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The Purrfect Predicament (Australian Shifters) (19 page)

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She swallowed painfully, her throat sore. "Are you alright?"

Andy's smile was breathtakingly loving. He nodded. "I'm fine, sweetheart, this old cat is tough. We all are, remember that. Right now it's time to take care of you."

Hamish helped her onto the stretcher. The paramedics strapped her in and handed her a green, pain relieving whistle, filled with laughing gas, to suck on for the pain.

"I'm going with her," Hamish stated. The men just nodded. "I'll get a cab and make a few calls," Andy said, stepping back. She glanced at him, needing both her mates, reaching out her good arm to him.

"It's alright; I'll be with you soon." He smiled reassuringly.

She hated having to still pretend she was marrying only one of the Brown brothers. She nodded, tears swimming in her eyes, her mind a little fuzzy from pain and her magic pain whistle. She drew another breath in when the pain in her shoulder grew intense.

She watched as he drew in a steady breath, nodded at Hamish and walked toward the prosecutor hovering by the side lines, along with a few other spectators.

"If Andy hadn't worked it out in time, and ran back up the stairs…" Hamish gripped the trolley as they wheeled her into the lift. "It would have been too late."

She saw his jaw clench in clear anger, then softened as his gaze met hers. "But you saved yourself, baby girl, if your hand hadn't been between your neck and the tie…it shouldn't have happened."

Worry swamped her… "But, w…what about the trial?"

"Bastard Bill's not going anywhere. This time they're all going down love. Don't you worry about it, Mr. Prescott will deal with the fall out of this attempt on your life. If Renview survives, he'll be going down too. All I want you to do now is relax and not worry about anything, okay?"

She trusted her men with her life, her soul and her love. She nodded. "Okay."

Chapter Fifteen

Hamish peered into the bedroom. They arrived home late last night after securing the first flight back to Sydney. Juniper's unusually subdued manner worried him, but she was safe, enclosed in Andy's arms as Hamish drove the two and a half hours back to Black Town.

She'd fallen into bed. It was now late afternoon the next day. The only sign she'd been awake at times was the now empty water glass on the bedside table. They thought it best to leave her alone and simply let her sleep.

Hamish noted the bruise from yesterday was slowly fading. The medical team had popped back her dislocated shoulder, cleared her from having a concussion, gave her some pain pills and sent her on her way. Both he and Andy knew she would heal much quicker, being mated to them. It was one breath of air in the whole sordid mess.

It should have never happened. His fists and jaw clenched at the thought. How Renview thought he could get away with killing Juniper was beyond him. Why did he even attempt it in such a public place as the court house? The man must have been very desperate to try. No doubt, if Bill was convicted he'd bring the deck of cards tumbling down with him. Stacked within the pile was the now ex-detective.

The police hadn't pressed any charges against Andy. No one had actually witnessed Renview being thrown out the window. He was the one now in a coma, on life support, not Juniper.

Hamish heaved a deep sigh. It was good to be home and away from the media storm it had caused. River Black had already come and reamed Andy a new one for making it so public. Putting them and their town in the firing line of the media.

At the same time their cousin was sympathetic to their plight, knowing how important it was to protect their mate. As a community, they would deal with the fall out of what had happened.

"She still asleep?" Andy frowned as Hamish walked down the stairs into the kitchen where Andy was pulling out containers from the fridge. It was filled with food the ladies of the town had provided, after hearing what had happened down in Melbourne.

Hamish nodded. "She needs it."

"We're not letting her go back to Melbourne. No more court. If they want testimony, she can do it via webcam or some shit like that." Andy set the container on the counter and reached back into the fridge, before slamming it shut with his foot.


Andy handed him a beer. Hamish twisted the cap and took a long swallow. There was no danger of shifters getting drunk. Their metabolism burned through it too quickly.

Half way through eating the warmed up dinner, Hamish turned at the sound of slow soft footfalls on the stairs.

