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I felt Dylan instantly stretch up to his full height behind me at the same time as his grip on my hips tightened. I could almost feel the tension rolling off of him.

"Oh, so
the asshole she was with for less than five minutes last night?" Dylan asked with a bark of laughter, making me cringe. "Yeah, Jules told me all about what a let-down you were after she took me back to her room and sucked me off."

Oh my God. I couldn't believe what was coming out of both their big mouths. I hadn't even
to Nick that I was going upstairs with him tonight, and what the hell had gotten into Dylan? 

"We didn't have a condom last night so things ended early. But don’t' worry, we've got one tonight," Nick retorted defensively, crossing his arms over his chest.

Dylan barked out another non-humorous laugh. "Yeah, we didn't have a condom last night either. But unlike you, I know how to fuck with more than just my dick, you selfish prick."  

Shit. We now had the attention of everyone at the party, and they’d just heard about all sorts of intimate, private details.

"Alright, Dylan. Let's just go," I said, turning around in his arms to face him. I was trying to halt what was starting to feel like a ridiculous pissing contest before it got any worse. I'd never seen Dylan verbally sparring with anyone before. He was staring Nick down, looking like he was growing more volatile each second.

Trying to calm him down, I stood on my tippy toes to kiss him. It was still a stretch in my heels when he didn't meet me halfway. As my lips brushed his he looked down at me, then both of his hands moved lower to grab my ass briskly in a way no one around could miss, especially Nick who was standing right behind me. This kiss, when compared to all our other ones, was mostly one-sided since Dylan was still so tense.

Why was he getting all defensive about one little comment from Nick, and why did he feel the need to embarrass both of us in front of so many witnesses?

"Here are your car keys back," Dylan said, pulling them and my panties out of his pocket before stuffing the black lace back in. I was pretty sure that move had been intentional too, and I started to worry when he didn't even crack a smug smile. Was Dylan just trying to help me make Nick jealous? Maybe he was hoping Megan was watching our little scene too. 

Accepting my keys I said, "See ya, Nate," over my shoulder, as I pushed Dylan toward the door.

On the way out I noticed that Megan had in fact been watching, and she looked less than pleased. My belly flopped thinking that wasn't necessarily a good thing.  

"Two birds, one stone," I told Dylan. I was trying to remain upbeat and not think about the two of them together when we made it out into the warm night air.                

"What?" he asked, as I continued to guide him toward the parking lot. "Oh yeah, right."

"So did she seem jealous?" I asked.

"No idea," he grumbled.            

When we finally reached my car I started to unlock the doors, when Dylan suddenly spun me around facing him. He grabbed both my hands to pin them above my head on the roof of the car, causing my keys to land with a loud tinkering thud on the pavement.

Startled by his brash movement, I glanced up and Dylan looked … pissed at me? His green eyes burned into mine, gleaming from the light of the lamp posts. His jaw was clenched tight, and I swear I could hear his teeth grinding as he pressed my body against the car with his much larger one.

Why was he mad at me? Because we had to leave before he was able to fuck a slut? If anyone should be mad, it should be me for him telling a room full of people what we'd done together, and embarrassing Nate or Nick, whatever the hell his name was.

"Why'd you insult him in front of everyone?" I asked indignantly. "If that was you trying to make him jealous, then you crossed the line."  

"Is what he said true? Were you about to go off and fuck him when I interrupted?" he asked tersely, completely ignoring my question and surprising me with his tone and volume.

"What?" I asked, confused by his anger and question.

"I saw him show you the fucking condom, and I heard you say, 'Yeah, that's great.' So, were you going to go upstairs and fuck
right after you came on
dick, screaming
name?" he asked.                 

I stared at him a few seconds longer, trying to figure out if he was serious. He sure looked like he was being serious, although I couldn't remember ever seeing Dylan upset or angry before. He was usually so quiet and playful, always laid back and barely saying more than a few words to anyone. Was he ... jealous? Jealous of the guy we were supposed to make jealous? Well, I'd been jealous of him talking to Megan, so I couldn't really say anything.

I debated pointing out that he and I weren't really together, and that I could've gone off and fucked Nick if I'd wanted to, but I knew from the uncharacteristic way he was acting at the moment that would be the wrong thing to say. I was almost afraid that if those words left my mouth Dylan might turn around and leave me standing here, head back to the party, and officially end our deal. I wasn't ready to see him with someone else. That hurt too much to even think about. And I had to admit that the fact that he was acting crazy jealous made me ecstatic. So instead of getting angry at him, I decided to tell him the truth.  

"No, I wasn't going to fuck him. I was playing hard to get. I called him by the wrong name, and there was a 'but' coming before you interrupted," I explained. He raised an eyebrow in question. "You know, that's great

"But what?" he gritted out the question.   

"I was going to say, that's great
but ...
Big Dick Dylan's fucked me so many times today that my pussy's sore."

That made his lips twitch almost into a smile, and his eyes soften. "You're not really sore are you?"

"No, of course not. You're a gentle giant."

"Good," he said with an exhale. Then he leaned down and covered my lips with his.

"Dylan?" I asked, pushing against his chest to break our kiss.

"Yeah?" he replied, while nibbling down my neck.

"Were you going to … are you pissed because you wanted to fuck one of the Tri Sigs tonight?" I asked hesitantly, then hated myself for voicing my stupid doubts. He could screw whomever he wanted, and I knew he wanted them more than me.

Dylan's lips pulled away from my flesh so he could look down at me. I stood still, holding my breath and waiting for his response. I felt like such a fool for even saying anything, but I needed to know.

"No. Besides, I couldn't even if I'd wanted to."

"Why not?" I asked. It's not like I could stop him.

