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She took off her socks then slipped out of
her skirt and panties. Finally she stood in front of him completely
naked. After another nervous glance at the door she finally asked,
“Father, what if someone comes down?”

He smiled. “Then they can watch. Get up on
the desk on your back, knees bent.”

Sprinting to the desk, she gracefully hoisted
herself on top of it and laid back, her legs spread and her feet on
the edge of the desk.

“Nice.” His hands slipped over her outer
thighs and then he gently caressed her inner thighs. Then his hands
moved to her lower stomach and he traced his index finger over her
belly to her swollen mound. He ran his finger right down her slit
to the wet spot. “Mmm.”

She pushed her hips forward, hoping to
indicate she wanted him without having to say it.

Father Santiago seemed to take the hint. He
pulled his swollen penis from his trousers and pressed the head at
the opening of her tight hole. He pushed in a little, slipping the
head inside.

A whimper escaped Mindy’s throat. It hurt,
but she wanted it.

He pulled out a little then shoved it back
in, each time driving it deeper into her until finally, he
penetrated her, head to base in slow, long strokes. Finally, his
index finger found her clitoris and he began rubbing.

She moaned softly and shoved her hips forward
to meet his every thrust. It felt so good having his fingers rub
her while he fucked her. His other hand found her breasts and
massaged them.

“Do you like it, Mindy?” he asked, breathless
and clearly turned on.

She shoved her hips forward, feeling his
scrotum slap her backside. “Yes, Father.”

“How much do you like it?”

“I don’t want you to stop. Harder.” She
moaned again, worried her moans would bring someone down to

He began thrusting faster and harder. “Like

She nodded. “Yes.”

His fingers worked across her clitoris,
causing that familiar sensation that usually led to orgasm to build
deep inside her. Just as that deep, earth shattering explosion ran
through her, the door opened and Father Montoya entered.

She couldn’t stop the orgasm; it was already
there, and she was left moaning and coming helplessly on the desk
with Father Santiago’s thick prick buried inside her and Father
Montoya looking on with approval. The orgasm was so intense there
were aftershocks and with each thrust she realized how much she
liked being filled by his swollen penis.

It was as he was coming that she realized he
wasn’t pulling out. No, he came deep inside her and when he finally
pulled out, every bit of come was left behind. A wave of panic
washed over her. She didn’t take the pill. Good Catholic girls were
forbidden from using birth control since they were supposed to be
virgins when they married anyway.

Father Santiago stepped aside to allow Father
Montoya his turn.

“No,” she protested. It was a weak no and she
didn’t really mean it.

“Take your penance like a woman, Mindy.” With
that, Father Montoya pushed his throbbing penis into her wanting

All the while her mind screamed no while her
body responded with yes. She lifted her hips to meet each of his
thrusts, moaning in pleasure as he massaged her swollen and wanting
clitoris. She came on his penis with the same ferocity she had with
Father Santiago and like Father Santiago, Father Montoya came
inside her.

When he pulled out she immediately felt
ashamed for enjoying it and afraid that she could end up pregnant.
She pulled her legs together and started to sit up.

“Stay there. We’re not done with you yet. You
need to be bred properly,” Father Montoya said with narrowed

Laying back down and re-exposing her sex to
them she trembled.

Father Santiago’s penis was hard again and he
pulled on it a few times and sat up on the desk next to her. He
pulled a bottle of lubricant out of his bag and started coating his
penis in a thick layer of it. “Now sit up and come here and sit on
my lap.”

She sat up and lifted herself onto the
Father’s lap. With some maneuvering and with Father Montoya lifting
her up, they finally managed to get the head of Father Santiago’s
penis into the tight pucker of her anus. He slowly worked it in and
out until finally, it was firmly inside her. Then he pulled her
legs apart, exposing her wet mound and still swollen clitoris.

Father Montoya positioned his erection at the
opening of her and filled her in one swift thrust.

