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The Purrfect Predicament (Australian Shifters) (16 page)

BOOK: The Purrfect Predicament (Australian Shifters)
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"Such a pretty arse, sweetheart; made for this." Without warning, he slid a finger straight into her. She gasped, at the sensation of being stretched, filled but there was no pain. How was it possible?

"A new lube, which I'm glad the sales woman talked me into buying yesterday,
." He chuckled. Juniper moaned and Hamish cursed.

Her head spun, her breathing rapid as Andy pumped his finger in and out of her. He added some of the lube; it was cool against the slight burning as he stretched her wider. She whimpered.

"Stop fucking around, I'm too fucking close here, Bro," grumped Hamish. His cock twitched between her folds, straining to find his mark and slide home. She wanted it too, him in her, filling her.

"I'm not going to rush this and hurt her. Play with her," Andy directed. Hamish's hand slid between their bodies and her parted thighs as they sat either side of his hips.

"You alright, sweetheart?" Andy added a third finger. She shuddered and squeaked out a
! In response. Hamish found her clit and pressed down, circling it, his hand clutching the back of her head drawing her in to a deep kiss, exploring her mouth all over again.

"Almost there, my love." He pulled his fingers out and something far bigger replaced them. Both slick with the oily lube, he pushed his cock against her arse, pushing it into her slowly.

Hamish gripped her thighs, pinning her in place, to stop her sliding forward on his body. "Breath out, baby girl, let your body relax and accept him," he whispered against her ear, as she buried her face against his neck.

Andy felt so thick, so hard, as he slowly opened her up. A sharp jolt of sensation, almost pain flashed up her spine. She grunted hard as Andy pushed against her. For a moment it seemed he wouldn't be able to get in, but she did as Hamish advised, letting her body relax, breathing out. Suddenly, he was inside, pushing his cock up into her arse.

"Goddess, you're so hot and tight." Andy moaned his pleasure; he pulled back then thrust into her again. Juniper arched her head back, gasping.

"I'm in, Bro, so fucking good!" Andy's voice sounded raw on the edge, he pulled almost out. They both gripped her hips and moved her body, Hamish positioned his cock at her dripping entrance before lowering her down. They both moaned in pleasure at Hamish finally filling her.

"Ride me, baby girl." She planted her knees on the leather ottoman, lifting herself off and sinking back down, guided by Hamish's hands on her hips.

She squealed loudly when Andy thrust back in to her as Hamish pulled out. The wild mix of sensations swirled in her head. Deep pleasure from Hamish's cock pushing into her pussy, followed by the sharp jolts of feeling, flashing from Andy's cock, sliding into her arse. She gasped, cried out and mewled as the pair began to increase the power of their thrust, each pushing harder and faster into her. She clung to Hamish, her face pressed against the material of the sofa. Hamish began to suck on her breast as they were pushed against his face.

Juniper hissed, arching her head back, at the added sensation it caused. Hamish gripped her hips as he trust up into her, while Andy gripped her shoulders.

They now took her hard, no longer in unison, rather, ramming in and out wildly. She was caught between them and impaled on their cocks, as her two mates fucked her hard. Her brain was overwhelmed by the overload of sensation. She teetered on the precipice of one hell of a climax.

"Ready?" She barely heard Hamish's voice, over the pounding of blood in her ears.

"Fuck yes," Andy snarled like the Panther within.


They both rose over her, Hamish on her right, Andy on her left, the feel of their wet raspy tongues was the only warning she got. They bit into her neck sending a supernova explosion through her body. She screamed long and loud, her whole body quaking, her vision dimming.

They never stopped thrusting into her; one of them thumbed her clit sending a second wave of orgasmic bliss through her. Hamish came, slamming up into her, his snarl making her ears ring. Andy shuddered behind her, pushing himself deep and whispering her name in her ear as he emptied himself into her.

