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I hear the sound of the music again when the door opens as I reach my Jeep.  I look over to see Aiden walking toward me, but I continue to strap my seat belt across my chest.

Chapter Two



“You leaving me with them vultures?”  Why do I find it refreshing that he called them vultures?

“Not sure what you mean.”  He keeps walking with that damn swagger until he gets to the driver side of my Jeep.  He blocks the door from closing and I just watch him as he watches me.

“You owe me a dance.”

“Not on your life.”

“Awe, but it would be fun.”

“I’m going to head out.  I should’ve made a few stops already anyway.”  It’s just time to go.  Too many things tonight have reminded me of why I shouldn’t do something like this.

“You’re blowin’ me off.  Hell, I’ve never been blown off like this before.”  He looks at me with those eyes.  I can remember the blue from inside.  It’s too dark to see them now, but my memory has them front and center.

“I really do have things to do.”  Meaning, you look fucking hot and you keep doing things that just drive me crazy.  I am a woman who could use a good night to forget everything that’s happened.  Just not sure where my head is going is the best way right now.

“Alright, hold on and I’ll go with you.  A girl like you shouldn’t be out by yourself this late.”  Ah shit.  He’s moving around in front of the Jeep and quickly opens the passenger door.

“It’s eight o’clock.”

“I know.  That’s late around here.”

“I can’t just take a stranger with me on errands.”  He sits in the passenger seat and stretches his legs as far out as he can.  This Jeep looks good on him.  Damn him.

“You know me.  I’m Aiden.  We met earlier.  I bought you drinks and you lied about dancing with me.”  Dancing again.

“Will I ever live that down?”

“Probably not.  That’s why you should just come back in with me.  We’ll dance to one song, then see where that takes us.”

“You’re a determined guy aren’t you?”

“Not usually.  I guess I just had a shitty day and when I walked in… you smiled.  It was the first smile I had seen all day.”

“I’m sorry you had a crap day.”

“Eh.  Just shit at work.  I can’t complain though.  On a normal day, my job is a cake walk.”  I wait for him to go into more detail, but he doesn’t.

“Where do you work?”

“Just contract work.  Me and a buddy have started a business, but that’s not what we’re talking about.  You’re supposed to come in and have that dance with me.”  I think about how stubborn he seems.  I also start to consider the fact that I haven’t had a fun night in a very long time.  Shopping can truly wait and worst case scenario, I let this guy have one dance then maybe he’ll let me leave without getting into my passenger seat.

“I haven’t danced in a very long time.  I’m pretty sure I’ll embarrass us both out there.”

“Not possible.  I don’t give two fucks what anyone thinks about me and what I’m doing.”  He scoots his ass forward in my seat, lays his seat back and puts his arms behind his head.  He looks up at the sky then over at me.  “Damn, this view.  A guy could get used to this.”

Hell, a girl could get used to this view, but I don’t dare say that.  The street light shines on both of us, so I quickly look forward.  What am I doing?  This guy is a smooth talker, quickly talking in his Southern drawl and doing shit to make me feel free for the moment.  It’s like he truly doesn’t have a care in the world and I crave that feeling so much.  I’ve spent my entire life stressed and worrying about what others are going to think of me because I had to.  I had to watch my actions and make sure there wouldn’t be drastic consequences to something I did.  It’s time that all changes.   

“Well, if you’re up for a show, then I guess I’ll dance with you.  But we need a few more drinks first.”  He pulls the lever on his seat and quickly opens the door.  He’s out and around to my side of the Jeep before I have the chance to reconsider.  He opens the door and moves his hand like he’s cleared the way for me to exit.  This is chivalry at its finest and I feel weird going back into the bar with this guy.

He walks next to me and opens the door to the bar for me too.  He grabs my hand and lets his broad shoulders guide us through the people to the bar and squeezes us in when we’re against it.  He’s so close and I don’t know whether to push him back or hold him closer.  His arm feels good around me as he draws me closer and raises his other one, holding two fingers up to get the bartender's attention.

