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Jules sat her bag down on the couch and walked over to look out the tall windows in the living room. "Damn, I can see my dormitory from here," she said and I went to see for myself.

"Huh, yeah you can." I looked out into the clear fall afternoon, and could see all the way to the rural part of town where my parents lived.

"How far up are we? Is this like the tallest building in the city?" she asked. I was pretty sure she was rambling and stalling.

"What's up, Jules?" I asked, and she backed up a step to look at me.

"Nothing. Why?"

"You seem nervous. We don't have to do this, you know?"

"I know," she said, wringing her hands. She stuck them in her back pockets when she realized she was fidgeting. "But I want to. I mean, I've only had sex three times and honestly, I don't know what all the fuss is about. So, I sort of need to figure it out."

"That's because Aaron was probably a virgin too, and didn't know what the fuck he was doing."

She nodded in confirmation. "It kind of hurt, and well…you're huge, so it'll probably hurt even more." I winced, finally understanding her nervousness. This was probably the only time in my life I wished I had a smaller cock.                

"It's not supposed to hurt, and even I won't hurt you if you're ready," I assured her. I might be well-endowed, but I'd never had a woman complain that I hurt her or that I was
big. "If you want to try then we can go slowly, and I'll stop whenever you say the word." At least she wanted to figure things out with me, and not some asshole who wouldn't care if she was alright or not.

"Okay," she said with another nod.

"Then come on," I said, reaching for her small hand. "Let's head to my room so I can get you naked and wet."

"W-what do you mean?" she asked as I led her down the hall.

"I'm going to lick your pussy again," I told her, and smiled when I heard her gasp from behind me.

"But you don't have to do that."

"I know I don't have to," I told her. We walked into the bedroom and I reached to pull her shirt off over her head. "But I want to."

I covered her mouth and teased her tongue with mine to try and get her to relax, and stop overthinking things. With one hand cupping her jaw I used my free one to work the back clasp on her bra. Rubbing my hands over her shoulders and down her arms I completely removed the constraining material from her body.

I moved on to the waist of her jeans next. Jules gasped into my mouth and held onto my biceps as I eased her zipper down and pushed her jeans off, leaving her in nothing but silky pink panties. Now I had to pull my lips from hers to lean back and get a good look at her. Last night hadn't been long enough to get my fill.

God, Jules was hands down the most beautiful naked woman I'd ever seen. Her green eyes blazed as they looked nervously up at me. The pink flush of her cheeks matched her perfect parted lips. Long, dark hair flowed over her creamy shoulders, brushing the beaded nipples of her full, mouthwatering breasts. My hands caressed down to her hip bones that were just begging to be squeezed while I fucked her. Hell, and that was just the front of her body. I hadn't really had a chance to see her amazing ass yet.

I leaned forward to kiss her lips again as my hands greedily fondled all of her wonderful curves, before heading between her legs. The apex of her thighs had been groomed with a smooth Brazilian wax. It was so incredible that I'd gladly spend every last cent in my trust fund just to be able to see, touch, lick and fuck her pussy on demand.

"Mm. See, you're already getting wet. Now, can I please go down on you?" I asked.

"Yes," she replied softly, as my fingers teased her pussy through her damp panties. Her eyes closed and she leaned her head against my chest, gripping my arms tighter.          

"Good, because I was going to hold your hips down and fuck you with my tongue either way. It sure as hell doesn't hurt, and I know you like it."

She let out a little moan as her head fell back, making my dick even harder.

Picking her up I sat her on the edge of the bed to strip out of my clothes. Jules's green eyes were unfocused with lust as she watched my every move, her expression now more desire than apprehension, at least.

I went ahead and grabbed a condom from my dresser to have ready, then climbed up on my high, king size bed. I waited for her to come to me when she was ready, instead of rushing her. Damn, Jules was probably going to need those wooden steps the furniture store tried to sell me to get on and off the bed. At six-four I told them that shit was just ridiculous, but she'd fall and break her neck getting down.

What the hell was I thinking? It wasn't like she was going to be in and out of my bed for years. This would only last a few weeks, if I was lucky.

Jules started crawling across the bed towards me, biting her lip and looking incredibly sexy. I reached for her, pulling her on top of me to taste her lips again. After a few seconds our mouths found an easy rhythm, and her body finally relaxed, lowering down until it was flush against mine. I couldn't hold back my groan at the feeling of her soft, warm skin rubbing against my own.

I reached around to grab her ass with both hands, grinding her lower body into my hard cock, making her breath hitch. I was getting too eager, and distracted from my original plan. I rolled us over until I was on top of her, and started kissing my way down her body. Speaking of distracted, I had to put my mouth on her amazing tits.

Jules's back arched and she made sounds of pleasure when I started devouring her heavy breasts with licks, nips and suction.

Trailing a hand down between her legs while my mouth molested her nipples, I slipped underneath her panties. Working her magic spot, I had her coming in less than a minute. But I wasn't done with foreplay yet. I wanted her dripping wet and so fucking ready for my huge cock.                                         

I slid down the bed, taking her panties with me as I went. Then, lifting her hips up off the mattress with my hands cupping her ass, her heavy lidded eyes met mine before I licked her moist slit, making her writhe and moan. I worked urgently on her clit, needing to get inside of her before I died.

Jules screamed my name to the heavens when she came, cradling my head to her body with both hands to keep me right where she needed me. Her body's response, her moans, and her taste made me crazy. Even as my balls threatened to explode, I couldn't quit pleasuring her with my mouth. I didn't, until she finally begged me to stop after she came the third time.

