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I step through the door, deciding against inviting him in for a drink. He probably lives in a mansion. I don

t want him looking around my tiny flat.

I lock up and follow him down the path.

Nice place.” He nods back at the house that hosts my flat.

Thanks … wow, is this yours?” I ask as he approaches a silver Aston Martin DBS.

He grins and unlocks it with the key fob. “Loaner, but I do have one back home.”


d be lucky if I

d be able to loan a scooter.

And once again, I

m reminded of how very different our lives are.


t this James Bonds car?” I ask, as I slide into the supple leather seat, putting my seatbelt on.

Well, not this specific one, no

but I have driven his.”

I slide him a look. “Show off,” I smile.

Oh, you have no idea.” He winks at me, leaving my stomach to free-fall off into the next galaxy.

We pull away, roaring off down my small street, in his very flashy car.

So where are we going?” I ask, still trying to recover myself from his earlier comment.


s a surprise.”

A surprise?” I turn to look at him.

He slides me a look, a smile playing on his lips. “Yeah a surprise, you remember those

they usually happen on birthdays, that kind of thing.”

But it

s not my birthday.”

Yeah, well I

ve missed twelve of them, so I

ve got quite a few surprises to make up for.”

I really don

t know what to say to that, so for once, I keep quiet.

I look out of the window and notice a black Land Rover that is driving pretty close to the back of the car.

Turning my head, I look over my shoulder at the car. It

s tinted and I can

t see in the window. I hope it

s not paparazzi following him. Don

t they usually drive big smog chuggers like that?

That car

s pretty close behind,” I say, tilting my head back in its direction, trying to alert him.


s eyes flick to his rear-view and then back to me.


s Dave, my security guy.”

Oh. Does he go everywhere with you?”

Yeah … well everywhere, except the bathroom.” He slides his grinning eyes in my direction.

Why is he riding back there and not in the car with us.”

Because I wanted to be alone with you.”



My nerves have instantly gone haywire. I could really do with another glass of wine.

Actually, I feel the need to drink every time he looks at me. I have a feeling I

m going to get very drunk tonight.

I look out of the window again, watching the buildings of London, thinking how surreal this is. Last night I was out getting drunk in Mandarin’s with Simone, ragged nerves over interviewing Jake, wondering if he would remember me, and now I

m here in his fancy James Bond car, and he

s driving me to my surprise night out.

Jake Wethers, my old best friend, one-time love of my life, biggest rock star and most sought after man in the world, and he is sitting inches away from me. I could reach my hand out and touch him.

I won

t though, cause that would be pretty weird.

Actually, things don

t get much weirder than this.


re in Convent Garden when Jake pulls the car up and parks it on the main road just outside a Pizza Hut. His security guy pulls up behind.

I don

t think you can park here,” I say looking around at the no parking signs


t worry, come on.” He climbs out of the car. I guess when you

re him you can do whatever you want.

I climb out of the car and notice there

s a guy standing outside the entrance to the Pizza Hut staring at us. My first thought is he must recognise Jake, but then I realise it

s Stuart, Jake

s PA.

Hey,” Jake says to him. “All ready?”

Yep.” Stuart nods.

Jake tosses the car keys to him. “I

ll call you when we

re done.”

No worries, have a good night … hello again, Trudy,” Stuart says as he walks past us.

Hi,” I say, offering him a smile.

Stuart hops in the James Bond car and promptly drives away.

Come on,” Jake says, taking hold of my hand.

My skin tingles at his touch again. He

s so much more tactile than he used to be, I notice.

He walks me to the entrance of the Pizza Hut.

I stop and look up at the sign, then back to Jake.


re going to Pizza Hut?” I grin.

He remembers.

That was what he meant in the car with the comment about my birthdays.

Every birthday we would come here, it was kind of a tradition with us

and who doesn

t love Pizza Hut, right?

I can

t believe he remembers. I feel all warm and squishy inside, and also a little overdressed.

He smiles back at me, it reaches all the way to his beautiful blue eyes. “Like I said, I

ve got twelve birthdays to make up for. I know it

s not the one we used to go to in Manchester, but I figured you wouldn

want to drive all the way up there
, so this was the next best thing. After you ...” he gestures for me to pass him.

