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“What would you like to do today?” He deflected her question, not sure
she was ready to hear the answer yet.

“As your not-so-subtle brother pointed out, we have the place to
ourselves for a while.” She met his gaze, “I’m sure we could think of something
to do.”

He chuckled, leaning back in the chair until the front legs lifted off
the floor, “Are you trying to seduce me Angel?”

“Maybe, what if I am?” She challenged, standing.

His coffee forgotten, he focused on her mouth, “This isn’t a race. You
don’t always have to beat me to the finish line.”

“Does that mean we’re actually going to get to the finish line this
time?” She taunted, moving closer.

“I perform best after a warm up.” He tugged at the hem of her t-shirt,
pulling the fabric tight against her breasts, “I can think of a few ways I’d
like to warm up with you.”

She smiled, her eyes trailing down his chest to the bulge in his pants,
“You look ready enough to me. If not, maybe this will help.” She pulled her
shirt from his grasp, lifting it over her head in one quick motion.

Unable to resist, his eyes scanned her body, nearly naked in his
kitchen. Focusing on her small pink nipples, he licked his lips in
anticipation. None of his fantasies had prepared him for the real thing, for
this woman in front of him, offering herself to him. She was surprisingly
toned, her waist narrow and her hips flaring out beautifully. Without his
conscious command he was on his feet, pulling her close. The feel of her firm,
pert breasts against his chest caused his cock lengthen, hardening almost to
the point of pain.

His mouth found hers, their tongues tangling together in a heated
exchange, “Are you sure?”

In answer she ran her hand down his abdomen and into his sweats,
grasping his hardness with a sure grip. Her other hand snaked around his neck,
bringing his mouth to hers.

Not willing to risk losing her touch he gave in, thrusting into her hand
as she stroked him expertly. “I need you in my bed, now.”

She shook her head while walking backwards, leading him by his dick into
the front room. “Here’s better for me.” Nodding her head to the old leather
chair near the center of the room, she made her intent clear as she tightened
her grip.

A low groan escaped his lips, his hands weaving their way into her hair
as took her mouth once again. “Ride me?” He murmured his request, moving his
lips to the sensitive spot right under her ear.

“Yes, please.” She maneuvered their bodies until they were in front of
the chair, pulling his pants to his ankles before pushing him backwards.
Slipping her panties down her legs, she waited expectantly.

He slid into the chair, the cool, soft leather a startling contrast to
his heated skin. She was on him in the next second, her tits in his face, her
weight on him as she pressed their bodies together. His cock jumped, moisture
escaping from the tip at the first contact of her soft mound.  Slipping
his hand down her neck, he stroked down the cleft between her breasts before
grasping her hips. “Let me touch you.”

He brought his right hand to her breast, kneading the firm mound before
palming the nipple. Unable to resist, his mouth found the other nub, flicking
her gently with his tongue before drawing her flesh into his mouth. Despite his
ministrations her breathing was steady, seemingly waiting for him to be done.
He frowned, pulling back. “This isn’t doing anything for you is it?”

She ground against him, impatient. “It’s not you. They’re just not very

Unsure where to go from here he laughed, “Honestly, I’ve never heard
that before.”

Waving her hand dismissively she smiled in return, “You’re not up for
the challenge?”

“I’m always up for a challenge.” His hands found their way back into her
hair, bringing her face to his for another kiss.

“Why aren’t you inside of me?” She placed kisses down his jaw, moving to
his neck.

He slipped his hand between them, seeking her clit and frowning again.
“You’re not even wet yet baby.”

Angie giggled, slipping off his lap, “Not a problem. Wait right here.”

He let out a long sigh, completely lost as to where this was going. His
eyes widened when she returned, opening a box of lube. “Where’d you get that?”

“I stole it from Tyler and Cameron.” She laughed, throwing the box over
her shoulder, flipping the cap of the bottle open and dripping the liquid onto
her fingers.

His mouth dropped open as she placed her foot on the arm of the chair,
opening herself to his gaze. She had a small triangle of hair on her mound
which he preferred over the trend of going completely bare, with perfect pink
lips that parted as she spread further. Her fingers slipped inside her slit,
rubbing the moisture up and down her lips before sliding a finger inside. She
pumped into herself a few times, producing a condom in her other hand. “Put
this on.”

“Okay?” He tore the foil packet open, smoothing the rubber over the head
of his cock and rolling it down his length. Though his brain was screaming at
him to put on the brakes his dick was in the game, hardening further as he
stroked himself, watching her.

Lowering her leg and leaning down, she wiped her hand on his sweats
before climbing back onto his lap, reaching between their bodies to grasp the
base of his cock before slipping the head inside of her entry.

He grit his teeth, fighting the urge to surge up into her tight passage,
watching her face closely as she winced. “Go slow baby.”