A sleepy Juniper emerged into the kitchen. She yawned and rubbed her eyes. Hamish's cock instantly hardened at the sight of her in one of the sheer nightgowns Andy had insisted she buy on their last shopping spree.

He swallowed hard and set down his fork.

"Hey." She smiled at them, coming in closer. Andy, the stealthy bastard, was already on his feet. He snuck in, pulling her into his arms, planting a chaste kiss on the top of her head, even though it was clear his brother was sporting a boner just as big as Hamish's.

"Hey yourself, sleeping beauty. How are you feeling?"

"A bit stiff, a little sore, but okay."

"I know all about the stiff bit, but you look better." Andy grinned wolfishly.

They were both rewarded with the pale hue of her face pinking in a gorgeous blush. Hamish moved in, Andy released her to allow him to tug her away and into his arms. He hugged her close before pulling her down onto his lap at the table.

"He'll never change, baby girl, forever the pervert. Are you hungry?"

"Starving, I feel like I've slept for a week."

She giggled.

It was the most beautiful heart-soaring sound Hamish had ever heard. Her blue eyes twinkled as Andy re-took his seat, a sappy grin on his face.

"She loves me just the way I am, perverted I am not. I like to call it educated on pleasing my woman."

"You're both crazy." Her smile was loving as she gazed at Andy. "But I can live with crazy."

"Always crazy for you, sweetheart, and always yours." Andy winked.

"Here." Hamish started feeding her his rich beef casserole.

Her moan made his erection ache. It didn't help that she wiggled slightly on his lap, her delectable arse nudging against his shaft.

"Little vixen," he growled by her ear. "I'm trying very hard to control myself now, baby girl, so eat, and behave."

"And you call me the perverted one. Just how long did it take us to turn you from little sex kitten to purring sex Goddess?" Andy turned his dark, carnal gaze on Juniper as she took another mouthful.

"Food then sex, you Neanderthal," Hamish admonished his brother.

"Yes, sweetheart, eat up. I want to have a full stomach to lay on as I make love to you."

She swallowed hard and almost choked, trying to hold back a laugh. "His lines are not only perverted they're corny."

"Ha! See she does know you, all too well." Hamish pointed his fork at his brother.

Juniper giggled and Andy growled. Ah yes, Hamish gripped his mate's hips to keep her still, and from tormenting his poor cock that hadn't seen any action in a good forty-eight hours. He was pleased to see life was returning to normal.

~ * ~

One week later.

Juniper awoke to fire sparking through her body. Something hot wet and raspy slid across her nipple, making her moan softly. Her hands automatically went in search of the head, sliding her fingers into soft fur. A purr rumbled, making her eyes snap open to see the head of a Panther lapping at her nipples.


He growled, his big paw on her upper stomach pushed her back flat on the bed when she tried to sit up. He growled low in warning. She went limp in surrender and his low growl turned back into a purr, again licking at her nipples. Erotic goose-bumps broke out over her skin as she squirmed and panted, his raspy tongue making her clit pulse and her cream pool between her thighs.

"You know better than to push him away. Obey and it'll be more pleasurable." She turned her head as Andy walked into their room.

"We are not having sex while you are shifted." Her admonishment came out breathy, betraying her growing arousal. Hamish abandoned her nipples and licked lower down her body.

"Honey, we wouldn't dream of it, but our cats love your cream. Everything we taste and can smell is heightened while in our cat forms." Andy stripped off his boxers. He walked forward.

"Move, Hamish." Hamish raised his head, snarling at his brother, but moved so Andy could strip the sheet covering her naked lower half from her.

"Now be a good girl and spread your legs." Andy's wicked smile turned her insides into a hissing bubbling puddle of wanton need. "Or I'll tie you to the bed. I'm dying for some cream also."

