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Their Ex's Redrock Two

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Their Ex’s Red Rock 2 (Texas Alpha Erotic Romance)

By Shirl Anders



Whitehorse sat in his truck watching the alley behind Tess Navarro’s shop as
she came out the back. He’d parked there every night in the two weeks since
he’d let her go, never leaving no matter what hour, until she finally closed.
She didn’t know he watched her. She didn’t know he follow her to the place he’d
coerced her into staying, instead of Rowdie’s Motel or a hotel by the highway.
It had been his second concession to letting her go … she’d promised she would
stay in a condo he told her a friend of his owned. That was a lie; he owned it.
But Tess never needed to know that. The first concession to fucking releasing
her was that she accepted his gift of setting her flower shop up with security.

weeks and all he could do was watch her. It was fucked up.
was fucked
up. She was wearing a short skirt, a tee, and the leather jacket he’d cleaned
for her. She nearly always wore cowboy boots. Those sexy legs messed with him,
that curvy figure messed with him, and her long, red hair made him constantly
fight getting hard.

He could
remember his hands fisted in the silky mass, tugging her lips to his mouth. The
thing about Tess; she kept up with him in bed. This need he had now that was so
fierce he could barely contain it — Tess followed it and she fed it, then she
relieved it.

He shook
his head, then leaned forward to start his truck — he knew tonight Tess wasn't
going straight to the condo. In the two weeks since they’d force themselves
apart, Tess had not gone home to her bastard husband. A good thing. She’d kept
her promise and not used the affair as an excuse to keep away from Navarro. Instead
she’d picked a fight with him.

Late one
night on his cell, Tess had explained how she’d told Navarro she was tired of
making all the money and him never being home. Tess had said it was strange
because those issues should have been his triggers to getting pissed, but she’d
had a hard time getting him angry … he’d seemed so distracted. She’d finally
managed a cell phone fight where she’d told Navarro she wasn’t coming home, and
that she was staying at a friend's.

whispered then, in his ear, that she couldn’t go back home to Steven’s bed.
Ever. He got it ... what he was putting her through not letting her use the
affair to finalize getting rid of her cheating husband. But it hadn’t taken
either of them long to realize Luna and Navarro were so tangled into each other
they weren’t paying attention to anything else. Vincent hadn’t seen Luna in ten
days. Just calls about her “new” career on stage, singing in a band.

thing for him, he nearly had the votes to push Luna off the board. Bad for
Tess, he knew her husband’s indifference to her and his blatant affair out in
public with Luna hurt her. And fuck him, because he wanted to take that hurt
away from her.

drove toward Redrock casino out on the far side of town. She’d been called late
that day by Redrock’s community event director. Then she'd been hired over the
phone as a last minute plea. It seemed there was a wedding going on that night
in one of the big banquet rooms at Redrock and they had flowers, but no one to
arrange them.

Tess was
still unclear how that had come down, but one; she couldn’t let anyone get
married on their special day without lovely flowers, and two; it was too big an
‘in’ into more business from Redrock. Besides she had nothing planned for the
evening except sitting in a very big, very well furnished condo by herself.

maybe feeling sorry for myself,” she muttered, pulling out on the highway to
take the short drive to the Indian casino.

husband wasn’t acting as if he even cared that she wasn't living at their house
anymore. She thought he rarely came home either. But she couldn’t take the
chance going back to live at home, because Steven could show up anytime. Lately,
she’d been thinking maybe just complaining to Steven about money and such might
be enough to get a lawyer and start divorce proceedings. Steven was so preoccupied
at the moment with his newest lay ... it might be the very best time. Then, she
could be free.

nibbled on her bottom lip wondering what Steven might have done if he ever
found out she’d been with Vincent. Steven could act like she didn’t exist, yet
the second he thought another man might take his place, he started paying
attention and acting creepily possessive. She thought it might be those
mysterious associates he’d hooked up with, which she thought acted weirdly like
mob guys.

But she
didn’t think there were mob guys nowadays. Besides why would mob guys be into a
low-tier, wannabe talent agent? Tess would be more inclined to think those mob
guys would have been more interested in Steven’s former job of being a securities
trader and fund manager. But now he was around those guys, she bet Steven
didn’t want to look weak to them and that's what was spurring on any selective
possessiveness he felt toward her.

She was nearly
to the casino when her cell rang, startling her out of her intense thoughts. She
used the hands-free button on her dash to answer it.

Navarro? This is the events coordinator for Redrock, Mary Runninghorse.”

greeted her, then listened to Mary saying, “Just valet park out front. There
will be someone to walk you back.”

said goodbye rather quickly before Tess could get more details, such as who to
look for.

