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Twenty Tones of Red




Pauline Montford




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“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind.”
William Shakespeare,
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Chapter One
A Night on Display


She was kneeling on the floor of a balcony outside a nightclub in South London with her naked breasts pushed forward as sexily as possible and her head bowed in submission. It was sometime between midnight and one a.m. but she didn’t know the exact time because she didn’t need to know and she wasn’t meant to know. The only things she had to concentrate on were pleasing and obeying.

She had
passed a threshold in her life. Her thighs and buttocks were burning because her master and long-term boyfriend had just tied her to a bench and beaten her in a room full of strangers. Her corporal punishment had lasted a good thirty minutes or so and he’d then led her outside to the rooftop bar and made her lower herself to the ground. After positioning her like a slave her owner had opened her blouse and spread her legs as wide as possible. Although her long silky red hair was covering some of her chest she was acutely aware that anyone sitting at the long wooden tables in front of her only had to look in her direction to get a perfect view of her naked sex. The humiliation of her situation and the memory of her recent punishment were keeping her in a state of constant arousal. The burning of her buttocks was matched by a throbbing excited heat that was pulsing hard in her crotch. At that exact moment she had never been quite so exposed or so submissive and beneath her mask of silent humility she was loving every second of it.

d taken some time to build up to their big fetish club night but once they’d agreed it was something they wanted to do they’d approached the event with a considerable degree of ceremony. Just a few hours before setting out they’d prepared a delicious meal of baked hake and roasted potatoes and washed it down with an expensive bottle of Chablis. They’d finished their dinner with a soft warm chocolate brownie that had been baked with a few sprinkles of hash. Once dressed they’d left the house together and sat holding hands in the taxi. He was wearing leather trousers and a white fitted dress shirt and she was dressed all in black under her long coat. Her blouse was thin and sheer and left absolutely nothing to the imagination. She wore black stockings on her legs that ended in a pair of outrageous four inch heels. Her modesty was protected by a short pleated skirt that came only a few inches down her thighs and did little to conceal the fact that she was wearing no underwear.

The downstairs of the big night club was just a ticket office and cloakroo
m. Once they’d paid she went to a booth to hand over her outerwear. Taking off the coat was a strange but titillating experience. Suddenly she was topless in a public place. Worse than topless. This wasn’t the natural nudity of a beach or changing room. Her outfit was designed to subtly expose her high rounded breasts and excited nipples whilst also announcing her sexual status to the assembled company of bondage and domination enthusiasts. Her role as a submissive was then made even clearer when her boyfriend David took a steel chain from his pocket and clipped it onto her collar. Now master and slave they left the lobby and mounted the steps with her trailing behind him, her arms held behind her back and her head bowed obediently. Walking wasn’t easy. She had to concentrate on placing her feet carefully to make sure that she kept her balance in her obscenely high shoes.

er master had fallen silent and she had a good idea why. This was his big entrance. This was the moment that he was going to show his sexual property to the world and soak up the respect and admiration of other dominants. In some ways it was similar to a dressage event or dog show. The owners got their kudos from the behaviour of their charges. The relationship was symbiotic; each drew energy and balance from the other. Neither could be complete without their opposite partner, and that was why she loved it.


At the top of the steps they paused for a moment and she caught a brief view of a small bar in front of them and a dark corridor leading off both left and right. Her master led her quickly up to the counter and ordered a vodka on ice for himself and a dry white wine for her. When it arrived she reached a single arm in front of her and took the cold drink in her hand.

They didn’t speak
during the short break and she realised that David was using the time to relax and absorb some of the atmosphere of their surroundings. The couples passing them were all either whispering or giggling and it gave the club a subtle buzz of energy; a sense of anticipation and of secretly planned naughtiness.

Her lover drank quickly and she swigged back the last few gulps in order not to delay him. When their glasses were empty
he put them on the counter and led her deeper into the building. The heavily chilled wine curled cold around her stomach as she hobbled forward on the high heels and she started to feel slightly floaty and dreamy. After a few steps a light breeze swept up from the open doorway and brushed between her legs. She felt her nipples stiffen and excitement begin to blossom somewhere deep in her core.

David led h
er on a fast tour of the club but she saw very little as she dared risk only the quickest of stolen glances as they entered each of the large dark spaces. That first room was the biggest. There were people all around them and she guessed from the type of music and the way the feet were pointing in one direction that there was a stage at one end with some sort of show on it. She never got to see it though. Her master decided to move on and took her through some swing doors into a narrow corridor. Cold air and the sweet smell of cigarettes wafted down from the right and she guessed that there were passing an open-air smoking area. Her lover paused a few steps later and addressed someone he knew.

“Hi Jimmy m
ate. How you doing?”

The other man answered and she guessed that it was o
ne of his friends from the scene. It wasn’t someone she knew as she didn’t recognise the low gruff voice and strong cockney accent. The two males exchanged a few pleasantries then the stranger made a single appreciative comment.


It was clear that this man was studying her. Maybe it was the cool draught or the sudden hit of the speedily-drunk wine hitting her blood stream but a shiver rose from the base of her spine and she felt her whole body flush with blood. Being examined while she stood with her head bowed on a collar and chain was outrageously humiliating and yet strangely arousing. The fact that her nipples were proudly rubbing at her thin transparent blouse only served to make it even more exposing.

