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Virgin Punishment

BOOK: Virgin Punishment
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Virgin Punishment


Ella Marquis

Copyright 2012 by Ella

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Mindy crossed her arms over her chest and let
out an annoyed sigh. Father-what-a-waste number one was preaching
at her again. At least she could look at his lean body while
pretending to listen to the scolding. She liked his dark hair, deep
brown eyes, and how he always looked like he needed a shave. It
gave him that rugged look she found attractive in a guy.

“This is the fourth time in two weeks you’ve
been sent to this office,” Father Santiago was saying. “Last week
it was for smoking on the athletic field and passing notes in
class. This week it was for violating the dress code and texting in
class. I don’t know what to do with you, Miss Garcia.”

She rolled her eyes. “Father, I understand
getting busted for smoking, but I wasn’t texting, I was making
notes for my homework assignments in my phone. I have a task list
app. Wanna see?” She pulled her phone out of her purse. “And that
note I passed to Amber was asking if she would tutor me.”

The father lifted an eyebrow. “I don’t need
to see the phone. And I suppose the dress code violation was just
an oversight?”

“The rules aren’t
clear,” she
said with a shrug. “I misunderstood.”

“What part of,” he looked down at the paper
in front of him, “
No clothing that exposes the breasts is
, did you find unclear?

She shrugged. “I figured you were
anti-nipple. I absolutely agree with that. But my breasts weren’t

“Pardon my bluntness Miss Garcia, but
cleavage does count as exposure of the breasts.”

“We clearly have different views of what
exposure means.”

“My point, Miss Garcia, is you have been
habitually breaking the rules of this school for the past year.
Your last dress code violation only last month, was exposure of the
midriff. The month before that, your skirt was too short. The month
before that, you exposed your panties to some of the male
students.” Father Santiago’s voice wavered a bit.

She laughed. “Yeah, well maybe if Greg Chavez
and his boys hadn’t been trying to look up my skirt no one would
have been exposed to my panties.”

“I have talked to Father Montoya and we
aren’t sure what to do with you. None of the nuns want you in their
detention classes because you’re a disruption. We could call in
your mother, but we’ve been doing that and clearly it isn’t
working. You lack discipline at home.” Father Santiago put both
hands on the desk and leaned toward her. “What do you propose we do
with you?”

She shrugged. “I really wasn’t doing anything
wrong on purpose,” she said with a hopeful smile. “Can’t you just
say this is my last warning and next time I’ll have to do detention
with you or Father Montoya or something?”

He looked down at the folder in front of him
again. “You turn eighteen next Monday. How do you suppose your
irresponsibility and inability to follow the rules will suit you
out in the real world? Do you think college professors will be as
lenient? Do you think employers will overlook dress code violation
after dress code violation? Here at Saint Mary’s we try to prepare
our students for the real world, Miss Garcia. The rules exist for a

She shrugged. Clearly she hadn’t thought that
far into it.

The father let out an exasperated sigh. “You
will begin detention in the basement with either me or Father
Montoya next Monday.”

“That’s my birthday,” she protested.

“If you’re not there you will be expelled.
It’s my suggestion you don’t ditch. You’re a semester away from
graduating high school. Do you really want to repeat the twelfth
grade in public school?” He gave her a cold glare.

This time it was serious. She really was in
trouble. Biting her lip she weighed her options only to realize she
didn’t have any. She wasn’t getting out of it this time. Looking
down at her hands she nodded. “I’ll be there.”

“Good. Your detention sessions won’t be free
time where you just sit there and do homework or amuse yourself.
You are to show up without any books and we will give you
assignments when you arrive that will be completed before you are
able to leave. Is that clear?” Father Santiago’s cold eyes bore
through her again.

“Yes Father.” She kept her eyes downcast. She
had really done it this time.

“You may go back to class now.” The Father
stood, turned on his heal and looked out the window.

She grabbed her book bag and all but ran from
the room. There was no way her mother could find out about this or
she would be grounded for a month. Or could she be grounded, she
wondered. She was eighteen next week after all. No matter, her
birthday was ruined. All she wanted to do was have a little fun.
Stretch the rules a little. Clearly it hadn’t been a great idea. At
least detention with the fathers beat detention with Sister Mary
Joseph. The fathers were at least eye candy, even if they were
celibate and probably gay. Weren’t all priests?


When she descended the dark back stairwell
into the basement she wasn’t sure she was in the right place.
Fortunately right at the bottom of the stairs was a room. The door
was open and inside sat Father Santiago. There was a single desk in
the room facing a blackboard. A larger teacher’s desk sat off to
the left. It felt like a tomb.

So this is where the worst students in the
school went to detention,
she thought. She stepped into the
room and Father Santiago came behind her and closed the classroom

“Sit, Miss Garcia.”

She went to the desk and almost sat on it.
But when it poked her she jumped up and looked down. Was that what
she thought it was? She went to grab it to take it off the desk
chair, but it was attached.

“I said sit down.”

“Umm, I would, Father, but there’s a dildo on
this chair.” She let out a nervous laugh and looked up at the
father, probably with a very surprised look on her face. That’s how
she felt.

“Ah good, you know what it is and therefore
you should be able to insert it without help.”

She felt her jaw drop. He couldn’t be
serious. “I’m not…”

“You can sit or you can be expelled.”

