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Her breathing, though quiet, was beginning to quicken.


He grabbed the inside of her firm thighs and tasted every bit of her sweet cum.

His cock was now throbbing intensely at the sound of Regine softly whispering his name. Nathan could only grunt before moving in between her firm thighs. Looking down at Regine, he noticed that her brown eyes were now as black as night, indicating her extreme state of extreme arousal.

She called his name again before lifting her head off the pillows and kissing him. Nathan wrapped her legs around his waist and slowly filled Regine. Her quiet moans filled his ears as he slid out and back in. This was how it was supposed to be: them making love with each other rather than the cruel silent treatment they’d been sharing over the last few months.

Nathan couldn’t remember how many nights he had been dreaming of this very moment. Now that he finally had her body he was no longer able to control the inner desire she awakened. He grunted with every thrust and gasp Regine uttered, leaving no doubt in her mind, claimed or not, that she was his. No man, human or shifter would dare harm her.

The sweet sounds of his cock moving in and out of Regine sent him into overdrive. His thrust became harder when Regine tightened her thighs around him. He could sense that she was about to explode and moved even harder. Regine quietly cried out against his shoulder when her fiery release came.

Nathan growled ferociously as his hips thrust wildly. Her walls constricted around him and Nathan moved even harder. “Regine.” He groaned her name over and over until the last of his seed was inside of her. Laying his head against the pillow Nathan tried desperately to catch his breath. Regine wasn’t doing any better. But he let it be. He had her in his arms like he always wanted.

A sharp nail found its way to his shoulder and made a small incision. He hissed in slight pain only to have shock take over when Regine placed her lips over the wound. Nathan closed his eyes letting her take as much as she needed. He’d gladly give all of his blood if it meant having Regine like this. Nathan saw that her eyes were still black when she finished.

“I can feel you… You’re happy.” Regine turned her head up to look at him.

“I am. You are mine as I am yours, Regine.” She smiled brightly and felt her walls tighten around him again.

“Let’s celebrate this the right way,” Nathan said before making love to her again.

Chapter Six

Now that they were mates, everything was complete. The mating scar on Regine’s shoulder had let the other males know that she was off-limits. Not that they didn’t know before. However, now it was official. His fellow pack mates were happy for him, none more than his brother, Dagger.

Now that he’d apologized to Regine, he received affectionate hugs and kisses rather than her cold stares. Their mating didn’t get him out of fulfilling his end of the bargain since he lost the challenge. Of course, he made sure no one was around when he performed Regine’s requests. Regine caught on pretty quick and being a good sport, only asked for things when they were alone.

“Nathan, can I have a glass of water?” she asked him once he got into bed.

Nathan went all the way down to the kitchen and did as she asked. Instead of drinking it, she placed it on the nightstand. What intrigued him was the little side way smile she sported.

“Are you going to drink that?” he asked, watching her look away in amusement.

“I’ll drink it when I’m ready.” Regine quietly laughed.

Had it not been for their claim, Nathan would’ve thought Regine was purposely testing her limits with him. Saying no to her requests would’ve been just as easy but he found it amusing. Regine’s presence was true breath of fresh air.

He enjoyed her challenges. Tomorrow, however, he had a challenge for her. They would run to his cabin deep in the woods and not come out until the sun rose. They needed time alone. The expectant mothers and cubs were taking up too much of her time. Too much, in Nathan’s opinion.

Nathan and the male members of the pack were in deep discussion about a possible threat. He sat at the head of the table listening intently to the encounter each of them had with this mysterious shifter. While they didn’t sit at a round table, Nathan felt that their pack was like knights at a round table. Nathan could do nothing but be proud of them. Everyone who wasn’t patrolling was in that room was waiting to be told what to do the mystery shifter that had been sniffed out.

“This woman has been hiding in plain sight for some time. It was sheer luck that I caught her scent before she flew off,” Bryce explained.

Something in Bryce’s tone caused Nathan to wonder if Bryce was intrigued or angry by this new development.

“If she can shift into different animals just like Regine, it could be her sister.” Xack suggested. “I’ve caught this woman’s scent as well, and it’s very similar to Regine’s.”

Nathan found himself speaking up in defense of his sister-in-law. “I would see that as a possibility if her sister wasn’t taking summer courses all the way in Boulder. Plus, Regine would’ve brought Naya into the pack first before allowing her to roam around unsupervised.”

“Then Regine needs to have her join the pack. Because we need to know her sibling isn’t a threat to us,” Dagger interjected in a stern voice.

