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BOOK: Under the Desk (Billionaire Affair)
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Taking in my surroundings, I'm even more impressed than I was back in the suite - a leather couch sits against one wall, with small tables planted in front of it. Leather chairs are placed throughout the cabin, and a flat screen TV is set into a wall at the end. The floor is a soft, white carpet, and a bar is near the door to the restroom at the back. We take our seats in the leather chairs, equipped with seat belts for takeoff and landing, and buckled ourselves in. Once we'd gotten into the air and steadied, Will stands up and walks to the bar. "A drink for the lady?" He asks.

I accept his offer, and unbuckle from the seat to sit on the couch. Will walks over to sit down next to me and hands me a drink. "Are you trying to get me drunk, Mr. Schallert?" I ask seductively, looking at him with big round eyes.

"Maybe." he replies coyly, but with a straight face, taking a sip from his glass. I keep my eyes trained on him until I see a hint of a laugh begin to break through his straight-laced expression.

"So you actually have your own airplane," I say, more matter-of-factly than questioningly. He laughs the statement off quietly, his expression slightly embarrassed. "So it seems.”

"Then it's just us three, you and me and the pilot?"

"Unless we've got a stowaway, yes."

"What about... privacy? Can we do anything what we want?"

He straightens out his posture and clears his throat. "That depends on what you have in mind."

Reaching over, Will turns a dial on the wall and dims the lights. I still feel nervous, worried about the turbulence of the plane, especially after the poor weather I saw yesterday, but any thoughts I have dissolve as I nuzzle into the crook of Will's neck, mumbling softly, "I had you in mind."

His arms reach out and wrap around my neck, and my heart flutters. Our lips share a long, slow kiss, and he pushes for me to lie down on the long, soft couch. Flat on my back, sprawled out, with my head on a pillow, I bend my head back and bare my neck with hungry eyes begging him to take me. My body trembles with how badly I want to feel his touch.

Will leans down over me, grabbing my wrists and pinning them above my head. I'm calmed by the comfort of being held down by a strong man's bare hands. His free hand loosens the buttons of my shirt, exposing my bra. He peels down the front and I feel his breath blow coolly over my nipple. My body shivers, goose bumps rising all over me.

Will's tongue flicks out against my pink nub, and I moan at the contact. One step ahead of me, I see his pants are already unbuttoned, and he reaches down to expose his long, hard cock to the airplane's cabin. Still pinning my wrists down, he shimmies his pants down his legs and pulls aside my panties. Slowly, softly, Will presses his tip into me, and I'm wet to the touch. I begin to roll and rock back and forth on the couch, his body still on top of me, stretching down as far as I can to envelop his cock as deeply as he'll let me.

His grip loosens, and losing all inhibition I push myself into him, letting him deep inside me. My eyes roll back in my head as I pant feverishly. We fuck hard, our moans and pants echoing throughout the cabin with the sound of the engines. Our bodies' motion matched by the shaking turbulence of the flight.

Will pulls out, and I sit up, leaning forward and pressing him back against the other end of the couch. I grab his shaft and put my head down onto it, licking the tip lightly, and then taking it deep in my throat. I gag almost right away, but I don't let up. I want to make Will feel good.

"Fuck, Bayli," Will cries.

His chest heaves up and down as he breaths heavily.

Ahh, I gasp, looking up from his cock. He reaches forward and tangles a fist in my hair, keeping me where I am. Will's cock pulses in my tight grip as I drag my hand along it, spreading the saliva down, making it smooth and slick. I tug on it fast and hard, letting the tip bounce against my tongue. I roll my tongue along his shaft, feeling it pulse and harden in my grip. I wrap both hands around his pole and jerk up and down. Will moans with a low, animalistic voice.

