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Although she loved the feel of
his fingers on her flesh, Riley was not giving her the touch her burning body
required. His hands were just a little too light. Then there was the clitoral
stimulation her every nerve ending was begging for.

“Open your eyes, Amelia.”

Her lids snapped open at
Vittorio’s harshly growled words. Her gaze automatically sought his, only to be
caught by a searing image that stole what little breath she had.

It was her, on all the screens,
legs open, pussy bare. It was the most erotic sight Amelia had ever seen.
Reluctantly she tore her gaze away to find Vittorio watching her with a hard
smile on his face.

His desire, his desire for her,
was riding him hard.

Feminine power like none she’d
ever felt before surged through her veins.

“You’re going to watch that
screen.” He pointed to the one nearest her. She nodded her head. Her mouth was
too dry to form words.

But Vittorio wouldn’t let her get
away with that. “Amelia?”

“Yes, I’ll watch,” she managed to
get past her dry lips.

Riley’s fingers appeared on the
screen a breath away from the puffy lips of her sex.

She couldn’t tear her gaze away
from the television.

“We’re going to make sure you
don’t have anything concealed here.” Riley’s fingers brushed down the slick,
swollen lips of her cunt right as he finished his statement, highlighting
exactly what “here” meant.

“Oh yes.” Amelia’s reply was so
soft it was almost a whisper. Nothing had ever sounded so good to her.

The fact they were pretending the
strip search was part of their protocol and she was an unwilling participant
was doing dangerous things to her libido, heating her up until her sex felt
swollen with need.

Riley’s blunt fingers parted the
folds of her sex to reveal the glistening pink flesh beneath. Amelia stared at
the screen, feeling as though she was seeing her own body for the first time.

Maybe because she was seeing from
both men’s point of view.

And in their eyes she was
beautiful, sensual, and sexy.

A low whimper filled with need
floated through the pungent air the moment Riley touched her. “Nothing here,”
he said softly as his finger teased the area between her clit and slit, never
once touching the entrance to her sheath or her clitoris.

It was pure torture to Amelia’s
tightly strung nerves.

When she couldn’t take anymore he
pressed his tongue to her clitoris. The very touch burned her to the core.
cunt tightened with desire, fluttered with need and moistened with passion with
every sweep of his talented tongue. All too soon Amelia found herself reaching that
elusive release. She screamed as her orgasm swept through her.

she opened her eyes she realised the two men had traded places. It was now
Riley’s turn to watch as Vittorio brought her pleasure.

knelt before her and parted the slick lips of her sex. She groaned his name
when he slid one blunt finger deep into her sheath and gathered her cream
before slowly removing it.

breathed deeply as he moved the digit the tiniest bit north. Her muscles
tightened when his finger strummed the turgid bud at the apex of her cunt.
Amelia gritted her teeth as Vittorio took his time manoeuvring back her
clitoral hood until the painfully sensitive head of her clit was revealed. With
extra care he thumbed the nub. She moaned deeply as his hot touch exploded
through her. “Oh God,” she groaned when he plunged two fingers deep into her
sheath and twisted his wrist.

high, sharp cry was torn from Amelia’s throat when her pussy tightened in
orgasmic pleasure around his fingers. “Oh God, oh God,” she breathed out in an
awed whisper as satisfaction wracked her body, left her quivering for more, and
unsure of all she’d thought she knew about sexual bliss.

had never come so hard or so deeply in her life.

“We’ve searched everywhere,
Amelia. There is nowhere left to search.”

She opened her eyes at Riley’s
words. She knew instinctively what they were saying. They were ending the game.
Unless she gave them a reason not to end it.

“Check again. This time use those.”
She glanced pointedly at the swollen bulges between their thighs.

Both men smiled at her before
undoing their bottoms. Riley freed his cock first. She stared hard at the thick
length of his manhood as he palmed it from root to tip. A shudder ran through him
when his fingers brushed across the ruddy, swollen head. Vittorio handed him
one of the condoms from her picnic basket.

Liquid heat filled Amelia s she
watched him sheath himself. Cock bobbing in the air, he turned and grabbed the
cherry blanket from her basket and placed it on the floor between them.

Amelia swallowed thickly as Riley
lay before her. She stared at the long, thick length of his cock, wondering if
she was woman enough to handle it.

but I’m willing to try.

She looked up in surprise at
Vittorio. It felt as though he’d appeared beside her. She took his outstretched
hand and made her way to Riley. Holding his gaze, she lowered herself until she
was kneeling right above his manhood.

Riley reached up
and wrapped his fingers around her nape. His mouth moved across hers as he
pressed his length to her entrance. Looking deep into his eyes, she lowered her
hips until the full length of his long, thick cock was imbedded within her. He
plunged his tongue deep into her mouth as he surged his cock deep into her
sheath. Her cry of pleasure was swallowed by their kiss.

He withdrew only
to thrust deep into her pussy.

Fingers gripping
Riley’s shoulders, Amelia hovered on the edge of bliss. She was so close to the
release she could taste it, but she needed that final element to push her over
the edge. She looked over her shoulder and caught Vittorio’s gaze. He watched
them with half-lidded, desire darkened eyes as he palmed the turgid length of
his cock. It was as equally attractive as Riley’s. Just as thick, but a little

She wanted it
inside of her.

“Condom and lube.”

The midnight fan of his lashes
lifted until his smouldering eyes were gazing into hers. “Are you sure?” he
rumbled, his voice dark and rough with need.

She nodded her head. “I need
you,” she cried out.

