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She stood on the welcome mat and shifted into her human form. The smell of dirt, grass, and her natural scent made his cock stand to attention. Regine took the towel he offered and wrapped it around her body. Nathan stood in all his glory not caring since it was just them.

“I guess you win,” she said, finally catching her breath.

“Which means that you have to do what I tell you. First things first, it’s late and I’m hungry,” Nathan said in a cocky voice that caused Regine to snort. He heard her mumbling something about a rematch and figured he’d let her win the next one.

“Can I at least clean up first?”

“Of course. Bathroom is that way.” Nathan pointed toward the stairs. “And Regine, I expect you to return the way you came in.”

“But I wasn’t wearing anything.”

“Exactly.” Nathan said cracking a smile. “You can put on one of my T-shirts to cook if need be. But once you’re done, it comes off.”

Regine gave him a slight nod before leaving.

An hour later they sat down to a meal. Nathan ate his food silently enjoying every piece he put into his mouth. Regine definitely outdid herself. Her plate was almost as big but she was eating at a slower pace. Hiring a chef was on his to-do list but Nathan might just have to hire Regine instead. She had wormed her way into his heart. His stomach was quickly following.

He couldn’t believe she was his. She took the time to discover the man he truly was beneath the title of Alpha.

“How was your steak?” Nathan looked down at his empty plate before looking back at her.

“It was adequate.”


“Yes. Looks like you’re going to have to come back here to improve on your culinary skills.”

Nathan watched Regine squint her eyes and smirked.

“Nathan, you better hope and pray I don’t win the next time we race out here. Because you’re going to suffer once I do.” Regine said before taking her last bite.

“I look forward to your form of punishment Mrs. Rome…” He began before catching himself. “I mean Ms. Hamilton.”

Nathan tried to correct his mistake before it slipped out. Marriage wasn’t a subject that popped into his mind. Being marked represented a stronger event than any traditional marriage ceremony. Nathan liked the idea of Regine having his name. Regine Romero did have a nice ring to it.

“I bet you do, Mr. Romero.”

She picked up her empty plate, ignoring his slip and walked over to the sink. Nathan could feel his body reacting to the sight of hers. Memories of how Regine’s toned legs wrapped around his waist made him tremble. A replay was definitely in store for tonight.

Nathan’s eyes traveled up her chocolate thighs to her perfectly round ass. The first time his hands touched it a towel had been in the way. Now there was just an open space that he planned to fill.


Regine sighed in contentment when Nathan’s hands slid from her shoulder to her arms. She could remember a time when Nathan wouldn’t dare come this close.

“Can I ask you something?” he whispered against her ear and she nodded before turning off the faucet. “Do you still think of me as that arrogant, self-centered Alpha you first met?”

She turned around to look Nathan in the eyes before responding. “I think you’re the best leader for this pack. And, like you said, being arrogant is one of your best qualities.”

Regine felt her nipples harden when he ran his fingers through her hair. “I never thought you were self-centered. Every decision you’ve made has been in the pack’s best interest. Including allowing me to come into the fold.”

Nathan caressed her face and Regine watched him look around the entire cabin. It was almost as if he was expecting someone to be listening to them. He went to say something, but quickly shut his mouth. Regine smiled and calmed Nathan’s nerves. “It’s okay. You don’t have to say anything. I can feel you, remember?”

A scowl reached his face before Nathan took a deep breath. “I’m glad you stayed with us. With me. I needed you to know that. I’ll probably never say it, but I need you to know I do.”

“I know, Nathan. And I’m not looking for you to say them. I need you to know that.” Regine brought her lips toward his and they connected. Their kiss was slow but filled with the passion they ignited in each other. That passion increased when Nathan’s hands moved to her waist. He growled deep in his throat as his cock grew against her thigh.

Nathan nudged her backward until they were out of the kitchen. Regine felt herself being lifted and gently placed on the soft evergreen custom-colored alpaca rug.

“You know there’s a perfectly good couch we could lay on,” Regine said, and Nathan laughed.

“The couch is next.” His powerful voice vibrated against her lips and she giggled at how carefree he was at that moment.

Snaking her fingers around his tight muscles, Regine felt the mark she made. Regine touched it appreciatively and heard Nathan purr against her ear.

He growled low in his throat when she slid her tongue across the mark she’d made. Nathan’s entire body shook uncontrollably and she turned him so his back was against the rug. Regine moved lower as her tongue tasted every inch of his muscular torso. She stopped to gaze at the wolf tattoo on the lower left side. It was just the face but its eyes seemed to follow her every move. Regine kissed the beautiful work of art and watched it darken. She looked up just in time to see the eyes of his tattoo turn the same shade. She smiled before turning her attention back to his tattoo. “Watch this.” Regine moved her mouth to Nathan’s cock. She took him all the way in loving the growls he emitted.