I take one hand off and grip his thigh, pushing myself back onto his cock. I pull back and return, licking once, twice, breathing hotly on it as I sense his body tensing. His strong arms grip the side of the couch tightly. Will tries to tell me something, instead moaning it, but I can tell what he means to say. I clench tightly as he releases come onto my hand, my face, and into my mouth. It's salty, and I let it drip out and off of my lips. I look up at him with big eyes and Will, breathing hard and covered in a sheen of sweat, seems to like this.

I pull myself up to him and wrap my arms around his warm body. His face and lips are sticky from sweat, but our kisses are soft and long, our breaths cool in the warmth of the cabin.


"I have to admit, I'm not looking forward to going back to the real world after all this," I say in earnest as we finish dinner after a long day at Will's mansion in Colorado Springs.

His reply is quick and matter-of-fact. "So, don't."

I shoot him a look of confusion, and he continues. "Stay with me. Be with me. Don't go back to your unfulfilling job or your asshole boss. I can give you a better life. You can follow your dreams, you can be an artist, a dancer, whatever you've wanted to be, and you'll have the support to do it."

I'm at a loss for words. This is too good to be true, and I say so.

"No, I don't think so,” he replies with a squint of his eyes. “I've been very fortunate in life that I've had such success. It'd be a waste to keep it all for myself.” He gestures around his house, expansive and beautiful. “Stay with me."

In a split second, I'm on top of him, fingers lashing at his shirt to tear it off. An unstoppable urge rushes through me like a tidal wave, every inch of my body screaming.

Wrapping my legs over his, I straddle Will's waist and kiss his neck hotly. We match faces, parting lips sweetly and warmly. With a small bite, I suck his bottom lip in between my own. I bend my head lower and softly kiss his neck.

I slowly move one hand from where it's resting on Will's wide shoulder, to down between our abdomens, then lower, reaching my hand down the front of his unbuttoned and unzipped pants, pressing my palm against his balls. I let go to pull his pants down, letting them drop down to his ankles, exposing his toned, strong legs and thickening manhood.

I grip the underside of Will's hard cock, finally wrapping my hand around it after the teasing. He groans from pleasure at the contact, his hips gyrating into my fist. I drop to my knees in front of him and feel his hand on the back of my neck, and then a passionate fist tangled in my hair. I press my lips lightly against the underside of his length, trailing up, lightly, barely touching, letting my hot breath ghost against him. He moans loudly, hands still gripping tightly into my hair as I widen my jaw and pull him deep inside me.

I pull off and suckle at his tip, lips warm and wet as my tongue flicks out. I take him back in and suck him off at a steady pace, my hot little mouth tight around his cock. I reach up and grab his thigh tightly for leverage, bobbing my head slowly, tongue dragging against Will's underside faster and faster until his hand stills me. I pull him out of me with a sloppy sound and look up at his face above mine. He pulls me up and I straddle him, pressing my body against his, attaching our legs and lips.

The saliva makes him slide easily inside me. I grab his shoulder and roll my hips, nuzzling my face against his. My body trembles as I let out, "More, Will, more!"

He doesn't deny me. I nod feverishly, letting out a whimper. He thrusts in and out quickly until my body feels like its on fire. Will's arms wrap around me loosely, letting me take control of the pace. I bounce up and down on him, letting my body wave over his until my face flushes red and I feel like I'm on fire. He moves his hips in tandem with mine, pulling out nearly all the way before thrusting back in. His penis slides quickly and wildly through me.

My body is covered with warm tingles and shivers as I let out a loud hasp, I orgasm and come with his pole held firmly and deeply inside me to his base. As I start to let out a small scream from pleasure, he pulls out and spurts thick streams of creamy come all over my thighs and ass. He leans his head forward into mine and breaths into my ear.

We stay like this for a long time, our bodies entangled together.


The next evening, we wake up early with the sunrise and drive back to the airport for another trip on Will's airplane. It's still as fantastic an experience the second time, and I could quickly get used to traveling in such luxury.

During the plane ride home, we discuss more about his offer to be with me.

"I do need your help with something," he begins. "There's something that Jeff Franks has that I need. Rather than going through the... usual channels, which would be rather expensive and time consuming, you could help me." He pauses, to see if I interject, but I don't. I stop and listen, curious as to what exactly he's trying to say.

