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“That’s it, baby. Suck it down.”

Simone couldn’t stop the chuckle. The clichéd words always made her

“Do you love sucking my cock? Yeah,
that’s it, like that.”

The words did nothing to stop her growing hunger.
hadn’t come close to finishing her off in the staff room.

Heaping the pillows behind her, she stared at the screen and opened her
legs wide. Simone turned on the vibrator and slowly teased her clit with the
tip. She closed her eyes the moment the vibrator touched her.

The porn on the screen was only there to help her get warmed up. Her own
imagination provided the rest.

She slipped into her fantasy without a problem.


Bending over the desk at work,
Simone tried to find the right piece of paperwork. Her boss was going to kill
her if she didn’t get his number done by five. He’d expressed his need for her
to be on time. She moaned in frustration when once again, the paperwork eluded
her. How was she supposed to do her job without that piece of paper? Everyone
had gone home. It was only her in the building.

“Now, that is a wonderful sight to
, her boss, said from the doorway.

“Mr. Gallagher, I’m so sorry. I’m
getting your paperwork ready for you.”

“You’re lying,” he said. He always
knew when she was telling fibs. She never knew how he found out. It was like he
looked through her to find what was bothering her.

“I’m sorry.” She bowed her head
feeling the heat rise up into her cheeks.
hated liars. He didn’t abide by them.

“Turn around,” he said.

Without hesitation, she turned
around presenting him with her back.

“Put your hands on the desk and
don’t make a sound unless I tell you.”

She didn’t hear the door close. The
only sound, which felt like hammers against her skull, was him taking each step
to get closer.

“How do you think I should punish



His hand connected with her rear
making her yelp in pain.

“Yes, one for lying.
second for losing your paperwork, and third for talking when I didn’t give you
permission to do so.”

She bit her lip to stop herself from
crying out. He was waiting for her to make a mistake. She knew he was because
she’d made the mistakes in the past.

“Good girl. You are learning. That’s
what I like to hear.”

A smile broke across her lips. She
heard the pleasure in his tone from her silence.

“I’m still disappointed, Simone. You
keep yourself held back from me, and all I want to do is show you what I want
from you.”

“Do what you want with me,” she
said. Simone hated disappointing him.

“Are you sure?
He whispered the words against her temple.

“Anything,” she said. A breathless
sigh left her. For too long she’d been holding in her desires with the fear
they may be squashed before she got chance to voice them.

“You have no idea what you’re letting
yourself in for.”

“I do.” She’d do anything to feel
him touching her once again. Her body was on fire with so much need. “I’ll do
anything.” Simone didn’t want him to be under any illusions.

He smacked her ass once again.

rained down blows on her ass.

She whimpered from the burn.

He pulled her back up to face him
then pressed on her shoulders to put her to her knees in front of him.

“You’re going to suck my cock, and
then you’re going to suck Cole’s cock.”

A chuckle came from behind her. Cole
sat in the seat in the opposite corner, his cock in hand as he watched her in
front of

“That’s what you want, Simone.
Two men to fuck and to please.”


Simone came out of her fantasy with a scream. It was exactly what she
wanted, two men to satisfy and to fuck. She removed the dildo from her pussy
and left the vibrator on the bed as she stared at the ceiling. What did it all
mean? She’d never considered fucking two men. It was wrong. At least in her
book it was wrong. She refused to come between two friends.
and Cole were two friends.

Shaking her head, she grabbed the toys she’d used and took them through
to the bathroom. Once she thoroughly cleaned and sterilised them she placed
them back into the drawer.

Even though she’d just come down from an orgasm her body was itching for


Cole stared at the video screen as
walked in eating a bowl of cereal. “What is with you today? You’ve done nothing
but eat?”

“Repressed need.
My dick feels like it is purple with need.”

“Go and masturbate or something.” They’d been friends so long that
nothing fazed them about each other.

“You’ve seen Simone. I’m not wasting my time when I know the real woman
will be in our place tomorrow at the latest. What are you watching?”
came to stand behind him.

“Someone has put cameras inside Simone’s place.”


He felt his friend’s anger. Cole
stared at Simone moaning on her bed. His cock ached from the sight of the
vibrator on her clit. A dildo was pressed inside her cunt looking pathetic
compared to the cock aching inside his pants.

“Do you know who’s watching her?”

“Besides us?”
Cole asked. The cameras unnerved
him. He didn’t like the thought of someone watching Simone, especially without
her knowledge.

“You’re the computer whiz. Surely
you can get a name of the transmission of where the signal is coming from.”
leaned over his shoulder getting a good look.

“It will take some time. I think it
is being broadcast out. I’ll get my team back at the office onto it.”

“We can’t leave Simone alone in her
apartment. It’s not safe.”