The sensation of being filled by two penises
surprised her and caused her to moan. Father Santiago leaned back,
ever so slightly moving his penis in and out of her anus while
simultaneously Father Montoya pleasured her wanting vagina. All the
while Father Santiago’s fingers worked over her clitoris. She came
almost immediately and it wasn’t long after that, that both men
lost their loads inside her.

They let her rest for a few minutes and use
the restroom. When she came back they switched places and did it
again. By the time five-o-clock came, Mindy had been filled six


The following morning Mindy was summoned to
Father Montoya’s office after her first class. It smelled like
books and un-smoked cigars. She sat in the chair across from him
waiting for him to get off of the phone. Just sitting there,
knowing his mind was thinking of new ways to have his way with her
caused the flesh between her legs to quiver.

He finally hung up and then opened a desk
drawer, producing a pair of panties with a two inch dong inside it.
He inserted a bullet vibrator and tested the remote sitting on his
desk. The panties came to life with vibration.

Her breath caught in her throat.

After clicking off the remote, he handed her
the now still panties. “Put these on in place of your panties. The
projectile goes inside your vagina. Then you may go back to

She didn’t question. She had two days of
detention to go. Slipping off her white cotton panties, she slipped
into the black PVC thong panties and inserted the rubber plug into
her already dripping slit. With the panties securely in place, she
smoothed her skirt and turned to him.

He wore a sly grin. “Now,” he said, pressing
the button on the remote.

The plug inside her came to life. She jumped
a bit and drew her thighs together, realizing that the tighter her
thighs, the more vibration ran through her sex. Even her clitoris
felt stimulated.

“How is that?”

“It’s good, Father,” she said with a soft

“Now get to class, here’s your excuse

She took the note from him and when their
hands touched her entire body responded to the wave of arousal that
coursed through her. Somehow she managed to make it to her English
class. They were watching a movie about gothic poets. About halfway
through the plug inside her began vibrating. She drew her legs
together, squirmed, and then pulled her legs apart in attempt to
keep the vibrations from reaching her clitoris. No matter what the
plug was inside her and she had no control over the vibration and
how her body responded. Father Montoya had to be close by. She was
pretty sure remotes only worked a short distance away. Before class
was over she was so close to coming, but just as she felt herself
ready to go over the precipice, the vibration stopped and all she
felt was the wetness of her and how the PVC panties, slick with her
juices, slid against her swollen clitoris. The rest of the day was
much the same. About fifteen minutes of each class was spent with
the plug inside her, vibrating. She did manage to stop in the
bathroom at lunch to clean herself up before inserting the plug
again. She so badly wanted to rub her clitoris. There was nothing
so uncomfortable as being completely aroused and being denied
orgasm. At the end of the school day she was wet again and still
swollen. She made her way down the stairs to the detention room,
the bullet still vibrating in its plug sheath, firmly inserted in
her sopping wet hole.

When she entered the room she found both
Father Montoya and Father Santiago waiting for her. The door at the
back of the detention room was open and it seemed to lead into
another hallway.

Father Santiago was the first to say
anything. “Remove all of your clothing except the panties.”

She began undressing, ever aware of the
growing excitement and the still vibrating plug inside her. When
they made her take off the panties they would see just how wet and
horny she was. She was beginning to hate the fact that she loved
what they were doing to her. She wanted them to fuck her and use
her body to please themselves. She wanted to be filled with their
peniss and their toys. It made her feel like a whore and she loved
being their whore. That mere thought made her nipples perk up and
go rigid. No sooner had she slipped out of her clothes they brought
out a plug, a dildo, and a harness. Her eyes went wide.

“This is for tomorrow,” Father Montoya
assured her. “You’ll wear it tonight and wear it all day

Father Santiago chuckled. He took out a pair
of wrist cuffs. “These are for today. Put them on.”

She took the cuffs from him and buckled them
on her wrists dutifully.

