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A few hours pass, and I spend most of the time back at my desk, toiling on a work related project. My makeup is still slightly a mess, but not so much. I may not the best at putting makeup on (a bit of an understatement), but fixing and sorting it isn't as difficult. Mr. Franks and Mr. Schallert are in his office, and it sounds like they're finishing up. The familiar sound of the door opening behind me is matched with loud, hearty laughter from Mr. Franks as they walk out. Mr. Franks shoots me a cold glare as he walks by, and only I can see it. I don't mind though, as it's matched by Mr. Schallert's smile. They walk outside, and I go back to my work. When my boss comes back, he walks by me without even a passing glance. The tension in the air between us is thick. Mr. Schallert seems to have left, so the rest of the day continued on as normal, albeit a bit uptight.


Friday evening, at home.

Standing in front of my mirror, I go over the evening in my head. I took a bath, shaved my legs, put on mascara, blush, lipstick, lip-gloss, hair spray. I've got stockings, a garter, and a short dress on - plus my secret weapon, a lacy push-up bra. It's been a long time since I've gotten myself done up like this, but it's also been a long time since I've been asked out on a formal date, and never has it been with a man so good looking and charming.
If I play my cards right
, I think to myself with a smile,
tonight could turn out really well

The doorbell rings, and I practically jump out of my skin. Is it that time already? I peer at the clock by my bed-stand. 7:54 PM. Any other night, this would be too soon, because I am usually running late, but tonight it's different. I got ready early just in case of this scenario unfolding. I stop for a moment in front of the door to take a deep breath and regain my composure, and with a twist of the knob it opens.

If I thought he looked good before, it was nothing compared to tonight.

Dressed in a sharp black suit, he is the definition of dashing. "Good evening, Bayli," he greets me.

My heart practically jumped from my chest as I respond, barely able to hold back my excitement. “Good evening, Mr. Schallert."

"You can just call me Will, please."

I nod in response and he puts his arm out for mine. "Shall we?" I take his arm in mine, impressed by how strong he is - looks aren't deceiving, he lives up to expectations. We walk side by side to his car, and he opens the passenger side door for me. I take a seat and realize I had barely been breathing from nervousness. He takes the driver seat and I buckle myself in.

"Where are we going?" I ask.

"Plateau d'Argent," he responds, coolly. I almost think he's joking, but then I realize who I'm sitting in the car with.

We pull up, and the valet takes the car with a warm greeting for Mr. Schallert, as if they've known each other for years. We skip past the line of impatient guests standing in line waiting for the reservations they made long ago to be filled, and are walked directly in, given a table at the back, away from most of the other patrons. When we've taken our seats, and each ordered, he looks across into my eyes. "Tell me about yourself, Bayli."

"Well..." I start, unsure what to follow up with as my words trail off. I freeze up; I'm not good at being put on the spot. "Do you mind if I excuse myself to the lady's room? I need to freshen up,” I ask, breaking the moment, realizing how silly I must sound. But Will seems to understand.

"Take your time," he replies, flashing a smile at me.

In the restroom I find myself double and triple checking everything - my eyeliner, blush, lipstick, bra, tights- and then checking everything once more. "You're here with Will Schallert?" a voice says questioningly from the side. I spin around to see an unfamiliar face doing her lipstick in a mirror next to mine.

"Yes," I reply, unsure as to what her intentions are with bringing it up.

"We'll, he's a catch. Hold on to that one."

"What do you mean?"

"You don't know?" she asks, shocked. I shake my head no. "He's a billionaire, to start with. He's sexy. He's strong. I hear he's great in bed, although I don't know where that rumor started from, because he seems to give no women any attention. What he does is unclear, but I hear it's mysterious. And did I mention he's a billionaire?" With a laugh she finishes applying her lipstick, practices her pout in the mirror, then turns and vanishes out the door without another word. I stop for a moment and think to myself. Things are starting to make sense. Why we were able to get into Plateau d'Argent without a fuss or reservation, and why Mr. Franks was so keen on impressing Will. Although I still don't understand what their business negotiations are about.

