I guess we’ll see.”

We couldn’t hear Cole’s voice; he spoke too softly. The submissive’s gaze drifted from him to the watching crowd. Bad move. Quick as a lightning strike, Cole grabbed her chin and forced her to meet his eyes.

“On me,” he said, the threat in his voice noticeable before it dropped back down to a whisper.

“Perhaps he believes if she can focus while in the middle of a crowd, she can focus during anything,” Nathaniel said.

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