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“There’s a woman at the front gate looking for you. She said her name is Elyse.”

“I’ll be right there.” She took her eyes off Bryce’s retreating back and focused on Nathan. Regine wanted to say something. Anything…but nothing came to mind. She slid off the counter and started to walk off. A firm hand dropped onto her shoulder.

“This is far from over, Regine.” Nathan pulled her into a mind-blowing kiss.

She went to move away but he once again pulled her closer. “I hope you’re ready for the challenge I issue.”

He walked off, leaving Regine wanting more of him than she had before. She stood there attempting to process what just happened. Did they almost make love in the kitchen?
Don’t act like you didn’t want to,
her mind screamed. His lips left a burning trail of desire throughout her body, leaving no question as to who Nathan wanted.

Walking to the front she saw Elyse waiting patiently for her. Even from a distance the poor woman was a pile of nerves. Regine smiled and gave her a hug. “Is everything okay?”

“Well, I’m…” Elyse looked around and saw everyone watching. “Can we talk in private?”

Elyse’s hair was a little ruffled and her maternity dress was wrinkled. From her slightly disheveled appearance, and the anxiety on her face, Regine assumed she was in a hurry.

“Sure,” Regine said as she helped Elyse inside. Regine felt the curious stares on them and knew they were wondering who Elyse was to her and what she was doing on the compound. Regine would explain later. She brought Elyse to the kitchen and helped her sit on the stool.

“First, let me assure you that we’re alone. Secondly, this better an emergency since I was supposed to pick you up. Now what’s wrong?

“My plug came out this morning.”

“Did your water break?”

“Not yet. Which is why I came to the compound. But this little voice in my head kept saying not to wait for you to pick me up. From personal experience, I didn’t ignore it. I knew what I was getting into when Anik told me he was a lion shifter but I figured I was getting nervous since I’m so close to my due date.

I tried calling you and Anik but kept getting your voice mail. I’m sorry.”

Tears poured down Elyse’s face. Regine merely smiled and mentally chastised herself for bringing her phone into the kitchen to charge this morning. After everything that happened last night she completely she neglected to do last night.

“It’s perfectly natural to feel a little scared and I’m sorry for not having my phone close. If you want, I’ll examine you here. We have a doctor that can take a look as well. Let’s get you upstairs.”

This wasn’t the first time she had witnessed someone overreact as their pregnancy progressed. Regine helped Elyse off the stool and looked down just in time to see fluid land on the floor.

“Okay, my water just broke.”

“Well, don’t worry. We’ll get you to the hospital before you go into labor. Have you been feeling any contractions?” Regine asked going into nurse mode. She looked down at her watch and mentally recorded the time.


“Good. That means we can wait for Anik to get here before we go to the hospital. Let me clean this up. Did you bring a change of clothes with you?” Regine asked making quick work of the mess.

“It’s in my car.”

“Let’s go get them and I’ll see if one of the men at the gate can run and get Anik for us.” Regine couldn’t leave Elyse alone.

“No need in asking them anything,” Nathan’s voice boomed making them both jump in surprise.
How long has he been standing there,
Regine asked herself. He stood at the entrance with a scowl on his face as if waiting for one of them to respond. “Who’s your friend, Regine?”

“This,” she cleared her throat and continued, “is Elyse. Anik’s mate.” Regine waited for Nathan to process what she just said but the scowl he sported didn’t change. “We’ll explain later, but right now I need you to get Anik since Elyse’s water just broke.”

Nathan looked at Elyse for a moment before looking back at Regine. His face changed from the hard scowl to a softer more concerned expression and she smiled.

“I’ll be back with him soon,” he promised then walked to the backyard.

Twenty minutes later Anik, Elyse, and Regine made their way to the hospital.

Word about Anik’s mating and his new cubs spread quickly among the pack. As soon as they arrived back at the compound, it seemed that everyone wanted his attention. They’d have to wait.

 “Thank you for bringing Anik to Elyse,” Regine said as she headed up to her room.

Nathan simply nodded and made his way to his office. Angry about her keeping secrets, he was afraid of what he might say. It was better for him to put space between them so he went to his office. Dagger’s completed storyboards were on his desk, but he didn’t even bother looking at them. He was frustrated. Why didn’t Anik bring his mate to the compound? They had a good medical staff and they also had Regine. Why would Regine purposely withhold this information when being at the compound was the safest place for Elyse?
Did she honestly believe he’d ignore the well-being of any of the expectant mothers? The unanswered questions weighed heavily on him.

 A hard knock on the door cut into his thoughts.

