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This story is an
original work of fiction by the author. The names, characters, places, events
and incidents mentioned in this story are purely fictional. Any resemblance of
the characters, however little, to any living or dead person or names is purely
coincidental and should be treated as such.

This story and the
ideas/ opinions given therein are the products of the author’s fertile imagination
and should be treated as just a work of fiction.

The author and the
publisher assume no responsibility if any person’s / community’s feelings,
principles or sentiments are hurt or affected by the contents of this book.




He was lying in the parking
lot adjoining the construction site. His lifeless face had a convoluted look of
sheer terror. The site’s foreman had called 911 to report the body.

Two detectives from the
homicide division, two FBI agents, and some CSI personnel were examining the body.
The crime scene had been cordoned off. The police officers were recording the
statements of all the construction workers who had reported for duty. The
victim was a total stranger to them.

The press and TV teams
had also come. Some of the reporters were standing before the cameras and reporting
their views of the crime.

The dead man’s skin had
a grayish pallor to it. The body looked totally drained of blood. He was Caucasian,
dark haired, slim and of average height.  He was about 30 years old. He had
worn a cream shirt and dark colored trousers. No other belongings were found on
him. He carried no identification. He was not any known offender. A John Doe!

His neck! There was a gash
over his carotid artery but not a drop of blood was seen at the scene. It was
as if the assailant had taken care not to spill any blood on the victim or
elsewhere. Was it possible, the crime was committed somewhere else and the body
dumped here? The CSI personnel checked for other injury marks. There were none.
They marked the time of death between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m.

The officers then went
to the homes of workers who had not reported for work and checked their alibis.
Their alibis checked. Still, everybody at the construction site were potential
suspects till evidence proved otherwise.

 After the cursory
examination was over, the paramedics zipped the body in a body bag for
transportation to the coroner’s office for autopsy.

The detectives smirked
at each other. This was not the first time that a corpse had been found with a
cut over the carotid artery and the blood drained from it. For the last few days,
around a dozen bodies had been found, in different parts of the city, killed in
a similar fashion. All bodies were found far away from the victim’s daily route.
They had been picked up from their areas, killed and dumped elsewhere. According
to police reports, all the killings took place between midnight and dawn.

The police didn’t have
a clue as to the identity of the killers. They booked many suspects but were
forced to release them for want of any evidence. The perpetrators were very
smart and left no clues behind.

Some eyewitnesses had
claimed that they had seen four to five shadowy figures at the crime scene.
They were purported to have been wearing black gowns and moving at lightning
speed. No one had seen their faces. Nobody believed the eye-witnesses’
sightings. It was too unbelievable.

People stopped venturing
out after dark. The homeless started huddling together. Some kept watch while
the others slept. The police warned the citizens to stay home at night. They increased
their patrolling. Hysteria was at its peak. Streets were deserted. Nightlife
came to a standstill.

The Police Chief had a
tough time explaining to the media and the politicians. His men were simply incompetent.
No clues. No suspects. He loathed his job and felt like retiring. The FBI had
also stepped into the picture. They, too, were confounded since the killings
continued as before.

Who were these serial blood
suckers? Where had they come from? Why had they targeted this city? Why had no
other city in the world witnessed such gory killings? Questions, questions, but
no answers!

It was then somebody
suggested that these killings could be either the work of a gang of ritualistic
serial killers, or vampires. TV channels and the daily tabloids pounced upon the
second theory and soon vampires became very famous worldwide. Every TV channel
started showing movies and serials of vampires. Books about vampires and
werewolves were sold out in no time. The social media went viral. People became
besotted with vampires.

Stories about the NBA, Hollywood,
drug wars, corrupt politicians…….. were passé.

Vampires were the new
hot story!



It was Sunday morning
when the doorbell rang. Standing on our doorstep was Eve.

Eve was our new, next
door neighbor. When did she move into her apartment? Where were her household
things? It was as if she had mysteriously arrived from nowhere.

Eve was about 5’6” tall
and blonde. She was a stunner. She had a dream figure. Mmm... I wondered about Eve’s
age. Definitely older than me. Who cares!

“Hi. My name’s Eve Grey.
I’m your new neighbor. Thought I would introduce myself. May I come in?” Her
voice was very melodious.

“Come on in!” Mom and I
retorted in unison. Mom introduced us. Eve smiled at me.

What a coincidence! Me
Adam and she Eve!

My name’s Adam Smith. I
am a 19 year old college student. I am 6’2” tall and my friends envy me for my
good looks and lean muscular body. I am a fitness fanatic. My mom Judith’s a
writer and a pretty good one at that. She earns royalties from her books. My
dad, who’s no more, had left us this apartment and a portfolio of stocks and tax
free bonds. We lived comfortably.

Mom continued, “My
dear, dear Eve, I’ve baked some cookies. Would you like a bite?”

“No thanks, Judith. I’m
on a diet. No offense, ok?” It sounded so impolite.