"On his computer are some files, sealed with passwords. If you can get me these, I could call off my business deal with Franks, and we could take a
much-needed vacation away from the world of suits and ties together. Anywhere you want to go."

A bit taken back
, I ask, "Isn't that stealing?"

He looks at me as if he was expecting that response the entire time. "Yes. It will involve a bit of stealing. But nobody will be hurt, and nobody will lose anything. It's only investment information, nothing personal or dangerous. Help me, Bayli, and then let me help you."

It's only been a couple days, and already he knows I can't resist him when he looks at me with those sapphire blue eyes. I laugh and nod my head, "Okay. We can do this. But you owe me."

"And what do you want in return?" he asks provocatively.

"Not telling. You'll have to find out."

I lay my head on Will's chest with my arms around his neck, and he wraps his strong arms around my waist and holds my body close to his. My face nuzzles cozily into his neck, and my breath warms his skin against mine.
Is it silly that I feel safe, happy with him?
I wonder. He bends his head down and kisses me on my cheek, next to my ear. It feels great, and I cuddle closer in response. The rest of the plane ride home is spent cuddled up with him, our bodies held close to each other in quiet comfort.


Monday morning, Mr. Franks is in his office early. A few minutes after arriving, I knock on his door to say good morning and remind him of his meeting with Will later on in the morning.

"I know, I know." He says, waving me out of his office. He's cradling in head in his hand, like he has a headache, or a lot on his mind. I take a seat at my desk and go over our plan in my head, start to finish. It should be easy... At least, I hope.

A few minutes before 10:00 AM, Will enters the floor from the elevator door and walks confidently toward Mr. Franks' office. I page my boss, "Mr. Franks," I say into the intercom, "Mr. Schallert is here for you."

Let him in," he says shortly.

I nod at Will and he walks into Mr. Franks' office. All according to plan, so far. About ten minutes after their meeting starts, Mr. Franks steps out of his office with a satisfied smirk on his face. "I need to take these down to get notarized, I'll be back in about fifteen. If Mr. Schallert needs anything, give it to him."

If only he knew how likely that was.

Mr. Franks practically has a skip in his step as he walks around the corner. When the elevator door dings shut, I immediately lock my computer, stand up, and walk into his office. Closing the door behind me silently, Will looks at his watch and nods. “Okay, Bayli, let's do this fast.”

I quickly get behind Mr. Franks' computer, insert a USB thumb drive, and lift up his keyboard. Underneath is a sticky note with his user names and passwords written down. I log in as him, and double click on the 'My Documents' icon, then drag the folder titled 'Investments' onto the USB drive.

Copying takes only a few moments, and I hurriedly unplug the USB drive, hand it to Will, and watch as he puts it into his pocket. "You know," he says, taking a step to stand next to me, "You're cute when you're nervous."

Will steps in front of me, standing tall and powerful. He grips my shoulder and pulls me in to kiss sweetly. My face flushes pink as lust takes over. I arch my neck and wait momentarily, until he presses his face against mine, our smooth lips working against each other. We keep our mouths attached as he unzips his pants and pulls out his manhood.

I've never seen a man so hard before.

I let out a moan into his mouth, and his hand reaches up and gropes my breasts through my shirt, squeezing and playing with them wildly. My hand joins his on his cock.

Will grabs my waist and turns me around, bending me over the desk and pulling my skirt up. In the heat of the moment it's all I can manage to barely move the keyboard and mouse out of the way.

"W-wow," I stutter as his cock roughly presses into me. His hips buck forward, forcing his thick girth to slide into my slick, slot slit. He envelops himself fully between my legs, disappearing into me, inch by inch, second by second. His hands are grabbing my ass, squeezing tightly and spreading my cheeks.

"You want me, don't you Bayli," he growls out.

BOOK: Under the Desk (Billionaire Affair)
10.99Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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