Tess muttered, pulling up through the valet parking lane. She just hoped they
had some fresh flowers so she could make a good impression. She parked, grabbed
her shoulder purse, then got out to hand her keys to the attendant with a
smile. He was just tearing off the claim ticket, to hand her, when her gaze
She felt her belly tighten as she watched Vincent getting
out of his parked truck. An instant kick of excitement shivered through her.

she took the claim ticket as she tried to figure out why Vincent got away
parking where he had, and then she wondered if she had enough time to avoid
being seen by him. Or if she wanted too. Of course she wanted to see him,
desperately. She constantly fought the feelings. However seeing him right then
was too quick to erect any walls, and Vincent turned straight toward her as if
he knew she was there.

She pulled
in another breath at how virile and extremely hot he was as he took long
strides toward her. Her memory hadn’t been wrong about his pure masculine
attractiveness, and his wife was a complete idiot for wanting Steven over him.
Vincent wore a black cowboy hat, tip back on his brow. The hat tamed his
shoulder length hair down around his neck like an inky black fall. He wore
faded jeans and a long sleeved, black tee that had “Redrock” printed across his
chest in red lettering with slashes of silver behind it. He had on a big,
silver belt buckle and when he got closer she saw a flying hawk embossed in the

black boots brought him towering over her with his gaze intense. It licked fire
through her the moment their eyes met.

the valet attendant said beside her. Tess scrunched her nose wondering what
that meant as she watched Vincent nod to him. “Keep her car close, Daniel.”

boss,” Daniel, the valet attendant replied, then he scooted around and got into
her car.

Vincent said, looking down on her as his hand settled on her waist as though it
belonged there. 

she replied tipping her gaze up to him, too confused to come up with more to

internally, her concentration was latched to his wide, really warm hand curling
over the indent of her waist. It was as if he had to touch her when they were
this close and she immediately felt their connection. His dark eyes spoke of
intimate things between them ... sexy, naughty, and wild things and she
blushed, thrilled to see him. Too thrilled, because soon they’d have to force
themselves apart again.

When she
blushed, his hand squeezed her waist as if he knew she was thinking about them
having wild sex together. “Too fucking sweet,” his voice rumbled, and he said
it like a curse, moving her forward. “Come on.”

automatically followed him as if she couldn’t disobey him. Ever. But then she realized
… “Um, I have a job to do here...” she started to say.

interrupted her, “I know.” Then he pulled one of the casino’s large front doors
open. She walked past and he followed, keeping his hand on her waist as he
opened the next set of doors for her. “You know?” she questioned.

sounds filled the air and the lighting was dim like in all casinos. She slowed
to a stop looking up at him. His hat came off but his hand didn’t move from her
waist, while his gaze swept her face.

boss.” Tess looked over Vincent's broad shoulder at a young, cashier runner,
smiling at Vincent, who looked over his shoulder at her.

Becky. Keep it tight.”

boss.” Becky nodded and moved away.

Mr. Whitehorse.” This came from behind Tess.

nodded to a security guard, who passed by.

turned back, and grabbed a fistful of Vincent tee by his waist, feeling the
ripple of his six-pack abs beneath. “Boss? You’re
boss.” It was not
a question, it was a demand.

he said, then he used his hand on her waist to move her forward and she lost
her grip on his tee. Oh, he
was the boss. That meant her impromptu
job was very suspect.

“This is
not staying away from each other,” she accused.

He moved
her through rows of slot machines with people pushing buttons and some looking
as if they were hugging their machines. She was not a gambler so the rows of
machines looked like rows of tricked-out arcade games to her.

can get flowers done by anyone. Why not you?” Vincent’s voice was close to her
ear, where he’d leaned down to be heard. The rumble of his voice stroked her in
places she’d have to appease later with her lonely vibrator. Damn him.

caught his tee again as they walked, keeping his mouth close as she turned her
head slightly. “Because we shouldn’t be together,” she whispered fiercely.
Because any second she was going to veer him off their path and mouth lock him.
“Playing with fire,” she blurted.

trying to help you, beautiful,” he replied.

But then
their entire conversation was disrupted by a high-pitched exclamation. “Vin,

Vincent growled the curse right in her ear. Tess felt him stiffen, then his
hand lifted from her waist and he straightened, stopping their forward motion.
“In coming,” he warned her, right before she saw his face close tight as if a
mask had been slipped over it.

what the hell are
doing here?”

Tess stiffened with shock, turning to look toward where
Vincent was glaring.

baby this is so exciting! You just have to hear us! You will be blown away,

felt the shock take her breath as she watched her husband walking toward her
with a stunning blonde by his side. Steven had his hand on the beautiful, tall,
slender woman’s waist. Steven. Did. Not. Release. It. Like Vincent had her
waist. Ohmygod, Vincent’s wife had to be a model … she was

Steven demanded as the couple stopped before them, and then the blonde launched
herself at Vincent, who had no choice but to embrace her.

BOOK: Their Ex's Redrock Two
7.94Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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