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Jud sighed, watching as she gathered her things to stuff
them back in her purse. He saw a wheel of pills and picked it up.
What the
“You’re on the Pill?”

She shrugged. “Yeah. I take them to control my periods.
Otherwise they’re crazy irregular.” She took the pills and deposited them in
her purse.

“Chelsea? Maybe I should get tested and then we could
dispense with the condoms.”

She studied him, apparently unsure.

“C’mon. I’ve always been careful, but it would be so awesome
to have sex without a condom, feel your hot, juicy pussy on my cock.”

Taking a deep breath, she looked at him for a long time.
“We’d have to be exclusive, Jud.”

He felt as if he’d been slapped but quickly recovered.
Unfortunately, his reputation preceded him. “Of course we’d be exclusive,
Chels. You’re the only woman I have any desire to be with.”

After a long moment, she nodded.

Jud hoped she gave him the opportunity to show her exactly
how serious he was.

Chapter Seven


Annie’s was a small restaurant, crowded with square butcher-block
tables that were now filled to overflowing. It was a favorite spot of the
locals and Chelsea recognized a few of the other patrons.

As she finished off her pulled pork sandwich, she saw Jud
watching her with amusement. He’d probably never seen a woman actually eat
something before. “What?”

He reached over and dabbed a finger at the corner of her
mouth. “I guess we worked up an appetite.”

Her gaze quickly shot to Megan and Roger, but they were
hunched close together, oblivious to the outside world. She smiled. “Guess so.”

Jud scooted his chair closer to her. “Make sure you get
plenty of fuel. You’re gonna need it later.”

The fire from his eyes burned into her, sending shocks of
awareness and arousal through her body. After their late-afternoon activities,
Chelsea hadn’t thought she could get worked up for more so soon. It just took
one look at him, and she was a goner.

She still couldn’t quite believe she was here on a date with
Judson Tate, that she’d spent the better part of the last twenty-four hours in
bed with him. Any minute now, she’d wake up and find it had all been a dream.
But the pleasant soreness between her thighs told her it was all too real.

Her face heated at his inspection, her tongue slipping out
for a quick swipe of her lips as his eyes dropped to her mouth.
Is he going
to kiss me? Right here in public in
front of our friends?
Yes, he

Leaning in, Jud touched his mouth to hers. His tongue darted
out to lick between her lips but he went no deeper. He kissed her over and
over, delicate brushes leaving her wanting more. In the periphery, Chelsea
heard someone calling her name. She was able to ignore it until it became so
loud that it was probably disturbing other diners.

Reluctantly she pulled away from Jud to find that it was
Megan trying to get her attention. Her friend had a shit-eating grin on her

“Let’s go to the ladies’ room,” Megan said, standing and
holding out her hand.

Chelsea looked at Jud apologetically. “Sorry. Gotta go.”

“I’m aware of the code.” Jud stood and helped her to her
feet, prompting Megan to shoot a disappointed look at Roger, who merely grinned
in response.

Chelsea took Megan’s hand and let herself be led off to the
restroom. Designed for one person, there was a single toilet with no stalls.
Nevertheless, Megan pulled Chelsea in with her and locked the door. She spun
around and said, “Okay, spill it.”

“What?” Chelsea smiled.

“Oh no you don’t.” Megan shook a finger at her. “I’ve been
dying to hear details, so tell me all about it.”

Chelsea turned to check her appearance in the mirror.
“That’s not very polite conversation.”

“C’mon!” Megan unbuttoned her jeans. “Damn it, I really have
to pee.” Sitting down to relieve herself, she said, “You have to at least throw
me a bone. Pardon the pun.”

Chelsea burst out laughing. “Okay, okay.” She dug through
her purse for lip gloss. “It’s going really great. He’s so sweet and we’re
having fun just hangin’ together.”

Rising, Megan refastened her jeans. “Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m
sure he’s a doll. Tell me about the sex, Chels.” Their eyes met in the mirror.
“Is he really hung like that idiot Kayla said?”

Chelsea’s face instantly flushed.

“Ohmigod, he is! I’ll bet he’s a great fuck, isn’t he?”

“Megan! Really?” Chelsea took her turn, relieving her

“All right, don’t tell me. It’s just that I’ve been sitting
across from the two of you all evening and I can feel the heat between you.”

“You can?” Chelsea felt her face heat again. She washed her
hands, resisting the temptation to splash cool water on her cheeks. “Well…it
has been pretty great.”

