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breath heaved in and out, and as he inclined his head toward her breasts, the
rich, musky scent of her arousal met his nostrils for the first time and he
inhaled, branding her deep into his brain. He nosed around one pert
, unable to resist some lingering nips before he
finally drew the nub between his lips, centering it between his
before sucking. Alisa cried out and wriggled on the
bed, and Felix was glad Mikel was at her side, working his way down her body.
Felix knew his bondmate’s destination.

drew back from her breast and looked at her face, wanting to see her expression
when Mikel lapped her
for the first time. Her
hair trailed across the sheets in a wild tumble, her rosy lips were parted as
deep pants left her body, and as he caught her gaze, he saw a woman transformed
by passion.


stared up at Felix, barely able to comprehend what was happening. She was—they
were—naked in bed, bodies rubbing against each other’s, and her nerves felt stretched
to the limit. Her pussy clenched and throbbed in time to the sucks he’d given
her nipples, to the wet kisses Mikel was placing on the twitching skin of her
belly. She saw the fangs the other women had mentioned in whispers, and some
undiscovered part of her soul ignited. These men wanted her with all their
might, and considering all the hard muscles on feral display around her, she
knew they’d get whatever they wanted.

strong hands at her knees distracted her from Felix’s bronze eyes for a moment,
but his rough voice brought her back to attention. Her legs spread wide as the
other man’s large, warm body settled between them.

at me,” Felix commanded. With a brief nod and a quick intake of breath, she
tried to prepare herself for the caress to come, but when the first flicker of
a wet tongue met her quivering pussy, she jolted uncontrollably. Mikel’s hands
grabbed at her hips as he brought his whole mouth against her sensitive folds,
his tongue darting along all her secret places. A rough moan poured out of her
and she was momentarily embarrassed by the needy sound, but Felix’s avid stare
distracted her.

clenches filled her belly, and Mikel’s tongue was like fire against her. He
found her trembling clit and stroked along one side, then the other with his
tongue. She tried to breathe but could only pant out weak huffs as her muscles
tightened and nerves tingled.

doing that, Mikel. She likes it,” Felix urged on his bondmate, and Alisa could
only nod in jerky spasms. Yes, she certainly did like that. Tension wound
through her limbs, and she arched against the bed, struggling against
something. She twisted and grasped Felix’s thick forearm, ready to let Mikel
give her pleasure. He bore down with a growl that vibrated to her core. With a
golden rush through her body, all worries disappeared and she climaxed,
groaning as loud as she wanted as the two big men held her with gentle hands.


took Alisa a few minutes to regain consciousness, and Felix shot Mikel a
congratulatory look as they stroked their bondmate’s smooth skin. She sighed
and stretched, then blinked at both of them with a shy smile.

“Lovely Alisa.”
complimented her, and she curved in his arms, sliding her hand up his arm to
his neck, pulling him down for a soft kiss. Before he could really engage with
her, she was away, rolling to Mikel whom she kissed as well. His bondmate
threaded his fingers in her rich red-brown hair as they embraced, and Felix was
filled with a heady mixture of contentment and sexual potency. As if she sensed
his mood, Alisa turned away from Mikel and scooted his way on the mussed bed,
her breasts swaying as she crept close to his lap. Her gaze met his for a
moment, and then she focused on his staff, which was straining toward her. With
a slight hesitation, she extended her small hand to it, but paused before
making contact as if she was afraid to make a mistake.

a growling groan, he cupped his hand around hers and folded her fingers to
circle his swollen shaft. It was so exquisitely sensitive that as soon as her
cool skin met his, betraying beads of lubrication emerged, his body beckoning
her to taste, to envelop him inside her own. To his utter shock but complete
pleasure, she bent her head and wrapped her lips around his thick corona, the
warm wet flush of her mouth riveting all his attention on that oh-so-important
knob of flesh. The sight of her lips sliding down him compelled him to rub his
thumbs along her hollowed cheeks, and her eyelids closed with apparent pleasure
at his touch. Her tongue flicked as she pulled more of him into her mouth, and
he fell back against the pillows, overcome by the rush of blood and lust in his
veins. He could feel her moving her body to give her better access, but he
didn’t pay much attention. His crisis was so imminent, so rapidly ascending he
had trouble breathing. Then her body moved more forcefully, and he opened his
eyes to find Mikel kneeling behind Alisa, urging her to spread her legs wider,
the mounds of her buttocks raised up.

Mikel, not yet—” His warning not to enter her went unheeded as the words caught
in this throat. Alisa was sucking his shaft deep and stroking his culls with
her fingers, summoning his climax with every little movement. Her whole body
swayed forward, and she moaned around his flesh, the vibrations triggering his
release even as he knew his bondmate had penetrated her from behind. Pulses
shuddered through his limbs as his seed spurted from his throbbing shaft into
her throat. He could barely react to the sight of Alisa’s rocking body, or of
Mikel’s strained features as he growled and thrust with wild movements against
her. Despite the jarring, she still licked at him, caressing his now subsiding
member with concentration.

his bondmate howled out his own orgasm, Felix’s already emerged
throbbed anew, his biology compelling him to bite
Alisa, to take her blood into his body and cement the permanent ties between
them, but he held back with sheer force of will. She wasn’t ready, hadn’t been
informed, and without Mikel’s precipitous co-joining, they would have had more
time to prepare her for the reality of bondmate status.

sighed, too replete with pleasure to worry overmuch. Mikel’s features
and he stroked in and out of Alisa leisurely a few
more times before withdrawing. She tumbled to the bed in a soft curl at his
side, and Felix gathered her to his chest, happy to feel her breath along his
skin, the thudding of her heart. Now they could rest, and after a short,
restorative nap he would arrange their household.


