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Chapter Ten



Holy shit.  She’s going to make me crazy and I’ll ruin this night by making it about urgency.  I want to rush through this and get to the part where we’re both laying on our backs, breathing heavy in perfect exhaustion.  But that’s not how I roll.  I take my time and this is one time in my life that I want to make it right.

She’s beautiful.  Her softness against my tough skin is a perfect friction and I’m about to lose it all now that she’s working the zipper on my jeans.  She slides her hand inside the zipper and guides my cock out and I swear he’s trying to snake his way straight for her.  If she were to jump around my waist again, there’s no stopping it. 

She lowers herself to her knees to move my jeans down my legs and takes my dick in her hand.  She begins to put her mouth around it and I stop her.  This is supposed to be about her.  I can’t have her on her knees when I haven’t had the chance to make her scream my name a few times.  Her mouth on me will be my ending.

“Let me take care of you.”  Her words are a whisper around my cock.  Fuck. 

“You will.  But let me first.”  She wraps her gorgeous lips around my cock and takes me as deep as she can.  I stop her head from going any deeper because just like that, I’m about to lose it.

“Lay on the bed.  Let me taste you.”  I guide her to her feet and watch her ass while she walks away from me. 

I kick myself out of these jeans and follow her.  I kneel beside the bed and slide her ass to the edge.  She wraps her legs around my shoulders and I get my first taste of this woman that has had me going crazy non-stop since I met her.  She was worth the wait.

“Aiden.  I can’t.”  Shit.  I stop everything.  I should’ve known this was a bad idea.  She’s healing for fuck’s sake and here I am getting caught up in something that’s not truly available.

“Don’t stop.  Please.”

“You can’t what?”  I have to ask before I continue.

“I can’t hold it much longer.  You’ve got me so worked up.”  That I can deal with.  She can come seventeen times tonight and I’ll keep going. 

“Let it go, Kimber.  I got you.”  And with that I go to work.  My tongue and even my face give her a ride that I hope she’ll be able to remember long after tonight.  I catch her gripping the edge of the bed as she moans through number one of the many that I have planned for tonight.

“Oh shit.  Aiden.  Please fuck me already.”  Her hips are still moving as I lick her teasingly.  I know I’m good for a few times tonight.  That’s one area that I’m very lucky in, especially if I have a few drinks.  I don’t get whiskey dick; I get whiskey thick.  The few ladies that have experienced that have appreciated it.

I slide her up the bed as I cover her with my body.  Kissing her is a new favorite thing to do.  I watch her face as I position myself between her legs.  Her tits are perfect and I have to give them a little attention before I focus on the real deal here.

I hold my cock in front of her entrance and tease her with the tip.  I take my time rubbing her clit with the head and I can feel her warmth immediately.  She has me dying to just go balls deep into her, but I won't.     

“I’m on the pill.”  And with those words I push the tip in.  My eyes snap shut as I feel her around me and the deeper I get, the warmer she feels. 

I have to work for a bit before she can take me fully.  I watch her face and body react to me as I enter each time and I can tell when she needs a few seconds to adjust. 

Finally, she grabs me by the neck and pulls me down on top of her.  I make slow love to her through two more of her own orgasms before I release from my own.

I roll her over on top of me and love how she feels sprawled across my chest even though our come is running down my balls.



Chapter Eleven



I wake up with her hair gathered in my hand and her head still in the same spot on my chest.  We were both exhausted from the sex and I know I fell asleep running my fingers through her hair. 

“Tell me we don’t have to get out of this bed.”  Her voice is soft in the darkness and I wonder if she’s been awake the entire time.  I wonder how I didn’t even notice that she turned off the lights.  She knocked my ass out.

“No we don’t.  What time is it?” 

“I don’t care what time it is.  I just want to stay right here in this moment.”  I brush her back with my fingers and let her squirm against me.           

“We can stay here for days and I’ll be a happy man.  Well.  Except food.  I have to eat.”  She laughs against me and I can’t help but smile.  Her laugh is unique and rare.  I’ve made it my personal mission to hear it as often as I can these past few days, but I know she’s dealing with so much.

“You know I have to leave soon, right?” 

“You really don’t have to.  You just think you do.”  I could use a few days, or hell even weeks, off and I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than this right here with her.  She has gotten to me and I just wish I could do the same for her.  I’d love to show her she deserves her happiness and it doesn’t have to be complicated.  We could see how we get along and then if nothing else, she knows she has a great friend if she’s not ready for anything more than that.

I know I should really feel guilty for what just happened, but I don’t.  Luke has his girl.  That doesn’t mean Kimber can never be with anyone.  I can’t imagine that he’d want that anyway.  I’m going to have to call him tomorrow and talk this shit out.

“You hungry?”  She must hear my stomach growling, because that’s definitely what it’s doing.  She rises up from my chest and looks at me.  How is that I feel like I fucked her good yet she looks so perfect right now?  Her skin is flawless and her lips are swollen and provide a perfect memory of how long we kissed.