“Tequila.  Make it doubles.”  Oh shit.  I haven’t had tequila in forever, but it’s probably the exact shot I would order to get the courage I need to get out there.  Hell, what am I even worried about?  I’ll never see any of these people again.

“Do you need a chaser?”  His voice in my ear has me feeling chilled and distracts me for just a moment.

“Yes, I’ll take a lemon.”  He reaches over the bar and uses the tiny tongs to grab me a wedge.  He holds both shot glasses up over my head and we move away from the bar for more space.

“I can’t really toast like some of my friends do, but I can simply say… To having a fun carefree night.”  We both tap our shot glasses together and take the shots.  I struggle just a little because it’s a double, but that tequila went down very smooth.  He holds the lemon in front of my mouth, so I lean forward to take it from him.  He doesn’t release it until I sink my teeth into it.  His eyes watch my lips and I watch his.  That damn tongue again.

“What was that?  It was very smooth.”

“Rosie always hooks me up with Patron if I ask for tequila.  I go for quality over quantity.”  His eyes are still focused on my lips, so I back away just slightly.  He’s so close.  How in the hell can I do this after the ride I’ve been on with Luke and Greg?  Before I can even think about my past a second longer, he pulls me against his chest, hands our glasses to a waitress as she passes and begins to lead us in the two-step.  We make it about ten steps and the song changes to rap.  Crap.

I’m thinking this is my out, then he takes a step back and starts doing the dance moves to the song.  I can’t help but crack up laughing watching his country demeanor do the Nae Nae as he moves around me.  What the hell, I figure at this point I look worse standing next to this man dancing than I would if I just joined in.  This is a simple enough dance so surely I can manage not looking like a complete idiot.

We whip, then we do the stanky leg and when it comes to the part where it says ‘Watch Me’, I watch him.  How could I not?  His rhythm is sexual, there’s no doubt.  I work hard not to notice his ass as he moves, but hell if my eyes don’t keep sliding over it.  And the bulge the girls were talking about seems to be catching my eye too.  I return my focus to my own dancing and add a few extra hip motions myself.  He moves in behind me and holds my hips against his as I continue to dance.  He’s very close and now I feel that infamous bulge.

I lose myself in this moment and I don’t care what anyone else is thinking or if they’re watching.  He’s making me laugh, feel good, and even has me craving a little more of him even though that makes me feel guilty as hell.  

I’m not in a committed relationship, so I should be able to have fun and enjoy an evening with a man that seems to be interested in me.

The song shifts again, this time to a slow song.  Before I have a chance to process anything, he’s twirled me around into his chest.  We both begin to sway in unison and I let him pull me closer.

“I thought you couldn’t dance.”  His deep words echo in my ear over the music.

“I can’t.”  I tell the truth.  This isn’t something I would say I knew how to do, honestly he just made it easy.

“I beg to differ, Darlin’.”  His full lips brush across my neck and I'm practically moving toward him, begging for another swipe of his lips.  Or tongue.  I'm not picky.

He does it again, this time moving my chin toward his and finding my lips.  His kiss is gentle and caring.  He knows how to kiss very well and this pace he has is so slow that he has me craving more.  He's holding me close with one arm behind my back and the other hand threaded through my own fingers.  Such a simple gesture, yet he's making a big impression.  Our tongues move slowly for the rest of the song and before it's over, I find myself wanting more with him.

He guides us to the far dark corner, away from the speakers and most of the people.  “Those were some of the sexiest moves I’ve seen in a long time.”

What do you even say to that?  Thank you?  Wait til you see me with another shot of tequila?

“We could go somewhere else more private if you want.  I know a few places around here that have amazing views.  I’d love to show you around some.  I know this isn’t really your scene, and I’ll be honest, it’s not mine either.”  I want to take him to the cabin, but Holden’s friend will be by sometime tomorrow and I’d hate to disrespect them.  The fact that he’s letting me stay there is a hard pill to swallow.  He didn’t have to help me at all.

“Where are you thinking?”

“Let me make a call or two.  I’ll get us a ride too.  I don’t drink and drive and I won’t let you either.”

