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Father Montoya pulled a few more things out
of his bag. The first was a pillow that he put under her hips,
lifting them up. Next he pulled out another dildo, this one with an
extra appendage. He lubricated the entire apparatus liberally then
gently pulled her almost to the edge of the desk. He pressed the
dildo into her vagina first. She felt it slowly glide into her,
helped along by the lubrication. It opened her up even more than
the dildo on the chair had. It felt bigger. Finally, when it was
about half way in she felt something hard press against her anus.
“Relax and open up,” Father Montoya told her.

She took a deep breath, forcing herself to
relax her clenched anus. The appendage began making its way into
her anus. She let out a whimper.

“It’s okay. It will be all the way in, in a
few seconds,” Father Santiago reassured her. His left hand held her
wrists steadfast while his right hand slid up her shirt, under her
bra and found her right breast. He began caressing the nipple.

Father Montoya kept working the dildo
contraption in and out of her until he had it firmly seated inside
her. Then he took a small remote and pressed a button and the thing
inside her came alive and began pulsating, vibrating, and writhing

She whimpered and squirmed, firm in father
Santiago’s grasp.

Father Montoya pulled her legs apart again.
“Keep them spread wide.”

Forcing herself to comply, she willed her
legs open for his exploration. She closed her eyes. When she felt
the first smack of the crop against her clitoris she jumped,
drawing her legs together.

Father Montoya immediately smacked her inner
thighs with the crop. “Legs open and apart.”

Father Santiago pinched her nipple then moved
his hand to the other breast. “Do as you’re told.”

She forced her legs open again. This time she
kept her eyes open. Each time the crop came down on her clitoris
she expected pain, but instead she was met with a torturous
pleasure. She wanted him to press the crop against her clitoris so
she could rub against it. It would have felt so wonderful with the
throbbing, pulsating latex peniss inside her. The smacks from the
crop were close and fast. The leather came down on her clitoris
sending waves of pleasure through her. She forced her legs as far
apart as they would go, hoping he would give in and rub her off.
But he didn’t. He kept spanking her clitoris, hard and fast and

Hearing whimpering, she looked around the
room. No one else was there. That’s when she realized the cries
were coming from her. It felt so good she just wanted to moan and
cry out and come. But Father Montoya seemed to be purposefully
bringing her to the brink of orgasm then denying it. The priests
engaged in this sexual torture for at least a half hour and when
Father Montoya finally stepped away and Father Santiago let go of
her wrists, Mindy’s clitoris was swollen bigger than she’d ever
seen it. They did not remove the dildos still humming away and
writhing inside her.

He pulled something else out of the bag. “Now
get down off of the desk, and rub your clitoris off on this soccer
ball,” Father Montoya ordered.

He couldn’t be serious. She sat up, feeling a
ting of discomfort as she moved with the dildos in place. She got
off the desk and stood over the soccer ball, trying hard to keep
the dildos inside her. She was really wet and it was slipping out
of her.

“It’s simple,” explained Father Montoya.
“Lift your skirt, get down on your knees, position the ball between
your legs, position your clitoris on the ball, make sure those
dildos are deep inside you, and rub your clitoris back and forth on
the ball until you come.”

A shiver of excitement ran through her. She
was going to get to come. She was no stranger to masturbation,
obviously. What horny teenager was? Holding the dildos in place
with one hand, she got onto her knees, positioned the ball in front
of her, made sure the dildos were positioned right, and then
maneuvered herself onto the ball with her skirt up and legs spread.
She wanted the priests to be able to see her wanton hole when she
came. She began rolling back and forth on the ball, feeling how it
moved against her clitoris. It took mere minutes for the first wave
of orgasm to overtake her. When she came she cried out, curling her
toes inside the dress shoes her uniform required.

“Do it again,” ordered Father Montoya.

She did as she was told. Rubbing herself off
on the ball felt good and after the second orgasm she was pretty
sure she could come a third time if they wanted her to.