I grabbed the condom and rolled it on while giving her a few seconds to recover from her last orgasm. Holding my weight up on my forearm, I lined my cock up to enter her. Her hips went wild just from my tip touching her overly sensitive flesh.

"Let's try it this way first," I said through gasps. "And if it feels okay then I'll fuck you from behind." She nodded as her hands dug into my shoulder blades, urging me to push inside her.

I stayed above her to watch her eyes, and make sure she was okay as I slowly eased into her.

"Oh God," she said softly. Her eyes were closed, so I wasn't sure what that meant.

"Good or bad oh God?" I asked, but I was pretty sure I knew which. Her pussy was still clenching around my cock from the aftershocks of her recent orgasm. It was too damn good, and I just knew I was going to embarrass myself by coming faster than a virgin.

"It's good …
!" she cried out and grabbed onto my shoulders when I pushed in gently and hit her cervix, going as far as I could go. After her legs wrapped around me and she started raising her hips, I pulled back and thrust into her again, making her cry out.

"Still good?" I had to ask again, and she nodded. I was dying from the brutal assault of pleasure starting at my cock and taking over my body, while trying to hold back to make sure I wasn't hurting her. "Okay, just say 'Ow' if something hurts, so I'll know the difference."

"Don't stop," she said pulling my mouth down to hers. I started moving faster and harder when she didn't say otherwise. Surrounded by her tight heat, with her tongue plunging in and out of my mouth was making it damn difficult to hold off.  Finally she started panting into my mouth and I knew she was getting close, right before she pulled away. I felt her pussy tightening around me, taking me right along with her, and making my body shudder in ecstasy.

Oh God, Dylan
," she cried out as her back arched. Her nails dug into my arms while she bucked underneath me. With her eyes closed, pink lips parted in an 'O' while pushing her beautiful breasts towards me, she was absolutely gorgeous. I wanted to see her like this, coming underneath me, over and over again.

I stayed inside her, feeling the incredible aftershocks until she finally came back down again. When her bright green eyes finally blinked open, she looked up and gave me a satisfied smile.

"Better than Aaron?" I asked, hating that the prick took her virginity in such a shitty way years ago.

She laughed. "Hell yes.
much better."

"Goddamn right," I said, unable to help my own grin when I brushed my lips lightly against hers.

I know what all the fuss is about," she said, looking relaxed while rubbing her hands comfortingly through my hair. Being with her like this felt so damn easy and … right, like we'd done it a hundred times before. I'd worried it might be awkward, but it was anything but that.      

"Does that mean you're up for another round?" I asked, relieved it'd been good for her.

"I'm ready to beg you to fuck me again," she responded, making me laugh.

"That won't be necessary. Give me a minute to recover and then I'll gladly make you scream my name again." 

Her face went rosy red on top of our flush from arousal. "Don't be embarrassed," I told her, kissing each of her warm cheeks. "Men love to hear you scream their name. It's nice to know the woman you're fucking hasn't forgotten who's getting her off."

"That ever happen to you before?" she asked with a smirk.

"Hell no," I said unable to help my cocky grin. "A woman can't possibly forget when Big Dick Dylan's fucking her."

"Ha! That's hilarious," she laughed, throwing her head back on the pillow. My mouth went down on her exposed neck, making her squirm when I licked and kissed her sweet, salty skin. "Damn, that tickles. Stop,
" she pleaded between giggles, pushing her palms against my unmoving chest.

"Okay," I finally agreed, when my dick stood at attention again because of her squirming underneath me. "But only because I'm ready for round two. Now I want you face down and ass up, because that's the way I like to fuck," I quoted the song lyrics, as I climbed off the bed to grab another condom.  

"Are you serious?" she asked when I came back to bed. I was covered and ready to go again and she was still on her back.

"Yes, I'm serious, woman, so get your ass up. Trust me. Did I let you down the first time?" I asked, with a smug smile. She shook her head, then rolled over, going to her hands and knees.

"Goddamn," I said, as I palmed her ass once it was in the air. "I don't know which I like better, your perfect tits or your incredible ass. I think it's a tie for both making me hard as fuck." Kneeling behind her I lowered my hand between her legs, feeling her wet slit, and penetrating her with two fingers to make sure she was good and ready again.

"Oh!" she moaned, and rocked back, already trying to fuck my hand.

"Remember to say 'Ow' if something I do hurts, and any fucking thing you want when it feels good."

Oh God
," she moaned, in response to my fingers moving in and out of her.   

"You ready?" I asked.

"Yes. Oh!
Oh God yes
!" she cried out as she came on my fingers. I didn't let her finish. I grabbed her hips and plunged my cock into her.

Oh fuck
!" she exclaimed, louder than anything I'd ever heard from her mouth.

"This okay?" I asked, holding still until I knew she was alright.

"Yes ... it's … really good. Please don’t stop."

Thank God
, I thought as I started moving in and out of her. I wanted to make her feel so damn good that no other man would ever come close to how I gave it to her. Wait. Where the hell had that possessive thought come from? That wasn't helpful for what we were doing here. I was supposed to make her feel sexy and more confident so she could fuck other men. I didn't want to dwell on how shitty that thought felt. Being in her was too damn good to worry about that now.               

"You know I've got a lot more cock, baby. You want it?" I asked her, doing my best to push aside the insane jealousy that had just tried to suffocate me.

"Yes," she said, in almost a sob.

"You want it harder and faster?" I asked, giving her a taste of both with the next deep thrust.

"Yes! Fuck me harder, Dylan," she cried out, making me forgot everything else. Tightening my grip on her hips, I picked up the pace and fucked the ever-loving shit out of her.

BOOK: All In: Calling His Bluff (Gambling With Love)
5.6Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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