“I knew it. Lucky.” Megan powdered her nose.

“What about you and Rog? How’s that going?”

Megan shrugged. “It’s good. He knows what goes where.”

Chelsea shook her head. Things
been great with
her and Jud. She had no previous sexual experience, but she couldn’t imagine it
could be much better than it had been with Jud. Still… “Megan?”


She must have taken too long to answer because Megan turned
and looked at her.

“What is it, Chels? Are you okay?” The sudden look of
concern in Megan’s eyes gave her the push to go on.

“I’m fine.” Chelsea smiled but tore her gaze away. “When you
have sex with a guy, is it really…wild?”

Megan’s eyes grew wide. “God, Chels. What did he do to you?”

“Nothing! I mean, it was all very sweet. He took really good
care of me. I swear.” She was relieved to see Megan calm down.

“Okay, so you want to know if I ever have wild monkey sex? I
guess. Sometimes. Why are you asking?”

“Maybe I should just shut my mouth,” Chelsea said. “The sex
was great. I can’t remember how many times I…”

“How many times you came?” Megan prodded. “Damn, Chelsea.
That sounds pretty wild to me.”

“I’m not really saying this right. It was wild, it blew me
away. It’s just that…well, he told me some things that made me think he was
pretty crazy—”

“Like what?”

Chelsea rolled her eyes. “Just some things. And like I said,
it was awesome. But he seemed so…in control.”

“Ooh, I like that.” Megan elbowed her in the ribs.

Another eye roll. “Not ‘in control’ like dominant and bossy,
but ‘in control’ like careful and restrained. And I just totally
control. I mean, it was otherworldly. So maybe it’s me. Maybe I don’t make him lose
head. Ya know what I mean?”

“It’s not
, Chels. C’mon, it’s early. He’s
probably just starting slow, wanting to make sure you get yours. And not all
guys are animals in bed.”

Chelsea nodded slowly. Megan was right, of course. Sex with
Jud had been the most exhilarating experience in her life. She’d wanted to go
wild with him but he’d seemed to slow her down.
I’m not exactly a sex
Jud probably just didn’t have any wild urges when he was with her.

As if Megan was reading her mind, she said, “Chels, don’t
overthink this. You and Jud obviously have a connection, an intimacy. I saw how
he looked at you. I could
it. Give it some time.”

* * * * *

“Ride me, Chelsea.” Jud was lying on his back, naked, erect
cock covered with latex. His eyelids were at half-mast, his voice husky.

They’d taken a walk after dinner and now Jud was making good
on his promise from earlier that evening. She’d had plenty of fuel but it
wouldn’t have mattered. Chelsea could have been in a state of starvation and
she would still want to pounce on him. He looked sexy as all get out, and there
was a tinge of desperation in his request that she found irresistible.

It was another new adventure, but she was up for it. She
moved over him, her knees on either side of his hips.

“Damn, you are so beautiful.” Jud reached up and caressed
her breasts, thumbing her nipples. “Take a seat, baby. Swallow my cock with
that tight pussy.”

“Mmm, you make me crazy with the things you say.” She walked
her knees apart, taking hold of his cock and guiding it to her pussy. Her
breath hitched as she rubbed the tip of his cock through her wet flesh. Empty
and aching for him, she lowered her body and took him deep inside her. He
filled her so completely that for just a second, she lost her breath.

His eyes closed slowly and he sucked in a breath through his
teeth. “So good.” His big, warm hands settled on her hips, squeezing them

Leaning over him, she placed her hands outside his shoulders
and supported herself on straight arms. Jud opened his eyes and smiled, lifting
his head to run his tongue around her nipple before sucking it into his mouth.
She felt the tug of pleasure all through her body and she squirmed in his lap.

“Yeah, that’s good.” His fingers dug into her flesh,
circling her hips around his rock-hard cock.

Chelsea saw stars, Jud’s mouth at her breast, his cock
massaging every sweet spot inside her. It felt so good, she never wanted it to
end. The sound of his tongue licking and sucking was making her mad with
desire. She lifted her hips a little, releasing him and then taking him back

“Fuck, yeah.” Jud dropped back and looked at her with glazed
eyes. His thumb migrated over to her middle, delivering glancing blows to her
clit as she rotated her hips, sending sparks of electricity racing through her
body. “Take me, Chels. Fuck me.”

She braced herself on his hipbones and slowly pushed up off
him, then sat back down. “God, I love how you fill me up,” she gasped. His
thumb moved with her, now providing constant stimulation, creating an
unbearable burning. Mewls and moans spilled uncontrollably from her lips.