Vittorio turned and grasped one
of the condoms from her basket, tore it open and fitted it over his cock. Then
he grabbed one of the semi-clear vials of lubricant and strode over to his.

“You’re going to need to be
relaxed for this to work,” Riley softly murmured against her throat. She turned
her head and captured Riley’s mouth.

cock pressed harder against her rosette. The pulse of pleasure thrummed deep
inside of her as she struggled with the wicked hunger his very presence
elicited. Her hands tightened on Riley’s shoulders as she fought for control.
Just when she thought it wasn’t going to work, he was too big, he pushed in
several inches in one thrust.

my…” Amelia moaned as both men cursed.

pleasure whipped through her, almost blinding her to everything but her
satisfaction. Almost too late, Amelia realised she needed to move to guarantee
her partners received the most out of the experience.

She leaned forward, pushing her hips back so Vittorio slid in several
more inches.

“Oh God,” Amelia moaned.

“Damn,” Vittorio groaned.

“Shit!” both men cursed in unison.

“Let’s try this,” Riley said and withdrew slowly, drawing out the moment
of his departure until her body quivered with the sensual torture. He thrust
back into her at the same time Vittorio withdrew. Amelia felt both men, one
advancing, the other retreating, so sharply, her every nerve ending seemed to
be focused on them.

And the satisfaction their touch ignited.

Once, twice, they repeated the thrust-and-withdraw rhythm, building the
pleasure within. A thousand tongues of fire licked her pussy, sending her body
quivering and pulsing for release. And then all at once, the passion ignited.
Riley moved his hips slightly to the left as he thrust forward. Vittorio
plunged deep into her at the same time. Amelia’s orgasm washed through her,
touching each nerve ending as it surged through her body, leaving her gasping
for air.

Vittorio growled against her nape. Riley roared her name seconds later as he
slammed into her. The act knocked the breath from her lungs. Eyes wide and gasping,
Amelia watched his handsome face contort. His features widened, his skin
darkened and a light layer of brown hair coated his skin. Almost belatedly,
Amelia’s mind processed the fact Riley was shifting into a werewolf.

The understanding
slammed through her mind as he lowered his head and sunk his lengthened
incisors into her throat. Her body stiffened in utter shock as a second pair of
incisors pierced the right side of her neck. Vittorio.

Thoughts escaped
her mind as the pleasure of the bites hummed through the tightly corded muscles
of her body. Blackness descended on her as a shockingly intense orgasm travelled
through her, seducing her nerves, dancing through her muscles to leave her
swimming in pleasure.

Chapter Four

it All

Amelia couldn’t help wondering if
it had all been part of the game. She couldn’t stop thinking about the way both
men had made her feel, looked at her.

There had to be something more
than the Council pulling strings behind their actions, the emotion they’d shown

is that just wishful thinking on my part?

Amelia sighed and ran a shaky
hand through her newly styled locks. The morning after her night with Riley and
Vittorio, she’d woken up alone in her bed. She’d spent the night with both men.
Sometime around dawn she’d discovered Riley and Vittorio were the descendants
of the JAK, Inc. founders. She knew they were part of the company, but she
hadn’t imagined they were anything more than security guards. Finding out they
were much, much more cooled her ardour. Riley was a Christensen and Vittorio
was a Bonacelli. Men with their pedigree couldn’t want her as anything more
than a plaything. She’d driven herself home, despite their objections, so she
could think about the ramifications of her actions.

Seconds after she arrived, a courier
had delivered a bright red package. She’d known immediately it was from the
Council. She hadn’t wanted to open it, but she had needed to know their decree.

She was surprised to find she had,
in fact, accomplished her goal. From the handwritten note in the package she’d
discovered she’d been sent there to give and get her reward for all her years
of hard work at JAK, Inc.

Her gift had been Riley and

She had been incensed,
disappointed, and heartbroken. After a few drinks, a hefty amount of unhealthy
food, and a long conversation with her best friend, Amelia had come to the
conclusion she had nothing to be angry about. She’d been a willing participant who’d
enjoyed every minute of the time she spent with Riley and Vittorio.

In the end, she’d decided to
accept the promotion JAK, Inc. had offered her.

The most interesting result of
her what had happened between her and the two men was the change that her
personality underwent. Although she was no less demanding, her employees and co-workers
responded differently to her. She’d been forced to ask Rikard what was going on
with everyone. He’d smiled and simply said, “Nothing’s wrong with them, Amelia.
It’s you who is different.”

“How?” she’d asked, surprised by
his statement.

He’d pulled her close, giving her
one of those hugs she adored. “You’re happy.”

The truth was she was happier.
And a lot more confident. Amelia was well aware that Riley and Vittorio might
have participated in the strip search at the request of the Council, but there
could be no denying their attraction to her.

Their desire for her hadn’t been

And she was determined to find
out if they still felt anything for her.

Amelia looked up at the mausoleum
that had scared her senseless less than three weeks ago. After the experience
she’d had inside, the building appeared almost welcoming despite the cold
shadows that shrouded the dark night.

She walked up the first step.
Just before her second foot was going to hit the concrete Amelia realised she
was no longer alone. She looked up to find two pairs of eyes on her. Caution
and insecurity glowed in them.

She should have known better than
to try and surprise shifters. From the Council’s letter she’d learned Riley was
a werewolf and Vittorio was a were-tiger. Hence, the reason they’d wanted her
to find a Wolf’s Cock and a Tiger’s Phallus.

“Hi,” she managed to get out.

“Uh…hi,” both men muttered. They
were nervous and scared. No doubt concerned about how her reaction to their
part in the Council’s plan.

BOOK: Your Treat or Mine
6.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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