With his free hand he reached up and gently brushed a curl away from the side of my face. After a long exhale that seemed to diffuse most of his residual anger, he gave me a small smile. "Because my dick has decided it only wants to work for you."

I couldn't help but laugh. That was the last thing I'd expected him to say. It was a relief, and it was sort of sweet in a strange, perverted way. "Don't worry. I hear ED is very common in old men," I teased, to try and lighten the tension between us.

"I said it was being picky, not that I can't get it up. Does this feel like I have performance issues?" he asked, pressing his hard length against my stomach.

"No," I barely breathed the word before Dylan's big hand cupped the side of my face, and then his lips met mine again. His kiss was forceful and possessive, claiming my mouth as his, at least for a few more days. I knew as soon as Megan threw herself at him, that'd be all she wrote for us.

Pulling away, Dylan turned me around, putting me face forward against my car. My cheek was pressed on the cool glass of the car window, and my hands were pinned above my head again with one of his.

"I'm sorry. About all the shit I said," he told me, as he raised the back of my dress in public for the second time tonight.  My thighs automatically spread when his hand went between them, a few fingers slowly and gently penetrating me. "But at least I didn't hit him. I really wanted to knock that goddamn smirk off of his face. Or cram that purple condom down his fucking throat."

"It's 'kay," was all I managed to mutter in response. I had to brace all my weight against the car when the pleasure made my body relax so much that my legs wanted to give out. I pushed back and ground myself against Dylan's fingers, getting so close, right there on the edge, before he pulled his hand away.

"No," I whimpered. "Why'd you stop?"

His hand that was covering my wrists on the car squeezed tighter while his free hand wandered urgently up my side and over my breasts. "Because I want you again. Right here, right now," he said in staggered breaths.

When Dylan's hand left my body I heard his zipper come down then the condom wrapper tear a second before his cock filled me completely, driving me upward on my toes. His big body had me flattened against the car, dominating and possessing me as he moved his hard cock in and out of me with purpose. Those hard, unrelenting strokes were taking me higher than all the other times before. When I started crying out from the incredible pleasure that was so intense it bordered on pain, his free hand covered my mouth to conceal my moans. I was pretty sure his body was all that was holding me up.

Standing in the middle of a parking lot letting him fuck me so roughly was incredibly exhilarating. It was dark, and not many people were usually in the commuter lot this late during the weekend, but just the idea someone could come along and see us made it that much hotter.

"Do you think … he could fuck you ... better than me?" Dylan all but growled into my ear while pounding his cock into me. I shook my head vehemently as my honest response, since my mouth was still covered. There's no way sex with anyone could be better than it was with Dylan. I was inexperienced, not an idiot. And I had to say that my first encounter with angry make-up sex was incredible. "Goddamn right," he replied.

I panted against his hand as I felt the sudden tightening of my release. Letting my wrists go, Dylan's arm banded around my waist to keep me upright while my body trembled underneath his in wave after wave of ecstasy, until he stilled inside me.

"Wow," I said between gasps. The sex had been so good I was having aftershocks, and his cock was still pulsing semi-erect inside of me.

Both of Dylan's arms wrapped all the way around my waist, hugging me to him sweetly while we both caught our breath. His soft lips and unshaved scruff nuzzled against my neck, leaving light kisses.

For an instant I felt cared for, like I was more to him than a temporary fuck buddy, or someone he was just screwing as part of a deal. But I knew I could never compete with Megan, and I wasn't anything like the women Dylan wanted. You know, beautiful, skinny, and blonde. Now that they all knew he wasn't gay, he could have anyone he wanted. Which meant our deal was as good as over. I quickly blinked away the moisture in my eyes before I had to turn around and face him. 

"You gonna stay with me tonight, Jules?" he asked, still breathing heavily against my ear.

"Um, I was just going to drop you off and then head back to my room."

I knew I had to start putting some space between us before I grew more attached to Dylan, and sleeping with him in his bed tonight wasn't going to help anything. Then there was the fact that I'd never spent the night with a man before. I didn't really want another first with Dylan that I'd never be able to forget when things ended between us.

"Please stay with me," he said, placing an open mouth kiss on my neck, and weakening my resolve. I tilted my head to give him better access, which his lips took full advantage of. "You're the only woman that's ever slept in my bed. It felt nice having you there beside me, gorgeously naked, smelling all good and keeping me warm. Being with you today has been so damn amazing, Jules. Just let me hold you tonight."

I squeezed my eyes shut after his admission that I was another first for him, and that he thought today had been amazing. I could hear the raw honesty and vulnerability in his words, and I couldn't resist. I'd give in and take whatever I could get from him before it was over. Before he went after the girls he wanted and started treating me like I was nothing more than his best friend's little sister again. I knew I'd never think of him the same. Not after knowing how incredible he could make me feel, even if it was only for a few days. I had to clear the lump in my throat before I could finally respond.    

"I didn't pack any pajamas."

He laughed, pulling his semi-erect cock out of me, and then lowered my dress to cover my ass. "That's a damn shame. If you don’t want to sleep naked, well, I
I could let you wear one of my t-shirts."

"That'll work."

Dylan moved away, and after I heard his zipper go up, he turned me around to face him. He gave me a quick kiss and a smile before he started to walk around to the passenger side.

"Hey, Dylan? Do you mind driving? I had a cup of beer and now I'm a little light headed. I know, I know. I'm a light weight."

"Sure. You okay?" he asked. I nodded as I picked the keys up from where they'd fallen on the ground, and handed them to Dylan. It probably didn't help that I hadn't had anything to eat since a banana and cereal for breakfast, and he'd been wearing my body out for hours. Sitting down in my passenger seat was the last thing I remembered of the night.

BOOK: All In: Calling His Bluff (Gambling With Love)
9.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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