She hung between them, pinned by their cocks, trapped tightly by their bodies as they impaled her, continuing to empty themselves. She gasped loudly, her whole body shaking.

She sagged her head on Hamish's chest. Andy gently stroked her back. All three were slick with sweat and the whole room reeked of sex.

"Are you alright, sweetheart?"

Unable to talk from too much gasping and screaming, she simply nodded, utterly blown away at how amazing the sex was between them.

Andy gently pulled from her arse. She moaned as it flared already sensitive nerve endings.

"You're ours now, marked and mated." Hamish stated, a proud gleam in the brown depths of his eyes. She lifted her head to peer at Hamish.
Marked and mated.
She liked the sound of that.

She licked her dry lips. "Does that mean the honeymoon's over?" She grinned wickedly at him. Hamish groaned.

Hamish quirked a sexy eye brow. "Bro, I think we've created a monster."

"What did I say, perfect mate." Andy kissed her shoulder over where her mark lay; he lapped at it, wrapping his arms around her and lifting her off Hamish. She hooked her arms around his neck.

"At risk of sounding responsible, I say we have a shower, get all clean, so we can get all dirty again. I plan to make the most of our little mate and the time we have off from work."

"God, yes a shower. You two have made me sweaty and sticky."

"I like you sweaty and sticky." Andy grinned nuzzling in to her neck, making her giggle as he carried her towards the door.

"Andy, responsible? I'm beginning to worry." Hamish winked.

She giggled, feeling giddy with a new-found happiness. Mated to her men was an amazing feeling.

"Fuck yeah." Hamish climbed off the ottoman. "I guess having a mate is good for more than just sex."

"Hey!" she yelled over Andy's shoulder.

Hamish was picking up strewn clothes before following after them up the stairs.

"Ignore him, sweetheart. I do most the time."

She rolled her eyes, but giggled again, one thing for certain—being mated to two sexy shifters; life was never going to be dull.

Chapter Thirteen

"It just goes to prove, within the right nurturing environment, anything can blossom and grow. Beautiful isn't she?"

Hamish nudged Andy who hovered over their large barbecue, turning chicken and tuna steaks. Andy's eyes went to where Juniper sat in a lawn chair, chatting animatedly with the other women. Hamish lifted his beer, taking a long swallow as he watched his mate.

She radiated with a new confidence they hadn't seen when they'd first taken her.

Although a week had passed, the barbecue was to celebrate their mating and have her meet all the other folks in town.

When they'd found out she'd studied office management in college, they started planning to put her to work in the Black Earth Moving's office, once they started back.

That way she'd never be out of sight and her skills would be put to good use, as none of the men had ever liked doing all the filing and paper work that came with running a business.

"You starting a new trend?" Ted, the part owner of Black Bar leaned against the barbecue's waist high brick wall.

"For what?" Hamish frowned at their friend.

"Kidnapping mates." Ted smirked.

"Rescued, not kidnapped," Andy pointed out.

Ted snorted. "Call it that if you want. First Regan, then River, then Hawk, now you two. Buddy, lions don't need to kidnap women to get them into their beds."

"Mates are different. Women are, well, women are easy to seduce, but just wait till you find yours. It's a whole new ball game."

Ted shook his orange mane of human hair. "Ain't fucking going to happen to this wild cat. Lions get prides; several lionesses at their beck and call."

"Speaking of all those lionesses lining up." Andy made a show of glancing around. "I haven't seen any since you arrived in town."

A clear bitterness flashed in the lion shifter's golden brown eyes. His past had always been a bit of a mystery, but everyone let it slide as he was a true and loyal friend.

He put a grin back on his face. "Like I said, I'm a wild cat, prefer to be free. Now all the Black and Brown boys have their mates, leaves me with more choice to play."

"Buddy." Hamish moved around, slapping Ted on the shoulders. "No doubt some feisty female is going to knock you for six one day."

