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why are you crying? Is it because your accuracy with the phase pistol declined
over the last few days?” She’d assured them she wanted to become more
proficient with weapons and self-defense, her recent brush with combat still
fresh in all their minds. Perhaps her inner gentleness couldn’t bear the
exposure to the harshness of simulated battle any longer.

have a lot on my mind,” Alisa whispered, blinking as she clutched at her belly.

the better reason to practice
shooting. It’s
important to be able to focus despite any mental or physical distraction. Turn
away from emotion and concentrate on your weapon, your breathing, and the
target you wish to destroy,” Mikel said as he propped her up on the firing
line, his hands firm on her slumping shoulders. She still cupped her hands
against her abdomen, and the tickle of an idea entered Felix’s mind with warm

is there something you want to tell us?” Felix kept the pistol holstered and
instead stroked his hand down her back, marveling at what might be happening
inside her beautiful body at this moment.

The willful tone of her voice was a clear indicator she was holding something
vital back. She huffed out an anguished sigh. “Yes.”

is it?” He was close enough to kiss her cheek, so he did, unable to resist her
softness as he always was. Mikel drew close to her other side and gave him a
puzzled look.

just been so emotional since I found out, and every time I wanted to tell you I
got scared, so I didn’t say anything,” she mumbled and wiped at her nose. Mikel
handed her a cloth he used to remove dust from the lens of his scope.

it now. Don’t be afraid.” Nerves filled him in a jangling confusion. He so
wanted what he hoped to be true, but was determined not to anticipate and be
forced to conceal his disappointment from her and Mikel.

She stared up at him, and he saw everything in her green eyes: love, fear,
responsibility, and most of all, courage. “I’m pregnant.”

rocketed through him like a fusion implosion. Unable to restrain his howl of
triumph, he gathered her in his arms and squeezed her tight, then immediately
let her go, fearful he’d injured her.
Or the baby.
Their baby.
The idea was incredible, and he stared at her as
the realization sank in. They were to be blessed, among so many
who longed for such a thing in vain, with their own

stared back at him, a slight smile curving her lips until Mikel gathered her up
in his arms, holding her aloft with a great frown on his face.

you angry?” Alisa asked as she curled one arm around his neck.

but it’s foolishness for you to be playing at war, moving furniture, walking
around, as if nothing is wrong…” his bondmate trailed off in bluster and

wrong.” Alisa pushed at his chest.
“I’m supposed to walk, and talk, and work, just like usual. Just stay healthy,
eat nutritious food, have plenty of rest, and get fat and hormonal.”

that’s exactly what you’ll do,” Felix assured her as he kissed her again,
drawing his arm around Mikel’s shoulder for a quick, congratulatory embrace.
His bondmate met his gaze, and he saw and sensed how overwhelmed and proud
Mikel was. Felix knew he needed to set some parameters for his family, for
their comfort and his own. “First, your physician is to move into the guest
quarters, for the duration, and then we need to arrange for deliveries of any Earth
foodstuffs available on the planet, weekly, perhaps, daily shipments, then—”

planning was cut short when Alisa leaned up from her comfortable haven in
Mikel’s arms and stopped his mouth with a soft, melting kiss. She drew back and
regarded him with an affectionate look. “May I first suggest you take me back
to the house? I’d like to get off my feet for an hour or so.”

course, we’ll leave you to nap as long as you like. Mikel, there is much for us
to prepare—”

time she stopped him with a soft hand on his cheek. “Who said I wanted to nap?”

dawned, and he couldn’t hold back a smile as his staff hardened in
anticipation. Mikel glanced back and forth between them with a confused line
creasing his forehead until Felix pushed his hand at his bondmate’s shoulder.
“Mikel, Alisa needs us to attend to her closely for the next hour or so.”

and he grinned, hoisting Alisa higher in
his arms until she giggled. “I believe we can fit that into today’s schedule.
Tomorrow’s too.”






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BOOK: Unexpected
11.05Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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