Nathan felt pride at Dagger’s stance, not only because his brother was right but also because Dagger was beginning to become his own man. Dagger was an asset to any pack.

Ever since the attack on one of the members a twenty-four-hour patrol was set up. Nathan refused to take any chances with humans wandering around with itchy trigger fingers. Not only were they trespassing, they were hunting during the off-season. The compound sat in an area where wild animals flourished, making it easy for shifters to blend in. But it apparently made shifters easy targets as well.

“Do you think this female shifter’s dangerous?” one of the women asked.

“Far from it. We have more to fear from those humans than her,” Bryce interjected making Nathan even more suspicious.

He looked at his enforcer and saw nothing but intrigue mixed with what seemed to be longing.

“But Regine should definitely bring her sister in. Just in case.”

Before they jumped to conclusions, Nathan had to speak with Regine about her sister, Naya. “I will discuss this with Regine. If any of you find this woman, invite her into the compound. We have to let this shifter know she’s welcome here. That aside, watch each other’s backs because more humans will return.” Nathan gave specific orders to everyone before ending the meeting. Whoever this woman was, she wanted something. Otherwise it would be a waste of time to stick around.

Nathan stood up and looked out the window to see Regine roaming the garden holding Anik’s daughter, Zasha. Some of the other pups crowded around her to take a look at the youngest pack member. Regine smiled and kneeled down as all the cubs giggled in excitement. Nathan smiled warmly before making his way outside.

“Kids, look,” Regine said, pointing toward Bryce and Xack in wolf form approach.

“Ssshhh, the baby’s sleeping,” they all whispered. More pack members walked by and the pups told them to be quiet. Once Nathan and Dagger appeared the kids ran up to them.

“Uncle Nathan! Uncle Dagger!” one of the cubs screamed and ran up to them.

Nathan kept his stance rigid but the pups just hugged him even tighter. Dagger, however, embraced each one. Leaning down, he made them huddle closer.

“How about we go inside and get some popsicles?” The stampede that followed his question had both Regine and Nathan laughing…and moving aside. Nathan may not have known much about pups but he knew not to stand between a pup and sweets. As if a bunch of pups wasn’t enough, Dagger held his arms out for Zasha.

It was just the two of them in the garden now. Nathan’s intense stare made her body shake. He walked closer and held out his hand.

“Is everything all right?” Regine asked as she took it. It was hard to miss the seriousness in his eyes.

“We need to talk about your sister.”

“Naya? What about her?”

“It’s time she joins the pack,” Nathan said.

Regine knew Nathan probably expected an argument but she wasn’t giving him one. Nathan was still a no-nonsense Alpha, but in the privacy of their bedroom, he was gentle, talkative and happy. He was also fair. If he thought Naya needed to be here, there was a good reason for it.

“I couldn’t agree more. Fair warning: she hasn’t shifted since our mother died. I tried everything to convince her to start but nothing’s worked.”

 “I wouldn’t worry about that. Dagger is a very good instructor. Naya will do well among the shifters.”

“Was there something else?” Regine asked before plastering a smirk on her face.

“I have a challenge for you.”

“About time. What is it?”

“Simple. You have to run with me. But this time we go a little farther out. All you have to do is keep up.”

“Okay, you’re on. What should I shift into?” Regine asked already feeling victory spread through her veins.

“Timber wolf. We leave now.” Nathan said walking down the path that led to the woods.

They quickly undressed but Regine paused to take in his wolf form. The average size of a wolf ranged from four and a half to six and a half feet from muzzle to tip of tail. Since Nathan was already six foot five and built like a football player his wolf form contradicted that average. From muzzle to the tip of his tail, Nathan was at least seven feet and stood at a height of four feet. His fur was a beautiful mixture of brown, black, and white made her heart melt. Regine slid her hand through the thick layers feeling his body adjust to the summer heat.

A soft groan left his throat as both of her hands worked their magic. Regine scratched behind the one ear she could reach before shifting into an identical version of Nathan. They started out with a simple walk through the woods. He picked up his pace and Regine followed.

Chapter Seven

Nathan waited by the door to his cabin and watched Regine walk in on shaky legs. He’d sprinted the last mile knowing she’d lose him. Nathan felt the shift in weather and picked up his pace but kept it comfortable for Regine. He’d seen her run with other pack members but never in wolf form until today. Though looking outwardly cool Nathan’s spine tingled with a prideful gaze upon his mate. This female made him weak in the knees.

BOOK: An Alpha's Claim
5.69Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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