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He made his way back up to his room without glancing at Tracy even
though he could feel her watching him as he walked by. Setting the food and
drinks on the bedside table he eased onto the bed, brushing away the soft hair
that had fallen across her face. She stretched and opened her eyes, smiling up
at him. “Hey,” he murmured before leaning down to place a light kiss on her
cheek, “are you hungry?”

“Hell yes, I’m starving. What time is it?” She pushed herself up,
glancing around until she found the clock. “Sorry,” looking down and seeming to
realize she was still naked she pulled the covers up around her, “I didn’t mean
to sleep so long.”

He patted her legs over the blanket, “No big deal. It’s not like we had
anything to do.” He opened the soda and handed her the can, “At least not
anything we can’t do later tonight.”

She blushed but didn’t look away, accepting the drink, “Thanks. What did
you bring me?” She eyed the sandwich.

“I think its turkey but I’m not sure. The guys are downstairs making a
huge stack of these if you want more.” He gave her the plate, picking up one of
the sandwiches and taking a big bite.

She dove in as well, filling her mouth before taking another drink. She
swallowed and then paused, her eyes going wide, “My panties are still

Smiling, he shook his head, “Pete put our stuff in the hamper and put
away the lube. I guess Tracy thinks we did some freaky shit.”

She covered her face with her hands, “How embarrassing. I’m sorry.”

Tugging at her wrists, he pulled her hands away, “Don’t feel bad, it’s
okay. I’m sure Tracy and Pete are getting it on while we’re here.”

She seemed to consider that for a moment before she shrugged and began
eating again, “I guess you’re right.”

After finishing their food, he dumped their stuff into the trash and
settled onto the bed. “You want to watch a movie or something?”

“Sure, I’m up for anything as long as I don’t have to get dressed. You
don’t care if we just hang out here do you?”

“I’d never complain about having a beautiful naked woman in my bed.” He
got up, searching for his laptop to hook up to the television. After setting
everything up he handed her the wireless mouse and an old magazine that was
lying around for her to use as a mouse pad so she could find a movie online.

Angie was an Amazon addict from what he could tell. She logged into her
account and went to her video library, scrolling through several pages.
“Anything look good to you?”

“You look good to me.” He laughed, stretching out on the bed, “We could
always make our own movie.”

She rolled her eyes, “I don’t think so buddy. In twenty years I don’t
want to have to deal with some sex tape ruining whatever career I have.”

She had a good point and he was just teasing anyway. He was glad she was
so easygoing. After a few more minutes she finally chose True Romance,
commenting that she really liked when Patricia Arquette kills James Gandolfini
after he beats the shit out of her. Having no idea what she was talking about
but impressed by her enthusiasm he arranged himself behind her and held her
close as they watched. About halfway through the movie he kept watch as she ran
down the hall to the bathroom naked. He knew he’d never see anything cuter than
her tight little body rushing into his room, her arms and hands trying to cover
her private bits.

Rich actually enjoyed the movie. He enjoyed having his girl in his arms
more though and as the end credits rolled he brushed away her hair, placing
light kisses down her shoulder. “Are you ready for round two?”

“What did you have in mind?” She twisted her face to meet his, eyeing
his lips.

After taking his time kissing her he pulled away, locking his eyes with
hers, “I want to taste you. You’ve never come on a man’s tongue?”

“No.” She whispered, her eyes drifting to his lips again. “Shouldn’t I
do something to you this time?”

His cock liked that idea, hardening further until he was sure she could
feel him pressing into her back. “I take pleasure in giving you pleasure. I sort
of proved that earlier.” He was going to do his best to keep better control of
himself this time.

She lifted away from his body, letting the sheets fall. “I want you to
fuck me.”

“I will Angel, but I want you ready for me first.” He needed his mouth
on her, all over her.

“Don’t bite my clit.” She ordered with a smile, easing herself onto her
back on the bed, “And I want you naked, strip for me.”

“So demanding, I like it.” He stripped himself of his shirt and pushed
his jeans down his legs. He hadn’t bothered putting on underwear and she took
notice, raising her brows.

