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BOOK: Toygasms!
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The Insider’s Guide to Sex Toys & Techniques

Dr. Sadie Allison
Illustrated by Steve Lee

San Francisco

Author: Dr. Sadie Allison

Editor-In-Chief: Rich Lippman

Creative Director: Richard G. Martinez

Editor: Joe Azar

Graphic Design: Art Thug Studios (

Research Assistant: John McCoy

Illustrator: Steve Lee

Logo Design: Todd La Rose

Cover Photo: Cliff Lipson

Author Photo: Tony Metaxas

Foreplay Photo: Richard G. Martinez

Published by Tickle Kitty Press

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Toygasms! The Insider’s Guide to Sex Toys and Techniques

Copyright © 2003-2006 by Tickle Kitty Press. All rights reserved.

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ISBN 13: 978-0-9706611-1-1 (print)

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This book is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. Neither the Author, Illustrator, nor Publisher is responsible for the use or misuse of any sexual aids or techniques discussed here, or for any loss, damage, injury or ailment caused by reliance on any information contained in this book. Please use common sense. If you have any health issues or other concerns, you should consult a qualified medical professional or licensed therapist BEFORE trying any device or technique. Please read and carefully follow all instructions that come with any sexual aids you decide to use. The mention of any product or service in this book does not constitute an endorsement.

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Table of Contents


1. How to Spring a Sex Toy On Your Lover

2. Your Next Stop: The Erogenous Zone

3. Getting Ready For Pleasure

4. Lubricants Of Love

5. Dildos—Ready When You Are

6. Vibrators—Get Your Buzz On!

7. The Anal Playground

8. Playthings For Nipples

9. Rousing Toys For Daring Boys

10. Strap One On

11. Curious Sex

12. Let’s Accessorize!

13. Be Safe—Be Clean


About the Author



know something about you. You’re a lover of excitement, sexual adventure and mind-blowing orgasms—or you want to be. So c’mon in, I’ve got some heart-pounding ideas for you.

Every human being is wired for pleasure. The key is knowing how to throw the switch—not just a little, but wide open. That’s what my book is about. Safe, private, life-affirming, sheet-grabbing, scream-out-loud, scrape-me-off-the ceiling orgasms. And thanks to the miracles of machines, electricity and inventors with wild imaginations, there’s a world of toys out there waiting for you—whether you’re solo, monogamous, or hot ‘n heavy with a new lover.

Sure there’s a ton of choices. But no need to be confused or intimidated—help is here!

Sex toys are designed exclusively for pleasure, but must also be used with respect for safety, hygiene and comfort. This is true whether you use them by yourself—or with your partner. I’ll guide you through it all, whether you’re a bit shy, a sexual connoisseur, or somewhere in between. I’ve tried many of these toys myself, so you’ll read my first-hand experiences, as well as tips from other women and men who have confided in me. Look for my ‘Sadie Sez’ advice throughout the book.

You’ll find out the easiest way to introduce your lover to a sex toy for the first time. You’ll explore the colorful world of buzzing, vibrating, pulsating orgasm-givers. You’ll discover new pleasure tricks that maximize ecstasy for you—as well as your lover. And you’ll feel totally reassured that there’s nothing wrong or unusual about receiving pleasure like this—you’ve just graduated to adult toys.

Ladies, no matter where you are on the orgasm spectrum, this fun’s for you. If you have yet to orgasm—this guide will help you get there (along with a very big smile!). If you enjoy orgasms—but all too infrequently—I’ll help you experience bigger, better, longer, stronger multiples! And if you’re the adventurous type looking for new ways to play, I’m going to give you new heart-pumping ideas to stimulate your creativity and ingenuity!

And guys... if you’ve never played with sex toys, or think they’re only for women— you’re in for a big surprise. You may even decide to pass up Monday Night Football for them! And you’ll quickly discover that once you give multiple
to your woman, she’ll constantly beg you for more sex. Can you handle it, big guy??

So what are you waiting for? Dive in. And start enjoying all the
pleasure coming your way.

BOOK: Toygasms!
2.4Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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