Sitting up straight, Chelsea rose higher until just the head
of his cock remained inside her. Jud gazed at her, licking his lips, breathing
deeply through his mouth. Again she circled her hips, rubbing her wet flesh
around the tip of his cock. He started making small thrusting movements, but
Chelsea held him at bay, not letting him go deeper.

“Tease.” He shook his head at her but she could tell he was
into it. His thumb was still at her clit, driving her higher.

When she could take it no longer, needing to have him, she
sat and took him deep. She smiled at their matching groans of relief. She
repeated the maneuver over and again, until they were both nearly crying with

The pressure on her clit deepened and Jud thrust up into
her. Hard.

“Oh!” Chelsea lost her breath.

Pulling back out, Jud said, “Sorry. You okay, Chels?”

She looked down, her vision a little hazy. “Mm-hm.”

“I just couldn’t help myself. You were killing me.”

A smile appeared on her lips as she rose up off him again.
Urged on by his response, she found some courage and lifted her hands to her
breasts—lifting them for him, squeezing them together, plucking at her nipples.
His cock just inside her, his thumb strumming her clit, her own hands at her
breasts—the sensation was overwhelming.

The excitement that had been percolating now threatened to
erupt. “Jud…please.”

Apparently knowing what she needed, he thrust his hips up,
not as hard but plenty hard enough. He thrust faster and faster until she was
swept away. She dropped her hands to support herself as her body twisted and
turned and she cried in her ecstasy.

The next thing she knew, she was flat on her back and Jud
was bending her knees back against her chest. He moved over her and inside her
with deliberate motions, but the look in his eyes was untamed and his brow was
beaded with sweat. He plunged into her again and again, unintelligible words
spewing from his lips.

Chelsea had barely recovered from her orgasm and he had her
on the verge of another one. “Harder, Jud,” she said softly. Through the haze
she could see him give a quick shake of his head. “God, Jud. Fuck me harder.”

“Jesus, Chels.” He started thrusting harder and spit out
some animalistic grunts. “You feel…so fucking good.”

Through her climbing response, she grinned, thrilled by his

“God, Chels. I’m gonna come.” He moved even faster and
harder for a brief moment, then shouted with his release.

It was all Chelsea needed, and she tumbled over with him,
nearly pushing him off with her legs. He was still slowly thrusting when she’d
regained her breath, his sweat dripping onto her chest.

Finally, Jud pulled out of her with a sigh, dropping to his
back. “Incredible.”

Chelsea could only grin in response. Maybe, just maybe,
she’d driven him a little crazy.

* * * * *

Light from the late-afternoon sun streamed in through the
picture window as Chelsea folded laundry. It had been cloudy all day with off
and on snow flurries, but the sky was now a brilliant blue.

She’d spent the night at Jud’s, but after he’d taken her out
for Sunday brunch she’d begged off for the rest of the day. There were things
she needed to take care of—laundry, bills and other boring everyday things that
didn’t fit into this new fantasy life she had with Jud.

Besides, after spending nearly forty-eight hours straight
with him, she’d crazily thought that a little space might be good. To get out
of the hormone-charged atmosphere and find a little normality.

I’ve certainly achieved that.
Chelsea sighed as she
finished folding, then leaned back against the couch, curling her feet under
her. It had been only a few hours and she missed him already. She was in deep

What’s the saying?
When the gods want to punish
us, they answer our prayers.
It had been so long that she’d wanted Jud. Now
that they were “together”, she had to admit she was a bit overwhelmed. She’d
fantasized about Judson Tate for nearly a year, but it always been just that—a

The reality was, well, the reality had surpassed her wildest
imaginings. Jud had been sweet and sexy and kind. And he seemed to be genuinely
interested in her. But Chelsea suspected there had been countless other women
who’d thought he was genuinely interested in them as well, and they were now in
his rear view. What made her think she could be any different?

And therein lay the problem. Even if Chelsea could make Jud
fall madly in love with her and never want to see another woman, he’d probably
be leaving Colorado soon. They were doomed from the start.

And yet she couldn’t help herself. Wanting to scream in
frustration, she was stopped by the turn of a key in the front door lock. Megan
burst through the door, only to pull up short when she saw Chelsea.

“Hey, Chels. I didn’t expect to see you here.” Megan
shrugged off her coat and tossed it over a chair.

BOOK: Apres Ski
3.16Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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