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BOOK: Under the Desk (Billionaire Affair)
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"Yes, yes, yes I do," I whisper back. "Will, my God!" I cry out, trying to keep my voice down in case Mr. Franks comes back.

My elbows bang against the wooden desk as he empties me, and then slides back in, pumping in and out steadily. Sweat beads my face as his rhythm continues, fast and relentless. Little ah ahs fall from my parted lips dumbly.

Like just becoming aware of the situation, Will slows down his pace. Moments later we hear the ding of the elevator door down the hall.

In a blink of an eye, Will is zipping his pants back up, and I head for the door.
No, I can't walk out of here; he'll be too suspicious
! My mind races, trying to think of what to do. Making a rash, last minute decision, I duck under the desk. My heart practically stops when I hear his door open.
What if he finds me under here? What will I say?

"Thanks for waiting, Will. I need to get these copied, and we'll be done with the necessary evils. Have you seen my secretary around?" Mr. Franks' voice is terrifying from my position. Every inch of my body is tense as I crouch low in his foot-space.

"I think I heard her head toward the other offices, down that hallway there," Will says, pointing in the direction with the most doorways.
Thank you
, I think to myself, wishing Will could feel the gratitude I'm feeling. That is, if this works.

"How tiring. What do I even pay her for?” Mr. Franks sighs, exasperated. “Excuse me for another moment. I've got to go find her."

"Of course, Jeff."

The door closes behind him, and in a split second Will is leaning down and helping me up. "When he sees you're not there, he's going to come right back. Hurry, Bayli."

I nod and mouth "thank you", too nervous to actually speak. My heart is still racing. I rush to the door, not turning around for even a second. My entire focus is on getting out of the office without anyone seeing me. I sneak out, keeping my head low, and head across the hall. I quickly duck into the ladies room before I finally catch my breath. Standing in front of the mirror, I take a minute to put myself back together.

As I walk out, I almost step straight into Mr. Franks, who seems to be in a more irritable mood than usual. "There you are," he says gruffly. "Copy these. The copier up here is out of paper, so you'll have to go downstairs." With that, he shoves a stack of papers into my hands, and rushes back to his office in a hurry. I turn to watch as he steps behind the wooden door, and catch Will's eye in the brief moments it opens and shuts. My hands filled with paperwork, clutching it close to my chest as my
heart rate returns to normal, he smiles and turns away. It’s hard to believe we actually pulled it off, after all that.

When I return to my desk from copying the papers he handed me earlier, I see Mr. Franks' office door cracked open. I peek my head in, "Here are the copies you asked for." I take a few strides in, set them on his desk, and walk back. He didn't even seem to notice my presence. Will is nowhere to be seen.

"Did Mr. Schallert leave, sir?" I ask.

A grunt and a sharp nod of his head implies he did. He looks up at me, curiously. “What business is it of yours?”

“None, sir. Sorry for bothering.”

I head back to my desk and return to work, unsure of what to think. Later that evening, at home, I toss my jacket onto the back of my couch and head to the kitchen to look for a snack. Walking past the phone, I see the voice mail light blinking red.
One new message
, the screen says.


Bayli, it's me. I had to leave town and take care of some business. I'm sorry for leaving so suddenly, and not saying goodbye first. It was urgent. It'll unfortunately be a few days before I can return, but what we did today worked wonders, and I've got a surprise for you when I see you next. Give me a few days, and I'll be in touch."


With that, the message ended.


Will and I, however, didn't. It was a few weeks before I saw Will again, and when I finally did, it was worth the wait. What he showed me and told me about the files we retrieved, and what it meant for our future together, turned my world upside down.


To be continued.

BOOK: Under the Desk (Billionaire Affair)
12.47Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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