was transfixed. Alisa’s foot was beautiful. He was lying at the foot of the bed
with her lower legs resting on his abdomen. This gave him the perfect view of
her round heels, tiny toes, and sensitive arches. He’d already caused several
squeaks by stroking them, and now contented himself with massaging the ball of
her foot as Felix engaged her in conversation. That was for the best. Mikel had
already communicated with her the best way he knew how. He’d always been more
physically coordinated than socially gifted.

was held fast to his bondmate’s side, her head resting against his shoulder.
Felix had her hand and was playing with her fingers as he talked. Mikel knew he
was approaching the matter of their union with caution, and he was aware he’d
caused some disorder in the usual bonding rituals when he’d found himself
crouching behind Alisa’s upraised bottom, her drenched
on full display as she’d orally joined with Felix. His bondmate’s arousal
combined with his own had been a heady brew too strong to resist, so he’d
simply guided his corona to the wet little slit in her body and hoped she’d
draw him inside. With an impatient rock of her hips, she’d eased him in a few
centimeters farther, her clenching heat the best sort of invitation. He
realized she couldn’t move any closer or else
grip on Felix, so he’d done the only correct thing and thrust his hips hard
against her soft buttocks, driving his aching shaft deep within her. After that
it had been friction, grunting, and delicious release. The little matter of not
engaging in triad coitus until they’d formally bonded had seemed trivial at the
time. He’d always abided by the dictum it was better to request pardon than
seek approval.

are you familiar with what happens when
What do you know about it?”

question was met with an agreeable noise from Alisa. “Isn’t it when you fall in
love? You want to be with that person all the time, you’re happy, nervous, all
caught up in excitement and … ah, sex.”

voice quavered at the end, and Mikel wondered at her modesty. He glanced up to
find her cheeks were pink and her eyes tightly closed. With a slight adjustment
of the angle of his head, he could see between her legs and observe those
tickly little curls and those lush pink lips. His mouth watered, and he
wondered how long this conversation was going to take.

cleared his throat and shook his head. “Love, no. It’s nothing so fleeting as
love. Bondmates are attuned physically and emotionally, some say psychically.
We are stronger for the bond, and it never fades. We put complete trust in our

smiled at the reminder. Despite their flaws, somehow he and Felix were far more
than the sum of their parts. Adding Alisa to their family would mean

“Even when you add a woman to your

“Especially then.
Three legs are
sturdier than two.” Felix’s tone was serious, and Mikel forced himself to
release her foot so she could pay better attention. “And
don’t always want a female bondmate. Many are content to stay among their
fellows. There are few women on Alpha, after all.”

they sexually involved? Are … you?” Alisa rose on an elbow and glanced back and
forth between them. Felix drew in a deep breath, but Mikel succumbed to the
urge to explain.

can be. Felix and I shared a few encounters when we were young and getting to
know each other, but we found our interests were more fully engaged in the idea
of women in our bed. Our time on Earth has only reinforced that.” He forced
himself to stop speaking, wary of bringing up past sexual encounters at this

you and Felix don’t touch each other?” Alisa’s eyes were bright as she stared
at him, and he thought he detected quickened breathing on her part.

it please you to see us that way?” Felix’s voice was a low rumble, and Mikel
knew he’d picked up on Alisa’s interest. His staff pulsed and thickened as soon
as she nodded.

us what you want,” Felix urged her, and Mikel realized his bondmate was after
something more than mere titillation. Alisa sat up on the bed as Felix
approached him with a slight smile. They knelt next to each other in front of
her. A slight line appeared between her brows as she studied them before
reaching out to place his hand on Felix’s chest in an echo of the gesture his
bondmate had used earlier to provoke Alisa’s response. Mikel felt Felix’s
strong heart thumping, and he smiled in turn, taking it upon himself to circle
his free arm around his bondmate’s shoulders as he leaned his way. Alisa then
placed Felix’s hand on Mikel’s hip and settled back on her heels to look them
over. Her eyes were bright, and she bit her lip as she slid her hands along her

you want us to kiss?” Felix asked in a low voice.

nodded, so Mikel turned to his bondmate with a quizzical expression. If this
was how Felix thought he might impress Alisa, he’d follow through to the end.
Felix leaned forward and pressed his lips briefly to Mikel’s. He wondered what
Alisa thought when she saw them together like this. He certainly had great
affection for his bondmate, and it was no hardship to caress him. With that, he
tightened his grip briefly, his heart filled with pleasure at the closeness
they shared in this private moment. Felix returned the pressure, his expression
softening as he drew him into a tight hug.

drew back and looked again at her. “What else?”

took a deep breath and shuffled closer, her knees pressing against their legs.
She ran her hands down their twined arms and rose up. Without a thought, Mikel
released his hold on Felix to draw her into their circle. Her skin was cool.
She stared at him,
glanced down at his half-erect

aren’t, ah, very aroused.”

as I said, we prefer women.
You, in particular.
When we
were young and raging with hormones, anyone’s touch could rouse us, but now, it
takes a bit more.”

eyebrows lifted, and he realized he’d issued a slight challenge. She turned to
Felix, who’d been inspecting her breasts. “What about the biting? Did you bite
each other when you bonded?”

held his tongue, surprised she’d be so direct, but was heartened by her
curiosity. Her body was so close to his he was becoming distracted and aroused

did,” Felix said as he stroked one hand down between her full breasts to slide
his fingers into the curls between her legs. She shivered and sighed.

BOOK: Unexpected
13.67Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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