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looked down at her and watched her eyelashes flutter as she stared at the door,
her body trembling slightly. A faint drift of her scent trickled into his
nostrils, and he sucked it in, the primal urge to learn her signs compelling
him to sniff, stare, touch, and taste the woman who would be bound to him and
Mikel. Desire filled him, strong and hot like a blazing fire, and he wrapped
his arm around her body, pulling her tighter because he couldn’t stop himself.
She tensed and turned her head to gaze up at him. He knew he should release
her, not frighten her any more than she already had to be, but before he could
move, Alisa let out a little sigh as she closed her eyes and leaned her head
against his shoulder.

stiffened with shock, but his body took over before his mind could catch up as
he held her tight, stroking her shining brown hair like he’d wanted to since
he’d first seen her. The sensations of her full breasts and round thighs
sliding against him heated his blood and made his staff throb and harden. Twin
pangs of pain echoed from the roof of his mouth as his
budded. This primitive response to her presence was the last bit of
encouragement he needed. She was meant for them, like no other woman ever would
be. She wriggled against him and slid her hands along his back muscles like she
gained some comfort from the movement. He desperately wished there were no
garments separating their skin. Lowering his head toward hers, he dared press
his lips to the warm, smooth skin of her temple as fragrant wisps of her hair
tickled his nose.

a sudden inhalation, Alisa drew back and stared into his eyes. Felix froze. Her
mouth opened slightly as if she was going to say something, but instead of
speaking, she merely tightened her grip on his shoulders. She wasn’t rejecting
him. With that realization, heat flooded through his body, anticipation of
bonding with her in all things gave him the courage to cup her cheek and lean
close. He waited a beat for her to show any sign of hesitation, but all she did
was close her eyes.

the first brush of her lips, his
burst out, his
primal signal to capture her essence both a
pleasure and pain. He’d kissed a few other human women, but all past experience
was swept from his mind as he tasted Alisa. Her sweet, warm mouth opened under
his as she shuddered against him. Licking at her, he buried his fingers in her
hair. Her full lips caught at him, the soft friction driving him to press his
tongue against hers. She quivered, and he stiffened, his instincts shouting for
him to rip her clothes from her body, to lower her to the floor and press his
aching staff deep inside her luscious

strong grip on his arm brought him out of the intense caress, and he stared for
a moment at Alisa as she gasped in his arms, her head lolling against his
shoulder. Another squeeze on his arm broke the trance, and he turned to see
Mikel frowning at him.

were growling loud enough to draw attention,” his bondmate spoke in a low voice
with a glance at the door. Felix glimpsed the curve of Mikel’s own
, and he rejoiced. Alisa was theirs, but not if they
were discovered and exiled from Earth as punishment. Chagrined, Felix tried to
collect himself. He’d been so overcome by her he’d forgotten the peril of their
situation. Mikel glanced down at Alisa, and his gaze softened. She blinked up
at them, a bright pink blush blooming in her cheeks. Their beauty, soon to be


thoughts whirled as she gasped for breath. She’d just kissed an alien. No,
she’d just kissed Felix, and that reality shocked her to her core. How had she
gone from hiding from
just a week ago, to
being wildly aroused by them now? Her pulse pounded, her nipples were tight
nubs, and hot dampness slicked her pussy, all from a few touches and one
intense kiss. Both men gazed down at her with naked desire tightening their
handsome faces, and she shook, grateful for Felix’s strong arms holding her up.
And Mikel, he was easing an arm around her back, leaning closer as he quirked
an eyebrow up. Oh, yes, she hadn’t forgotten that these men shared everything,
that they both wanted her. The idea of it had been wandering around in the dark
corners of her mind for a while, and now that the reality was leaning over her,
she had to find out if she was capable, if she wanted…

kissed her before she could think it through, his touch and taste unique from
Felix’s, but equally masculine and overpowering. Her legs trembled, and she
clung to them both as Mikel teased her lips. A sharp pang of excitement and
anticipation shot through her body, lighting up her skin, swelling her breasts,
tightening between her legs as she breathed out a helpless moan. He drew back
and nuzzled her cheek, then swung his head to stare at the door. Belatedly, she
remembered why they were crowded in this musty little room and clamped her
frightened she’d given them away with her
uncontrolled cry.

cheeks heated, and she flung her hands up over her face. What was happening to
her? Was she really the sort of woman who was anxious for sexual contact with
two alien men while hiding in a storage room? She’d never been particularly
motivated by sex before. It was an activity fraught with peril, emotional,
physical, social, all those states she was so untalented at. She’d never become
so flustered and weak after a kiss, but then again, these kisses were unique in
her experience. Blinking behind the cover of her fingers, she tried to put her
thoughts in order, but her brain fizzled when soft mouths nuzzled over the
backs of her hands and warm breath tickled her knuckles. Those arms supporting
and she couldn’t have moved if she’d
wanted to. Where would she go? Why would she try to extricate herself from such
pleasurable sensations?

herself to stay quiet, she sucked in a few calming breaths and relaxed as many
of her muscles as she could. Teeth nipped at her fingers, and with a sigh of
surrender she allowed first one hand, then the other to be lifted away from her
face by the gentle bites of Felix and Mikel. They’d worked in tandem to expose
her, and all she could do was stare back at them as the doorknob to their
hidden shelter rattled and an indistinct voice carried on a conversation.
Neither man glanced away from her to survey the door; the possibility of
discovery didn’t seem to faze them.

by their strong bodies, she wasn’t worried about anything smaller than a
hovercraft coming through that door. With that realization, something tense in
her mind eased a fraction. She truly could trust them to protect her. They’d
done nothing but prove themselves to her since their farcical meeting. But
where she was relaxing, it seemed the men were growing more and more agitated. Their
bodies almost vibrated with tension, and their squinted eyes surveyed her with
dark intensity.