“Let’s go for a drive and pick something up.”  I reach for the lamp as soon as she lifts off of me, then see that it’s only ten o'clock at night.  Hell, we could still make the bar.

“You still want to hit Rosie’s?”  I sit up on the edge of the bed and watch her over my shoulder as she closes the bathroom door. 

“Sure.  I’ll wear jeans this time.”  I smile at that.  That’s probably a good idea because if I see that dress and know instantly that she’s not wearing a damn bra because her nipples are showing through, so will everyone in there.  Hell, I’d have to have my hands all over her for many reasons.  Not just because I want them there. 

Then to find out she was without panties.  Shit.  I almost self-combusted right there.

I hear the water start in the shower and know I have quite a bit of time to get myself ready.  I stop in the kitchen and stuff a sandwich together to munch on as I head down the steps with an extra-large smile on my face.





He has hit me hard.  I’m not supposed to like him this much.  I keep telling myself this.  It’s frustrating the shit out me.  I was going to have my taste, then be done.  Well now that I’ve had a taste, I don’t want to be done. 

He’s so gentle and strong.  Just like he is in life, he’s a giant in the bedroom.  God really graced this man with the whole package and it’s great to see that he’s not a jackass like most guys like this I’ve met.  But it would be so much easier if he was. 

I blow dry my hair quickly and this time opt for simple jeans and a t-shirt.  It’s a well-fitting tee, so it’s not like I’m looking slouchy or anything.  I just don’t feel as together as I was earlier tonight.  He sure knows how to mess things up.

I hear him open my door and look over to see him with wet hair and a towel over his waist.  “You were supposed to be terrible in bed.”  I step into the bedroom to tease him.  He begins to tease back.

“You were too.  We could go at it again and I can do better at that terrible thing if you want.”

“I thought you were hungry.”

“I am, but I grabbed a sandwich before I showered.”

“Nice.  Do you always eat this much?”  I just don’t get how the men in my life get to eat like they do and look as ripped as they do.  Of course this guy wouldn’t be an exception to that rule.  He’s just bigger built.

“Yeah, pretty much.  Gotta feed my body to keep this stature.”

“I’m almost ready.  You gonna put those jeans on that you’re holding?  Or are you sporting that towel tonight?”  And with that he drops the towel.  His cock is hanging down his leg and he’s not even fully hard.  No wonder I can still feel where he’s been.  Shit. 

“You keep watchin’ me and we’ll never leave this room.”  I turn to give him some privacy, or maybe to give myself a moment.  Holy fuck his dick is enormous and damn it, I’m already looking forward to what else I can do with him in the bedroom.


It takes me about five more minutes to finish and he’s still downstairs.  I open a few cabinets and search for a bottle of something to drink.  I find the Gentleman Jack.  Do I dare start drinking here when I know he’ll want to buy me drinks there?  Just then I hear him behind me.

“You letting the Gentleman take you out for the night?”  He points to the Jack and I give him a shy smile. 

“I’m thinking about it.”

“Here, let me pour you one.”  I know he won’t drink with me because one of us will have to drive and I hate that.  He fills the short glass about halfway up after he shakes it with ice.  I prepare to battle it down, but it goes smoothly.  I may have just found my drink. 

“Let’s get to Rosie’s while we still can.”  He turns on a lamp and shuts off all the other lights in the house as he starts walking to the door.

“Do you think you can get us a ride back again tonight?  I want you to be able to have a few too.”

“Yes ma’am.  I’ll make a few calls.”  His response reminds me that I haven’t looked at my phone since I saw all those missed calls.  I don’t want to deal with all of that tonight, so I decide to leave it here and continue following him out the door.



We arrive at the club to a packed parking lot.  The music and screaming laughter echo into the night and I take a deep breath and shut the door to his pickup.  He meets me on my side and places his hand at my lower back.  This is a move I’m used to.  He’s claiming me.  Showing everyone that he’s with me and that I’m with him as we walk in the door.  It’s just as well, that may save a few situations throughout the night.     

“Should I put my hand on your lower back too?”  He looks at me with a smirk and tries to play dumb.

“I’m sorry, it’s just how I walk with someone I’m with.” 

“I’m just teasing!”  I lean into him and put my arm around his back and place the other around his front.  I give him a squeeze and he stops walking in the middle of the parking lot.

“You know; we can just leave now.  Go back and do all this huggin’ stuff naked.  I like naked better.”  He causes me to laugh loudly and for a brief second I consider it when another loud scream escapes the building.

“We’ll get to that again after.”

“I’m gonna hold you to that.”

“Good.  Because so am I!”  I lift my head and kiss him on the lips.  He stops me, deepening the kiss perfectly and we kiss until we both hear a car coming into the parking lot.

“Let’s get inside and get you on stage to sing.”  Oh shit.  I haven’t been thinking about what I’ll sing.  My mind has been a little preoccupied with a certain cowboy instead.

