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“All of
it,” he demanded, his gaze hot and hungry and as wild as she’d ever seen the
black depths. She knew she’d not deny him. Then her top was bare and his mouth
was on her nipple … biting, until she cried out in pleasure.

rode his tongue deep in Tess’ pussy, rolling her up on the counter. Her skirt
was around her waist; he’d ripped her tiny, lace panties off to get his mouth
in her hot sweetness. Her cry of climax rolled through him, tightening his cock
harder, and before she finished her orgasm he stood, pulled her to the edge of
the counter and thrust into her wetness and heat. His Tess didn’t gasp or
complain, she wrapped her arms and legs around him pulling him deeper.

your ass.”

she did everything he all but ordered her to do. It was fucking hot. He’d never
had anything like it. She tilted her ass up, using her legs on his hips and they
both groaned at how good it felt. He got her hair, dragging her mouth to his
and kissed her as hard as he was grinding into her with thrusting hips.

Two fucking weeks his dick hadn’t
felt her sweet, hot pussy and he couldn’t wait. Usually he had control, went
for a long time. This time, his time was up, but he wanted her to climax again.
He used his finger between them and pressed down on her clit ... rolling.

Sweet hell, yes. He’d lay down everything for that sound. Then he felt her
climax begin on his plunging cock and it dragged him with her.

heels dug into his ass as she shook, while he thrust hard once... jerking her,
twice... banging her, then he held with a suppressed groan rolling from his
chest. Minutes later, there was dampness on his chest where she’d tugged his
tee up to his pits and her breasts slid across the muscle as he held her close.
She was panting into his shoulder trying to catch her breath, while he cupped
the back of her head with his cock still encased in her liquid heat.

you home to the condo,” he uttered. “You, me, in bed. There.” She murmured
against him and he loosened his arms to grasp each side of her face, lifting
her gaze to him. He saw softness and dazed pleasure in her light-blue eyes, but
he also saw she was in the afterglow and not tracking him. The looks on her
face, and in her gaze, rocked him — making him still, and experience it. This
was a woman fucked well and very happy about it.

Hell, he
hadn't had that in a long time. Maybe never. Luna was too needy, she never gave
back — she just took.

He kissed her mouth softly. “You with me?”

color of Tess’ irises deepened as the corners of her mouth lifted. “I’m with you,
Vincent,” she whispered. Hell, he was going to take her home, do her more, and
get this look out of her every time.

pushed inside her and her eyes widened. “You made me come twice,” she said,
with her voice sounding awed as her gaze looked over his face. “In a bathroom.”

times the first time,” he reminded her, and he could feel himself getting hard
again. The shit she did to him was impossible. His cute-as-hell, little
redhead. Her cheeks blushed and he chuckled. “You not getting that much?” he

shook her head lightly, then she mouthed, “Never.”

He was
surprised, because she was made for climaxes and long screw sessions riding a
man’s cock. But he wasn't getting into it then, and ruin his mood by finding
out she’d been living while wanting. Like him.

he said, “No more apart. We find a way.”

Her eyes
grew serious with a little frown appearing. He jumped her changing mood. “Your
pussy still feels hot for me.” Immediately, he felt her internal squeeze. He
moved inside her making her gaze unfocused. “I’m coming home with you.” He
touched her lips, moving in and out. “Say yes.”

“Yes,” she
moaned, sweetly for him with his cock buried deep.

Then he
leaned over, turning the handle to warm on the fountain faucet in the executive
bathroom. Next he nabbed a few towels to wet so he could help clean his woman
up ... slowly.




Tess sat
in Vincent’s truck arguing with him. She had no panties on but he had the heat
up. “I can just drive my car now,” she muttered. He was kind of bossy and very
stubborn. In bed it turned her on and it turned her inside out. Out of bed, she
wasn't so sure.

other plans.” His voice rumbled in that cut off way he had, then his hand
reached over grabbing her upper arm and pulled. She had no choice but to
follow. “Sit here.”

was plastered to his side. “But I won’t have a seat belt on,” she argued, even
though it felt good to sit glued to his side.

answer … “I’ll drive slow.”

rolled her eyes, knowing she’d not won the argument to drive her car to the
condo. He’d said someone would bring it over, so she likely wouldn’t win this
argument either. But then as he was driving his truck out the backside of
Redrock, on a road she’d never known was there, his hand clamped slowly over
her bare upper thigh. Mostly, because his hand was
her skirt.

better not,” she warned, and his dark eyes cut to her with a heated gleam. God,
he was such a hard-angled man through and through. Her tummy fluttered and she
wondered again why she was getting so off on his brand of bossiness, which felt
like domination. Not that she’d know, but what she’d read, Vincent was prime Master

thought sent a zing straight through her, followed by Vincent’s hand moving
closer to her already climax-flushed slit, without her panties on. She held her
breath waiting to see what he was going to do … sort of halfway hoping … the
other half, kind of quelling.

not going to stop me,” he stated, then he touched her slit, and she rose up on
the seat away from the excited tingling that produced.

she exclaimed.

“Let me
play with my sweet, little pussy, beautiful.” His deep-toned voice rolled
through this masterpiece, making her arousal dampen more.

She had
her feet braced and her arms locked against the back of the seat, thereby
raising her butt off it. “When we get to the condo,” she tried.

get your ass then, if you don’t lower.” In her position, he could easily do
that. She sat quickly and he chuckled. She glared at him, kind of silly,
because the next second she was practically purring.

touched her slit, his hand curling back over her mound, then his middle finger
entered her. She grabbed his wrist sucking in his name.

pussy’s wet.” His voice rumbled like she’d never heard it before. Then he drove
and he played, making her arch against his hand. She was panting and making
high sounds by the time he pulled into the driveway of the condo.

