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"The guy from last night," I told him, although it felt like weeks instead of hours since all that had happened.

"So all this," he gestured up and down my length with a wave of his arm. "Is for him?"

"Well, yeah. I figure he'll be back, and if not there will probably be a ton of other hot guys trying to hook up with Sig sluts. Oh, and do you mind holding my keys tonight so I don't have to take a purse?" I asked. He reached out and grabbed them from my hand.

"What happened with him last night, Jules?" he asked, and I turned my back to him, heading for the elevator, hoping he'd follow me and drop the twenty questions.

"I told you - nothing," I said, and he locked up while I called the elevator. 

"How did the nothing come about?" he asked, standing so close behind me that I could feel his warm breath on my neck.

"You really want to know? God it's embarrassing," I told him covering my face.

"Just tell me. How am I supposed to figure out how to help you when I don't know what happened?"

"Fine," I sighed in defeat. "After we … undressed, we realized neither of us had a condom. Damn togas. So Nick asked me if I wanted to go down on him and I said I'd rather not since I'd never done that before. Not that I told him that. Then he asked … something else of me I wasn't willing to do. When I declined, he left the room saying I wasn't sexy like he thought or something another."

"He's an idiot because you are very, very sexy.  But what was the second thing you weren't willing to do?" Dylan asked as the elevator arrived and opened with a soft ding.

"If I wanted to … you know … um, let him put it in another place."

"In the ass?" he exclaimed. Luckily no one had gotten on the elevator with us as it started its descent.

My face burned so bad that there was no need for me to wear blush.

"Yes. I know I'm a prude, but that just doesn’t sound like fun."

Dylan laughed. "You're not a prude. From what I've heard, a lot of girls feel that way."

"You ever?" I asked. Before he could answer the doors opened on the sixteenth floor. A nice looking man that may have been a few years older than us got on. He smiled and nodded in greeting, before turning back to face the doors.

"No, I haven't done that. I'm too goddamn big," Dylan answered, making me laugh. He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me to him so that my back was flush against the front of his body.

I felt better about declining Nick's offer, knowing that even Dylan hadn't gone there.

"Mm. You smell good," he said, burying his nose in my hair. "So are you still up for what we talked about earlier?" he asked. It took me a second to realize what he was asking me. Was I willing to have sex in public? 

"Yes," I said in a nervous exhale. "Did you come … prepared?" I asked, hoping he had several condoms for tonight, and wanted to use them with me and not a certain slutty blonde. I couldn't get enough of him.       

"Fuck yes, baby. I'm so prepared I earned the Boy Scouts prophylactic badge," he responded, making me laugh. I was pretty sure I heard the guy in front of us chuckling too. "You okay with driving your car tonight?" Dylan asked. 

"Sure, let's take my Kia since it's so much cooler than your Porsche or that big ass motorcycle. What was it again? Augusta?" I asked. The guy turned to look at us over his shoulder, then quickly faced the elevator doors again.

"Agusta. And maybe we'll take it next time, if you wear some damn pants," he said, reaching under my dress to grab and squeeze my ass cheek.

"So this dress is too short to ride on it?" I teased with the obvious double entendre. I rubbed my ass against the growing bulge in the front of Dylan's pants, at the same moment the guy in the elevator with us looked back to judge the length of my dress for himself.

"I'm reconsidering letting you leave the building in it," Dylan said. Tightening his grip on my ass, one of his long fingers reached between my legs. Slowly and deliberately he rubbed over the thin strip of panty barely covering anything, while our elevator companion was looking at us.

I gasped loudly, unable to hold in my shocked and aroused response. "But I didn't bring anything else to wear tonight," I countered, when my brain remembered what we were talking about.

"Exactly," he said while pushing two fingers into my entrance, causing an embarrassing moan to escape my lips. "This dress is almost indecent. All I can think about is bending you over and sinking in deep."

I shivered when I felt Dylan's mouth moving over my neck, and I started to wonder how much of a show he was going to put on. My eyes had closed and my breathing became harsh as the wonderful pressure built between my legs. He'd have me coming while standing here soon, right in front of a complete stranger!

I was so close that before I could protest, Dylan reversed our positions, putting the front of my body against the back wall of the elevator. My palms automatically went out in front of me to brace myself, as if I was being frisked.

"Do you think my girl's dress is too short?" I heard Dylan ask the stranger. Oh God, and his hand was still very obviously fingering me from behind.

"Um ... ah ... no?" Our stranger sounded completely taken aback.

"Really? Because her perfect ass cheeks are almost hanging out. Makes me want to jerk her panties off and just fuck her right here," Dylan said, as he pressed his rock hard shaft against my backside.

I gasped in surprise at the feeling of the cool air when he lifted the back of my dress up to my hips. My entire ass, covered by nothing but a black thong, was exposed to a complete freaking stranger! If that wasn't taboo enough, I yelped when Dylan smacked my ass cheek, hard. "That's for being such a cock tease," he told me. "Have you ever seen such a fine ass?" he asked the man, as he soothed his hand over the sting he'd caused.

"That’s ah ... she has a …ah, really nice ass," he choked out. 

I was a little embarrassed, but a helluva lot turned on, especially as Dylan's fingers kept fucking me without even a slight pause during the conversation. I leaned my forehead on the cool metal wall to try and wrap my mind around what we were doing. My body liked it, that was for damn sure. I just had to turn my uptight and judgmental brain off for a few minutes.

Dylan's hands on me and his naughty words were exhilarating, but then I heard the ding of the elevator doors opening all too soon. I started to straighten and turn around, expecting us to get off at the garage level.

"We're not getting off. Yet," Dylan grabbed my waist and stopped me with his free hand. "Now turn back around and spread your legs wide for me." I looked up at him to judge his seriousness. The quick rise and fall of his chest and the heated look in his dark green eyes told me he was just as turned on as I was. At the moment I was willing to obey any and all of his commands just to relieve the pressure between my legs.