Father Santiago wasn’t giving her much of a
choice. She looked at the dildo again with disbelief. Part of her
wanted to follow the order and to know what it felt like, but the
other part of her was absolutely terrified. Terrified of such an
odd situation but even more terrified to confront her sexuality
head on. Especially in front of a priest. At least he was good
looking. Tall, dark, handsome and all that. No matter, it was still
really strange. “I’m a virgin, father.”

“Good. Then it will be more painful and
therefore more of a penance. Do you need help?” Father Santiago’s
expression didn’t falter at all. He remained completely
emotionless; on the outside at least.

“Should I remove my panties?” She bit her lip
again, afraid of the dildo in the desk chair.

“It would probably be easier to put the dildo
inside your vagina, yes.” He leaned against the big desk and
watched her.

Self-conscious but strangely aroused, she
slipped her panties over her hips and down her thighs. When they
fell around her ankles she gingerly stepped out of them, then
picked them up and slipped them into her skirt pocket. She lifted
her skirt a little so she could see where the dildo was and guide
it into her already wet hole. It pressed against the opening and
she gently pushed herself down on it. “It hurts a little.”

“It will,” the father said plainly. “Keep
pushing it in until you are sitting on the chair.”

She sat down further feeling the head of the
dildo make its way into her. It really hurt but she kept going.

“It helps if you work it in slowly,” Father
Santiago offered. “Take it out, put it back in, working it deeper
and deeper into you each time.”

He’d obviously instructed someone in this
before. She took another deep breath and tried it his way. She
lifted herself up off the dildo, then settled herself back onto it,
feeling it spread her virgin hole open wider h time. Each time she
took it all the way out of her, surprised at how wet her vagina was
and how wet the dildo was because of her juices.

When it was about half way inside her, Father
Santiago walked over to the desk and leaned down next to her. “Lift
your skirt and let’s see how far you have to go.”

She lifted her skirt, feeling her cheeks go
red as he closely examined how far the dildo was inside her. He
also now knew she shaved
down there
, which was even more
embarrassing. She liked it clean shaven.

He stood and leaned over her, placing is
hands on her hips. Gently he guided her up and down. When she went
down he pushed a little. “That’s much better. How does that

“It hurts,” she admitted.

“Good. It will bleed a little too. Up again.”
He guided her up and down on the shaft again over and over until
finally, she felt the cold wood of the desk chair against her ass
and thighs and the thick dildo deep inside her. “Now sit

He went back to the desk and pulled out a

She sat quietly for at least fifteen minutes,
acutely aware that she couldn’t get comfortable and had to shift
her weight a lot. If she squirmed too much, Father Santiago would
tell her to sit still. Finally, she couldn’t stand it anymore.
“Father, I’m uncomfortable.”

“That is the point. You may lift yourself up
and down on it or sit. Those are your choices.” He went back to
reading the book in front of him.

She lifted herself up and sat down a few
times, but she realized that doing that was causing her to feel
aroused and she didn’t want to masturbate, let alone come, in front
of Father Santiago.

There was a knock on the door and she jumped,
pushing herself down on the dildo so her butt was firmly on the
seat. She smoothed her skirt around her hips and thighs to make
sure no flesh was exposed. Then she closed her eyes and prayed
whoever was at the door wouldn’t notice. Worst of all she couldn’t
turn around to see who it was without exposing what was between her

Father Santiago went to the door and unlocked
it. “You’re late. I had to start detention without you.”

“I got caught up with Mrs. McKee.” It was
Father Montoya’s voice. “How much longer do we have to go?”

Father Santiago locked the door again.
“Another hour and a half.”

She looked at the clock with surprise. It
seemed she’d been here so much longer than a half hour.

Much to her horror both Father Santiago and
Father Montoya approached the desk this time. “Lift your skirt to
show Father Montoya you’ve been paying proper penance,” Father
Santiago instructed.

Another wave of embarrassment washed over
her, but this time it was accompanied by excitement. She had two
handsome priests wanting to look at the naked flesh between her
legs. She lifted her skirt, again exposing her virgin shaven slit
filled with the dildo.

“Very nice,” Father Montoya said with an
approving nod. He reached out and gently pulled apart her labia,
examining her clitoris.

Mindy jumped a little. Despite her free
spirited wardrobe, she had never been free-spirited with men. So
this was the first time a male had touched the bare flesh between
her legs.

“Five more minutes with the dildo inside
you.” Then he reached into the bag he carried with him and pulled
out a jar filled with a white cream. He put some of the cream on
his index finger and gently rubbed it over the hood of her
clitoris, causing her to whimper slightly. “Five more minutes and
then we’ll be ready for your next penance.”

Both men retreated back to the desk and
watched her for five minutes. By the time the fourth minute came
around, Mindy felt her clitoris begin to swell. She was so aroused
she wanted to fuck the dildo. She slowly began moving up and down
on it, and this time it felt really good and really wet.

“Do you like the dildo Mindy?” Father Montoya

She did, but should she admit it? “Kind

“Time’s up, get off of it and come over
here.” He took his bag off the desk and set it on the floor,
pulling something else out.

Upon easing the latex dong out of herself she
realized Father Montoya was holding a riding crop with a broad,
flat end. Warily she approached the priests.

“You are going to lay down on the desk with
your skirt lifted up; your legs spread open wide and your arms
above your head. Is that clear?” Father Montoya lifted an

She nodded. Carefully she lifted herself up
onto the desk, scooted back, and then laid back, lifting her skirt
and spreading her legs. Finally, she lifted her hands above her
head. She felt Father Santiago gently grasp her wrists in his
strong hands.

BOOK: Virgin Punishment
5.3Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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