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“When people don’t replace an empty toilet paper dispenser.
Or, or better yet, when they put it on the wrong way.”

“It’s so obvious that the tissue should come out from under
the roll, not on top.”

“Uh-huh. So what about me?” Jud moved to her other foot.
“What’s my pet peeve?”

“When someone says ‘I could care less’.”

He growled. “That drives me crazy.”

“I know.” She used her free foot to caress his thigh.

Trying to ignore her, he said, “If I were on death row, what
would my last meal be?”

Ticking them off on her fingers, she said, “Prime rib, crab
legs and onion rings.”


She narrowed her eyes at him and thought for a moment. “Oh
yeah, a bottle of scotch.”

“Very good. You, my lovely one, would hoover down an entire
German chocolate cake.”

“I don’t have to worry about how my hips look in my coffin.
If I suddenly found myself with a free hour, what would I do?”

“Bubble bath. What about me?” He leered at her.

“You’d take some poor unsuspecting female to bed.”

“What? I’ve never had any complaints.”

She looked him in the eye. “So I’ve heard.”

He stopped rubbing for a moment and returned her gaze.
“Really? What have you heard?”

She moved her foot on his thigh again, inching it closer to
his groin. “I’ve heard tell that you’re very well-endowed. Ya know, hung?”

Smiling, he resumed the foot massage.

“Look at you, so proud of yourself.”

He shrugged. “What can I say?”

“Of course, I found that out for myself last night, when you
were grinding on me.”

“Sorry ’bout that.”

“Don’t be sorry.” Her foot reached the top of his thigh and
made a direct hit, stroking over his cock. “It feels good.”

“Yeah.” His voice cracked. Clearing his throat, he said, “It

“So tell me, Judson Tate. I’ve heard all the myths and

He gave her a brief scowl, then waited for her to go on.

“What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done? Sexually
speaking, I mean.”

He took a deep breath and blew it out slowly, wondering if
he should tell her or not. Most women wouldn’t be exactly thrilled by his
answer, but he didn’t want to lie to her or hide anything from her.

“Oh boy,” she said. “So many that you can’t narrow it down
to just one?”

“No, no. I can narrow it down to one.” He glanced at her and
then forged ahead. “One of my buddies asked me to fuck his wife while he
watched. So… I… Uh… I did.” He closed his eyes, waiting for some kind of
outburst, but none came. When he opened them, Chelsea was watching him, her
face unreadable. She nodded slowly, her gaze flitting away. “How about you?” he
asked. “What’s your wildest thing?”

Now she smiled. “Nothing.”

“Nothing? So what, you’re strictly missionary position?”

“No, I mean I’ve never had sex.”

Jud was stunned by her admission. A smart, beautiful young
woman in this day and age? “Chelsea, why not?”

Pulling her foot away, she curled up under the blanket. “I
don’t know. It’s not like I have some high moral code or that I’ve been saving
it or anything. I just never went through that whole college ‘hooking up’
thing. Then when I got older, I didn’t feel the need to just get it over with.
I wanted it to be with the right person.”

“Jesus, Chels. We’re kinda coming from different sides on
this.” He closed his eyes with shame. “Shit, all the things I’ve been saying to
you. You must think I’m a lecher.”

She laughed and sat up. “No I don’t. I loved all the things
you said. It was really hot.”

He shook his head as he ran through the past couple of days
in his mind. He must have offended the hell out of her.

Chelsea grasped his hand. “Stop it, Jud. It’s okay. I like
you and I want this to happen between us. It’s not like it’s a great gift or
anything, but I want to do this with you, have…sex with you. I consider myself
lucky that the man I want to be with for the first time is so obviously very
good at it.”

He smiled at that, happy that she was taking his sordid past
in stride. He squeezed her hand. “I like you too, and I want to be with you
too. But I
see it as a gift. Having sex with you would be a very nice

“I bet you say that to all your virgins.” She grinned at

Jud rolled his eyes. “C’mon, Chels. Can you give a guy a
break? I’m trying to have a moment here with you.”

The smile dropped from her face. “I’m sorry. That’s very sweet
of you.”

“That’s better.” Releasing her hand, he cupped her face and
leaned down and kissed her.


Chelsea couldn’t breathe. Her heart was racing as he kissed
her. She’d just disclosed a terribly intimate detail to Jud and he hadn’t
thought she was a freak. He was being so sweet that she wanted to cry—her chest
ached and her throat tightened. She opened her mouth to suck in a breath and
Jud slipped his tongue in, licking and tasting.

Sure, she was a virgin, but she’d been kissed before. Never
like this though. At least not by a man she was so emotionally invested in, a
man she desperately wanted. It made her head spin, and the concussion had
nothing to do with it. It was all about Judson Tate. She moaned into his mouth,
clinging to him until she could take no more. She pulled away and gasped,
taking quick breaths.

