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Four whole days of

Fuck yes!


“You’ll be paid in
accordance, Lay” Nate told her.

She shrugged, “When
is it?”

“We leave Friday
morning and come back Monday afternoon.”

She nodded “Should
be okay, I’ll have to arrange for an extra to cover with William.”


Nate nodded and then
business started, but I couldn’t concentrate all the way through our meeting as
I eagerly planned my seduction of Red for the upcoming business trip.

her; I
take her under me and I
dominate every fucking
inch of her flawless skin. She just needed to relinquish the fight and submit.


Chapter 9



Lucas and I both
left work at the same time and as we were walking across the car park to our
cars he turned to look at me. “By the way Red, thank you for sorting out the
coffee machine. I was a bit of an arse about the whole thing and well… just

His smile was soft
and his eyes twinkled tenderly.


I couldn’t help it,
my jaw dropped at his humble apology “Oh, well thanks. I suppose I should
apologise about the Starbucks run. It was quite inconsiderate of me.”

“Not at all, Red. It
was actually quite amusing when you had a chocolate chip stuck to your lip all
morning and didn’t realise it was there.”


I opened my mouth
and my eyes widened but I smiled when he started laughing and pulled me in for
a side hug. “Don’t worry, it was really quite sweet. I would be lying if I said
I wasn’t tempted to lick the damn thing off you all morning though.”


His eyes darkened as
he held my gaze, before they dropped to my mouth and I swept my tongue across
my lower lip in an attempt to moisten the dryness that had suddenly developed,
and check for more stray chips.


I coughed to clear
my throat and cut off our intensity as I turned to my car and my stomach
dropped “Awww shit!”

My little Fiesta was
already the most dilapidated car on the planet but now it was completely
decrepit as it held four slashed tyres.


I spun around
quickly and scanned my surroundings looking for him. There was no question of
who had done this and I knew it was an attempt to hold me back after work.

He was there
somewhere, watching, and my whole body shivered at the realisation but I didn’t
see him.


“Fuck!” Lucas spat
out as he saw the flats.

“Shit, I have to get
home, change and get to the club” I hissed as I pulled my phone from my bag and
scrolled my contacts for the cab firm.

“Come on. I’m not
leaving you here, I’ll drop you home to change then take you to the club” Lucas
ordered seriously.

“No it’s fine,
Lucas. I’ll just get a cab.”


The look he gave me
tolerated no arguments and I sighed and relented “Okay, thank you.”

He nodded and placed
his hand at the small of my back and led me over to his Porsche all the time
his eyes scrutinised the area.

He knew Diablo was
watching too and I was suddenly worried about Lucas’s safety when Diablo saw
his possessive touch.


“You need to remove
your hand” I told him through clenched teeth.

Lucas practically
snarled at me but I shook my head faintly, “Not for me, for

He frowned at me and
I sighed in frustration when he didn’t grasp my reasons. “He will hurt you if
he sees you touching me” I told him, trying not to move my lips too much so
Diablo couldn’t read them.

“What the fuck?”
Lucas growled and I grit my teeth.

“He doesn’t allow
anybody to touch me” I divulged honestly, the need for Lucas to comprehend what
I was saying surged through my system.

I needed to keep
this man safe!


We reached his car
and he narrowed his eyes on me but remained silent as he held open my door for
me and I climbed in.

Lucas still studied
the area as he rounded the car and smoothly slid into the driver’s seat. I was
amazed how he managed to fit his long legs into such a small space.


I told him my
address and he sped towards my flat, my back pressed flat into the seat as he
took several corners at speed in case we were been followed.

Within ten minutes
we pulled up outside my apartment.


“Well at least I
have time to change now” I puffed out as I practically fell out of the car on
wobbly legs.

Lucas was still on
high alert as he followed me into my flat and he didn’t relax until we were
inside and the door was locked behind us.


“Go grab a drink
while I get ready” I shouted to him as I entered my bedroom and pulled out my
outfit and started to change.

He was very quiet as
I changed and I swept my eyes over myself and took in my appearance.

Maybe bringing Lucas
here whilst I changed had not been a great idea and I cringed as I strode back into
the room.


He was sat in the
window seat, a cup of coffee in hand just staring at the park. I stood silent
and watched him for a while.

He really was
stunning. His soft blonde hair was cut in a modern style, the messy look suited
him though and I couldn’t picture him with any other look.

He really did have
amazing bright blue eyes, not that I could see them from this angle, but I
still knew they were there.

His cheekbones were
delicate but still very masculine and his lower lip was a lot plumper than his
top one, very kissable and I gulped as I imagined them over my own.


The way he had
kissed me yesterday had made my toes curl and had bought goose bumps exploding
all over my body.

He knew how to kiss,
none of this sweet delicate crap, oh no, it was pure need and hunger that
regulated his kiss.

It hadn’t been a ‘I
love you’ kiss it had been very much a ‘I wanna fuck you hard and raw’ kiss and
that had suited me fine, but gazing at him now as he was utterly relaxed, well
I wasn’t so sure I wanted the latter kiss instead of the former.

Whoa, Lay? Where had
that thought come from?


