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At the moment Riley was loath to
give that.

One of Vittorio’s dark eyebrows
lifted in question. Riley shook his head once. Vittorio’s jaw flexed ominously,
but Riley refused to back down. For reasons he refused to examine he needed to
be the man to search Amelia.

Vittorio’s gaze searched his. For
a moment, Riley feared his friend wouldn’t let him take the lead as he desired
with Amelia. More than that, Riley feared his own reaction to the denial.

Then Vittorio nodded his head,
almost imperceptibly, and allowed Riley to be the Alpha where Amelia was
concerned. His wolf howled in satisfaction.

He walked to Amelia, deeply feeling
every step he took. When he reached her, he stood before her, simply looking down
at her. She stared up at him, eyes wide, full lips parted, with the scent of
hunger clinging to every inch of her voluptuous body.

“I’m going to search your hair
now,” he whispered, needing to once again run his fingers through the dark
strands. She nodded her head in agreement before closing her eyes. The minute
her lashes rested against her cheeks, Riley missed the sight of her lovely
gaze. “Open your eyes, Amelia.”

She did, but slowly, almost as
though it was painful for her to raise her lids. Only when she was looking at
him did Riley run both of his hands through her hair. He took particular time
fingering her strands and kneading her scalp. “Oh God,” she sighed when he
caressed a particular area near her nape.

The sound vibrated through his
balls. Needing to hear the sound again, Riley returned to region and placed a
little more pressure. This time, she groaned and moved her body closer to his.

He lowered his hands, touching
her throat, her softy curved shoulders and the full length of her dimpled arms.
Another sigh greeted him when he reached her wrists.

“Next, I’m going to have to check
your shirt.”

Her eyes snapped open and she
stared at him with a mixture of hunger and uncertainty.

Vittorio stepped forward. Riley
could feel the other man’s comforting presence right behind him. “If at any
time you are uncomfortable with what is going on, you must let us know,
Amelia,” Vittorio said, assuring her he was in control of what was happening
between them.

“I’m going to check your
blouse now, Amelia. If you want me to stop…”

She shook her head no.

Riley sighed a silent breath of
relief and unbuttoned her shirt. When the last button was free, he parted her
shirt to reveal the lacy bra underneath. The sight of her full, bound breasts
stole his breath. In the wake of his hard gasp, Vittorio gave a hard groan of
need. Riley wasn’t the only one affected by the sight of Amelia’s lace-clad

Holding her gaze, Riley started
at her shoulders and made his way south, mapping the hills, valleys, and plains
of her body. He teased her collarbone, caressed her chest, and cupped her
breasts. Looking into her eyes, he weighed the heavy mounds in the palms of his
hands, feeling the burn from their presence deep in his soul.

Teeth gritted, blood pounding in
his ears, Riley undid the front clasp of her bra. The sharp sound of metal
hitting the marble floor cut through the air. Riley glanced down at the key
that laid between their feet. He stared at it for a moment, too surprised by
the sight of the cemetery gate’s key to do anything for a moment. The one thing
that pounded through his mind was,
hiding something

And then he lifted his head and
glanced at her breasts.

They were the most beautiful
things he’d ever seen tipped with large, rosy nipples. “Gorgeous,” he murmured
and lifted one heavy orb. He wasn’t surprised when Vittorio cupped the other
mound. Riley had been painfully aware of every step his friend took toward
Amelia. He’d actually been waiting for the moment when Vittorio would move from
the background and touch Amelia.

Riley brushed one thumb across
the swollen tip of the breast in his hand, but his gaze was on Vittorio’s dark
fingers. His thumb and index finger strummed her other nipple, coaxing blood to
the already engorged bud it appeared to be aching with need.

It was not the first time that
Vittorio and Riley had shared a woman. Over the years of their friendship they’d
discovered they preferred a female who understood them enough to accept them
both. So Riley had been prepared for the satisfaction that radiated through him
at the sight of Vittorio’s hands on Amelia’s golden skin. What he had not been
ready for was the degree of the pleasure.

It nearly brought him to his

Unable to help himself Riley
reached out and brushed his knuckles across the distended tip of one breast.
When he pulled back the bud was tighter and stood out more prominently. He
lifted his gaze and looked at Amelia’s face. Her blue eyes were bright with the
hungry gleam of desire.

He and Vittorio continued to
caress her nipples. This time they were rewarded with a soft, almost tender
sigh of bliss.

But it wasn’t enough. Not nearly

Vittorio must have been feeling
the same raging hunger within because he spoke the thoughts Riley was feeling.
“We’re going to remove your panties now, Amelia.”

Chapter Three


Amelia blinked hard at the
masculine anticipation she heard in both men’s words. Unable to accept what her
ears where telling her, she lifted her head and glanced at both of them.

And swallowed thickly.

Pure hunger carved the fine lines
of their handsome faces in almost demonic relief.

Amelia backed up a little, only
to be impeded by the same damned desk. A shudder of excitement ran through her
limbs when Riley took a step forward.
he touches me…
A moan of need slipped past Amelia’s lips at the thought of Riley’s
hands on her heated flesh. But instead of reaching low, Riley grasped her
wrists and undid the handcuffs.

“What are you hiding, Amelia?” he
asked softly, his rich voice both dark and deep with sensual promise. She
stared into his eyes as he held her hands. With a jolt, Amelia realized he’d
re-cuffed her hands in front of her.

“I’m not hiding anything. I
already told you what I’m looking for,” she answered as she tried to figure out
what was going on between the three of them. If Amelia wasn’t mistaken, both
men were turned on by the thought of stripping off her panties. Which didn’t
make sense. Even though she was bare breasted and filled with burning need, she
had enough sense to remember she wasn’t the kind of woman guys like Riley and
Vittorio looked at, let alone got aroused for.