Eve sat beside Mom on
the sofa. I plonked myself on a chair opposite them. Eve had worn a short black
dress. She crossed her legs, very slowly, while sitting on the sofa. My eyes
nearly popped out. She was not wearing underwear. What the hell! I remembered
Sharon Stone had done exactly the same thing in the film ‘Basic Instinct’. I squirmed
visibly. Eve noticed my discomfiture and she gave me a knowing smile.

I averted my gaze and
asked Mom, “Mom, please bring those cookies and coffee. I’m ravenously hungry.”
Mom asked Eve whether she would like to have coffee. Eve asked for water.

Mom excused herself and
went to the kitchen. Eve took my mom’s temporary absence as an opportunity to
come closer to me. She gave me a conspiratorial wink and caught my right hand
in hers and gave it a gentle squeeze. There was something in her touch. I felt
an exhilarating shiver run through me.

Eve noticed this and laughed,
“Now, now, honey, calm down. Okay?”

Eve then slid back to
where she had been sitting earlier. She waved her hand at me like a magician. I
was back to normal. I was too numb to notice the power she had over me. Mom
returned with the refreshments and resumed her conversation. I ate two cookies
and drank the coffee. My mind was somewhere else. I hardly heard what they were

After a while, Eve bade
us farewell and returned to her apartment.

I helped Mom wash the

I was restless the full



I still remembered Eve’s
visit to our house. I was excited as well as sad. It was quite a while since I
started suffering from ED (Erectile dysfunction). I don’t know what triggered
it. Even though I became sexually excited, my organ was not responding to my
desires. I tried masturbating. My girlfriend tried to arouse me, but to no
avail. I went to the doctor. I tried the blue pills, everything. The works! Not
a chance! I was limper than a wet rag. I was going crazy. My girlfriend and I
broke up. What could I do? The mind was willing but my penis was weak. I had
become an unwilling celibate!

Eve had awakened my
dormant desires, but how could I face Eve with this problem?

O, God! Let me be
normal once again!

My prayers were
answered. Our doorbell rang. Who could it be? I opened the door.

It was Eve. She was
wearing a T-shirt and jeans. I was speechless! She looked ravishing.  I could
sense the goodies within the T-shirt. Eve nudged me and I came back to my
senses. I let her in.

“Ma’am, could I borrow Adam
for some time? I want his help in arranging the furniture.”

Mom had noticed Eve’s
attire and I could sense all sorts of ideas were going through her head. I love
my mom very much but I have my own independent views. Even though I will be
staying in her house (on her insistence), I am not going to be a wimp.

Before Mom could
respond, I replied, “Of course. I will help you. Mom will not mind me helping
out. Right, Mom?” Mom was too stunned to say anything.

Little did I realize
that this would be the turning point of my life.  

“Welcome to my humble
house! I am your most loving servant.” She said these words with an exaggerated
bow. The way she said it gave me goose bumps. I felt an unknown fear. All sorts
of questions came to my mind….

What did Eve see in me?

Why did she try to
seduce me in the first meeting itself?

Her apartment was luxuriously
furnished. When did this stuff arrive at her place? Surely, the movers would
have made some noise while unloading the furniture.

The furniture had also
been neatly arranged. It was just an excuse to bring me here.

We sat on a sofa near
each other. I got a whiff of Eve’s perfume. It was indescribable.  Eve came
closer and caught my hand in hers.

“Let’s not waste time.
I want to make love to you,” she said in a strange voice.

Before I could retort, Eve
cupped my face with her hands and kissed me on my lips. This was a real, hot kiss.
I responded by holding her close to me and we kissed each other as if we had
not kissed for days (which was true in my case). I could hear soft moans from
her. I was excited.

Eve got up, “Come let’s
go to the bedroom.” My shortcomings were going to be exposed. She saw the
hesitant look on my face.

“What’s the matter?”
she inquired anxiously. “Don’t you wish to have sex with me?” There was a look
of desperation on her face.

“No! It’s not that. I
have a problem.” I described what was affecting me.

Without saying a word,
she put her hand inside my pant and clutched the limp organ. Lo, behold! Blood,
immediately, started gushing through it and the flow was terrific. It was as if
she cleared the blockade with her touch. My penis was harder and longer than
before! I was amazed. Who’s this chick?

We quickly undressed
each other and I pushed Eve on the bed. What followed afterwards was the most
unforgettable moment of my life. I went on and on for ages until we climaxed
together. I fell off her totally exhilarated and exhausted. I cradled her in my
arms and caressed her hair.

“That was the most
wonderful sex I ever had in a hundred years!” she exclaimed. I agreed.

She got up. “Come, let’s
go to the bathroom for a wash.”

We went to the bathroom
and showered. After we came out, she escorted me to the door. I gave her a
final kiss before opening the door.

Mom did not look
suspiciously at me when I entered our house. She hardly said a word. We quietly
had dinner. I helped her to clear the dishes and then went to my bedroom to

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