As soon as I did as he asked, his hand moved back under my dress to resume his ministrations. I cried out when he increased the pressure and quickened the strokes of his long fingers moving in and out of my pussy. I couldn't help but press down against his hand, chasing the pleasurable feeling growing stronger by the second.

"Are you coming or going?" Dylan asked, and at first I thought he was talking to me. Then I heard the man clear his throat before he responded.

"Ah, coming. I want to come," he mumbled quickly.

"Hell, I do too. Close the doors and hit the stop button for us, would you?"

. Dylan was actually going to take this even further, while a man we didn't know watched.

My pulse raced and my breathing turned into pants after I heard the elevator doors whoosh closed again. It was so naughty knowing they were both looking at my ass, and lower to where Dylan's hand was fucking me oh-so-good. The whole ordeal was unlike anything I'd ever done before. I actually wanted Dylan to fuck me right here, right now in front of this man. I wanted it so badly I thought I might die if he didn't get me off soon.

"Give me your panties, baby," Dylan said against my ear, as he tugged them down my legs and I stepped out of them. "Mm. You are so fucking wet," he commented, loud enough for the guy to hear when his two long fingers returned inside me, now moving slowly and deep enough to drive me crazy. "You like the idea of letting him watch while you take my cock, don’t you?" he asked.

"Y-yes. Oh God, yes," I answered as I swiveled my hips against his hand.   

"Then I'll give it to you, but I want you to look at him."

"W-what?" I asked, my mind completely boggled by this whole situation.

"Look at him. Has he got a hard-on from watching us?" he asked.

I couldn't believe I was actually doing this. Shy, sexually inexperienced, little ole me. But this is what I wanted from Dylan. I wanted to do anything and everything sexually that I'd been missing out on. I wanted to know what turned men on, and I wanted to feel sexy and desired. And that's exactly how I felt right now. My normal insecurities were long gone.

I took a deep, steadying breath, then glanced over at the other side of the elevator while Dylan's fingers kept moving rhythmically in and out of me. The man looked about as surprised as I probably did - lips parted, eyes wide, one of his hands rubbing up and down the bulge in the front of his pants. His brown eyes glanced up at mine for a moment, before they lowered again to my exposed ass, where Dylan's hand still worked me between my legs. He was a nice looking man, clean cut with short brown hair, dressed rather conservatively in slacks and a polo shirt, and he was most definitely aroused by us.

"You ready to watch me fuck her until she screams?" he asked the man.

"Oh yeah. This is so hot."                                                                         

Oh God
," I moaned, so very close to coming on his fingers, just before he pulled them out of me.

Frustrated and needy, I slumped forward against the wall, pushing my ass out in invitation while Dylan readied himself. I heard the sound of his zipper going down, then the tear of a condom wrapper. When I was able to open my eyes again our up-close and personally invited peeping Tom had his hand down the front of his pants, breathing heavily while he looked wide-eyed at Dylan's cock. He seemed rather impressed, but who wouldn't be?     

Dylan nudged my opening, teasing me with just the blunt head of his erection.         

"Please fuck me," I begged, pushing back against him to show him how much I wanted him in me. He'd left me hanging right on the edge, and now I was losing any semblance of control I had left.

"You love taking my cock, don't you?" he asked, as he pushed forward. Filling me with one thrust, his sudden intrusion forced my body up onto my toes.

!" I exclaimed in an exhale of breath. Dylan felt incredible inside me, possessing me - big, thick and so amazingly hard.  

After giving me a second to adjust, Dylan started moving his long shaft in and out, saying dirty things in my ear the whole time, while a stranger jerked off beside us. I turned my head to the side, and watched as Tom's hand moved faster and faster in his pants, while Dylan fucked me against the wall. Each shove making me cry out. It was so freaking hot, and felt so damned good as I got closer to my much needed relief.

"How many times ... have I made you … come today?" Dylan asked, tightening his grip on my hips.

!" I moaned and my eyes closed as he shoved deep inside of me and hit that magical spot.

"That's right ... Seven. Fucking. Times." Each word was punctuated with a thrust. "Now tell him … how much you like … sucking my cock."

Oh Jesus. I could barely form words and he wanted me to say dirty things. Dylan stopped moving behind me and I whimpered in need, thrusting back against him.

"Don’t stop!"

"Tell him," he ordered again. Frick. So that was his game? He wanted me to tell another man what I did with him and how good it was, while my body begged for release? 

Dylan reached up with both hands and jerked the top of my dress down so he could fill them with my sensitive breasts. Surges of arousal went spiraling through my body.

"No fucking bra? You're killing me, baby," he said, pinching both of my nipples between his finger and thumb, while his dick pulsed thick and swollen deep inside me. I needed him to move, damn it, or I was going to lose my mind. What was the question? Oh yeah, how much I like going down on him.

"I love sucking your big, hard cock," I panted, while squeezing his length with my inner walls. Dylan groaned, but thankfully he started moving again, and even harder than before. Tom let out his own groan that made me think he was enjoying the show, and getting close to his own release.

Dylan rotated us, putting his back against the side of the elevator and holding me against the front of him. His hands squeezed my hips, using his grip to drive me up and down his cock, fucking me while I faced another man.

No longer having anything to brace myself on, I reached behind me and wrapped my arms around Dylan's neck as his lips came down to nuzzle and suck on mine. I had no doubt he was leaving beard stubble burns and hickies, but I was beyond caring. This position forced my breasts out towards our new friend, who leaned back against the other wall of the elevator, stroking himself furiously.

BOOK: All In: Calling His Bluff (Gambling With Love)
8.29Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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