He eventually turned
to look at me and his eyes widened as his chest heaved. “Holy Shit, Red!” he

“It’s Hard-core
night and…” I shrugged to finish my sentence, embarrassed by my attire in front
of him.

I wore a tight black
leather full body Basque and fishnet stockings with six inch red stiletto’s and
black leather ribboned armbands.


Lucas swallowed
heavily as he stood slowly, his eyes still roaming over my body as his teeth
sank into his bottom lip.

“It’s what night?”
he asked scarcely, his low lidded eyes still trained on my body as he took a
deliberate stride towards me.

I took a step
backwards and my breath faltered as my back hit the wall and Lucas took the
space between us in two large strides.


His hands slapped
the wall beside my head as he leaned in, his nose brushing against the tip of
mine and I swallowed against the raw carnal power he radiated. “Hard… core… night…”
I breathed out as I watched him lick those delicious lips of his, “No soft shit
tonight. William was hoping to increase the BDSM and D/s clientele.”


A fierce fire raged
through me and I bit into my bottom lip harshly to stop myself from yanking his
head down towards me and devouring him in one sweep.

His eyes swept over
my face and landed on my mouth. “Right up my alley then, Red” he whispered as
he dipped his nose into the soft hollow under my ear and I whimpered faintly.

“Do you know how bad
I wanna clamp you to hook in my ceiling right now, Red?”


Oh holy fuck, he had
a ceiling hoist and I shivered in excitement. “Sweet Jesus” I whispered as
desire coursed through me.

“I wanna hook you up
until you’re on your tiptoes and ram the fuck out of you, Red. I want you to
feel every single inch of me until you’re so fucking delirious you scream my
name and beg me to stop.”


 “That sounds… good…”
I panted as he trailed his mouth around to the corner of my lips. He lifted
back a little and gave me a small humorous smile.

“Good?” he echoed.

I sucked in my lips
and shrugged “Well, maybe a little more than good.”

His eyebrows lifted.
“Maybe great?” I continued.

He nodded and
smirked before he leaned in and pulled my lower lip between his teeth. “Great?”
he mumbled as he swept his tongue across my now pulsing lip.


I moaned and slid my
hands into his hair, fingering the small tufts that stuck out around his head.
“Fantastic?” I tried.

I felt his smile
against my mouth before he walled my bottom lip with both of his “Better, Red
but not quite what I was looking for.”

I groaned as his
finger trailed along the edge of my Basque and whispered across the swell of my



He pulled back and I
gasped at how black his eyes were, arousal and sheer lust adorned his face and
I exhaled heavily when his thumb skimmed across my lip, pulling it from behind
my teeth.

“I was thinking
more… Raw, primal, carnal, ferocious, and hard and fucking euphoric, Red.”


I nodded and
shuddered at the hunger that tore through my blood stream “I was getting to
those ones.”

He frowned at me
then flung his head back and barked out a happy laugh. “Christ, Red. Come on or
you’ll be late” he grinned and I beamed at him as I pulled my long black mac off
the peg and pulled it on.

“I am so pleased
you’re wearing that otherwise I might have had to stab men’s eyes out for
looking at you” Lucas declared as he opened my door and I frowned at his





The club was packed
and William pulled me to one side as soon as Lucas and I entered “Willow. What
happened yesterday?”

I shrugged and took
a nervous glance around the room “I dunno but it was non-members night so
pretty easy for him to get in really.”

William sighed and
nodded “I am so sorry Willow. I’ve cancelled Non-members for the next few
weeks. Members only from now on.”

I shook my head at
him “No William, honestly its fine.”

He sighed again but
frowned. “Not a chance Willow. Your safety is more important than a few quid.”
He stated firmly and I hugged and kissed him.


He winked and
approached Misty who seemed to having some sort of disagreement with a punter
and I turned back to Lucas, “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow. Thanks for the

He frowned and took
a scan around the room then looked at me “I’ll give you a lift home when you’re


I looked at him over
my shoulder as I headed towards my designated pole for the night. “It’s cool;
I’ll grab a lift with Puss, but thanks Lucas.”

He looked a little
pissed off but I shrugged and caught a bottle of water from Owen who had just
shouted me from the bar.


“Willow?” a timid
male voice said from behind me and I turned to see Andrew, a shy regular of
mine, smiling at me.

He seemed to have
developed quite a crush on me but he was really harmless. He frequented the
club every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday and all he ever did was sit and watch
me. Never moved his eyes from me in fact but he was rather quite sweet.


“Hey, Andrew” I
greeted as I programmed my tracks into the music system beside my pole.

He came to stand
beside me and looked a little nervous. “You okay, love?” I asked as I smiled my
encouragement for him to say what was on his mind.

He gulped and
fidgeted with his cheap tie and I felt quite wretched for him, he was terribly
shy and nervous.

“It’s my birthday,
Willow” He smiled gently and I beamed at him.

“Happy Birthday,
Andrew” I leaned in to peck his cheek and smiled when he turned beetroot red.


“Thanks” he grinned
excitedly and I chuckled. “Well I… I wondered if… if I could book you for a private

I sucked on my teeth
and glanced at him “Sure. You just need to go book it with either Owen or
Hilary on reception.”

BOOK: The Hunt for Summer (NSC Industries)
9.07Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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