V.S.O.P.: A Very Special Love Story

BOOK: V.S.O.P.: A Very Special Love Story
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V.S.O.P: Very Special Love Story

Danielle Marcus


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I woke up from the same nagging dream in a cold sweat for the 5
time this week. It was beginning to become a routine that had me dreading falling asleep. No matter how hard I tried to shake it, it still haunted my every thought. Over twenty years had passed since the day that bastard stole my innocence and my life has been fucked up ever since.

I wasn’t able to save myself for that special someone, and then share cherry popping stories with my girls. I wasn’t able to live a normal life like everyone else, all because that monster decided to take something that wasn’t his. With as many women that were giving their goods away for free, he decided to take mine, and I hated him for that.

Not only did he rape me, but he left evidence of it behind in the form of my daughter, Diamond. If it was up to me, she would have been in a suction tube inside of the abortion clinic somewhere. But, that wasn’t God’s will, and I thank Him every day for not allowing me to make that mistake. My baby is my world. She’s going to look out for me even if no one else did.

It wasn’t a walk in the park raising and loving her, though. I’ll admit that. Just staring into her face used to fuck with my mental. She was the splitting image of that man and it was a constant reminder of him and what he did to me.

Shit, I need a drink like right now. I hopped up out of my bed and made my way to the dresser where I kept a bottle of liquor on deck. I grabbed the Henny and took a big gulp, allowing the liquid to burn my chest as it slid down. The burning sensation didn’t stop me from taking two more gulps, though. I was on a mission to get drunk and have my problems be the least of my worries.

That’s one of the ways I coped with everything. Liquor made me numb. I didn’t have to think about how fucked up my life really is. It took away all my problems, so I stayed faded.

I looked over at the clock on the night stand. It was just after midnight, and the perfect time to get dressed and hit the club. I had slept the whole day away so I was well energized and ready to party.

I pulled my phone out and hit up my girls Danetta and Niecy. They were my riders, and always down for whatever. We’d been cool for well over fifteen years.

“What’s up heffa?” Niecy answered with heavy noise in the background. From the sound of Rich Homie Quan blasting though my ear piece, I knew that she was at the club.

I frowned up a bit. She was at the club without me! “Unt uhh. I know you did not go to the party without me!” I boomed holding on to the dresser. Those sips of Henny had me feeling a little too right. I had been drinking before I took my nap so that coupled with what I had just consumed did it for me.

“I did call. Me and Danetta knocked on your door for like five minutes too!” Niecy fired back, then she added, “You know I wasn’t about to be too late for Juan’s party. There’s no way in hell I’m letting him be alone in this club with all these thirst buckets lurking”

I had to laugh to myself. I wanted to tell her that nobody wanted Juan’s little ugly arrogant ass. But, I kept that to myself. I’ll admit, Juan did have money, but, he was too much for his own good. I couldn’t stand his ass either. He didn’t know how to keep his hands to himself, and I hated that my friend was dumb enough to stay because he took care of her.

“I feel you.” I told her instead. “But, come get me! You know that I need to get out, and we’ve been talking about this party for two whole weeks!”

Niecy paused for a second before responding. I heard her exhale. “Man Renee, we already here and I done had like three shots. I’m going to send Wayne to come get you. Is that cool?”

I looked at the phone to make sure I was hearing right. Wayne was cool but there was no way in hell I was hopping in the car alone with him. After all that I’ve been through, I was extra cautious about putting myself in vulnerable situations like that.

“Never mind, I’ll find my own way.” I told her, hanging up. I wanted to be mad, but I brushed it off and called up a cab. Even though a cab wasn’t much safer, it still was better than hopping in the car alone with Wayne’s ass, knowing that he wanted me.


I got this bad caramel chick from up at the office in my bedroom. Mannnnn, I’m about to blow her back out! Shorty has been trying to throw it at me for close to a year now and I finally decided to take it.

I wasn’t trying to go there with her at first, but, at the end of the day I’m still a man. How does the saying go? If you keep on teasing a dog eventually you’ll get bit. Well, I was about to tear that ass up!

Ol’ girl, whose name is Tiana, is the secretary for the label that I work at.   She walks around in her miniskirts showing off her soft long legs, and those low cut tops, just teasing niggas. She has every man in that building trying to get her, but she insists on chasing after me and now it’s time to see what all she trying to do.

We’re in my bed, I’m gripping her fat ass, and she’s stroking my soldier. He’s saluting the hell out of her too. Don’t get it twisted; I’m far from a thirsty nigga. I’ve already had my fair share of enough women for me and two men. I was a straight dog back in my day.

That’s not me anymore though. I’m ready to settle down and find me a wife. Kids and the house on the hills with the picket fence didn’t sound so bad either. You know, do the family thing. Living that life cost me entirely too much.