Instead, Father Montoya said, “Now get up,
remove the dildos, and go sit back at the desk. You will sit there
for the remaining forty minutes.”

“But…” she protested.

“If it gets too uncomfortable you can move up
and down on the dildo or sit on it,” Father Santiago said in that
same flat, unaffected voice.

“But if I move on it…” she started.

“If you need your clitoris or breasts rubbed
one of us can oblige,” Father Montoya offered helpfully. “You will
not touch your own vagina with your own hands. I want to see your
hands on the desk at all times.”

She obediently removed the pulsating
contraption from her tight holes and then retreated back to the
chair, maneuvered the dildo back inside her and waited for that
familiar longing to fuck it. It came soon enough. She found it felt
really good if she only took it halfway out before roughly forcing
it back in. Her hands remained firmly on the desk, palms down. It
was after a few minutes of this that she realized she liked fucking
the dildo fast. Finally, she was so aroused that she wanted to come
again. She let out a soft whimper.

“What do you want, Mindy?” Father Santiago

They were going to make her ask for it? That
was sadistic. “I want one of you to touch my clitoris, father.”

“When we want something we say?” Father
Montoya pressed.

“Please?” she asked, clearly riding the dildo
at a good clip.

“A complete sentence,” Father Santiago

“Fathers, please rub my clitoris,” she said,
breathless. She lifted her skirt hoping the sight of her wanting
clitoris and filled hole would spur the priests to action

That seemed to work because both of them
approached her and one got on either side of her. Father Montoya
lifted her shirt and exposed her ample chest. His head came down to
her left nipple and he began licking and sucking it while his left
hand caressed her right breast. It was Father Santiago’s fingers
that found their way to her clitoris and began rubbing and
massaging her. He seemed to know his way around a swollen clitoris.
She pulled her legs apart.

“Fuck the dildo while I rub your clitoris
little girl,” Father Santiago said with an aroused growl.

She bucked against the dildo, her hands now
caught in Father Montoya’s full head of black hair, and shoving her
hips against Father Santiago’s deft fingers. The feeling started
low in her belly and exploded outward. As she came against Father
Santiago’s fingers she cried out, pulling Father Montoya deeper
into her breast where he suckled and rubbed her. The orgasm felt
like it lasted five minutes and it felt like she had pissed
herself. The seat of the desk was soaked.

Father Montoya kissed her forehead. Father
Santiago followed suit. Both men stood.

“Now stand up, put your panties back on, make
sure your clothes are situated and you may leave. You will come
back tomorrow,” Father Santiago said.

She did as she was told and soon found
herself bounding up the stairs toward her locker and realizing she
was going to need a shower when she got home.

She only had four more days of detention to
go and truth be told she was looking forward to it.
birthday to me
, she thought.


The next afternoon she was slightly sore, but
fully aroused by the time she reached the basement detention room.
She’d been anticipating it all day. Father Santiago was already
there. He didn’t even look up when she entered.

Instead he said simply, motioning toward the
corner next to the desk, “Sit in the corner with you back to the
wall, on your knees.”

Well, that was no fun. With some sulking she
wandered into the corner and got on her knees. The floor was
uncomfortable hard and cold. This seemed a more appropriate
Catholic school punishment. Her knees immediately started

After a few minutes, Father Santiago stood
and walked over to her. He took off his belt and began undoing his
black trousers. “Open your mouth,” he commanded.

Surprised to see him pull out his semi-erect
penis, she opened her mouth and waited for him to slide it. His
penis was thick and filled her mouth completely. When it hit the
back of her throat she gagged a bit. She’d seen women suck penis
before. She and her friend Kari would sometimes sneak into Kari’s
parents’ bedroom and watch something from Kari’s father’s vast porn
collection after school, before her parents got home. Like she’d
seen in those movies she ran her tongue on the underside of the
head of his penis.

Father Santiago groaned. He held her head in
place and fucked her mouth at a steady pace.