My heart is buzzing around my chest at his thoughtfulness. I walk past him and make my way down the stairs.

Jake is the only guy I know who would pick me up in an Aston Martin DBS then bring me to Pizza Hut. And that

s why I love him.

I mean, of course I don

t love him

love him. I just used to love him when I was younger.

Anyway, the Covent Garden one is a little smarter than the usual Pizza Huts
Especially the one we used to go to in Manchester, at least from the outside. For starters, it

s underground and you have to take the stairs to reach it, but once you get inside it

s just a regular Pizza Hut and I love it.


m greeted at the bottom of the stairs by a waiter. The instant he sees Jake, nerves and awe light his eyes up.

I feel sorry for him, as it must be a shock when the biggest rock star in the world turns up unannounced in your place of work. I mean Pizza Hut is not where you

d usually expect to see Jake Wethers.


d pretty hard not to be overawed but I think he does okay overall. He doesn

t ask for Jake

s autograph which is a good start, because I totally would have.

As I glance around, I see the restaurant is empty.

Surprising, but lucky as I

m pretty sure Jake would have got hassled non-stop for autographs in here. Hopefully, it will stay quiet while we

re here.

The waiter shows us over to a booth table. I slide into my seat, Jake sits opposite me.

His legs are long under the table. I bump his leg with my foot.


He smiles at me.

It squirms its way through me. I feel like I

m a teenager all over again.

Can I get you some drinks?” the waiter asks handing us our menus.

Jake looks at me.


I say.

Two buds,” Jake orders.

The waiter disappears to get our drinks while I stare at Jake, surprised.

What?” he asks, seeing my staring.

Um … nothing.” My face flames.

No, go on,” he urges, leaning forward, he rests his arms on the table.

Well, I just thought you didn

t drink anymore

you know

.” I say the word quietly, like it

s a really inappropriate word to be saying.

He lets out a laugh. “
was never the problem, Tru.”


He leans back in his seat. “That

s the press for you. But still, everything in moderation for me nowadays. Except drugs


re completely off the menu of course, but my cigarettes have increased.”

When did you start smoking?” I ask, wondering if it was after he got clean as a replacement for the drugs, as he never was interested in smoking when we were teenagers.

He scrunches up his face in thought. “When I started in the band.”

A while then.

Bad habit.”

It is,” he agrees. “But not as bad as being an addict.”

I instantly tense.

He smiles. “Relax, Tru. It

s not the worst thing in the world I

ve ever said, and my drug counsellor says I

m supposed to be open about these things.”


Was it horrible?”

What? Rehab.”


but I can

t imagine that was a great place to be. I meant being an addict.”

How can he be so together and so successful, but have been a drug addict? It doesn

t feel like the two should go together. But somehow in him, they did. I guess everyone has a weakness.

He starts to drum his fingers on the table. “When it was good it was great, and when it was bad

it was really fuckin

bad. I reached the point when all the highs

which were basically every day for me, were all bad. And that was when it was time to get clean.”


m glad you

re clean,” I say.

Me too,” he smiles.

The waiter comes over with our beers.

Are you both ready to order, or do you need more time?”

Oh, sorry, I haven

t even looked at my menu, yet,” I say opening it up.

Give us another five minutes,

So what were you thinking?” I ask looking down at the menu.


I glance up at his smiling face.

Ha, ha, funny. They do serve pasta and salad here as well you know.” I pull my tongue out at him.

I remember.”

I get the impression he remembers so much more than I could have hoped.

Do you want to share?” I ask.

Are you still greedy?”

I was never greedy!” I say feigning outrage.

You ate like a guy,” he laughs.

Are you saying I was fat, Jake Wethers?” I quirk my eyebrow at him.

No. You were always a skinny
little thing
, I could never actually figure out where it all went.”

My ass. It still does.”

From what I remember of your ass it was always nice, I

ll have to check it out later


ll let you know what I think.”

So you didn

t already check it out coming down the stairs?”

I can

t believe I just said that!


s him, he seems to bring out a new found flirty, naughty side of me.

BOOK: The Mighty Storm
4.81Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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