Billion Dollar Surprise: A Billionaire Romance

BOOK: Billion Dollar Surprise: A Billionaire Romance
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Billion Dollar Surprise

For anyone who's ever lost someone they later found...


Emilia Green

Kylie took a deep breath, as she looked up in awe at the imposing skyscraper in front of her. She had only been in New York a week and she wondered, just how long it might take her, to get used to the towering buildings and bustle of the streets. She hoped never.

She had grown up in a small town in Texas and New York was everything that her small town wasn't. It was always alive with the sound of people's lives rushing ahead, never seeming to slow down or come to a stop. The streets were filled with mighty buildings and colourful people and it seemed, as though it truly was the city that never slept.

Kylie loved it though; it was everything she had ever dreamed of, even if it was a little daunting. Nothing ever happened in her sleepy hometown, it was as though the lives of the people there were set on loop and were cursed, to repeat the same mundane lives as their parents, and their parents before them.

In fact the only thing she loved about her hometown had left her when she was 13. He had been her next door neighbour and her best friend. They had grown up together, shared their dreams with each other and had promised each other that one day, they would escape to somewhere more exciting. Kylie was too young to know at the time but later realised that he had been the first boy she loved, and up until now it had remained that way.

Even though 8 years had passed since he had left, she still sometimes found herself wondering about him. She wondered whether he had found the life, which they had always spoken about, whether he was happy now, wherever he was and whether she ever crossed his mind as he did hers. She doubted that though, if he had longed for her as she did him surely he would have made contact. She'd done everything she could within her means to find him but she had no luck.

She walked into the mighty building, taking note of the 'DynaMatthews' slogan. She noticed that the lobby was adorned with several vases filled with Bluebonnets and her pre-interview jitters calmed down somewhat at the sight of them. They are the state flower of Texas and something that always reminds her of Noah, the boy who had got away.

The day before he had left, they had spent the day together exploring nature, they had stumbled across a cluster of the flowers and he had picked her some. To this day, she could still remember the feeling she had, had when he had handed them to her. Her heart had been racing, her cheeks heating and her heart had a pang of hurt, knowing that the next day he would be gone.

She couldn't help but feel as though this job was something she was meant to get, how could it not be, when the lobby had the flowers of her past, of her home? She walked over to the desk and introduced herself to the receptionist.

"Hi, I'm Kylie; I have an interview at 10 o'clock." She said brightly to the woman behind the desk.

The receptionist was clearly a New York native, you could tell just from looking at her. She was perfectly kept, not a hair out of place and wrapped in an expensive looking dress and blazer. The receptionist nodded and looked at her screen.

"Yes, Kylie, please take a seat." She said, gesturing at a long leather bench against a wall at the other side of the lobby.

"Thank you." Kylie said, nodding at the woman before walking across the room and taking a seat.

She had been preparing for the interview all the night before. This would be her first real job, if she got it and she wanted to make a good impression.

She had noticed since arriving in New York that the people here had a tendency to allow stereotypes to influence their opinions of a person. From her experiences so far, that once they had heard her soft Texas accent, they assumed quickly that she was naive and unaware in the ways of the world. She didn't want that to happen today and so she had made sure that she knew everything there was to know about the company. She was prepared for any question, they might throw her way.

At exactly 10 o'clock, a tall woman walked through the lobby and straight over to Kylie.

"I'm Sasha; I'll be interviewing you today." She said quickly, as though in a rush to get the formalities over with.

Kylie stood up and shook her hand whilst introducing herself. Sasha looked almost bored by the introduction and indicated for Kylie to follow her. Sasha said nothing to Kylie as they rode the lift all fifty-seven floors. Kylie spent the time trying to calm her breathing down.

Sasha seemed intimidating, she was clearly experienced in her job and unimpressed by what she had seen of Kylie so far, she could tell that from the bored expression on her face.

They had settled into the interview room, which was a wide office panelled with clear glass and a view into the streets of Manhattan. Kylie sat nervously in the expensive leather chair while Sasha started to ask her questions.

She answered all the questions that were posed to her and smiled whilst doing it. Kylie couldn't help but smile; it was something she always did. She was an optimist and a dreamer, who refused to let the world bring her down.

After Sasha had finished asking her everything she needed to, she smiled too, the first smile Kylie had seen on her face since she had met her downstairs in the lobby.

"Well Kylie, you do seem like a good fit for this position." She said, without looking directly at her. "Would you be interested in starting tomorrow?"

Kylie felt her heart skip a beat, she had got the job, and phase two of making it in the big city was complete.


"I got the job!" Kylie shouted as she swung open the door to her apartment.

