The Runaway Sub [Libertine Island 3] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)

BOOK: The Runaway Sub [Libertine Island 3] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
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Libertine Island 3

The Runaway Sub

Jen Smith's been alone since her Master died five years earlier. Now, she's quit her job and come to Libertine Island to witness a marriage.  She meets Dr. Caleb McKenna, who took a job on the island to get away from the big bad city after getting shot near the clinic where he volunteered, and the breakup of his long-term relationship. They are two lonely people who decide to have a fling, not expecting to fall for each other.

They are still trying to figure things out when Reynaldo Montoya arrives to bring Caleb home after tracking down the man responsible for the shooting. 

Even though they were apart, he's not to happy to find Caleb in Jen's arms and decides to extract revenge, but when he sees how much they need each other, he realizes that maybe he's the one who should step aside unless the three of them can figure out how to make it work.

BDSM, Contemporary, Ménage a Trois/Quatre
47,903 words



Libertine Island 3






Diane Leyne










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To those who think that “money makes the world go around,”

you are wrong. It’s love.

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Libertine Island 3



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Chapter One


Jen Smith sat in the boat as it tore through the water. She looked across at her friend Maggie who grinned at her. Jen couldn’t help grinning back. Here they were in the Caribbean on their way to a private island for the wedding of one of their best friends. The sun was shining, the water was the most amazing shade of blue, and she was with the people she loved. How could it get any better?

A little voice in her head whispered that it might be even better if she had someone to share it with, but she ruthlessly pushed that voice away. Hank had been gone five years, and she still missed him, but she wasn’t jumping into a relationship just for the sake of being part of a couple. However, considering where they were going, she might consider a holiday romance. No pressure. It would just be fun and sex.

She looked over at Maggie. Maggie was a photographer and irrepressible in her enthusiasm about everything. She had her camera out and was happily snapping away when she wasn’t making eyes at JJ, who was piloting the boat.

Jen, on the other hand, was a trial lawyer, trained to be cautious and to hide her emotions, something she was naturally good at, having had many years of experience. She looked around. It really was beautiful and relaxing. After the wedding she could stay down here for a while, although she was not sure if the BDSM resort on the private island where the wedding was going to be held would be the best choice for a holiday. St. Maarten itself was an option. On the other hand, she was now unemployed. Rebecca worked at the resort. She could get Jen a job there, too. She grinned to herself. Surely they needed someone to wash dishes or clean their dungeon? After all, as a lawyer, she was the lowest of the low. Scrubbing toilets would probably be seen by many as a step up.

Besides, she had nothing to go back to, and there wasn’t nothing much that an ex-lawyer was good for. No one else knew it yet, but she’d quit her job. She’d worked for one of the biggest firms in Chicago for more than five years, and she’d had enough. At just thirty, she was a star on the rise. She routinely billed at least eighty hours a week, which made the partners happy, and when she went into court, experienced lawyers trembled. She was good, damned good. And she was sick of the whole thing. She’d gone into law expecting to fight for right and defend the oppressed, but she’d somehow ended up defending impersonal corporations from wronged customers.

She’d just won a huge case, and the senior partner himself, Mr. Charles Abernathy III, had come to congratulate her and hand her a big bonus, her share of the bonus the firm had received from a very satisfied CEO. He also told her she was on the fast track to partnership. Two more years of servitude with no life other than the firm, two more years of helping to screw the little guy, and she would be a partner. She’d be on her way to being rich, respected, and even lonelier and more unsatisfied than she already was, she thought as she looked at the file Mr. Abernathy left with her. More of the same, every day, it seemed. Big corporation against a little guy they’d wronged, and she was on the wrong side. Again.

That was when she’d gotten the phone call from Maggie. Aly’s crazy plan had worked. And not only was she able to get onto Libertine Island to check on their friend Rebecca by pretending she and Max, who was Maggie’s brother, were Master and sub, but she and Max had reconciled and were now getting married. Maggie excitedly told her to check here e-mail. They were invited to the wedding, which was in one week, and she wasn’t taking no for an answer. Jen was going to come and be a bridesmaid if Maggie had to kidnap her and drag her down to the Caribbean. Jen had laughed and assured her that, one way or another, she’d be there. She wouldn’t miss Aly and Max’s wedding no matter what.

She should have been working on her next big case, but instead, she clicked on the link and typed in the password that Aly had sent her. Libertine Island was so exclusive and private that she couldn’t even look at the website without being a member in good standing at an approved BDSM club, passing stringent background checks or being referred by someone of sufficient standing. Apparently Rebecca’s two Doms were part owners and Max was a member of an approved club, so Jen was able to access the site. She sighed to herself. Two Doms had always been her fantasy for as long as she could remember. She’d found happiness with Hank, and he’d been wonderful to her. She’d never told him about her fantasy partly because she’d never want to hurt him and partly because she was afraid that he would make it happen.

BOOK: The Runaway Sub [Libertine Island 3] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
11.57Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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