But both men were aroused. A
quick glance at the growing bulges between both of their thighs had confirmed

Amelia bit her bottom lip and
decided to ride the night out for all it was worth. It wasn’t every day she
found herself the focus of two gorgeous men. Even though she was going to fail
her mission, she might get something worthwhile in the bargain. “You can search
each and every inch of me. You won’t find anything.”

They could take off her panties
and do more as far as she was concerned. She was theirs to do with what they

“We’ll see about that,” Vittorio
growled before grabbing her arms and whipping her around. Amelia’s breath
whooshed out of her parted lips at the same time her eyes landed on the
tabletop. Booted feet kicked at her heels, widening her stance until she was
forced to lean over the desk for support.

Amelia closed her eyes and
breathed deeply as her heart rate kicked up to match the tempo of her desire.

She’d never been more turned on
in her life.

“I’m going to check your skirt
now,” Vittorio said.

His voice was deep and his words
were purposefully pronounced—as though Vittorio wanted Amelia to be fully aware
of what was going on.

As if she was anything but
vividly aware of his and Riley’s every touch.

She nodded her head numbly.

Her nipples had been aching ever
since she’d set eyes on the two gorgeous men. Now they were finally going to
search her skirt, hopefully brush up against her clit and give Amelia just a
little bit of the friction she was craving.

Two different set of hands
wrapped around her ankles. She’d never considered the region sensitive, but
then again she’d never had any lovers pay as much attention to the area as
Riley and Vittorio were doing. They massaged and caressed the area until Amelia
felt sure her knees were going to give out under the intense pleasure. Then
they moved north, teasing and kneading muscles exhausted from her two runs
until she felt liquefied. “So good,” she sighed unable to hide her appreciation
of their touch.

“So far nothing,” Vittorio said
as his fingers traced the line where her inner thigh met her sex. She shuddered
and leaned further onto the desk as she opened her legs giving both men enough
room to touch her intimately. She gasped their names when Riley reached the
same area. The pleasure of their fingertips on her heated skin was great, but
not nearly enough.

Amelia almost yelled in relief
when both men grasped the edges of her panties and pulled the thin fabric down
her thighs. Gingerly, she stepped out of them.

For several moments, neither man
did anything. Amelia got the distinct impressive they were staring at her
naked, bent over backside. A glance over her shoulder confirmed it. She stared
to turn away, too embarrassed by the look on their faces to continue watching
the two men when Vittorio lifted his gaze. “Turn around, Amelia. We’ve got to
check everything,” he growled in a voice so dark and intoxicating she wondered
why she didn’t orgasm right on the spot.

She licked her lips and nodded
her head before turning around. The moment she was facing them she closed her
eyes and waited for their decadent touch. She opened her eyes and her muscles
tightened at the feel of slightly roughened hands on her flesh.


She closed her eyes and sank into
the pleasure of his touch.

He paused, hand above her sheath.
Amelia groaned, so full with disappointment, she couldn’t contain it. She
opened her eyes to find him watching her with a smile in his bright, brown

“We need to do this according to
protocol.” He paused dramatically and strode across the room. Riley and Amelia
watched as he fiddled with a few gadgets and flicked some switches on the
security panel. He must have done something important because Riley’s fingers
flexed around Amelia’s thigh twice.

Mouth dry, she waited for him to
announce what protocol-required act or item they were missing.

“We need to record your search,”
he said dramatically. “This way if there are any questions we can securely say
it was by the books.”

Before she could respond, Riley
spoke. “Make sure to put it on zoom,” he said. “The viewer needs to be able to
see everything,” he said as he brushed his fingers up and down her outer thigh.

The caress should not have felt
so intimate. Especially when one considered the fact that Amelia had her hands
handcuffed in front of her. But it was, particularly in light of the tender,
deep tone of Riley’s voice when he spoke.

Vittorio took a step away from
the security panel and grabbed one of the chairs. Pulse racing, Amelia watched
his every move as he strategically placed the seat in front of the panel. “Sit
down, Amelia.”

At Vittorio’s command, Amelia
felt her heartbeat kick up a notch and her pussy flooded with cream.

On legs that shook with every
step, Amelia walked over to the seat. She stared down at it, nervous about what
going to happen should she decide to sit.

“Now, Amelia!” Riley’s
intoxicating voice cut through her fear and gave her the strength to take the

“Place each of your legs over the

She lifted her head swiftly to
stare at both men in horror. If she did as Vittorio had demanded she would be
totally open. Her little scrap of a skirt could only shield so much. And in
that position it wouldn’t be hiding anything.

“Amelia, if you will not comply—”
Before Riley could finish with his threat, Amelia lifted her left leg and
placed it over the chair’s arm. Her right leg followed, although at a slower
pace. Her eyes closed of their own volition once she’d situated both legs.

There was no way she was going to
be able to look at either man while she was in that position.

The heavy rasp of deep breathing
was the only response to her actions. Although it slowly became softer, it
never quite dissipated. Unable to take their lack of action anymore, Amelia
opened her eyes. From beneath her lashes she looked at both men. She was
stunned by what she saw.

Riley and Vittorio appeared to be
riveted by the sight of her sex. Beautiful eyes blazing with a fire that seemed
to burn deeply, they stared at her hungrily.

Amelia licked her lips, closed
her eyes and tilted her head back when she saw Riley drop to his knees.

The pads of his fingertips moved
up her inner thigh, teased the area where hip met leg, before drifting left to
caress her sheath. Her teeth dug deeper into her bottom lip and her hands
lifted to grip the chairs as she moved her bottom, determined to get closer to the
satisfaction Riley’s hands promised.

BOOK: Your Treat or Mine
5.78Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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