“Now go through the door, Mindy, take a left
and then your first right.” He motioned toward the open door.

Stepping into the cold hallway she walked,
nude except for the vibrating panties, into the hallway. She turned
left into another hallway, and then took an almost immediate right
into a room that held an examination table, a large wooden cross,
and a bench. The floor was cold as ice beneath her feet. The
fathers came in behind her with two large gym bags, probably full
of whips, clitoris smackers and dildos, ready to molest, fuck and
humiliate her nubile body.

Both men removed their collars.

Father Montoya took Mindy by the hand and let
her to the cross, shackling her via chains with clips to her wrist
cuffs. Then he took a spreader bar from Father Santiago and
stopped. “I think you’re going to need to take off those panties,

With a sly grin, Father Santiago leaned down
in front of her and took down her panties revealing Mindy’s wet,
swollen sex. “Oh yeah, good girl. Nice and wet.”

Then, with cooperation, the men shackled
Mindy’s ankles to the bar and tethered the bar to the bottom of the
cross. She couldn’t move and they would be able to do whatever they
wanted to her. Her mind raced with the possibilities and she let
out a whimper when she saw them bring out the big, white vibrator.
Her clitoris ached at the sight of it; wanting it more than she had
ever wanted anything before. Finally they were going to let her

“I think our little Mindy knows exactly what
we’re going to do with this,” Father Montoya said.

“I think you’re right, Jack. I think the poor
little slut has suffered long enough. Though I think you should
make her beg for it.”

Father Montoya shrugged. “I want to give her
a taste of what she’s begging for first. Close the door.”

Father Santiago closed the door and as he
did, Father Montoya turned on the vibrator and held it against
Mandy’s clitoris, causing her to howl in surprise then moan in
pleasure. She shoved her hips forward, wanting to ride the vibrator
and wishing she had one of their peniss inside her, filling

He pulled the vibrator away. “Now tell me how
much you want it.”

She cried out in frustration. “I want it so
much, Father.”

“What do you want?”

“I want the vibrator on my clitoris,” she
half whispered.

“Speak up, we can’t hear you,” Father
Santiago said with a hint of amusement.

She pushed against her restraints, shoving
her hips forward as far as they would go. “Please Father Montoya.
Please put the vibrator on my clitoris,” she cried out.

He lightly set the vibrator on her clitoris
to where it was barely touching and turned it on the lowest
setting. She strained to push her hips forward to meet it, but
realized she was already as far forward as she was going to get. He
dragged the head of the vibrator over her clitoris, down over her
labia, used it to massage the opening of her hole, then slid it
back up her slit to her swollen clitoris again. He applied more
pressure so the vibrator ground against her clitoris. “Like

She howled. “Yes, sir. Like that.”

“I bet you’d like to have a big penis in you
right now, huh?” Father Santiago asked.

Opening her eyes, she saw him kneeling in
front of her with a large dildo. He began feeding it into her
dripping wet hole. It felt so incredibly good she fell helplessly
into her restraints and moaned, allowing the intense pleasure to
overwhelm her. Once he got the dildo in her as far as it would go,
he pulled it all the way out, and then filled her again. Over and
over again. Each time she felt every inch of the rubber penis
spreading her open. All the while the vibrator teased her

Finally, something exploded from deep within
her, making her toes curl and her breath catch in her throat. A
sensual moan escaped her lips. This must have been Father
Santiago’s cue because he began penetrating her with the dildo
faster. She found when she submitted to it, the sensation was more
intense and so she did. Her orgasm felt like it lasted a minute or
more until finally, she collapsed against her restraints and was
left breathless and panting, hanging from the cross.

After what seemed an hour or more of her
hanging there, Father Santiago released her. She was
unceremoniously ushered back into the detention room and made to
put on the harness that kept a dildo firmly seated inside her, and
a small, well-lubricated butt plug inserted in her anus. She put on
her clothes over that.

BOOK: Virgin Punishment
3.92Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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