Vincent,” she gasped. He had three fingers working inside her and her legs were
spread wide.

you right here,” he announced, and he unsnapped his jeans.

she expelled on a moan.

deny me?” he demanded, with harsh lines of arousal etching his face, while his
fingers worked deep.

she cried, and he pulled his cock out and pulled her over him, until she
straddled him, clutching his shoulders. The next second he was thrust, full and
hard inside her, while tugging her downward. She came less than a minute later,
crying into his mouth.

baby,” he growled against her mouth, lifting his hips faster. She lost her
breath with her climax and how hard he was driving into her, the sound was pounding.
She grabbed his hair and his shoulder, while bouncing.

he groaned. “God, Tess.” She felt him stiffen on her name, then his heat filled
her. It was so good, tears came to her eyes. He pulled her down and kissed her
more, until they could both breathe better.

“I hurt

always asked, because it was rough with Vincent — like a taking. And she loved
it. “No, honey,” she whispered against his mouth. Later she’d wonder again what
they were doing.

His body
stilled with his gaze on her lips. “Say it again,” he muttered.

started everywhere, but especially where they were still joined. “Honey,” she
said softly and with meaning.

His hand
stroked her back sifting through her hair on some moments. “Never expected
this,” he uttered.

stroked his jaw, then fiddled with his hair beside it. “Understatement,” she said,
using his curt way of speaking.

His hips
thrust a tiny bit upward and she gasped lightly at the heat and fullness.
“Might have to do all our talking like this,” he pronounced, and she knew by
his tone he meant it.

that would be interesting,” she replied.

chuckled, and it made her squeeze him internally. “Whoa, beautiful.” He pulled
her mouth to his. “Better get you inside before I fuck that pretty pussy

kissed her then ... deep, long, and hot, until they were lifting in shallow
moves against each other. When their lips broke, she said, “Again?”

grabbed her breast, squeezing deeply. “You remember how many times in bed the
first time.” She made an excited laugh. “I like beds,” he said.

helped her clean up with a few tissues, then they scooted into the condo.
Vincent seemed to know his way around as she started straight upstairs hoping
to get a few minutes to jump into the shower before he tried to break his

she called at the top of the stairs. “Be out in a few.” She was taking her
boots off as she went, thinking about if she'd packed any sexy lingerie.

should have known it wouldn’t matter in the end, because five minutes into her
shower the door opened and a naked Vincent climbed in. She squealed a little,
secretly thrilled. She'd never,
fooled around in a shower, and
Vincent had enough strength and muscle to really fool around with her curvy
body. He even had enough strength to hold her up against the wall and to thrust
into her so hard she gasped with water getting in her mouth.

He made
her scream over the pounding water, coming again ... but he held off, pulling
her off him to wash her hair, and then her breasts, which he thought really
needed washing.

needs a good scrub,” he advised her, pulling the column of his rigid cock up between
her legs, then pulling the thick shaft free.

laughed, grabbing some soap and getting her palms soapy, then she stroke the
heat of his erection making it slick. Vincent's muscular back found the wall to
lean on and she looked between his leanly aroused face and his hard cock
filling her hand.

He finally
stopped her, rinsing off and turning off the water, but when she got out going
for a towel, he picked her up before she could reach it. Then with a swinging
motion he caught her thighs, lifting her up, and he started to carry her to the

get it all wet,” she exclaimed, amazed he could pick her up and not even
against a wall for support.

stopped with her nearly to the bed, while she clutched his shoulders and he
seemed to ponder what she'd said for a second, then he turned and started
walking out of the master bedroom. “There’s other rooms,” he announced. “I’m
licking that sweet, hot pussy of yours.”




woke in the morning lying on her belly. She was naked in bed, in the master bedroom
of the condo, and she could feel fingers lightly stroking the crease of her

ass.” Vincent’s gravelly voice sounded by her ear. “You ever let a man in

heartbeat seized, then began beating super slow as some fear collided with
instant excitement. “N-No,” she stuttered, turning her head to look at
Vincent's inky black eyes, while his fingers kept stroking and her butt started
small movements following.

He felt
the movements and his gaze turned molten and wicked like only pitch black eye
can. “I like that,” he said, then he grabbed a cheek, squeezing. “Virgin ass.”

Her eyes
widened and she was about to start sputtering millions of excuses and reasons
she … they, should
go there, when he chuckled, and said, “You need
to get to work, beautiful, I let you sleep in.”

His hand
still warmly held the contours of her buttock, while she quickly turned her
head to look at the bedside clock. “Oh, heck,” she exclaimed. She had an hour,
maybe. As she rolled out of bed, and away from his enticing hand, she wondered
how Vincent knew what time she had to be to work. Once she stood beside the bed,
she winced lightly. She was a tad sore after their marathon sex sessions last
night, and she meant mar-a-thon. My God, Vincent was amazing!

it, knew you’d get sore,” he muttered, and she turned to look down at him; a
pure masculine vision sprawled across the bed with tussled black hair and a
fine, rope-muscled chest. He was so handsome lying in her temporary bed with
his well-built chest bare and just a sheet pulled up to barely cover his groin.

BOOK: Their Ex's Redrock Two
10.22Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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