His veins throbbed against her tongue and she stroked him faster. “Regine, slow down,” Nathan groaned, making her pace quicken. His entire body tensed up and pulled back. Nathan’s breathing was heavy as he attempted to regain some of his control. He went to push himself up but stopped when Regine crawled fully on top of him.

The proof of his arousal could be seen in Nathan’s obsidian eyes. Regine felt the moisture between her legs and moved lower until the tip of his cock teased her entrance. “Tell me what you want, Nathan,” Regine whispered as she eased her way down on to him.

His hands buried their way into her hair and even though highly aroused, he kept eye contact. “You, Regine. I want you.” Nathan grabbed her hips and slid her up and down on his throbbing erection.

She moved slowly watching his dark orbs glow like ebony diamonds on display. The intensity in his eyes grew with each second. He gripped her waist and thrust harder. She held onto his muscular shoulders, urging him onward. And on he went, driving into her deep and hard.

Feeling a limitless fire of pleasure blooming inside, Regine bucked above him. “Nathan,” she whispered before throwing her head back and riding out the intoxicating waves of pleasure. Nathan’s canines sinking into her shoulder wasn’t even noticeable until he flipped her over.

He howled deep in his throat and pumped wildly. Regine held onto him with all the strength she had left. Nathan’s entire body tensed as his release came with one last powerful thrust. Both of them were sweating and gasping for air desperately. The rug was all but ruined from his claws digging into it.

A smirk pulled at Nathan’s lips before he wiped the sweat beads off her forehead. She didn’t know what it was but he looked so ecstatic at having her all to himself. Maybe it was because they were alone. No one could knock on the door and interrupt them the way everyone had been doing since she moved in.

Nathan kissed her long and slow, which made it difficult for her to think. Not that she really wanted to at that moment. He moved onto his side and she turned with him. She closed her eyes in the safety of Nathan’s warm embrace and let his heartbeat lull her to sleep.

Chapter Eight

I’m getting old
, Regine thought, as she listened to Naya singing a song by Nicki Minaj. Something about bees and traps. She shook her head and laughed quietly as her sister drove to the compound. They spent most of the day car shopping and ended up driving a new graphite-blue Nissan Murano LE® right off the lot. Now Regine was watching Naya sing and snap her fingers to the beat of the music.

 Naya turned down the music. “Regine, guess what?”

“What?” Regine asked after getting hold of herself. Naya had grown up so much these past few years. She was the spitting image of their mother in both looks and perseverance. Naya always focused on her goals to the point of excluding all other things. In high school, counselors were concerned about Naya’s lack of social skills. Regine put their fears to rest by forcing her sister to join some after school clubs.

Unfortunately, that only lasted for a short time. Naya felt better studying than socializing. Boys weren’t even on the radar until Naya met Lex. There wasn’t a day that went by that Regine wondered how Lex got Naya out of her comfort zone.

“I applied for the molecular biology program. With any luck I might be able to work in the labs part time.”

“That’s great news. Everything’s falling into place for you. Mom would be so proud.”

“Do you think she’d be angry that I haven’t shifted since she died?”

“No. Mom would understand just like I did. Sometimes I think I pushed you so hard you no longer wanted to shift.”

“Truth be told, I miss shifting. After Mom died the images of all the animals disappeared. I used to be able to do it at the drop of a dime. What if I can’t anymore?” Naya asked, pulling up to the gate entrance. Two guards opened the gates and waved them through.

“Naya, you
and will do so again. The ability isn’t gone. It’s just dormant right now. And there are plenty of shifters here who are willing to wake those images up.

Naya wiped away a stray tear and turned off the ignition.

“Are you ready?” Regine asked. Her baby sister nodded with a smile.

They stepped out of the vehicle and Dagger and Nathan approached Regine made quick introductions but noticed the eye contact between their siblings.

“Nice to meet you.” Naya offered Dagger her hand. Dagger took it gently and placed a soft kiss on her palm. Regine knew he was looking for a male scent. Any male scent. Lex’s stench was all over Naya. Though slight, it was still there. Nathan, on the other hand, stood waiting for his brother to finish flirting.

“You have a mate.”

“Not exactly. He’s more like a boyfriend.” Naya looked at her hand in his. “Good Lord, your hands are humongous.”

Dagger placed her hand over his heart and smirked. “That’s not the only thing I have that’s humongous,” Dagger said flirtatiously.

BOOK: An Alpha's Claim
5.69Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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