All In: Calling His Bluff (Gambling With Love)

BOOK: All In: Calling His Bluff (Gambling With Love)
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All In: Calling His Bluff

By Lane Hart




This book is a work of fiction. The characters, incidents, and dialogue were created from the author’s imagination and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual people or events is coincidental.


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Chapter One


Dylan Daughtry


I was being held captive by the most ridiculous video I had ever seen. It was almost too preposterous to be real, watching some brave man try to fuck a mountainous, seven hundred pound woman. I was probably on my twentieth replay of this miraculous feat when Jules walked up behind me, surprising the shit out of me.

"What are you watching?" her sweet, innocent voice asked.

I hastily tried to minimize the internet browser on my phone before she caught a glimpse over my shoulder.

"Nothing. Not a damn thing. Just checking emails," I bluffed, apparently unconvincingly.

"Liar." She called me out, grinning, and then reached down and jerked the damn thing out of my hand. Walking quickly around to the other side of the cafeteria table, she searched through my phone.

"Jules, no! Give it back!" I exclaimed. Jumping up from my seat I tried to stretch across the distance separating us to grab my phone. Too late. Her bright, lime green eyes widened and her jaw dropped before she choked out a laugh.

The way my dick responded to her shimmering pink lips and musical laughter was completely inappropriate. I had no choice but to sit back down before anyone noticed. The evil, horny anaconda in my pants was way out of line, so I tried to reign him in. Like usual, it didn't do any good. Instead, the bastard forced my eyes to glance down to the front of her blue V-neck blouse.
God. Damn.
The amount of cleavage exposed between her full, heavy tits was practically begging for a motorboat.

I couldn't stop the sensual flashback, remembering what those soft breasts had felt like in my hands that night in Vegas almost a year ago. Jules and I had been in one of the hotel beds with our tongues down each other's throats, well on our way to fucking. At least we had been until her brother interrupted and brought things to a screeching halt. What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas. I still stroked myself off thinking about those seven minutes of heaven. Although, in my replays we don't get interrupted.

"That's disgusting," Jules said, interrupting my trip down masturbation memory lane. At first I thought she'd somehow heard my internal admission that I thought about her when jerking off, but nope, she was still focused on the small screen in her hands.

I knew it was only a five second video that just continued to automatically replay over and over, nonstop. Small, buck naked man takes a flying leap, landing on top of a pale, wrinkly Jabba, then starts thrusting frantically. Leap then thrust frantically, leap then thrust frantically, and on and on it goes.

"It's like the human equivalent of a teacup Chihuahua trying to hump an English Mastiff," she observed. "But for some strange reason, I can't stop watching this freaky-ass train wreck."

"I know, right?" I laughed at her dead-on analogy, and her admittance that she was having the same problem as me. I told myself I kept watching the replay just to try and figure out the logistics.

"The man deserves a medal of honor as the sole survivor from the Battle of the Bulge. He came, he conquered, and he barely made it out of her fat trenches alive," she said with faux dramatic flair.

Laughter erupted from me, causing my stomach muscles to ache from doubling over and tears to escape the corners of my eyes.

"If that experience doesn't give him PTSD, then I don't know what the hell would. Here, make it stop," she said, finally sliding my phone back across the table to me.

"You're hilarious, Jules," I told her as I dried my eyes with the back of my hands and tried to catch my breath from the sudden outburst. "You grabbing lunch between classes?"

"Yeah genius, that is typically what people do in the cafeteria."


"Where's your harem of hussies?" she asked, looking around the cafeteria before her lips lifted in a cute smirk.

I shrugged. "I'm a few minutes early."

Some sorority girls from last semester's Women's Literature class and I had become pretty close. Although not as close as I'd like.

"Do they still think you're gay?" Jules asked, and I knew she was biting her plump bottom lip to keep from laughing.

"For now," I reluctantly admitted with a sigh.