Her best friend Felix turned his head away from the TV and grinned.

"I knew you would!" He said back, in an equally excited voice.

Kylie had met Felix at college, they had hit it off straight away and when she had told him about her dream to move to the New York, he had insisted they escaped together.

Felix had lived a difficult life in small town Texas. He had known from an early age that he was gay, but his parents being devoted Christians, had made coming out difficult and he had never felt as though they had fully accepted him for the person he was.

When he had learned about Kylie's plan to escape their small and dreary town, he had grabbed on to the opportunity with both hands and hadn't let go since. As soon as they had both saved up enough money, they left of New York and found themselves a modest apartment.

The rent wasn't exactly cheap, but it was New York and they had never expected anything less. The studio apartment wasn't big, in fact once they had both put their single beds up; there was little room for anything else. Felix had brought his TV with him, a flat screen, which they had mounted on the wall. At the back of the room there was a small kitchenette, which consisted of two dingy units and a microwave. There was also a small free standing sink, which was stained with lime scale and other questionable substances. It wasn't much, but to Kylie and Felix, it was the freedom that they had always longed for.

"So you're going to be some rich dudes slave girl then, huh?" Felix said with a mischievous look in his eyes.

Kylie rolled hers and put on her best upper class voice.

"No, I'm going to be Christopher Matthew's personal assistant." She said.

Felix laughed as Kylie finished speaking and she grinned back. She didn't know much about Christopher Matthews, other than he was a self-made billionaire, who had created some kind of software that most smartphones relied on to function. Kylie wasn't exactly a tech savvy kind of girl and when she had been researching the company, most of the information had gone over her head.

That night she slept with anxiousness to her dreams. She was excited about starting her new job, but this wasn't some small town in Texas, this was real life in the hustle and bustle of a big city and she didn't want to make a fool of herself.

The next morning she woke up before her alarm went off, she thought about trying to get back to sleep, but her thoughts were racing and she knew she didn't have a chance. She got up and made herself some coffee.

She had a couple of hours yet, before she needed to set off and she decided to use them wisely. Kylie wasn't a typical girly girl, but she liked to look presentable and she wanted to make sure that she made a good impression on her first day.

She drank her coffee quickly and pulled out the huge suitcase which she kept under her bed. The didn't have the money for furniture yet, so both she and Felix where still living out of the suitcases.

She unzipped the case and looked inside, rummaging through her clothes until her hands found the cool feel of plastic. She tugged at it and pulled out her makeup bag. She would do her makeup first, then her hair and after that she would get dressed. She had bought a pantsuit, especially for the job and she had hung it over the bathroom door, as to avoid getting it wrinkled.

The bathroom was tiny, it had a shower cubicle, a toilet and a sink with a mirror hung over it. If you stood in the middle of the room you could reach everything there was, but again Kylie didn't mind the pokey little room, because it was hers and that's what mattered.

She looked at herself in the mirror. Her dark brown curly hair was a mess and her pale skin looked tired and almost translucent in the lighting. She shook her head and was thankful that she had woken up so early. She would need the extra time to sort herself out.

Once she was certain her appearance was up to standards, she walked back out of the bathroom and was met with a wolf whistle.

"Looking fine there girl!" Felix said, putting on his best camp voice.

"Thanks" Kylie said laughing at him.

Felix always knew exactly the right thing to say and when to say it. That was one of the things she loved about him, he was this outgoing, crazy dude but he had a heart of gold and he really loved and looked out for her.

"Are you doing anything today?" Kylie asked, as she walked across the room and sat down on her bed, to put on her shoes.

"Well, I'm having a lunch date with the best looking woman in New York." Felix said, grinning.

"Oh yeah, replaced me already, huh?" Kylie asked sarcastically, knowing that he had meant her.

"Oh yeah, she's ten times the woman you'll ever be." Felix said with a mocked serious face. Kylie rolled her eyes and stood up.

"So you really think I look okay?" She said, turning around on the spot.

"Better than okay Kylie. You look hot." Felix said.

Kylie laughed and gave him a hug.

"Thanks. I couldn't have done all this without you." She told him.

Felix made a joke about making Christopher fall in love with her so they could get a bigger place with his fortune, Kylie looked at her watch and realised that it was time to get going. She hugged Felix goodbye and heard him wish her luck as she closed the door behind her.


When she arrived at the tall building that she would now be calling work, she tried to push back her nerves. She wasn't sure what to expect from her new job, but she knew that it was the next stepping stone in achieving her dreams and making it in the big city on her own.

BOOK: Billion Dollar Surprise: A Billionaire Romance
11.75Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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