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Regine clenched the sheets, trying to get her breathing under control, but she couldn’t think clearly. Nathan was eating her pussy like a man on a mission. He’d done it before, but tonight he seemed to have a goal in mind. And her body was his playground. Maybe the prospect of having a baby made him a little eager.

She screamed and bucked her hips, feeling her orgasm hit her like a strike of lightning. She shivered under Nathan’s grip, but he held onto her. “So good,” he whispered, greedily lapping up her juices.

Regine found herself unable to talk.

“I think you’re ready,” Nathan said.

She looked down at Nathan and saw his eyes darken.

Crawling between her thighs, he plunged his hard shaft inside her. Regine braced herself, trying to adjust to Nathan’s size. Wrapping her arms around his shoulders, she kissed him. Their tongues fought almost violently.

Easing out slowly, Nathan pushed back in. Regine yelped at the sensation. She went to cover her mouth, but he interlaced his hands with hers. Nathan lifted them above her head. “I want to hear you, Regine. No whispers when you come. Just let it out.” His request made her entire body shake with desire. He moved harder and deeper. Her moans grew louder.

This was a totally different experience for Regine. She’d always been quiet when it came to making love. The first night they’d had sex, Nathan barely looked at her because he thought she hadn’t been satisfied.

“Yes. Fuck yes.”

He groaned, burying his head against her neck. Regine’s mind reeled. The sweet torture of his cock would surely be the death of her. From every thrust to every pant, Nathan’s name echoed throughout those four walls.

“How many?” he rasped into Regine’s ear.


“Children. How many?” Nathan never broke his rhythm.

“As many as you want,” Regine whimpered, feeling her orgasm rising from the tip of her toes. “Oh God, Nathan.”

She screamed to the heavens. Nathan was no better. He howled in that gruff voice. He pounded into her a few more times before sliding out and collapsing on his side.

“Wow,” Regine said, in between hoarse breaths. She looked over at her future husband and saw him sporting a big grin. “What is so funny?”

“You know I’m going to hold you to that, right?”

“Hold me to what?”

“As many children as I want,” Nathan said sounding a little too cocky for her liking.

“You caught me at a vulnerable moment.” Regine watched the smile spread across his face. “All jokes aside, I did mean it.”

“I know.” He’d gently caressed her cheek.

“A boy.” Regine saw the little confusion is his eyes and decided to elaborate. “I want a healthy boy first.”

“If it’s up to me, we’ll only have boys. I can imagine how crazy I’d go having a smaller version of you running around.”

“Please. You’d probably spoil her rotten.” She turned to her side and looked at him.

“I would because I’d love her just as much as I love you.” Her shock must’ve shown on her face because Nathan moved closer. In the whole time they’d been together, he had never said those three words. Regine knew he loved her, but to hear him say it brought tears to her eyes.

“I love you too, Nathan Romero.”

“This is the most
you’ll ever see from me, Regine Hamilton. You better live it up now.”

“Oh I plan to. Now let’s try to make a baby…or three” Bringing her lips to his, Regine felt him spread her legs. This night was full of surprises.

“Yes, ma’am.”



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Naomi Jones

Reading is one of her favorite pastimes. One day, while watching television, she picked up a pen, a writing pad, and her journey began. It started with writing a little at home…then during her lunch breaks. Now she has notepads and journals filled with stories that are just waiting to be organized and read.

Naomi resides in New York, with her husband and son, and loves horror movies. She also enjoys interacting with her fans through email.

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Epilogue: Christmas Surprise

Trademark Acknowledgements

Naomi Jones

BOOK: An Alpha's Claim
4.79Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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