Taking my seat back at the table, Will and I share small talk and flirty jokes over dinner and dessert. As the night wines down, Will takes a deep breath. "Bayli" he starts. "I've had a great night. Lets make it last a bit longer. Would you join me in my hotel room tonight?"

I'm a bit surprised by the forwardness with which he brought up a hotel room, but I nodded yes regardless, hoping not to appear too eager.


The hotel room wasn't just a regular room - it was a suite. From the entryway it looked like it might be almost as big as my entirely house. It has a flat screen TV mounted in the wall, with a couch and two comforters in front of it. A mirrored coffee table, a fully stocked bar, a queen bed, and a Jacuzzi the size of an Olympic swimming pool. Will beckons me over to the bar with him, and I take a seat on a stool as he walks to the other side and starts to make our drinks. "What will my lady have?" he asks.

"Um..." I think for a moment, deciding. "How about, a Sex on the Beach?"

Will turns to face me, a wry smile lighting up his face. "Well, there's no sand, or ocean, but I'll see what I can do for you." He turns once again, back to the drinks, and returns a moment later to the other side of the bar.

Will leans in toward me, and we share light, nibbling kisses. I was hoping this would happen, I think to myself. Our lips press against each
other’s lightly at first, I start to spread my lips further open, letting our tongues glide together. Will's hands trace over the curves of my body, and a finger hooks in my shoulder strap, prompting me to both pull the top of my dress down, and lift the bottom up. Taking a step back, he unbuttons his own and lets it fall to the floor, his long, lean body, and lightly tan chest fully bare in front of me. My hands reach out to feel him. I can see his cock, long and thickening through the fabric of his pants. My desire borders on rabid as his manhood, eager for my attention, rages behind his zipper. I run my hands up his chest to his shoulders, holding him close. I want, no, I need him, now, until our bodies are so pressed together that we can't tell whose heartbeat is who's. I reach down and slide my panties off, letting them drop from my legs to the floor below.

"I don't have a condom," he confesses. "They're in my car, downstairs." His expression drops, as his forehead rubs against mine.

"Well," I start to say.

"What do you want to do? Should we-"

I interrupt him, unable to stand it any longer. "Just pull out," I plead, gripping his bicep. Will nods, leans back, and pulls my body into his, sliding my butt along the leather of the bar stool. I wrap my legs around his as he unbuttons his pants and pushes them down to the floor. Will grabs his penis in his hands and strokes it tightly, but it's already fully erect. He moved forward, tightening my legs' grip on him, and his tip presses against my hole. I lick my right hands' fingers and reach down for his cock in between my legs, getting it wet and slick. His thick, hot length slides into my pink, wet slit, and I breathe in a gasp. "Fuck," I say quietly, gripping his shoulder and pulling him into me.

He starts with thick, slow drags of his cock into my pussy, letting each inch thrust explore further into my depths. I lose a breath with each push. Will bends down and licks at my nipple, rolling his tongue around it as his manhood thrusts in and out of my body, pushing against my velvety walls achingly slow, letting me savor every inch as he fills me up. He scrapes his teeth against my sensitive nipple as he begins to thrust faster. I moan again, rocking my hips onto his cock as he brings his mouth up to mind. His free hand rubs over my nipple, pinching and pulling it as he lets himself explore my body like so few dare to.

Will isn't slow and steady anymore, but fast and quick and hard. He presses his lips to my shoulder blades as our flesh slaps together. He kisses my neck sloppily, and cups my breast, squeezing and rubbing while still fucking me fast and deep. "Will, Will," I chant, as if it's the only word I know.

Hearing his name must have ignited something inside him, because he goes even quicker once I say it. The animal inside takes over, and my legs tense around him, caging him inside me. A wave of sensation ripples through my body, as I come so hard my body jerks into his larger frame, erratically moving with his cock still sliding in and out of my pussy. I reach my hands wildly at him, scratching nail against flesh, letting out a long, deep moan.

I can sense Will trying not to finish yet, because he can sense me wanting to keep going as well. And he does try. With every ounce of willpower and stamina in his raging body, he tries to keep himself from letting go. Reaching his hands on my hips and beckoning me back, he steps away.

