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Authors: C. E. Black

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The Perfect Mate

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The Perfect Mate


By C.E. Black




The Perfect Mate


C.E. Black


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A bullet flew past my head, slamming into the wall I was leaning against. I had to move, but there was nowhere to go. The sound of bullets flying through the room, hitting the furniture, walls and windows was deafening. When the lamp beside the bed shattered, I crouched lower to the floor. I was hiding between the wall and the bed, curling myself into a ball. It was the only place I could think of to hide, but it wasn't safe anymore. I lifted the bed's comforter off the floor, peeking to see if there was any room under the bed. There was and it looked like I could fit. I squeezed my body under the bed as quietly as I could, even though the gunfire was loud enough to keep my movements secret.

Once I was in place, I tried looking through the other side. All I could see were three sets of black boots. The three men all stood with their feet braced and widened, shoulder length apart as they shot the place up. They were spread throughout the room, one by the bedroom door and the other two standing only feet from the bed. Occasionally the gunfire would die down while one of them reloaded. I wondered how many clips they had.

I jumped when a bullet hit the mattress, making a thump sound. My pulse leaped and sweat beaded my brow. Where was Paul? He had gone to the bathroom right before the men broke through the door. Luckily, my reflexes were good. I had rolled off the bed ducking before the first bullet flew.

"AAHHH!" A man's yell was suddenly cut off. Then there was the unmistakable sound of a body slumping to the floor. I froze in horror. Oh God! I prayed. Please don't let that be Paul.





Chapter 1





Six months earlier....


I drove down the winding driveway slowly, trying to avoid pot-holes. There were quite a few. Branches from the pine trees bracketing the graveled road scraped against my car. I wasn't too worried about the paint job; the scratches would probably blend in with the others. My car was a clunker, an old red VW bug. I didn't know the year and I didn't care. It was transportation and it was all I could afford. I sighed. Hopefully I could find a job soon. Well unless I had to leave town after tonight.

I had only been in Savannah two days when I had gotten the call from the Pack Master. The call was short and sweet. "Come tonight," He said and after giving me directions he hung up. I knew this meeting would happen sooner or later, but I was hoping for later. Maybe it was best to get it over with. If it all went to hell, at least I hadn't started a job before skipping town, again. This was my fourth try. I had to leave the other towns quickly after my meetings with the Pack Masters. I was tired and ready to find a home. Enough was enough. I would beg if I had too; or maybe not. I wasn't a beggar, but I would try my damndest to make him see reason.

Just as I was wondering how much longer this drive could get the trees thinned showing off an impressive brick home sitting in the middle of a clearing. I parked next to a Lexis and tried not to growl. There must have been twenty cars parked around the house in the designated graveled drive and all were of highly expensive brands. "Great, rich snobs." I groaned aloud. Just what I needed, I thought. It was unlikely I'd fit in here.

I took a deep breath and got out of the car. I slammed the door causing rust to scatter over my arm. Gazing up at the large house I thought it could very well be considered a mansion. It had two stories and was so wide I lost count of the windows. I would bet money it extended in the back just as far. There was a porch and a balcony for the top floor with large white columns. The trim and doors were white as well and there was even a chandelier hanging on the porch. I shook my head. Why do you need a chandelier on a porch? I asked myself.

I ran a hand through my wild red hair sighing and started walking toward the door when a man appeared out of nowhere. I knew better than to jump. Show no weakness. It had been ingrained in me since birth. He stood in front of me blocking my path. I took my time looking him up and down. He was a tall man, maybe six feet and quite impressive in the muscle department. He was wearing all black, boots, pants, belt, and tight t-shirt and I immediately realized he was a guard. He was too military looking to be just a resident.

His brown wavy hair, which was the only thing non militant about him, was tucked behind his ears. It looked like he either needed a hair cut or was letting it grow out. He had a handsome face, rugged and stern, with full lips, slightly crooked nose, and amber eyes. That’s where my gaze froze. His eyes, they looked straight into mine intensely as if he could see into my soul. A shiver raced down my back and tingling warmth began low in my belly. He felt so familiar to me, yet I’d never met him. My lips parted when his gaze began moving over my body. It felt like he was touching me wherever his eyes landed. I shivered again and it brought me back to myself. I took a step back and shook myself. What the hell was wrong with me? I thought.

We stared at each other for a moment more, my pulse hammering in my chest, when finally he broke the silence. “What can I help you with ma’am?” His voice sent my senses reeling. His tone was low and controlled, showing only a hint of his southern roots. I licked my dry lips preparing to answer, but my mind was a bit mussed.

“Uh, yeah, I, um...” Damn! Control it Susan! I yelled at myself. My head cleared and my eyes narrowed when I saw the big guy grin slightly. Anger took the place over my befuddlement and my hands tightened into fists at my side. I hated to get laughed at. I glared at him with as much heat as I could muster. I about exploded when his grin began to widen. “I’m here by invitation to meet with the Pack Master,” I said with as much control as I could gain.

The man continued to stare me down, but the grin vanished. “What’s your name?” He asked.

“Susan Riley.”

“Yes, Susan, Pack Master Dane is expecting you,” He said with a nod. I started towards the door, but the big guy, as I so un-lovingly named him, stopped me once more. “First I have to check you for weapons.” I sighed loudly so he would know how annoyed I was. I should have known he would frisk me. It happened every time I’d met a Pack Master.