We get inside and it’s standing room only packed.  He pushes his way through and I stay right behind him again with my hand in his as he leads the way.  We have to make a spot at the end of the bar.  Rosie sees him signal and smiles before she nods and hands four shot glasses over the bar to four girls waiting.  I see them all looking this way and it feels great when Aiden puts his arm down on my shoulder when he lowers it.  That’s right.  Tonight he’s with me.  Tomorrow?  Well, that’s a different day.

Rosie leans in over the bar, so we go a little closer to hear her.  “Hey you two!  I’ve held you a spot on stage tonight.  Aiden.  I want to hear my song from you, then you have one other spot to do what you want with.  The others are all booked up.  Some of these damn people should be banned for their terrible singing, but you know that’s not how I do it.  So hold on to your ears and I’ll just keep sneakin’ a few tequila shots myself to get through the night.”  I really like this woman.  She’s obviously one hard working woman and she just seems to really like Aiden.  That makes me like her even more.

“My sister and her group of friends are here.  Do you mind if we go sit with them?”

“No of course not.”  A pinch of guilt hits me when I think about the time I met her.  That seems like so long ago, but it wasn’t. 

I follow him to the group of mostly women and see Macy rise as we get closer. 

“There you are.  I was sure you had been kidnapped by some crazy female you took home the other night.”  He laughs loudly at her and I try not to run and hide.  I know I looked certifiable that night.  I can only imagine what she thinks of me. 

“I told you I was alright.”  She leans in to hug him and I stand back and watch some of the others stand and greet him in the same way.

“It’s been too long there Mister.”  The redhead with fake tits squeezes him the longest. 

“Hello girls, meet Kimber.  She’s my date for the night.”  I see his sister’s eyes widen as she must realize who I am.  I can’t really hide with the name Kimber. 

“Nice to meet you Kimber.  You take care of him for us.”  That damn redhead again.  It’s the way she speaks that I don’t like.  I know she means more with her tone than the words she’s saying. 

“Aiden.  Can I talk to you for a second?”  Macy’s look of concern is warranted.  I know she’s just looking out for him and I’m curious how he plans to answer her.

“No, we’re good.  I know what you’re going to say and she’s told me everything.  We’re just here to have a good night and I think Luke would like that we’re showing her how we do things around here.”

“I knew she was supposed to be around here soon, I just had no idea that was you that night.”  She shifts from talking to only him to both of us.  I just know things were a little heated the other night.

“Yeah, I’m sorry.  It was just a rough night for me.”

“We all have them.  I’m sorry I put my guard up with my brother.  Sometimes he can be oblivious and I don’t like to see him hurt.”

“I understand completely.”  She looks relieved and guides me to a chair near where she was sitting.  I leave Aiden behind and move over bare legs with heels to get to the back.

“Come sit with me.  I’m dying to know more about you!”  We both sit and she leans closer to me before she begins talking again.  “How is everyone?  I haven’t seen them in so long.  I need to make a trip back.”

“Well from what I could tell, they’re all doing great.  Eaven is pregnant and it seems like Talon is going to be a great father.”  She almost speaks, but stops herself.  I know where she was going, so I just say it for her.

“Of course Luke will be a great father as well.  I’m happy to see him get what he deserves.  He missed Lilly.”

“Yes, he did.  That was a very sad situation.  It pretty much marked the fall of the band and the change in everything.  I hear they’re going to work at getting it back together.”

“I hope they do.  Luke is phenomenal.”

“Lilly is insane.  You should see her sometime up there.  The two of them at the same time just made magic.”  I know she’s not meaning anything by this, but this conversation is too deep for me and I get a little overly excited when I hear Aiden’s name announced over the speaker. 

“Holy shit.  Wait til you see this.  He is stubborn about this and won’t play outside a little bar like this.  He’s never let the crew hear him, even though I’ve pushed him many times.”  She talk very proudly about her brother. 

“What will he sing?”

“He has originals.  I hope it’s one of those.  Here, move closer to the stage so you can see and hear him better.”

I move as close as I can without practically being on stage with him.  He’s nervous, I can tell and I hope that isn’t because of me.  Macy stands with me and we both go quiet with the crowd once the music begins.

It’s country.  That’s no surprise.  He picks up the acoustic guitar against the back wall and begins to strum it.  I watch with excitement and wait for him to start singing.

He sings beautifully and I listen to him have fun with a song that talks about a bar with an owner named Rosie.  I laugh at the description of the exact place I’m standing in and love his face as he makes the crowd sing along with him.  Most of them know it, so it must be a song he has sung in the past many times.


“Holy crap, Aiden.  That was phenomenal and there’s no way in hell I’m singing with you after that.”  I welcome his hands around my waist and a kiss to my forehead.

“Thanks.  I sounded like shit.  You made me nervous.” 

“Don’t be nervous around me.”  I say that knowing I sound like he did earlier.  What goes around comes around and he sounded great. 

BOOK: Whiskey Dreams (Rebel Walking #7)
3.02Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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