Barely uttering the word, she stopped speaking when first Mikel, then Felix
kissed her quickly, warm tongues sliding against hers in brief communion. The
voices outside faded away, but neither man relaxed his grip on her. With a
bit-back gasp, Alisa jumped as one of their hands slid down from her back to
cup her buttocks and another snaked around to press against her lower belly,
fingertips so close to her quivering pussy she imagined he could sense the heat
building in her. Felix nosed close to her ear, his cheek brushing up against
hers as he whispered.

you come with us, Alisa, or may we follow you?”


“To a better place than this.”

“A better place for what?”

drew back then and narrowed his eyes like he was trying to see inside her mind.
Good thing he couldn’t, because she had no idea what she, let alone he, was
thinking. Mikel moved in on the other side, burrowing his mouth close to her
ear, and her whole body clenched as she wondered if they would always do that
with her, first one,
the other, mirroring
movements against her like she was the center they orbited. Would they want to
have sex with her like that, or some other way she hadn’t contemplated?

want to touch you, Alisa, please you and delight you, show you how we feel for
you.” The naked need in his voice weakened her resolve still farther.
Her resolve to resist?
Why resist something her body was
begging for and her mind was so curious about?

in their grasps, thrilling at the pressure of their hands against her, she
pressed her mouth close to Mikel’s ear, drawing in his spicy scent even as she
breathed. “I cannot bring you to my rooms. It’s forbidden—”

she’d had always had a reason to retreat, to not look any Alphan male in the
eye, to not attract any interest because she certainly wasn’t going out among
big, powerful males she didn’t understand. That would have been foolish. But
with Felix and Mikel she felt a different sort of foolishness, one that made
privacy seem like a very good idea.

you will come with us.” Mikel’s rushed reply confirmed her acquiescence. Those
big hands squeezed every part of her body where they rested, and her nerves
fired in response. What had she just agreed to do? “We will show you our home.
Here on Earth, that is. We have a much finer dwelling on Alpha and will
certainly be searching for larger when we return—”

made a hissing sound, and his bondmate subsided to quiet as they all strained
to listen for more noise outside. Suddenly, Felix released his hold on her and
scrambled up on top of a battered wood table where he leaned against the door,
his face pressed to a transom window she hadn’t noticed before. His broad
shoulders bunched as he spread his hands wide against the wall. Mikel allowed
his hands to stroke against her body, and for a wild moment she wished the
other Alphan would turn around and watch the caresses. “Our way is clear.
Whoever it was is gone.”

glanced back at them, and her wish was granted. By this point, Mikel had slid
both hands up under her heavy breasts, not cupping them, but still framing them
for his bondmate’s view. And she’d let him, even though she knew her nipples
were poking through the thin dress material, knew that press of support made
her look even more endowed than she was. Heat poured through her body, and she
shivered when Felix jumped down and crowded close, his gaze never leaving her
chest. For a heart-stopping moment, she feared what would happen next, but when
he reached out with a low growl and framed his palms against the sides of her
breasts, she melted. The sensation of all those fingers, those four broad palms
grazing along and not even coming close to her nipples, weakened her knees so
much that she fell back to Mikel, which was like leaning against a warm,
breathing wall. Her position was such that she could feel his hips against her
lower back, and what was surely a thick erection rubbing along her spine.

you come with us now?” Felix breathed out, and all she could do was nod. She
was going to break her rule and enter the Alphan compound, socialize with men
unchaperoned, make herself vulnerable to whatever they might desire.


Chapter Four


tried not to shake, but his excitement tangled up with the dread he might do
something wrong had put him in such a tense state he found himself biting his
lip rather than babble. This was a challenge considering his
were swelling, thrusting out more and more the longer
Alisa was in their presence. Right now she was seated on their sofa, nearly
lost in the depth of cushions
favored for
seating. They’d hurried her in to their apartment via a back entrance,
unwilling to have any of their fellows get a glance at her. Insecurity flooded
him, as he knew it did Felix.
Neither one of them wanted to
expose her to any other man, at least not until she’d well and truly bonded
with them.

that she was here, where they’d dreamed of having her since meeting her those
few days ago, they didn’t quite know what to do with her. Those furtive kisses
and touches in that dirty room had fired his arousal to a painful point, but he
knew if he simply stripped off his clothing and freed his swollen shaft as it
demanded, he’d frighten her away. Biology’s direction was clear: copulate with
and as often as possible in the future. But
society, both hers and theirs, demanded a more deliberate approach.

returned from the kitchen with a glass of water, clearly poured hastily since
drops pattered to the floor as he handed it over to her. She took a polite sip
and then struggled to reach a nearby table to set it down.

to help, he leaned forward to take it from her, and his hand collided with
hers, spraying cold liquid all over her dress. Her mouth opened in shock as her
hands flew up. Mikel’s stomach plummeted. He was as humiliated as he’d been
when he’d fallen face-first into the pit of
worms on the cadre’s obstacle course years ago.

Felix’s tone
blended equal parts amusement and chagrin. He reached to help Alisa up even as
the glass rolled across the bare wood floor, leaving a slick of water behind.
“Let me help you dry off. Be careful not to slip.”

BOOK: Unexpected
5.57Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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