Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Golden Plunger Awards (2 page)

BOOK: Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Golden Plunger Awards
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The Bathroom Readers’ Institute sincerely thanks
the following people whose advice, assistance,
and hard work made this book possible.
Gordon Javna
JoAnn Padgett
Melinda Allman
Amy Miller
Julia Papps
John Hogan
Bethanne Kelly Patrick
Michael Brunsfeld
Thom Little
Brian Boone
Jay Newman
Jeff Altemus
Angela Kern
Dan Mansfield
Bonnie Vandewater
Sydney Stanley
Laurel Graziano
Monica Maestas
Lisa Meyers
Ginger Winters
David Calder
ere’s just what the world needs . . . more awards. But these aren’t your typical Oscars, Emmys, Peabodys, or even Espys—they’re the Golden Plunger Awards! Bestowed upon the world’s unsung heroes, we celebrate enduring, odd, and obscure marvels from ancient history all the way to today. Without this book, these people, places, and things would probably never win anything. Okay, maybe a few have been honored, but they’ve never gotten the Golden Plunger treatment. For example:
• The golf tee, little black dress, and other things so simple and effective that they haven’t changed in decades
• Feats of the weird: the woman who turned herself into a cat, the corniest palace, the stinkiest cheese, and the hungry “athlete” who excels at gurgitating plenty without regurgitating any
• Timeless toys, such as Play-Doh, Donkey Kong, and Hot Wheels (and Matchbox, too)
• The biggest accomplishments from the bathroom, such as a wedding dress made out of TP, enviro-toilets, and how the rubber duck floated its way into the sea of scientific knowledge
• Enduring icons—from the martini to Marilyn Monroe to the Chrysler Building—and why they’re still as popular as ever
Warning: the Golden Plunger Awards are not controversy-free. Based on some of the “lively” debates we’ve had around the office (like whether or not vanilla is better than chocolate, or mayonnaise is better than ketchup), we can only imagine what kind of reactions may be coming our way. But while you may not agree with every award, we guarantee you’ll emerge from this book somewhat wiser . . . and definitely more opinionated. And for that, you deserve your own Golden Plunger Award!
—Uncle John and the GPA Committee
Competitive Eating
Some people don’t need to be told to finish their plates.
New Yorkers know how to make a hot dog. They know how to stuff one down, too. The first Nathan’s Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest was held in 1916 at New York’s Coney Island. The contest not only endured but also went on to become the most famous match in the sport of competitive eating. In 2007, an estimated 40,000 spectators journeyed to Coney Island to watch.
BOOK: Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Golden Plunger Awards
4.06Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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