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Your Treat or

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This book
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Bite Me!


Tuesday Morrigan


To my family and friends, thanks for pushing
me to write this story.

Without you, Amelia’s tale would not be.

Chapter One

My World

Getting hazed on Halloween had to
be a clear indication that Amelia was in trouble. Especially when one
considered the fact that she was damn near thirty.

She grimaced and pulled her coat
closer to her cold body before stepping out of her vehicle. The north-eastern
autumn weather was unnaturally cool. She took that as an omen.

A bad one.

She gritted her teeth and
reminded herself she’d decided to start fighting for what she wanted. Straightening
her shoulders, she marched on. Getting hazed was the first step in her fight
for the corner office in her company’s marketing division. The click of her low
heels seemed to thud through her mind as she took each step towards the front
door. The walk up the cobblestone path reminded Amelia of her freshman year in
college. Of her first experience with hazing.

Despite her familiarity, she was
no less nervous about the coming experience.

She’d joined a sorority then for
the camaraderie and connections the organisation had promised. She’d never once
regretted her actions. Now she was about to embark on a journey that was going
to allow her to join an more elite organisation. The Council of Promise.

That was the whispered name of
the three-person organisation that reportedly determined who climbed up her
company’s corporate ladder.

JAK, Inc. Using the initials from
their first names to title the company, Janus Christensen, Agostino Bonacelli,
and Konstantin Jovovich had come together to create JAK, Inc. The company
specialised in consumer technology. Amelia was a lower level executive in the
marketing division.

She stopped several feet away
from the cascading steps that led to the main door and simply stared at the
building before her. According to the invite that sat in her front left pocket,
the massive log home in front of her was one of the many houses provided for
the executives of JAK, Inc., one of the nation’s fastest growing companies.

But JAK, Inc. was unique in the
corporate world because it was owned and managed by paranormals. The
Christensens were werewolves, the Bonacellis were-tigers and the Jovoviches
were vampires. As a human, Amelia had one strike against her. She’d been
shocked when she discovered the true nature of her colleagues, but more than
that she’d been disappointed to find her career was going to be hindered by her

Then one night, Rickard, one of
her co-workers and a trusted friend, had whispered that the Council of Promise
could help her overcome her issue and rise higher in the company. Rikard also
mentioned it wouldn’t be easy to get the Council’s attention. But more
importantly she had to capture the interest of at least two Fates. The Three
Fates were the ruling body of the Council.

They were the true leaders of the
corporation and it was no small feat to snag their attention.

Actually, the word the man had
used was impossible. Few humans were worthy of the Fates’ notice. But Amelia
was used to accomplishing the undoable. When she’d seen the blood-red
invitation card sitting on her desk when she returned from her lunch break, she’d
nearly passed out in relief. She’d been even more surprised when she saw the
address on the note. Amelia glanced back at the building before her.

Rumour had it, the home was
currently being occupied by none other than Mr. and Mrs. Christensen, one of
the three couples who’d founded the corporation more than five hundred years

The anxious feeling about the
upcoming hazing doubled—no, tripled.

At least this time it’s for work,
she thought as she gripped the doorknocker.

She breathed into her cold palms
as she waited for someone to answer the door. After the third blow the door
swung open to reveal a dour looking butler. “Yes?” he sneered.

Amelia stared at him blankly for
a moment, torn between the desire to call him “Alfred,” or sneer right back.
She could do neither since she had to be on her best behaviour.

“I’m Amelia Brockman. Ms. Christensen
and Mr. Bonacelli invited me,” she said in one long breath as she searched for
the invite card that had arrived on her desk less than five hours ago. Rikard
had warned her about addressing the butler. Before being allowed in, she had to
identify which of the two Fates had invited her. If he was not satisfied, she
would be escorted off the property.

One snowy white eyebrow lifted
and the sneer became more pronounced. “So you are the straggler?”

“Everyone has arrived?” Amelia
heard herself asking, though she already knew the answer.

“Yes. We wait on you. Alone.” He
turned around, giving her his hunched back and walked into the building.
Feeling she’d been chastised and insulted, Amelia followed the butler into the
building. She glanced around as she walked, taking notice of the simple
elegance of the home’s foyer, the quiet glamour that marked the halls, and the sophistication
of the small room the butler pointed out to her. “You will wait here,” he
fairly growled before toddling away.

A quick glance around the room
confirmed Amelia was alone. Though it was too late to do anything about it, she
couldn’t let the butler’s comment about her timing go. She looked at her watch,
needing to know if she was late and just how tardy she was.

If she had to grovel, she was
going to be prepared to beg for forgiveness.

She blinked at her watch and
shook her arm for emphasis. According to the overpriced piece of steel, she was
more than thirty minutes late.

“Shit,” she cursed softly.

“And here I thought you were as
pure as newly fallen snow, Ms. Brockman.”

She whipped around at the softly
whispered words to find bright green eyes watching her. They seemed to glow in
the barely lit room. Feeling as though the green gaze was hunting her Amelia
took an instinctive step back.

Green Eyes took a step forward,
moving into the dim lighting that cloaked the room. Amelia sucked in a deep
breath at the sight that greeted her. Green Eyes was cloaked from head to toe
in a costume complete with a mask that covered the top half of his face. A five
o’ clock shadow hid the other portion.

But there was no denying the fact
that the man before her was handsome. Breathtaking really, as all of the Jovovich
vampires were.

“Come, Ms. Brockman, let us
journey together to start the rest of your life.” He held out one broad, tanned
palm, beckoning her to him.