He seemed to be equally affected, panting lightly. “Damn,
Chels, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to control myself.”

“I don’t want you to.” She smiled.

As he sat back, Chelsea saw that his hands were shaking. “Ya
know, I’ve wondered for months why you didn’t have men lining up for you. I
thought you were just choosy.”

“I am.” Besides, it was hard to date men when you were in
love with someone else. And she
love him. She might not be the most
experienced woman in the world, but she knew without a doubt that she was in
love with Jud. Now she just had to make him fall in love with her too. Piece of

He was studying her, looking at her as if she were made of

Clearly she wasn’t. If she was, she would have just
shattered into a thousand pieces when he’d told her about his craziest sex
experience. Having sex with his friend’s wife? While the guy watched? It was
out there all right, but in the big picture, it could have been worse.

“What are you thinking?” she asked.

After a moment, his lips formed a huge grin. “Just that I
can’t wait for you to get over this damn concussion.”

“Me either.” She gave him a quick peck on the lips and stood
up. “Now take me home.”

“Yes ma’am.” He pushed himself up from the couch, watching
while she grabbed her things.

She was acutely aware of him and it was nice to know now
that he felt the same way. When she was ready, she inched over to him, placed
her palms on his chest and looked up. She felt his heart pounding under her

“Do you have to go already?”

She wanted to tell him no, and that she never wanted to
leave, but it was probably best not to spook him too much. “I do. I need to
grab a shower, get some clothes that actually fit me…”

“Okay, but we’re on for Friday night, right?”


He covered her hands with his own. “I have an idea. Instead
of going to that Italian place, why don’t I cook for us? We can have a nice
romantic evening right here.” He waggled his eyebrows at her. “What do you think?

Chelsea shook her head slowly, but she was smiling. “I think
I’m in big trouble.”

Chapter Five


The overnight bag sat ominously in the middle of her bedroom
floor as Chelsea took one last look in the mirror. Jud would be there any
minute to pick her up for their romantic dinner and it was safe to say that she
was more than a little nervous. He’d said to dress casually so she’d gone with
a red sweater with a draped neckline and a pair of jeans.

It had been two days since her injury and her first day back
to work. Her headache was gone and she’d been clear and sharp, but they’d had
her scanning lift tickets at the base, feeling it was best to start her off
slow and keep her off the mountain.

So here it was Friday night and her date with Jud. He’d made
no secret of his intentions, hence the overnight bag. They were both off for
the weekend and Jud had told her to pack some extra clothes. Maybe they were
assuming too much, but she didn’t think so. At least on her part. She was ready
to stay at Jud’s forever, and he was too much of a gentleman to kick her out
early if she didn’t live up to his expectations.

Grabbing her bag, she made her way to the living room where
Megan was reading.

Smiling, Megan closed her book. “You look great—sexy, but
not like you’re trying too hard.”

Full of nervous energy, Chelsea shook out her hands to
dispel some of it. “I’m glad you approve,” she said, taking a seat next to

Megan grasped her hands. “It’s gonna be fine, more than fine
if Jud’s reputation is close to reality.”

Chelsea raised a brow.

. Just relax and have a good time.”

“Easy for you to say.” Chelsea jumped at the quick knock on
the door. “Here goes nothing.” She stood up and went to answer the door.

Jud was also dressed in jeans and a sweater—his usual outfit—but
tonight he had an aura of raw sexuality that was more palpable than ever. He
smiled and his eyes sparkled, stealing her breath. “Hi.” He leaned down and
planted a brief kiss on her lips. “You all set?”

“Yeah, just let me grab my bag.”

“I’ll get it.” Jud moved into the apartment and saw Megan
seated on the couch. “Hey, Megan. How’s it goin’?”

“Great. You guys have a good time.”

“I’m planning on it.” Jud picked up Chelsea’s bag and held
out his other arm. “After you.”

Chelsea stole a last glance at Megan, who smiled and winked.

Jud closed the door behind them and promptly dropped her bag
and pulled her into his arms. This time he gave her a real kiss. His lips were
soft as his tongue licked hers open to explore her mouth. It was a leisurely,
thorough kiss, as if they had all the time in the world. As if they weren’t in
a hurry to get each other naked. It was perfect.

* * * * *

“That feels good.”

Jud closed the fireplace screen and looked up at Chelsea,
her hands and feet reaching for the warmth of the flames. She looked relaxed
and happy.

She smiled at him. “First you make me a fantastic dinner,
and now we’re having wine in front of a crackling fire after a stroll in the
snow. It’s been an amazing evening. It’s like you read some guidebook to
planning the perfect date.”