She slammed down forcefully, taking him all. “Fast is better. Trust me.”
 She bit her lip, her nails digging into his shoulders as her body

Gripping the arms of the chair with his hands, he struggled for control.
“Fuck, are you okay?”

She nodded, her eyes falling closed as she started to move, lifting
until only his head remained before surging down again. A small smile spread
across her face, “That’s better. God Rich, I wish you could feel what it’s like
to be spread open like this.”

Losing the battle, he gasped before lifting his hips, “So good, so
fucking tight. Ride my dick Angie.” He pulled her close, his hands roaming over
her body as she ground against him.

Her legs tightened around his thighs as she moved, grinding her clit
against him as she wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing his face into her
chest. Her fingers found their way into his hair, tugging forcefully as she
increased her speed. A soft sigh escaped her lips as a small shudder racked her
body before she stilled her movements. Releasing his hair she leaned back and
gave him a small smile, “How do you want to come?”

“Huh? What just happened?” Still straining inside of her, he tried to
focus his lust filled brain.

“I’m done. How do you want to come?” She asked again, flexing around his

“You’re not done. What the fuck are you talking about?” He shook his
head and gripped her hips as she started to lift off of him.

She looked away, running her hands through her hair.

He grabbed her wrist, “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“Sorry if I’m not up to your normal standards. That’s all I’ve got Rich.
Do you want to finish or not?”

He froze, unsure of his next step. There was no way she’d climaxed. She
wasn’t even out of breath. As tight as she was he was sure he would have felt
her contract around him if she had. “Look at me Angel.”

After much too long she finally met his gaze, “What?”

“I could bust in ten seconds or less, you feel so fucking good.” And
though his body was screaming at him to do just that he maintained control by
sheer force of will. It was time he stopped letting her call the shots. He’d
told her was up for the challenge and he intended to prove to her exactly what
he meant. “I’m not going to come yet because we’re not even close to being

“I think it’s best – what are you doing?” Angie squealed as he stood
slowly, still inside of her.

“This was just foreplay. Get ready for the real thing baby. You’re all
mine today.”

Chapter Six


After making his way up the stairs carefully, Rich eased Angie off his
shaft, depositing her on the bed. The loss of warmth surrounding him was nearly
painful but he pushed his owns needs aside. He removed the condom, throwing it
into the waste basket. “We won’t need one of these for a while.”

Angie scooted further onto the bed, grabbing his rumpled blanket and
pulling it up her body. “Why?”

He almost felt bad at the uncertainty in her voice. After he was done
she’d understand. “We’re going to talk a little bit, and we’re going to play.
Correction, I’m going to play.”

“What if I don’t want to talk?” Her voice was low and she looked away as
she spoke.

“That’s just too bad Angie.” Stretching out on the bed beside her, he
tugged the blanket down, “Let me see you.” He rested his hand on her stomach,
stroking her lightly with his thumb. “I need to know some things about you to
make this perfect.”

She tensed under his hands, “Like what?”

“Relax.” he stroked up her stomach and cupped her right breast, “You’ve
never been sensitive here?” He squeezed lightly, “Not at all?”

She shook her head, watching his hand, “Well, it’s not like guys have
really paid much attention to that area. I guess,” her cheeks were pink as she
continued, “In the shower when I soap them up it feels sort of good.”

He bit back his anger at the men she’d been with before, the ones that
had taken what they’d wanted and not cared about making her feel good. Rolling
onto his stomach so he’d have both hands free, he grasped her small hand in his
and led it to her bare breast, “Show me how you want to be touched.” As he
waited patiently he was almost able to see the gears working in her brain.
“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“Rich, I’m not sure – I don’t know.”

“So we’ll figure it out together.” He pinched her nipple lightly, hoping
she’d do the same, “You have pretty nipples Angie.”

Her cheeks reddened again and she let out a little laugh, “I’ve never
been complimented on my nipples before. Thanks?”

He squeezed the small nub softly, watching it pucker further, “Do this,
and tell me how firm you want me touch you here.” He motioned to her hand,
“C’mon, trust me.”

Nodding, she focused and squeezed her left nipple, looking at his hand,
“Do it harder.”

He bit back a groan, his dick pulsing against his stomach where he was
pressed again the bed. He granted her request, squeezing with firm pressure but
trying to be careful not to hurt her. “Like this?”

She squeezed again before meeting his gaze, “More.”

Doing as she asked he watched her face, her eyes rolling back as he
applied more pressure than he’d ever been tempted to before. “You like that?”
Did his angel enjoy a bit of pain with her pleasure?

“Yes, that’s nice. I feel a little tingle in my pussy when you grip me
like that.” Her voice was low as she concentrated on the sensation.