About 9 years back, I had a lot going for me. I was well established in the game, I was a hood legend, and I had my down ass chick by my side. I was about to retire from the game and get married, she was about to have my seed, and I had a bad one or two that I was knocking down every other week.

But, everything fell apart when my lady walked in on me and one of my freaks one night. She was supposed to be out of town with her people, so I was just as shocked to see her as she was to walk in on what I was doing.  She sped off and ran straight into a light pole, killing herself and our unborn on impact. I haven’t been right since.

Damn… Tanya. I miss her ass like crazy! “Shit.” I mumbled, feeling my soldier going limp with every passing second. No, no, no. Not right now! Well, I’ll be damned! I was soft as cotton and my mood was all the way shot.

“What’s wrong, babe?” I heard Tiana’s voice say, snapping me out of my argument with myself. She was staring at me with a crease etched in her forehead. I couldn’t tell if she was concerned, embarrassed, or mad. “Did I do something wrong?” She added, climbing from on top of me and sitting next to me on the bed.

I let out a breath of air and sat up, fixing my pants. I didn’t even want to look at her. I couldn’t believe my dick would fail me right now. What made it even worse was this was me and Tiana’s first time and I was like 10 years older than her. I didn’t want her thinking that I was some old fart that needed Viagra to stay up. I was definitely too smooth for that.

I was really starting to believe that I was still being punished for Tanya’s death. Loneliness was my punishment. How am I supposed to keep a woman if my shit doesn’t stay hard? No woman wanted a man that couldn’t hit that spot the right way. What pissed me off was that I knew I could make any woman cum five times in one session. I wasn’t one to brag but my sex game was proper.

Back to baby girl. I wasn’t about to let her know that I was feeling some type of way about what just happened. When I say I’m too smooth for that, I promise that’s what I mean. I looked at her, keeping my confident poker face. “Nah, it ain’t you baby.  I just got a lot on my mind. I don’t even know why I agreed to meeting tonight.” I told her, holding my glare into her little pretty face. She was definitely a hot one. I like that she had her shit together and she had more than just her looks going for her. That’s what initially made me give in to talking to her.

Tiana was a Spellman graduate with a Bachelor’s in Communications. She had no kids, a nice job, and her own house and ride. She was definitely a catch, and after kicking it with her and talking for a month or two, I found out she had cool conversation too.

“I understand.” She countered, slanting her head down to the floor.  I could tell her feelings were hurt and it wasn’t even her fault because she definitely was the total package.

I reached out and lifted her chin up so that she could look at me. I had to smooth things over. I was actually digging Tiana. “Don’t be looking like that. You know you sexy as hell. You didn’t do anything wrong. My mind just clouded” I assured her.

She smiled at me. “See that’s why I like you Diesel. You’re not like most of these dudes out here after me because of my looks or my body. I’m going to get you. Just watch. Whatever is on your mind will be the least of your worries when I do.”

Confident Tiana was back. She had it bad for me and I didn’t understand why. Wait, let me stop bullshitting. I’m that nigga, and I know that without a doubt.


I pulled up at the club inside of a worn yellow taxi cab. I had plans on straight ignoring Niecy’s ass. But, I decided to let it go because being mad took up too much energy, and I just wanted to have fun.

Chuck’s was banging. The parking lot was jam packed, the line was nearly wrapped around the corner, and the music was so loud that you could hear it outside of the club. I hurried up and paid the cabby, hopping out and making my way inside. I wasn’t even inside the place for a good minute before the hounds were all over me.

“Yo’ baby what’s your name?”

“Damn baby.”

I couldn’t stand a thirsty nigga. I ignored everyone, pushing past the crowd in search of Danetta and Niecy. I couldn’t blame them though. At 40, I swear if you put me next to any twenty year old, I’d give her a run for her money. My body was sick, thick in all the right places. Then I had that natural beauty: natural hair, flawless skin with no need for makeup, and of course there was no plastic surgery needed to come up with the deadly curves of my 5’5 frame.

I used to hate my beauty and my body because it brought the attention that caused that sick bastard to rape me. I used to hate how men stared at me with that look of lust in their eyes. It made me feel so vulnerable. But now, I could care less. That’s why I stayed with a shot of Remy on deck. I didn’t have to think about it.

Let me find my girls so that I can take another shot right now. I scanned the club and spotted Danetta and Niecy on the dance floor. Niecy’s old ass was forty five, trying to do the Nae Nae, Stanky Leg, Tootsie Roll, or whatever you wanted to call the stiff move she was doing. Her shoulders were bouncing more than her ass. My poor friend couldn’t dance a lick and I had to laugh at her.

BOOK: V.S.O.P.: A Very Special Love Story
13.18Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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