I raised my arms out beside me and spread my legs slightly. When I finished getting into position for him he nodded his approval and stepped toward me slowly. I kept my gaze fixed on his as he moved. His body was solid yet graceful. When he reached me, he placed his hands on my shoulders, sliding them along my arms then under them until he reached my arm pits. He continued to keep his gaze steady on mine.

Taking a step closer he wrapped his arms around me to place his hands on my lower back. I gasped out loud when he slid them up my back pushing my breasts closer to his chest. My eyes narrowed even as my heart thumped. This was not a normal check. He raised one eyebrow in challenge and took a step back, but kept his hands on my waist. Slowly he ran his hands up my sides to my shoulders again then brought a palm down the center of my chest. My breath became shallow and my arms began to shake and not from fear. My body wanted to take over and grab this hunk of a man’s irritating hands and put them where it wanted them most. My nipples hardened in response to his touch. My arousal was obvious through the thin cotton of my bra and t-shirt, but the big guy’s eyes stayed on mine.

When he reached my waist his eyes finally broke contact and I could feel my body sag with relief. I blinked and took a deep breath trying to clear my head. It was as if he could hold me that way, with his eyes, forever, keeping me aching with need with just his gaze. As I began to calm down, the scents of the night assaulted my sensitive nose. I breathed deep and frowned. The smell of my arousal was strong and if I could smell it, he definitely could. But I could also smell his. His scent was woodsy and masculine. His arousal was musky and enticing.

The man stood up and stepped back. That’s when I realized he had finished his search while I was trying to come back to my senses. I lowered my arms and straighten up lifting my chin slightly. I could admit to myself that I was rattled, but that didn’t mean I wanted him to know.

“Okay, you can see the Pack Master now,” He said and pointed to the front door. “After you.”

I headed for the house, my anger sparking again. My body was humming with anticipation and I could hardly make a coherent thought, but he was cool as a cucumber. I didn’t know what was going on between us, but I knew it wasn’t good. I had no room in my life for a lover. It was a complication I didn’t need. Especially when I tended to leave towns so quickly there weren’t any time for goodbyes. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. Who needed a man anyway? I had my vibrator and it was just as good as any guy from my past.

I sighed. That was the problem. I was thirty years old and couldn’t remember the last time I had good sex. Of course I did stick with human lovers. Werewolves tended to either get too possessive or just want a quick lay and nothing in between. Finding their mate was the only thing they thought about. So I guess even though he seemed interested at first, it was a good thing the big guy was cooling his heels. I was definitely not mate material but I didn't like one night stands either.

I stopped at the front door. The big guy reached around me and knocked using the large brass door knocker. I grinned at the design. Instead of a lion like the most common knockers had, this one was a wolf with very big teeth. The door opened and another guard stood in the doorway. He had a nondescript look about him. Nothing stood out, but I could tell he was handsome in his own way. His hair was a dirty blonde and was cut neatly. His hazel eyes did stand out a bit, but blended into his tan skin well. He wasn’t too tall or too muscular. He was average, but of course he was werewolf average, making him a bit tougher looking than a human man.

The man nodded once, then let us pass. I stopped just inside not knowing where to go. “Keep straight. It’s the second door on the right.” The big guy told me. I followed his directions while looking around, discreetly of course. The floor was hard woods in a beautiful shade of dark walnut. The walls had a finish to it, giving the hall a golden glow. It was surprisingly nicer than what I had expected. I thought for sure it would look gaudy inside, but actually it was quite homey.

My opinion was confirmed when we passed the first door. It looked to be a living room. The first thing to catch my eye was the two large couches. They were a nice burgundy color and were big and comfortable looking. Before passing I noticed a very large flat screened T.V. on the far wall.

I stopped in front of the next door. I felt the big guy standing very close behind me and when I turned my head to look at him he stepped closer pressing his chest against my back. A tingle of awareness skated down my spine. I looked up and was surprised to see he had leaned down, his face only inches from mine. He had a five o’clock shadow that emphasized his strong jaw. My gaze traveled to his eyes hesitantly. His amber eyes looked so deep into mine I thought he could see right through me to every secret and insecurity. As before, I couldn’t look away. He held me there in his sights. What did he want? I asked myself and tried asking him with my eyes. As if he could hear the question he turned abruptly away and knocked on the door.

I took a deep breath readying myself for this meeting. I hoped Pack Master Dane was an understanding leader, but deep down I was prepared to pack my bags. “Come in.” A deep voice boomed from inside the room. The big guy opened the door then held out his hand telling me to enter. I let out the breath I forgot I was holding and walked into the room.





Chapter 2





I looked around the office slash library with something like awe. It was a beautiful room. The combination of the dark wood floors covered with a huge, ornate rug and matching bookshelves with the golden walls, made the room feel very comfortable. There was a large window to the left and I notice it was actually a door leading out to a terrace. I looked up, my mouth hanging open slightly, at the arches made onto the ceiling. They were made of a dark wood also and carved beautifully giving the room a rounded look. I noticed a crystal chandelier and grinned. I guess if you can afford them why not have them in every room? I said to myself.

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