"Follow me," he exhales, leading me off the stool toward the
Jacuzzi. Will sits down inside, and I get on top of him, straddling his legs with my own. The water lets him slide in easily, and he wraps me tightly in his arms. He heaves me up and down on his cock, as we both become lost in the passion and motion of the moment. I find myself bouncing up and down in the water, taking control. I rock my hips back and forth while he's held deep inside me, and I'm all but screaming now.

Will lifts me off, and I reach down for his cock, wrapping my hand around it and stroking it quickly, the water making my tugs smoother. I press my lips to his ear and murmur, "Come for me Will."

Will places one hand against the porcelain wall of the Jacuzzi and the other grips my arm. A thick streak of white come releases from his rod into the air, landing in the bubbling Jacuzzi water. Our bodies give out and we fall into each other, I press my face into his and let our lips stay together while our tense, wild moment fades into softness. Will brings a hand up and parts the hair from my face, and we sit there together for a long minute.

A bit later, I dress myself in one of his loose white shirts and we cuddle in bed with each other. "You're actually quite the gentleman," I giggle.

"Why do you say that?" He asks.

"You left the sheets clean for the maid," I answer, and we share a laugh and a kiss as the night winds itself down. I nuzzle into his arms and fall asleep almost right away.


The next morning, we wake up entangled in one another. I almost jump out of bed when I think to myself
oh no, I'm late for work
! Almost immediately I remember that it's Saturday morning, and I don't work, so I lay back down to fall asleep in the soft, comfortable bed, my arms around the billionaire who brought me here.

When I wake up again a few hours later, I'm alone, arms and legs wrapped in the bed's thick white comforter. I sit up and purvey my surroundings. Nobody's here. Looking around, I spot a piece of paper and pen on the bedside table.


I had to run a few errands. I won't be back until evening, but feel free to make yourself at home. Meet me downstairs at 9:00, we should talk. Bring your things with you. XO, Will


With the weather outside rainy and grey, I enjoy my mini-vacation into the life of a wealthy woman. Some light make up, bra and panties, and room service. As the hours tick by, I relax in the
Jacuzzi, watch a romantic comedy on the TV, order all sorts of gourmet foods from room service, and dance around in my underwear, enjoying my time away from the stress and worries of real life. As evening nears, I do my makeup and get dressed, grabbing my purse, keys, and phone before heading downstairs to the hotel bar.

Grabbing a seat at the bar, I order a cosmopolitan and soak in the atmosphere. Surrounded by businessmen on trips and call girls on the job, I sit alone and wait. After a short time, Will walks in and takes the seat next to me, putting his arm around my shoulders. "Take a trip with me tonight? I have to get some paperwork from home. Very urgent, and can't trust anyone else. We can be back in time for work Monday." I wasn't expecting this, but happily, I accept. Last night and today have been like a dream, and I'm not ready for it to end.

He smiles, and we share drinks together. After finishing at the bar, we head out to his car and drive to the airport. On the way he tells me that we're going to be flying to one of his homes, this one in Colorado Springs, spending the day there, and then coming back on time for a meeting with Mr. Franks Monday morning.

Pulling into the airport's VIP parking lot, Will parks his car, gets out, and opens my door for me. He puts his arm out for me to lock mine into, and we walk together toward a small airplane. "This one's mine. Her name is Brienne." My jaw drops at the idea that we're about to be flying on a private plane. It looked incredible from the outside, with a beautiful white and blue paint scheme.

Taking the stairs up together, we step inside the cabin. Luxurious and cozy, with soft lighting, this is clearly a plane reserved for private affairs. "I'm not used to being on a plane without having to stand in a security line, wait at a terminal..." I begin. Will lets out a small chuckle. "I used to be the same. It got to the point where making an investment in my own plane was justified. It's turned out to be surprisingly useful." We sat down and buckled in as the pilot came over the intercom, informally making sure “Nobody is sticking their hands out the windows,” and then starting the plane. Never have I experienced a flight with so little red tape - just walk on, sit down, and fly. No nosy stewardess walking the aisle, and we can be as loud as we want. It's been a long time since I've flown anywhere, but I still remember vividly the exasperation that accompanied my flight.

BOOK: Under the Desk (Billionaire Affair)
10.39Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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