“Was that your plan?  Get me to drink, then keep me from leaving.”  I don’t drink and drive either, so it’s not an issue with me, but it’s funny how this is all working out to his benefit.  Or is it mine?

What the hell am I doing?  I know where this night is headed.  Maybe it’s what I need.  Maybe a good night with a stranger will give me the motivation I need to get out of this town and out from under the helping hand of someone else.

“It might’ve been my plan.  You’ll never know.”  He moves to lean against the wall and starts dialing on his phone.  I start to think about what I’m getting myself into.  I don’t even know this guy and I’m about to be stranded with him and I have no one to call if shit goes bad.  I think about all of this logically and start to think about how I can get out of this.

“Macy.  Can you come pick me and a friend up?  You can take us out to the lake house and then help me get my truck tomorrow.”  I watch him as he struggles to hear her.  “That’ll work too.  Bring both of them, we need two moved.  Yeah, I’m at Rosie’s.  Just text when you get here.”  He puts his phone in his pocket then looks at me.

I take notice that he’s having a female pick us up and wonder who she is and who ‘both’ of them are.  Maybe I should just have her take me back to the cabin.  I can try to find a way back to town tomorrow.  Am I out of my mind for going with this man?  Possibly, but I know he’s not some insane psycho murderer.  I can just tell with him.  I want to spend more time with him and just let tonight happen.  I need this, and I need a personality like his around me, even if it’s only for a few hours.

“My sister is coming with a few of her friends.  They’re going to move my truck out to the lake house and if you want them to move yours, they can.  Then we can just hang out at the lake house if you want.  The girls will be out there, but it’s a big place.”  Him and three women.  I can handle this kind of after party.  Not that this has been a late night at the club, but that sounds more like my style anyway!

“That sounds like a great time.  As long as you’re not taking me to some abandoned shack to attack me, I’m game.”  He smiles again.  Hell, actually I don’t think he’s stopped smiling since I met him.

He pulls me by the hand back onto the dance floor and we continue dancing for a couple of songs before he looks at his phone and says it’s time to go.  I smell like him now.  His cologne radiates from my shirt and I can’t say I mind one bit.

Once we’re away from the dance floor again, he looks back and talks as he keeps walking us away from the crowd.  “Let’s do one more shot before we go.”  I agree, because I’ve sweat so much there’s no way that first shot is still an issue.  This time he orders from the end of the bar.  Two fingers in the air again.  “Gentleman Jack, neat this time Rosie.”

He just ordered whiskey straight up and I have officially lost my mind, because I plan to drink it as soon as it gets here.  I know my limit and I’m still doing good.

“This is my favorite right here.  A lady should always have a gentleman when she’s out.”  I get his innuendo and I agree.  Just not sure it should be in the form of whiskey, but I’ll take a shot.


That was stout, but not near as bad as I thought it would be.  He takes it back without even a grimace and I bite through the aftertaste before he spins me around and we move for the door.

We hit the night air and we both exhale.  “Damn it feels nice out here.”  Before I can reply, there’s a female voice talking to us through the open passenger window.

“Hey Sis.”  So this is his sister.

“You got your keys?  Rachael and Angie are going to move you out to the lake.”  He struggles with his keys in those tight jeans and then holds his hand out for mine.  I hesitate and look toward my Jeep knowing I’m now to the point I have to have a ride back to the cabin if I choose not to go with him.  He must feel that reality has finally hit me because he moves in close to me with his back to his sister.

“Nothing will happen that you don’t approve of.  I’m big on respect and you have nothing but that from me.”  Damnit.  His voice so close to my ear does crazy things to me.  I have enjoyed the evening so far.  I haven’t hardly thought of all the black clouds over my head or the fact that I need to be working on me right now.

He moves in closer and runs his finger down my arm and I’m done.  I want to feel him touch me like that all over my body, but of course I won’t.  But I could stand to just spend more time with him and keep my mind preoccupied longer.  I’m not going to lie, it’s been nice not thinking tonight.

BOOK: Whiskey Dreams (Rebel Walking #7)
4.22Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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