"When are you planning to … come out?" she asked, unable to hold back her giggle.

"Soon. Hey, if the bluff worked for Kick-Ass to get the girl, it'll work for me."

"Whatever you say, Dylan," she rolled her eyes before walking away toward the lunch line. And damn it, I couldn't avert my eyes from the way her tight jeans hugged her perfect, apple-bottom ass. At least not until my phone dinged with a text message from her older brother. Will had been my best friend for the past thirteen years. 

His text asked, "
Any sorority parties tonight
If I don't get fucked soon I'm going to lose my goddamn mind

Amen to that. I, myself was going through a seemingly endless drought. I texted him back that Megan, Amber and Stacy were meeting me in a few minutes, and that I'd see what was going on.

Megan was the president of Sigma, Sigma, Sigma, or the "Tri Sigs." Since it was the time of year for recruitment, there should be a shitload of parties going on over at sorority row. Of course, there were one or two fraternities on campus too, but the male population at Madison was only about fifteen percent. Therefore, the sororities were where it was at on the weekends.

Men from all over the city flocked to their parties, but being on the inside my chances were much greater for a hook up. Well, my chances would be better if they didn't think I was gay. My idea to come to a majority all girl, Liberal Arts University had really backfired. Now I was in my senior year and still not getting any ass.

My first two and a half years I'd been a pussy, and barely spoken a word to the intimidating women on campus. I didn’t have a lot of experience with having to actually work to woo the fairer sex, and the smart, beautiful and accomplished ladies of Madison made me feel like a gawky teenager. Last semester I thought I had started making progress. Or so it had seemed.

It was tougher than I had expected to get women on my looks and personality alone, but that's what I was damn well determined to do. No more gold digging whores for me. I hadn't quite figured out how to flirt with women to show them I'm interested or to get them to fuck me. Back in high school girls were all too eager to jerk my zipper down without me having to utter a single word. I got fucked every way possible, on a regular basis, the entire four years. The only problem was that each fuck came with certain financial expectations.

Am I complaining about the amount of ass I got back then? Hell no. But when I started college I decided I was tired of being used, even if the benefits were pretty awesome at the time of the transaction. Eventually I'd like to find someone that wanted to spend time with me and (hopefully) fuck me without any ulterior motives. So, I decided to go the average Joe route to see what it was like to have women want me just for being me. Was that too much to ask? Apparently it was, and to my dismay I'd somehow been mislabeled as gay. 

"Mind if I sit with you until your sluts, I mean your friends get here?" Jules asked when she returned to the table with a salad and a bottle of water.

"Sure, and if you'd give them a chance you might like them," I told her when she sat down in the chair across from me. "That's all you're eating?" I asked, nodding to the tiny pile of lettuce that would insult most rabbits.

She sighed as she stuck a fork in the plastic container of green leaves. "Yeah. I'm on a diet."

"What? Why?" I asked, glancing down at her amazing rack again before I caught myself.

"I need to lose at least twenty pounds. I've even started going to the rec. center and working out three or four times a week."

"That doesn't sound like any fun." Although, the idea of watching her lovely lady parts bouncing around in tight work-out clothes seemed like a
fine time. I had my own gym, but maybe I needed to spend a little more time at the one on campus.
Down, boy.

"Yeah, well, wearing Hello Kitty pajamas while watching
Harry Potter
marathons and stuffing my face with Reese's isn't doing much for my social life. I haven't had a date in … well, a long damn time. I'm tired of being the chubby, invisible girl to the guys on this campus," she said, forking another green pile of nasty into her mouth.

"Jules, the problem is not what you look like." I'd always thought she was classically beautiful, with her fair skin, long brown hair, and big innocent green eyes. She was cute and petite, with sexy curves that begged to be squeezed. Not that I'd ever thought of her that way. Much.