She sighed and knew better than to argue with Andy when he was in 'that' mood. She trusted them never to go too far. She spread her legs and Hamish wasted no time in placing his large cat body between them. She glanced down to see him peering up at her with his big brown cat eyes. He licked his lips and astonishingly, he winked.

At the stirring of air by the bed, she turned to see Andy's Panther leap up and over her. He wasted no time in licking at her nipples.

She gasped as a nose poked right into her pussy. Hamish's rough tongue pushed between her lips and dragged it from her hole over her clit.

Her men, her cats, and what naughty wicked cats they were, teasing her at every opportunity, turning her into a wanton, needy and greedy woman. Oh yeah, as fantasies went this was way over the top of anything she could have dreamed up.

Her hot hunky Alpha shifter men, ravishing her, loving her, and keeping her forever. It was the most purrfect predicament to be in and one she never wanted to get out of. The rest of the world be damned.

Moans filled the air and she widened her legs as Hamish lapped like drinking from a pool, over and over, winding her higher. Combined with Andy at her breasts, it didn't take long for her body to convulse and shudder, her scream of climax filling the air. They switched places. Hamish shifting back. Dazed, she blinked up into Hamish's brown eyes as his now human hands soothed over her sensitive skin. Her breasts full, heavy and her nipples engorged with blood.

"Goddess, your cream tastes fantastic," his husky aroused voice proclaimed. He bent his head and kissed her. She grabbed at his head, kissing him back just as feverishly.

She gasped into Hamish's mouth and bucked as another Panther tongue now lapped at her pussy.

"Oh! Andy, I…I can't!"

"Shhh, his turn now, baby girl. Let him have his cream too." He gripped her wrists, pinning them near her head as Andy began to feast on her.

From the orgasm Hamish had given her, she was highly sensitive, her clit fully engorged. She threw her head back, unable to stop her hips from wiggling under the rough lapping. It stopped, and a sudden puff of hot air and a tongue spearing into her quivering depths made her eyes snap open, to see Andy's human head between her thighs as he attacked her pussy like his cat had done a moment before.

"Mmmm, sweetest cream ever," Andy's murmur vibrated through her pussy. "Gonna make you scream again."

Scream she did as he sucked on her clit and pushed his thick fingers into her, rubbing at her G-spot at the same time.

Rung out she flopped like an over-cooked noodle on the bed. They'd again left her no strength, even to slap the conceited grin off Andy's face as he licked the juices from his lips and grinned. Yeah the cat had his cream alright.

"You know we're far from done with you yet." Hamish winked, moving back slightly.

"I can't move." She protested and whimpered, as they pulled back, lifted her and re-positioned her, Andy taking pole position, lifting her over his cock and lowering her down. They moaned as one as his cock filled her.

"That's it, sweetheart." Andy's husky whisper by her ear, sent spikes of shivers running down her spine. Her inner walls clamped down on his length, nestled hot and hard with in her.

Hamish chuckled. "Love your sweet arse, baby girl, so round and fuckable."

Oh God yes.
She loved this, loved both her mates in her at the same time, filling her and making her writhe.

Andy gripped her head, pulling her lips to his, kissing her with the same intense passion she felt within.

Her mind spun out of control as their hands stroked possessively over her heated skin. Andy's lips closed around hers, and he gently sucked her tongue into his mouth. Her sudden gasp drew his breath into her lungs, giving her an electric rush. Juniper ground her pussy against Andy's groin, as she felt the heat of Hamish's chest press along her back. The soft hairs of his upper body stimulated her now ultra-sensitive skin, as he rubbed against her. The head of Hamish's cock nudged her arse, and Andy's hands grabbed her cheeks firmly, pulling them apart.

A finger stroked the rosette of her arse, before the spread of cool lube spread over her bud, seconds before a single, thick digit pushed inside, coating her entrance.

She felt the pressure of Hamish's cock head against the tight muscles of her anus. He pushed and breached her opening.

BOOK: The Purrfect Predicament (Australian Shifters)
7.51Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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