He had the most enticing voice.
Amelia had never heard anything more attractive. Body pliant she strode over to
where he stood and took his outstretched hand.

His fingers gripped her smaller
ones, closed around them with certainty. He smiled down at her, a brief flash
of white teeth, and turned to the back wall of the room. He gazed out before
him. Amelia lifted her head and glanced at what he was looking at. It was then she
realised the room they stood in was much larger than she originally believed.
“Are you ready my dear?”

His thick smooth voice moved over
her skin, caressing her flesh, leaving awakened erogenous zones in its wake.
Amelia swallowed thickly and pushed the wicked heat that flushed her system
away. The instant burning desire, the wanton need, she was used to it. Or she
should have been used to it.

Every one of the vampires at JAK,
Inc. had the ability to turn a human, whether male or female, into a quivering
mass of need with a few breathed words. This man was more potent than the rest,
but not especially different.

“Yes,” she whispered in answer.

He smiled, flashing her that bold
smile again.

“I knew we’d chosen correctly.”

As pride burst through Amelia at
the vampire’s words, the light in the room brightened until it was a blinding
flash of white. Automatically, Amelia placed her hands over her face, shielding
her eyes from the silver flash. Almost as soon as the light appeared, it
departed, leaving behind a room that was darker than before. Gone was the dim
lighting. In its place stood three blood- red candles. Each one of the candles
stood to the left of the three masked individuals. Amelia blinked twice at the

She recognised the person in the
middle. To clarify, Amelia glanced at her side and indeed noted that the masked
vampire was gone. He now sat before her, the head of the Council. She swallowed
thickly. Though she’d been working with vampires for years now, she forgot how
quickly they moved.

“Please sit, Ms. Brockman.”

Amelia jerked at the sound of
wood moving against wood. She turned in time to see a portion of the right wall
slide back into its place. A masked, hunched-over elderly man stood before it.
In his hands, he held a platter with four glasses of water. No doubt it was the
same butler who’d shown her to the room. He toddled over to her and held out
the glasses. She took one automatically.

“Ms. Brockman?” a sultry female
voice purred in question.

Amelia thought back frantically
to what the woman had to be asking her. It came to her like a flash of
lightning in the dark. Quickly, Amelia turned around searching for somewhere to
sit. And almost stumbled over the seat behind her.

She plopped down. As soon as she
took her seat, a second male, the man on the right spoke. “Now that we are all
ready, I suggest we begin.”

A chaotic mix of anxiety,
anticipation, fear and need churned inside of Amelia as she stared at the
masked trio before her. Even if she’d not been nervous about her meeting with
the Three Fates, Amelia would have been truly frightened at the sight that
greeted her. Her emotions were so turbulent she could barely grasp the cool
glass of water in her hand, let alone take a sip from it.

She raised her head, determined
to look into the eyes of the three people who would determine her career. At
five foot two and a half inches, Amelia was used to having to look up to everyone.
She knew, like Napoleon, she tended to overcompensate for her short size.
Standing in front of the seated Fates, she’d felt more than diminutive.

It didn’t help things that she
was seated. She shifted in her seat uncomfortable.

“Welcome, Ms. Brockman,” the male
in the middle said.

It took Amelia two times before she
finally managed to respond. “Thank you for your invite, priests and priestess.”

Though none of them spoke, Amelia
felt their approval at her greeting. It lightened the dense air that cloaked
the room. She silently thanked Rikard for teaching her the proper greeting.

“According to your co-workers you
desire more challenging opportunities at JAK Inc. Is that correct Ms.

“Yes, your honour.”

This time the three Council
members glanced at each other. She knew they were wondering who’d told her the
proper way for addressing them. Since the three persons judged the fate of
one’s career at JAK Inc, they’d come to be known as honours, in the same
tradition of American judges—something very few pledges knew. When Amelia got
home, she was going to order Rikard a hundred pounds of the best steak she
could afford.

“The Council has recognised your
strengths and realises you are ready for more tasks.” And a corner office,
Amelia silently added.

“The first of your tasks begins
tonight,” the second male murmured.

Here comes the hazing. The masked
butler made his way over to where sat. In his gnarled hands he held a large
white box with a note card on the top. Amelia’s full name was written across
it. She took the box, nervous about what was going to be asked to do, but eager
to finish the task.

“You will wear the outfit, each
and every last piece. Then you will go to the address provided and search for
the Wolf’s Cock and Tiger’s Phallus. Follow the directions. If anyone should
ask what you are looking for, you must tell them you are searching for the Wolf’s
Cock and Tiger’s Phallus.”

Amelia stared at the woman on the
left, the person who’d spoken the directions, in growing horror. Her mind kept
going through all the things they could truly be asking her to do. None of them
calmed her.

She’d been expecting something
along the lines of the hazing she’d experienced in her sorority. She knew
without reading the directions on the card that what the Council was asking her
for was more in depth.

“Are you up to the task, Ms.
Brockman?” the second man asked softly.

Scared as hell or not, Amelia
she was going to complete the
damned task. She’d worked too hard at JAK, Inc. to do anything else.

She had to succeed.

“Yes, your honour, I am.”

“Good,” the masked vampire
murmured. “By the end of the night you shall receive your treat. I promise it
will be worth the ordeal. And more satisfying than you ever dreamed.”


Less than thirty minutes later,
Amelia pulled her car to the front gate of the infamous burial plot that housed
the Bonacelli, Christensen, and Jovovich families among other famous

BOOK: Your Treat or Mine
9.72Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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