Handing her a glass of wine, he sat next to her. “I’m glad
you’re enjoying yourself.” He took a sip of cabernet, taking in her sparkling
eyes and rosy cheeks. He’d cooked dinner for other women, snuggled by the
fireplace with them. But tonight it was different. It was special. Chelsea was
right—“amazing” was the perfect word to describe the evening.

“That chicken was fantastic. How did you learn to cook?”

Jud stretched, warming his feet by the fire. “I guess it
started by watching my mom. Then I got hooked on all those TV shows with the
famous chefs.”

Chelsea laughed and turned toward him, curling her legs
underneath her. “I love to watch them too, but I’m still not very good in the
kitchen. I think there’s a real art to it.”

“Maybe, but I love it—grabbing a bunch of ingredients and
throwing them together to make something really flavorful. It’s cool. Very

“And women love a man who cooks.”

He grinned at her. “There is that.”

“Uh-huh. So your mom could cook. Did she work?”

“She taught elementary school for a few years, but she quit
after she had me—”

“Had her hands full, huh?”

“And my three sisters.”

“Three sisters? Wow.”

“Yeah, a lot of drama at the Tate house. But it taught me
about women, for sure.”

Chelsea slowly shook her head. “You’re parents are

“Yep. Retired, happy and busier than shit. They’re golfing,
skiing, traveling. I hope I have their health when I reach that age. And your
folks? They’re in Boulder, right?”

“Mm-hmm. My dad’s still working, an attorney. Mom’s on the
parks board, saving nature from big business. Actually, they’re
couple of liberal tree huggers.”

Jud laughed. “They sound fun. I’d love to meet them.” He
watched as a trace of uncertainty flickered in her eyes. He wasn’t stupid. He
knew she was wondering why the player who wouldn’t be around long would want to
meet her family. He couldn’t blame her for having so little faith in him.
Chelsea wasn’t stupid either.

At last, she smiled. “I don’t think you could handle it.
They’re pretty intense.”

“I can do intense.” He moved a little closer to her. “How
are you feeling? Does the head still hurt?”

She took a long swallow of wine, her tongue darting out to
lick her lips. “I feel good.”

The look in her eyes made his cock stiff. He studied her
every move as she placed her wineglass on the side table. “Fuck. Maybe you
shouldn’t be drinking. I’m such an idiot, giving you wine—”

“Stop.” She stroked his forearm. “I talked to the doctor
today. I don’t have any more restrictions.” She leaned in and waggled her eyebrows.
“No restrictions.”

Groaning, Jud palmed her cheek and kissed her. Her lips were
soft and pliant, opening for him as she kissed him back. She tasted of garlic
and wine—two of his favorite things—and he wanted to eat her up. He brushed his
tongue over hers again and again as he stroked his hand down to caress the soft
skin exposed by the neckline of her sweater.

His fingers feathered over her breast as he reached down to
her waist, holding her gently.
Keep it slow. Make this last.
He was
desperate to make this night good for Chelsea. No—great. Perfect.

Her hands were warm against the back of his neck as she
eagerly kissed him, moving closer. He gripped her tightly, one hand on her back
and the other drifting down to caress her behind. He felt dizzy with desire as
more blood migrated toward his cock. He tore his lips away from hers and blazed
a trail down her neck to the bare skin above her sweater.

“God, Jud.” Her voice was deep and breathy as she squirmed
in his arms.

Damn, she was killing him. He licked his way down some
sweet-tasting skin to where her sweater met the top of her breast. He hooked
his fingers around the material and tried to pull it down so that he could get
at that beautiful flesh, but it was a struggle. Best to go underneath… Then. “Fuck.”

Jud pulled away and leaned against the back of the couch.
What was he doing? This was definitely not slow. He tried to catch his breath
and cool down, but Chelsea was not having it. Before he knew it, she jumped on
his lap and straddled him, her mound pressing deliciously onto his rock-hard
dick. “Chelsea, wait—”

Wet warm lips covered his, her tongue plunging deep into his
He palmed her butt and rubbed her against him until he
felt as if was going to explode. She groaned into his mouth and took up the
rhythmic thrusting on her own. This was going to be over in two minutes.

Threading his fingers into her hair, he grasped a handful
and pulled her head back, putting some space between their mouths. “Chelsea,
stop.” He was surprised by the desperation in his voice.

She froze and stared at him, then covered her mouth with her
hand. Slowly shaking her head, she carefully extricated herself and tried to
get up. “I’m sorry. I—”

Jud grabbed her arm and kept her seated on his lap. “
sorry? For what?”

“Well… I… I shouldn’t have… You were trying to stop…” She
looked away.

He cupped her chin and forced her to look at
him. Seeing the uncertainty in her eyes, he wanted to kick himself. “Chels, I
wasn’t trying to stop. I was just trying to slow this down. You have me so
turned-on, I was about to come in my jeans.”

She narrowed her eyes at him. “You don’t have to say that.”