After several long glorious seconds the stranger spoke again.
“So who’s this then Dave?”

“Ah this is my love. This is Siobhan. Say hello Siobhan.”

She glanced up and looked the stranger in the eyes. Wow! How did such a stunningly handsome man have such an uncivilised voice?  She quickly lowered her gaze then addressed him in her most husky coquettish voice. “Hello....” They had never discussed how she was supposed to address other men when she was a slave. Her brain started to run through hundreds of options and in the end the combination of the alcohol reaching her brain in full force and the thought of the charismatic man staring at her barely concealed breasts excited her so much that she added a single submissive word.  “...sir.”

While the two men continued their casual chat she stood with her head bowed and
replayed the image of the stranger standing in front of her. He was dressed simply but elegantly in flat-fronted formal trousers and white linen shirt. His body seemed to be impressively muscular and fit but best of all was his gorgeous symmetrical face and the chiselled jaw that had more than a subtle hint of George Clooney about it. She hadn’t really thought much about what the other clubbers would be like but if most of the males were as sexy and good looking as this one then she couldn’t wait to meet more of them and subtly watch them admiring her nearly-naked body.

The men finished their brief exchange and with
a gentle tug on her collar chain she was lead deeper into the big nightclub. They brushed past a wide range of people as they made their way through the winding corridors and she was impressed by the variety of characters and costumes she saw. Outrageous leather boots and high heels clicked past her, some in seamed stockings, some in skin tight leggings and some in jodhpurs and riding boots. At one point she was moved back against the rough brick wall to allow a man to crawl past on all fours; his face hidden behind a dog mask, his hands and feet strapped into leather pads.

They slowed and approached a doorway.
She saw lots of legs clustered around a curtain and sensed a real tension in the air. There was definitely something special going on inside and she was curious to find out what. David pushed his way through the crowd and when her thighs and shoulders brushed against the waiting men she felt a frisson of excitement on her skin.

Inside the atmosphere was hushed and buzzing wi
th a barely contained energy. She was unable to lift her head high enough to find out what was going on in front of her but then she heard the unmistakable slap of a hand hitting someone’s backside and guessed that they were in the punishment room.

“You next?”
her master asked. Adrenalin pulsed through her as she realised that they were in a queue waiting to use some sort of apparatus. She obediently kept her gaze fixed on the floor just in front of her feet while she waited. She wanted to be the best slave she could be and was driven by pride to be totally obedient, dedicated and serious.

“All yours mate.”
Somebody had given her master permission to move forward and it was now their turn. Her legs were shaking as she was moved to the front. She saw a wooden horse like the ones used to support trestle tables except this was covered in red velvet. She allowed herself to be bent over and watched while her lover carefully pulled the chain that was attached to her neck and tied it to a ring in the floor. Next he pulled each wrist down into Velcro cuffs that were tied to the bottom of the legs. She was now bent over the contraption and was delightfully aware that her skirt was riding high on her buttocks. Everyone in the back half of the room and all those crowding around the door now had a clear view of her bum and the crease of her naked sex.

moved to her side and she felt his strong arms tug on her ankles. She obediently allowed him to pull legs right to the very edge of the horse where he tied them in place with thick soft rope. She was pulled as wide as she could go and was left savouring the sensation as her buttocks and sex were gently pulled apart and left open in a gorgeously vulnerable way. Blood was pumping everywhere. She was bent sharply and her long red hair was dangling on the floor in front of her. Her limbs were securely tied with the velvet covered wood pressing tight against her belly. Perhaps that was what was making her breathless. Perhaps that and the fact that she was now living inside one of her favourite fantasies. She was the naked maiden strung out for all to see and even better, if her suspicions were correct she was soon going to receive a public beating.

Her master
played the next few minutes well. An amateur would have rushed things but once he was completely happy with her bondage he stepped back and took some time to savour her position. She waited, helplessly immobile and tingling with anticipation, until he came back to her and finished his preparations. When he next touched her it was to lift her skirt and tuck it into her waistband. Her entire backside was left exposed to the crowd at the back of the room. The men would be aroused and the thought of their lust set a heat pulsing deep inside her. She was aware that she was wet and hoped that the light in the room was sufficient to reveal her glistening lips.

David’s voice
reached her in a murmur and she realised that he was engaged in a conversation. In a bid to draw even more attention to herself she wriggled her belly against the crossbar, she wanted the beating but she wanted to be touched and teased even more. She tried to lift herself onto her tiptoes to see if she could create some pressure against her crotch but had no luck. The bonds on her ankles were tight and un-giving and her pulling and straining was completely futile.

As all good masters should, David sensed her rising excitement and moved up to lay a warm hand
on her buttocks. The skin on skin contact felt fantastic and she pushed back against his palm, squirming and writhing as much as she could. She was wanton, flushed and wet and she wanted to be touched and teased. She would have shouted it out if she’d been asked. She didn’t care. Right there, bound and exposed to a room of strangers in a South London nightclub, she felt she’d finally become free.
This is what I’ve always craved, s
he wanted to say.
I used to think about this when I touched myself as a teenager. This is what I am, this is what turns me on and I’m a grown woman in a loving long term relationship and finally my man is going to do exactly what I want him to do.

BOOK: Twenty Tones of Red
8.5Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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