Her words heated his body and he had to fight the temptation to thrust against
the bed to relieve some of the pressure in his cock. Shifting so he could lower
his mouth to her breast, he replaced his fingers with his lips, closing them
around her taut flesh and sucking forcefully. Instead of pulling away she
arched into him, pressing herself against his mouth. Needing no other
encouragement than that, slowly, carefully, he closed his teeth around her
nipple, biting her gently.

“That feels really fucking good.” She breathed before moaning,
abandoning her breast to slip her hands into his hair.

She pulled him closer and he took the hint, nipping her again before
moving to her other breast. “Harder?” He panted against her flesh in question.

“Yes, more. Do it now.” Her eyes were on him now, watching him as he bit

He twirled his tongue around her nipple as he slipped his hand back to
her right breast, grasping her firmly, tweaking her with his fingers as he
worked her with his mouth, hoping to double her pleasure.

Another low moan slipped from her lips and she threw her head back.
“Holy fuck, don’t stop.”

Happy to oblige, he continued for several long minutes, reveling in her
soft gasps and moans. She began squirming on the bed, losing control. “I could
do this all day you know.” He laughed softly, blowing on the wetness and
causing her to gasp again.

“I don’t know how much more I can take. Fuck me?” She breathed, her head
falling back on the pillow.

“Not yet baby.” Rich slipped his hand down her stomach, around to her
hip and down her thigh. “We’re just getting started.”

Her eyes flew open and she raised her head, “No way. I’ve never been
this turned on.”

Smiling, he dug his fingers into her flesh, pleased at the small smile
on her face, “It’s only going to get better from here.”

Her hips arched and she wiggled suggestively, “Get on with it then.”

Smothering her command with a kiss, he moved his hand back up her thigh
before slipping between her legs, seeking the proof of her arousal. He almost
cheered when he realized she was sopping wet, that it was her this time and not
the lube she’d so thoughtfully considered bringing. He hadn’t even touched her
pussy yet the moisture covered her inner thighs.  

As if realization dawned on her at the same moment, she froze.

He stilled his movements as well, “What’s wrong?”

Her hand jointed his at the juncture of her thighs, “Wow.” Running a
finger over her slit, she raised her hand, inspecting the liquid, “I’m really

He frowned, “You’ve never been this wet before? Not ever?” Now he was
really fuming. He’d thought the problem had been with him, that she either
wasn’t really into it or that he wasn’t doing something right. Everything had
always moved so quickly between them. Realizing that not being aroused when she
was taken was the norm for her caused adrenaline to pulse through his veins. He
wanted to seek out every asshole that had ever been near her and pummel them to
an inch of their life for not making sure she was ready.

“I thought it was just me, that I was defective.” She whispered.

He growled, finding her mouth with his, focusing on her and gaining
control of his temper. “You’re perfect. You are definitely not defective.”

A long sigh escaped her lips, “That’s a relief.”

Knowing that this was a big step for her he slowed down the pace,
kissing her jaw before moving down to her neck. “You want to keep going? See
what else we can find out?”

She gave an enthusiastic nod, “Yes, please.”

He shifted again, noticing that he’d left a large wet spot on the bed
where his cock had been leaking steadily as he worked her. His hard-on would
just have to wait. He was having way too much fun. Caressing her inner thigh
softly, he moved closer to her center. He caught the scent of her, digging the
fingers of his free hand into his palm to keep his focus. Cupping her mound, he
flattened his palm against her clit as he used his fingers to stroke her soft
silky lips, pleased when her hips flew off the bed, pressing her harder against
his hand. “That’s right Angel, let yourself feel good. Give yourself to me.”

In answer, she spread her legs wider, “More Rich, please.”

He slipped one finger inside her tight passage, moving slowly as he made
sure to keep contact with her clit, “You like that? Do you want more?”

Her head rolled from side to side, “Harder, but just one finger right

Pumping his finger in and out he moved his mouth back to her breasts,
alternating between sucking and nipping her as he massaged her inner walls with
his finger, curling it up and seeking out that special spot that he was almost
certain she didn’t know existed.

She tensed, grasping at his shoulder with her hand, “Wait. What the hell
is that?”

Moving until he was sitting up, he flicked her clit with his left hand
and increased the pressure inside, letting out a moan when she gushed onto his palm.
“It’s your G-spot.”

Her eyes rolled back again, “That actually exists?” She gasped, lifting
her hips.

“It appears so. You like that?” He applied steady pressure inside while
circling her clit with his fingers.

“Holy shit, yes I like that.” Her hands tangled in the sheets as she
writhed against him.

Slipping a second finger inside, he watched her face, her mouth parting
in a silent plea as he fucked her with his hand. “Can you come for me baby?”

“I don’t know. I’ve only ever gotten off from being on top from sex or
using my vibrator.”