Ted opened his mouth to counter Hamish's claim when his phone buzzed. His mouth snapped shut. Ted pulled out his phone. Hamish's phone buzzed in his back pocket. Still chuckling over Ted's skeptical face, he pulled it out and flipped it open. From the corner of his eye, he saw River, Hawk and Andy pull out their phones.

He read the text.
'Strange car in town, lone older male. Looks suspicious.'

His shoulders automatically tensed, he glanced at Andy, who held the same concern in his eyes.

River walked towards them. "Do you think?"

A gasp from the women made the men turn their heads. "Oh my God! River!" Storm's sudden frightened squeal had everyone suddenly worried.

River rushed to his mate's side, as the women hovered around her. She was wide eyed, pale and panting. They could scent something odd, out of place around the woman.

"I…I think my water broke!"

That explained the wet feminine smell coming from Storm.

Hamish held in his chuckle as the big Alpha paled and the panic on his face was comical. "Oh shit, ah…hospital, need to get you there now." He was already lifting her into his arms.

"River, calm down, go and get her bag. Hawk and I will get her into the car." Maria Black, took charge, directing her son.

He nodded, his hair now a wild mess as he'd run his hands through it several times in the last thirty seconds.

"Honey, go get my bag, please!" Storm, looking calmer, patted her mate's arm. River set Storm down.

"Bag, right, yes!" River dashed off. Hawk and Maria stood on either side of Storm, as they walked her out of the backyard patio.

"Andy, Hamish, take care of the other problem," Hawked called, before disappearing with Storm, followed by Tinder.

Juniper moved to Hamish's side, and he wrapped his arm around her waist. He kissed her cheek, wanting to sooth the worried look on her face.

"They'll be fine and will soon have little cubs to fuss over."

"Bro." Andy waved his phone. Right, they had to check out this car and its occupant.

"Ted? Watch our woman for us."

More of the men gathered around, as Hamish took charge, considering River and Hawk were out of commission at the moment.

"What's going on?" Juniper quickly clued in that there was something else happening besides Storm going into labor.

"We just need to check something out. Stay here with Ted; he'll protect you."

"Last time I did that, I got shot," he grumped, but held out his hand to Juniper. "C'mon, Juniper, you can tell me all about these two's bad habits, so I have more material to tease them with later on."

She glanced between Hamish and Andy who both nodded. "You're safe with him, sweetheart." Andy kissed her temple, urging her to go with Ted. She sighed and placed her hand in Ted's. He led her into the house.

Once out of earshot, Hamish spoke up. "Right, let's go deal with this fucker. If it's the hit-man we think it is, then he's armed and extremely dangerous. No foolish heroics. We need him subdued and the authorities to take him in. We don't need more questions raised
and outsiders pouring through our town. If we kill him, the Federal Police will be all over our town."

"Let's do this quickly and quietly. Those with mates and families take them home, the rest meet back here as soon as possible. I want this piece of shit out of our hair, plus I'm fucking hungry and this fucker has ruined our barbecue," Andy added.

Another text buzzed on the phone from the sentry on duty watching the car and the man within.

He was approaching their house. Hamish glanced at his brother. He was on the same page, wondering just how he knew where Juniper was now living.

"Right, listen up, I've got an idea," Andy announced and proceeded to outline his plan.

~ * ~

Bloody Bill glanced around the quaint shadows of the buildings lining the darkened streets.
What a shit little town.
Who'd have thought his daughter could have, not only survived him, but been hiding out here all this time? Unlikely, his source had stated she'd only been here a short time, fucking a new boyfriend. Was he a cop too?

It didn't matter. He and his silver would have a little fun tonight. It had been too long since he'd derived the pleasure of seeing the life drain from someone's eyes.

Groups of people were leaving from the side, waving friendly goodbyes as they got into cars and headed out. He waited and watched till the last one had left.

BOOK: The Purrfect Predicament (Australian Shifters)
3.8Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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