“I’m not just saying it. Damn, Chels.” He grabbed her hand
and placed her palm on his cock. “You feel that, right? That’s all you,
darlin’. And it’s about to burst.”

She smiled and he felt as though he could breathe again. “I,
uh, I guess I lost myself a little as well,” she said. “Sorry about jumping

“Don’t ever be sorry about jumping me. Guys love that. In
fact, from now on, feel free to jump me anytime you want.”

Holding out her hand, she said, “Deal.”

He shook her hand then pulled her close and wrapped her
hands around his neck. Grabbing her butt again, he stood up with her in his
arms. “Let’s take this somewhere a little more comfortable.”

* * * * *

The woman in the mirror looked like a stranger to
her—tousled hair, green eyes sparkling vividly, lips puffy from kissing.

Chelsea smiled and tried to calm her nerves. On the way to
Jud’s bed, she’d made a detour to freshen up in the bathroom.
He wanted to
slow things down, right?
She was anxious but she was also excited. How
lucky was she? About to have sex for the first time with a gorgeous,
experienced man, who she also happened to be in love with? She doubted that
there were many women who had been as fortunate.

Quickly using the facilities, she deemed herself ready. The
lights were low in the bedroom and Jud was in the process of placing a few
condoms on his nightstand. He smiled when he saw her and she got chills.

“Make yourself comfortable.” He gave her a long, sweet kiss.
“I’ll be right back.”

Chelsea watched him go, then took a seat at the foot of the
bed. She pulled off her socks and decided to stop there. She wanted Jud to take
off the rest of her clothes. It was sweet, really, the way this was happening
now. No games, eyes wide open.

The last time she was in his bedroom, she hadn’t been in any
shape for snooping. Glancing around, she saw that it was a typical guy’s
room—no frills. It was neat though. No dirty clothes on the floor, not a lot of
clutter on the furniture. The walls were bare except for a single painting.

Drawn to it, she saw that it was a winter scene, a run-down
snow-covered barn with two desolate trees flanking it. It was familiar to her.
She had painted it.

A lump formed in her throat as she studied it.

“I bought it a couple of months ago.” Jud stood a few feet
away, watching her.

Unable to speak, she nodded slowly.

Moving closer, he said, “I don’t know much about art, but I
saw it and…it just pulled me in. I had to have it.”

Now Chelsea looked at him. It was one thing for a guy to
want to get into her pants, but knowing that he appreciated the most important
thing in her life? It took her breath away.

Without a word, she reached up to caress his cheeks,
touching her lips to his. He stayed still while she lightly kissed him again
and again. She licked his lips open and tentatively explored. His moans made
her bold and she sucked his tongue into her mouth, savoring his taste.

Jud wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly as he
took over the kiss. Just as she was starting to feel weak in the knees, he
cupped her ass and lifted her, quickly covering the short distance to the bed.

Lust burned in his deep blue eyes when he released her just
long enough to yank off his sweater. She had a fraction of a second to
appreciate his finely muscled chest before he pulled her against all its hot
firm glory.

Chelsea caressed the smooth skin of his pecs as Jud’s soft
lips covered hers. Heat surging through her veins, she still felt shivers down
her spine as he pulled her sweater up over her head.

“Nice.” He caressed her breasts through the fabric of her
bra. She’d chosen navy lace underwear, not wanting to be too innocent or too
slutty. Apparently she’d made the right decision.

She arched her back as Jud bent to close his mouth over her
nipple. The warmth of his breath shot straight to her core and she grasped the
back of his head to steady herself.

He kissed his way down her belly as he dropped to his knees,
lightly nipping her skin under her navel. Her sensitive skin withdrew from his
stroking touch as he moved to unbutton her jeans and slowly lower the zipper.
He pulled them to her ankles and she placed her hands on his muscled shoulders
as she kicked them away.

Stroking his hands up the backs of her legs, Jud leaned in
against the lace of her boy cut panties and inhaled deeply. “So sweet, Chels. I
can’t wait to taste you.” His mouth fastened over her pussy lips and his warm
breath created a searing heat in her body.

“Mmm.” She fidgeted against him, her hands creeping up to
hold his head.

Jud’s hands reached her butt, the lower curve exposed by her
panties. He groaned and turned her around so that she was facing away from him.
“Damn, Chels. You are so sexy.”

She wanted to object, but her breath was stolen when she
felt Jud’s tongue on her ass cheek.
Maybe I am sexy.
She held still and
let him have his way as he peppered kisses and little nips on her bare flesh.
Her knees nearly gave way as he carefully pulled her panties down and dropped
them to the floor.

“You’ve got a great ass, Chels.” His big hands kneaded her
round butt cheeks, pulling them apart, plumping them up. His tongue left wet
trails that were heated by his breath. “I ever tell you I’m an ass man?”

BOOK: Apres Ski
8.66Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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