Images assaulted his brain, pictures of her working herself with a toy,
causing his length to pulse and jump in expectation of what was to come. “Let’s
found out then okay?”

“Okay.” She nodded enthusiastically.

Working her with renewed concentration, he pressed hard on her clit
while he applied steady pressure inside, barely moving his fingers in and out.
He focused on her face, adjusting his movements based on her reactions. She was
sweating now, biting her lip as she focused on the sensations he was evoking
within her.

Panting, her eyes flew open, filled with lust and uncertainty, “I need –
something. Please, please.”

He knew right then he’d give her anything, do anything to bring her
pleasure, to give her even a small glimpse of happiness. “Anything you need
love, I’m here.” He moved his body, careful to keep a steady rhythm with his
hands while he lowered himself over the bottom half of her body, licking his
way up her stomach until he reached her breasts, closing his teeth around her
rock hard nipple. After wetting the tip with his tongue he bit down, hard, and
shoved a third finger inside of her.

She screamed a primal, guttural scream that shot straight down his spine
and tightened his balls against his body. As he felt her inner walls contract
around his fingers he unloaded onto her stomach, his dick pulsing as intense
waves of pleasure coursed through his body. His orgasm shook him down to the
tips of his toes and he let out a loud cry of his own before he finally stilled
above her.

Panting, he slipped to the side and fell onto the bed, “Holy shit.” Had
he really just came without either of them even touching his dick?

“Holy shit is right.” Angie laughed, “So that’s what a real orgasm is
like huh?”

He chuckled with her, unable to form a coherent answer. When his head
finally cleared, he slid off the bed, heading out to the hall and into the
bathroom, wetting a wash cloth and returning to the room. He cleaned his come
off her stomach, giving her a small smile, “Sorry about that, I was a little

“I’d say more than a little.” She giggled, stretching on the bed.

Joining her, he drew her close, “That was fucking amazing. You’re
amazing Angie.”

“I didn’t do all the work. Where the hell did you learn that?” She
frowned, “Never mind, I don’t want to know.”

He remained silent, not wanting to bring anything or anyone else into
this moment between them. Stroking her hair, he watched her relax in his arms.
“I still have all sorts of tricks up my sleeve. Just give me ten minutes, and
you’ll find out.”

“You’re on.” She challenged, snuggling into his chest. “Is it weird?
That I like you to bite my nipples? Am I a freak?”

He pulled her tight against him, “No, you like what you like. If it
feels good, it’s not wrong.”

She mumbled her agreement, her body relaxing. “Thank you for bringing me
here with you.”

welcome Angie, you’re more than welcome.” He continued to stroke her, noticing
her breathing become steady with sleep after a bit. He let himself drift off as
well, satisfied in knowing he’d wake up with her in his arms.

Rich woke up with a start, squinting as the sun filtering through the
window blinded him for a moment. What time was it? He glanced at the clock
wondering how long they’d been out. It was already four o’clock. Listening for
sounds downstairs, he untangled his body from hers, slipping into the bathroom
to relieve his aching bladder. After he was done he slipped inside his room,
assured that Angie was still crashed out. He was starving and was sure she
would be too when she woke, so he threw on a pair of jeans and a shirt quietly
before heading downstairs.

Finding Tracy sprawled out on the sofa watching a DVD was a surprise,
the look she gave him before blushing and refocusing on her program even more

Entering the kitchen with a slight frown, he found Pete and Trevor
making a massive mound of sandwiches. “When did you guys get back?”

“About thirty minutes ago, we’re starved.” Trevor replied, not meeting
his gaze, “I’m sure you are too.”

Pete laughed, turning around and leaning up against the counter. “When
we came home and found the lube and your pants we figured you’d used your time

Rich felt his cheeks heat. For the first time in his life he wasn’t sure
what to say. It was obvious that he and Angie had fooled around and though in
his past he’d never had a qualm about bragging a little, he didn’t want to
sully the experience. “Sorry we left that out.”

“No big deal. I’m not even going to ask what the lube was for. I threw
your clothes into the hamper and put the bottle in the bathroom.” Pete chuckled
again, popping open a soda. “Tracy on the other hand has some pretty wicked
ideas about what you might need lube for.”

Trevor chimed in, “You’ve got a dirty girl on your hands there Pete. I’d
watch out if I were you.”

“Where’s Charlie?” Rich tried to avoid going any further into that
uncomfortable conversation.

“He took a rod out to the water after we unloaded the car, after a day
shopping with Tracy he needed a little alone time.” Pete was back to making
more sandwiches. “Think I should make her take one of these out to him as a
peace offering?”

Grabbing a paper plate, he took four sandwiches and two drinks and
headed out of the kitchen, “You’re on your own with that one.”

BOOK: Convincing Her
11.05Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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