“Come in,” Nathan said even though he wasn’t really up to dealing with anyone.

Nathan couldn’t do anything but glare when Anik stepped inside. His first thought was to throw Anik out of the pack. However, Nathan knew that was a rash move that would do more harm than good. Anik was a valued member of his pack. Besides, neither the pack nor Regine would never respect him for that. He might not be able to throw Anik out of the pack but he could throw him out of his office. He might have done just that, but he needed answers.

“I know you have questions. So here goes. Regine was the first person to discover I had taken a mate, but I asked her not to tell anyone. She pushed me to bring Elyse here to monitor her pregnancy but I said no. Regine insisted on me bringing her to Elyse instead.”

Nathan was completely confused by Anik’s explanation.

“Why did both of you feel it necessary to keep your mate a secret?” Nathan asked trying to check his temper.

“I felt it would be better to keep Elyse away from here because of the animosity you have toward the friendship I have with Regine.”


“Nathan, we both know how you feel about Regine. Every single pack member in this compound knows. Haven’t you ever wondered why no other male has pursued her? Or why I’m claimed and she isn’t?” Anik asked as if reading his thoughts.

“It might have crossed my mind on occasion.”

“Of course it did,” Anik replied with a soft smile. “Regine and I don’t see each other that way. We never have. What you think she feels for me she actually feels for you. But Regine always keeps in mind that you threatened her.”

Nathan kept his stare devoid of any emotion. The joy that suddenly came over him didn’t need to be seen by anyone except for the woman who was the cause of it. Nathan wasn’t sure when it happened. All he knew was that she completed him. He’d made a lot of mistakes when it came to her. Ones that he could only blame himself for.

Suddenly, he wanted Regine’s body next to his, but this talk with Anik was far overdue. Once it was over he’d clear things up with his own mate.

“I take it your daughter is healthy?”

“Six pounds and four ounces. Even though we have great doctors, having Regine there was a true blessing. She really calmed Elyse. If it’s okay with you, they’ll be moving into the compound shortly.”

Nathan acknowledged him with a simple nod. One major rule he had about shifters and their pups was they stayed within the safety of the compound. That is, until they were old enough to defend themselves. Anik had come close to breaking that rule but Nathan now understood why. Still, he was glad that Anik’s mate and pup were now at the compound.

“Congratulations. You’ve proven to be one of the most valuable members of this pack. I’ll make arrangements for someone to take patrols until you’re ready to come back.”

Anik, who was making his way to the door, stopped in his tracks.

“Thank you,” he said but saw all the emotions in Anik’s eyes.

Soon after Anik left, Nathan did as well. He went straight to Regine’s room. Nathan smiled remembering how it was Dagger’s idea to put her in the only guest room on the same floor as his master bedroom. Who knew his brother could be a romantic? He knocked softly before opening it. He smiled listening to Regine’s soft snores.

Nathan stripped all the way down and climbed in next to her. Regine flinched but quickly relaxed when she saw him. Laying her head back on the pillow Nathan wrapped his body around hers. He’d give anything to make love to Regine, but he doubted she’d let that happen. Nathan was more than content with having her in his arms. “I’m sorry for threatening you.”

Regine turned around onto her back and smiled up at him causing his heart to race. Nathan stared into her eyes for what seemed like an eternity. There was desire in her eyes that equaled his own. He was glad she wanted him, but he needed Regine to forgive him for being so intolerable from the moment they met.

“Apology accepted,” she whispered before kissing him.

Regine’s soft fingers moved up and down his back. A sigh involuntarily escaped as he caressed her soft skin. Nathan tried to hold onto the little bit of control he had. His mind was screaming wait but his wolf smelled the pheromones her body was releasing. Regine wanted him badly. She already had all of him.

She must’ve sensed his warring emotions because Regine put her hand over his. Before Nathan could say a word she thrust his fingers into her warm inviting entrance. He moved his digits in a slow, pleasure-filled wave. She opened her legs wider to give him better access. Hearing Regine’s moans, Nathan slid a little deeper.

Nathan reclaimed her lips. He was a little rougher this time. Regine’s scent had him harder than a rock and her honey coated his fingers. Nathan would’ve continued but she brought his dripping wet digits toward her mouth. Regine’s tongue gave each finger equal attention. He stared, a little envious at how her tongue slid over his skin.

Nathan’s control had all but left at that moment. He snatched his hand away and licked a trail all the way down to her pussy. The way she tasted herself made him want to take a sample. His tongue flicked up and down on Regine’s already swollen clit.

BOOK: An Alpha's Claim
10.75Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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