Her lips started to feel a bit numb, but
after a few minutes she felt his penis spasm and from the head,
warm spurts of come hit the back of her throat. She fought the gag
reflex and willed herself to swallow.


He loosened his grip on her head and pulled
out, putting his penis back in his trousers. “Good girl. Now take
down your panties and bend over the desk.”

She did as she was told, vaguely aware of the
ruler he picked up.

When it hit her the first time she whimpered
slightly. There was a sharp sting.

She fought the urge to cry out. Instead, as
the sting grew sharper tears flooded her eyes. She braced herself
for the next smack, but it never came.

“Now back in the corner on your knees. You
can sit there for the remaining hour and then you can leave.”
Father Santiago, as if nothing had happened, moved over to the
chair and sat down behind the desk. He picked up a book and began

Doing as she was told she kneeled in the
corner, closed her eyes and imagined Father Santiago’s huge penis
invading her tight hole. It was something that took her mind off of
the pain in her knees, for a short time anyway.

The hour passed slowly and finally Father
Santiago set the book down. “Time’s up. You may leave.”

She got up and walked toward the door.

“Same time tomorrow, Mindy,” he called after

“Yes father,” she replied, hoping her
disappointment didn’t come across in her voice. Her first detention
was quite satisfying, but today’s just left her with the urge to
scream. Well, actually it left her with the urge to masturbate and
there would be plenty of time for that when she got home.

That night after dinner she went to her room
and let her mind wander into her fantasies. Her fingers worked
expertly over her clitoris, making her squirm. In the fantasy,
Father Santiago’s office door was open and the secretary was on her
lunch break. She slipped into the office and closed the door behind
her. He was bent over some paperwork.

“Father,” she said, catching his attention.
Once she had it she slowly, seductively began slipping out of her
blouse and bra, exposing her ample chest with pert nipples. Then
she slid her panties over her hips, letting them fall to the floor.
“Would you like to suck on my clit and fuck my pussy?” she asked

“Yes, very much, Mindy.” His breathing began
to labor as his eyes focused on her skirt. Or rather, what was
beneath it. Forbidden fruit.

She shoved all the paperwork off of his desk
and climbed on top of it, exposing the naked flesh between her legs
for him. He buried his head between her thighs, sucking her
clitoris and running his tongue around and over it.

As this thought raced through her mind her
hand began moving faster and faster between her legs and before she
could get to the part of the fantasy where he was making love to
her, she came.


Day three of her detention appeared more
dismal than the day before. She arrived to find the little desk in
the center of the room missing its dildo. Instead, a pen and two
sheets of paper sat on top of the desk. Father Santiago sat behind
the desk with his nose in the book. Whatever he was reading must
have been interesting because it took him about two minutes for him
to even acknowledge she was there. She simply stood in front of the
desk and awaited his instruction.

“Ah, sit at the desk. You will write the
I will abide the dress code
one-hundred times.” His
eyes went back to the book.

She stomped to the desk and sat down. Picking
up the pen she put it to the first sheet of paper and began
writing. In order to get it onto the page 100 times she’d have to
make sure she had at least twenty-five lines per page, front and

It was line eighty four when she realized
Father Santiago was standing over her shoulder, watching her write.
A rush of excitement ran through her. Surely he would expect some
sexual penance; or at least she hoped he would. She drew her thighs
together and kept writing. When she finally reached one-hundred
lines she set the pen down on the desk and looked over her shoulder
at him. “I’m done, father.”

“Good. Now stand up and remove all of your

That same rush of excitement ran through her
again, this time lingering between her thighs. Looking nervously at
the door, she started to unbutton her blouse and kick off her black
slip-on shoes. Next, she slipped out of her bra. In her fantasy she
moved like a succubus, slow and seductive. Now, she simply felt
clumsy and awkward. Father Santiago didn’t seem to mind. His eyes
were fixed on her breasts. He licked his lips.

BOOK: Virgin Punishment
4.88Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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