“I’ve got a device that I’ll place
inside her apartment, which will scramble all the images.”
nodded his head. Cole sat back enjoying the show.

“She really is something,”

“I wonder what or who she’s thinking

Her cries came over the air. No name
on her lips. The view of her giving herself pleasure was more than Cole could

left the room after some time. Cole
stroked his length through his pants watching her. He stopped himself when he
thought about another person on the other end of the line, stroking himself.
Simone was not a thing to be masturbated over. She was a woman with thoughts
and feelings.

He thought about what she’d revealed
to him earlier. Underneath all the bravado there
was a
delicate and vulnerable woman wanting
to break free. Her upbringing and
the fighting of her parents meant she didn’t trust easily.

Sighing, he sat back. He didn’t like
the thought of someone watching her.

Why do you care? You want nothing to do with her.

He ignored his own inner thoughts.
No one looked at Simone without her permission. Shutting down the computer, he
made his way to his own room.

Tomorrow would be better.

Cole couldn’t wait to see her again.
She was fire and ice along with all the spots in between.



Chapter Eight


“I’m coming, I’m coming,” Simone said, walking toward the door. Cole
stood on the other side looking every bit the bodyguard in his business suit.
“Wow, look at you.”

“Your ride

“Yep, but this lady is not ready. Come on in and make yourself at home
while I finish getting dressed.” She left the door open as she pushed her
earrings through the piercing in her ear. Her heels were on the floor in her
bedroom. She placed them on her feet then made her way back through to the main
sitting room. Cole was looking at each of her photographs.

“Who are these people?” he asked.

“They’re my family and a few friends from college.”

“Do you keep in touch with your friends?”

We sort of lost touch when the big whole world
was unleashed upon us.” She ran her fingers through her hair,
grabbed her business jacket. “Okay, I’m ready to go.”

Cole looked her over. “You’re supposed to look like you’re visiting
on a date. Not going into the office.”

“But I’ve got work to do. This is work attire.” The clothing had taken a
good portion of her allowance for the month.

“Either way, I can’t let you go out like that.” Cole folded his arms.
Her gaze caught the strength of his muscles through the shirt. Whoa, her pussy
contracted on a wave of pure heat. She was like an animal in mating season,
responding to the most masculine of mates. Shaking her head, she stared at him.

“What do you suggest I wear?” she asked.

He walked past her and went straight to her wardrobe. She didn’t want to
ask him how he knew where her wardrobe was. He opened the door then began
looking through each item. Did she leave the size tags showing?

Who cared? She sure didn’t. Her size no longer mattered to her. She was
happy, and that was all that mattered.

“There we go.” He pulled out a pale pink summer dress then grabbed the
same coloured heels to match. “This is perfect.”

“A summer dress?”

“You’ll look ready for a date with
. Did
I mention he was taking you to dinner after work? It will be good for both

“Will you be at this dinner?” she asked.

“I can be if you want me to be.”

Did she? Whenever she was in a room with
the whole world seemed to fade away. He would take one look at her, and she
knew she’d be putty in his hands.

“Yes, your company would be good.”

“Tongues would start wagging.” Cole smiled.

Her breath caught in her throat. His smile lit up the whole of his face.
She’d seen his smile yesterday, but he hadn’t been directing it at her.

, I better get dressed.”

“Will you do me a favour?” he asked, stepping close.


Can’t breathe.
He’s too close. Look at that chest.
I could lie against him and lick a path down to his cock.

Long, thick cock.

Focus, Simone.
thinking about fucking.

“What?” she asked.

“Would you get changed in your closet in the hallway?”


“Because I want you to.”

She frowned and then saw no use in arguing with him. “Fine, I’ll be a
few minutes.” Simone walked to the closet. Once she removed all of her clothes,
she pulled the dress over her head. The bra she wore pressed her breasts up,
showing off the top part of each breast. She hated the feel of panties and
never wore them unless she had to.

Leaving the closet, Cole was stood right next to the door holding the
shoes in one hand.

Putting them on her feet, she placed a hand on his shoulder to keep
herself upright.

“Are you ready to leave?”


Cole took her hand, looped it through his arm then together they made
their way down the stairs. The press were still outside waiting for them.
The moment you look like they don’t offend you, it
will drive them away.”

She took Cole’s advice, smiling at the camera.

“Are you going to see

“Is your relationship exclusive?”

Simone ignored the questions, only smiling at each reporter. When Cole
put her in the back seat and closed the door, she missed his contact. He’d
helped her to feel stable. The press made her feel vulnerable.

He pulled away slowly. The press moved out of his way. When they were a
good distance away, he slowed down so she could get into the front seat. “Thank
you,” she said.

“You looked a little lost in the back.”

BOOK: Time to Play
8.48Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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