“Going commando there Dick?” She teased, opening her thighs as he
lowered himself over her.

He ignored her teasing, linking their hands and raising her arms above
her head, holding her down as he placed kisses on her forehead, her nose,
anywhere other than her mouth.

“You’re mean. Kiss me.” She puckered her lips, trying to reach his mouth
with hers.

Finally he gave in, kissing the corners of her mouth before running his
tongue along her bottom lip, “Think about what my mouth is going to feel like
He flexed his hips, his dick slipping into her soft folds. “I want to make you
scream again.” He covered her response with his mouth, his tongue meeting hers.
He kissed her until they were both panting, pulling back enough to look into
those pretty green eyes.

“They’ll hear me if I scream again, maybe you should give me something
to fill my mouth with.” She looked down their bodies pointedly.

“Are you asking to sixty-nine?” His shaft pulsed at the thought of her
mouth on him but he controlled his desire, making his way to her neck.

“Yes.” Her eyes flared with her challenge. She lifted her lower body,
bringing him dangerously close to her entrance.

A shudder rolled through him and he ground his teeth as he fought the
urge to thrust inside of her, “Careful.”

“What if I don’t want to be careful?” She wiggled again, taking the tip
of his length inside.

Letting go of her hands he gripped her hips, stilling her movements.
“You’re going to pay for that.”

“What are you going to do to me?”

She was about to find out.

Chapter Seven


Slipping down her body quickly, he forced her legs further apart. The
gleam in her eyes showed him what he needed to know. The time for gentleness and
romance would come later. Right now he needed to blow her mind. While he locked
his eyes with hers he stroked his tongue up the entire length of her slit
without hesitation, gripping her thighs tighter when she tried to pull away.
Moving down and thrusting his tongue inside, he fucked her with his mouth with
such enthusiasm he wasn’t sure he was going to be able to speak when he was

She responded beautifully, opening wider and grasping his head in her
hands, pushing him harder against her as she humped his face. Moaning against
her flesh, he released her legs and used his hands to open her wider, lifting
the hood that covered her tiny pleasure center before flicking it with his
tongue. Latching on, he sucked her clit forcefully until she squealed and
pressed her feet against his shoulders, trying to push him away.

“Too much, I can’t take it.” She panted, digging her fingernails into
his scalp.

Smiling against her skin, he flattened his tongue against the hardened
button and applied steady pressure as he moved slowly. Her hips joined the game
again, moving her against his mouth as mewling noises left her lips. The sounds
caused the skin of his cock to tighten to the point of pain and he couldn’t
resist pressing his hard-on into the bed as he worked her. Slipping a finger
inside, he quickened his motions by a fraction, creating a steady rhythm with
his mouth and hand. Her juices filled his mouth and he swallowed with a groan
before adding another digit to the mix.

“That’s right Angel, get me all wet, come on my face.” He ordered
breathlessly before curling his fingers up inside of her and closing his lips
around her overly sensitive clit once again. He was out-right humping the bed
at this point, slipping much too close to the edge of control.

“Fuck! Please, don’t stop.” She moaned as her body jerked and her legs
slammed closed around his head, pressing her pussy hard on his face.

Liquid heat ran down his chin as her hips jerked, her entire body going
completely tense as her inner walls contracted around his fingers. Shooting a
gaze up her body he realized she was biting down on the pillow in an effort to
remain quiet, her eyes squeezed tightly shut. The sight almost did him in and
he froze, stilling his own movements on the bed before he made a huge mess.

When her body fell slack he slipped his fingers from her slowly, raising
up on the bed and licking his lips as he palmed his flesh with unhurried
movements, “You taste so fucking good.”

Her gaze was fixed on his hand, “That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever
seen. Keep doing that.”

Squeezing the base of his cock in an effort to restrain himself from
shooting all over her, he brought his other hand into the mix, spreading the
wetness that leaked from his tip over the swollen head, “You like to watch

She nodded, still fixated on his hand, slipping hers to her breasts and
squeezing both nipples. “If I didn’t want you inside of me so badly I’d ask you
to finish for me.”

