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Authors: Franklin W. Dixon

The Wailing Siren Mystery (16 page)

BOOK: The Wailing Siren Mystery
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Bayport buzzed with the news of the Hardys' latest exploit. Many people prophesied that another mystery would soon come their way. It did and was titled
The Secret of Wildcat Swamp.
The following night Mrs. Hardy invited her sons' special friends to a party at their home to celebrate the successful wind-up of the case.
Soon the living room was filled with music and chatter. Even Aunt Gertrude, who was serving sandwiches, was feeling mellow.
“Thank goodness those cutthroats were caught,” she said, proud of her nephews and their father. “Did you get your—our—money back, Chester?”
Chet's mouth was filled with a ham sandwich, so he could only nod the good news. Then he swallowed and said, “And my uncle's rifles too.”
Mr. Hardy came in to report more good news. The men in the speedboat and the launch had been arrested.
“And our pilot friend Jack Wayne was found in Haxon's Caribbean headquarters,” he said. “He and some other pilots had been kidnapped with their planes by stowaways and were being held to train pilots for the subversive armies. Wayne's on his way back to Bayport right now.”
The boys sent up a cheer. When it subsided, the detective went on, “Frank and Joe have been given a reward for their part in the capture of Red Mike, Renaldo, Krack, and Trippek.”
Again the guests cheered.
“What are you going to do with your reward?” Chet asked the Hardys.
The brothers grinned. “We'll use some of it to help pay for all of that camping equipment you charged,” Joe said.
BOOK: The Wailing Siren Mystery
9.09Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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