I'd known Jules since she had thrown tea parties and played with Barbie dolls, so thinking of her that way would just be … wrong, I reminded my all too eager dick. Even if I had felt her up and made out with her that one little time in Vegas. We'd both pretended I was drunk, and neither of us had spoken about it since. I wondered if she ever thought about us, or that night? She'd seemed pretty into it at the time when her tongue was down my throat. Damn it, what was I telling her? Oh yeah. "You go to a liberal arts school where there's not even a thousand men to the four thousand or more women on campus, and more than half of those thousand men are gay. You know, like me," I joked, and that earned me a small smile.

"I should've gone to State, and would have if not for my full scholarship here. There are like thirty thousand students on their campus, and sixty-five percent of them are male."

"Total sausage fest," I said, trying not to flinch with guilt when she talked about her scholarship.

"Right up your alley," she teased. Then her eyes darted to something or someone behind me, making her scowl.

Turning around I saw the Tri Sig girls heading our way. Fuck me if they weren't looking hotter than hell. The blonde trio never left the sorority house unless they were in some skimpy outfit that showed off all their assets, with perfectly styled makeup and hair. Okay, now I was even starting to sound gay. 

"Hey, Dylan. Who's your friend?" Megan asked. She sat her sexy little ass down at the table beside me, and her two sidekicks both pulled out chairs and did the same. Glancing down I could see that Meg's skirt was so short, another inch higher and I'd know what color her panties were (if she was even wearing any). My dick liked the teasing view a little too much. What had she asked? Oh yeah.

"This is Julie, Will's little sister," I told them.

"Oh, and Will's your boyfriend, right?" Megan asked, causing Jules's mouthful of bottled water to almost spray us from across the table.

"Um, no. Will is definitely straight," I assured her, then cursed myself. I should’ve lied, because if that motherfucker hooked up with one of them before me I was going to be pissed.   

"Ah. That's too bad for you," Megan said, rubbing a comforting hand down my arm.   

"I don’t know, Dylan," Jules interjected with a smirk. She'd grabbed some napkins and was soaking up the mess from her sprinkler impression. "I've been seeing some signs that Will might actually prefer the sausage. He was listening to
One Direction
the other day in his truck, and then last weekend I caught him watching
Magic Mike,
" she said. The other girls gasped and giggled.

"Jules, have I ever told you how awesome you are?" I asked, unable to hide my grin.

"Not lately," she said, giving me a genuine smile that made her even more beautiful. She'd just helped cock block the fuck out of her brother.         

"So Julie, have you thought about rushing Tri Sig?" Stacy asked, and Jules's mouth dropped. I was equally surprised by the question. Jules was smart and shy, and so not the normal, slutty, Tri Sig material.     

"Um, no, not really," she responded, just as I expected.                           

"Well, you should. We have such a great time, and are the best of friends. It's a great way to meet new people too," Stacy added. I could see the skepticism oozing from Jules's expression.

"We're having an old school toga party tonight for open house. You should definitely come with Dylan and see what you think. Oh, and don't forget to bring Will," Megan said with a wink in my direction. If she only knew I thought about getting naked with her and not men. I couldn't just come out and say, "
Oh, by the way, Megan, I actually love pussy, not cock. Can I get some of yours

I'm so fucked. Maybe I could pretend to get really drunk tonight and see if she'd take advantage of me…you know, try her best to "fuck me straight." I admit it, I'm growing more desperate by the day.

"Come on Jules, it'll be fun," I encouraged her, feeling bad about how depressed she'd seemed talking about her stupid and unnecessary diet. "There'll be lots of guys there right?" I asked the Sigs, then for some reason my jaw clenched at the thought of another man's hands on Jules. I'm sure it was nothing more than a protective, big brother type of reaction. Right, that's definitely all it was. I may be an only child, but I'm pretty sure most big brothers don't have an urge to fondle their sisters. Well, unless they're
Game of Thrones

BOOK: All In: Calling His Bluff (Gambling With Love)
11.77Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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