He quickened his movements, cupping his balls as he stroked from base to
tip, “If I don’t come now I won’t last thirty seconds inside you.” Fucking into
his fist, he let out a pained moan before forcing out, “Don’t worry, I’ll get
hard again.”

To his surprise she shifted quickly, sitting on her knees before angling
back slightly as she pressed her breasts together in invitation, her eyes still
on his slick shaft.

His orgasm hit hard and he had to force his eyes to remain open as he
shot ropes of come onto her chest, his body jerking with renewed waves of
pleasure when some landed on her pretty pink nipple. “Yes, god yes.” He moaned,
still milking his length.

When it was finally done he let out a low laugh at her expression as she
observed the mess he’d made, “With you it’s like I’m fifteen again, I can’t
control myself.” Leaning down to kiss her softly he had to ask, “What made you
do that?”

“Let you come on my tits? I’ve seen it in porn, figured it was worth a
try.” She kissed him again before pulling back and gazing at his mouth, “I can
taste me on you.”

“You like the way you taste? I know I do.” He stood, grabbing his
discarded t-shirt and cleaning her chest as she considered her response.

“Weirdly enough, it’s kind of sexy.” She giggled, “That felt more
amazing than I’d ever imagined it could. If I could have fucking purred I would

He smiled as his chest filled with pride at pleasing his woman, “I’ll be
doing that as often as you let me.”

“Careful, you’re going to create a monster.” She slid off the bed and
walked over to him, “You’re turning me into a sex-crazed maniac.”

“Words every man wants to here.” Pulling her in for a hug, he kissed the
top of her head. “Will you let me watch you play with yourself now?”

She pinched his side, “Maybe, but only after you fuck me properly.”

“Baby, there’s nothing proper about what I’m going to do to you.” He
felt her shake with laughter against his chest.

“I really have to pee.” She jerked the top sheet off the bed and wrapped
it around her, “I’m not taking any chances this time. It’s already weird that
they probably know exactly what we’ve been up here doing.” Hurrying off, she
shot him a sweet smile before ducking out into the hall.

When she returned he took his turn in the bathroom, chuckling at his
disheveled appearance in the mirror. They definitely both had that just-fucked
look. Heading back into the bedroom he found her sprawled out on the sheets,
twirling a lock of hair around her finger. Leaning against the door frame he
just stared, hoping to memorize everything about this moment.

“So, didn’t you promise me an improper fucking?” She eyed his groin,
“Doesn’t seem like you’re up to the challenge after all.”

He shook his head at her teasing, “I’m up for it. I just need a few more
minutes.” He slid onto the bed beside her, “We’re going to have to wash these

“Not until we’re done getting them dirty.” She rolled to her side,
placing her hand on his chest. “Can I play with you now?”

His cock began to harden at her words, “What did you have in mind?”

“I’ve never really – there’s never been anyone I’ve wanted to,” she
paused, seeming to consider her words, “I want to explore you.”

“I’m yours, but please, be gentle.” He laughed, relaxing into the
sheets. “Have your way with me.”

Smiling, she trailed her hand down his chest, caressing his abdomen with
her small palm, “You’ve got a great body.” She whispered, moving her hand back
up and flicking his nipple, “Are guy’s nipples sensitive too?”

“Mine are, but I can’t speak for other guys.” He sucked in a breath as
she pinched hard, “Told you I was up for the challenge.”

Her eyes drifted to his growing bulge, resting against his stomach as it
lengthened. She leaned down and licked his left nipple while she toyed with the
right, grinning when his cock jumped. Her cool fingers moved lower until she
grasped him in her hand, giving him a few slow pumps. “Penises are so weird.
They’re so hard, yet soft, at the same time.” She murmured, her eyes widening
when fluid leaked from the tip. Using her thumb she smeared the moisture over
the head with excruciatingly slow movements, eliciting a low moan. “This is
what you used earlier, so slippery.” Her voice was filled with wonder as she
stroked him.

“That feels unbelievable.” He grasped the sheets in his fists, trying to
resist reaching for her. This was her time to take her fill, she’d certainly
given him all of her and he would do the same.

Slipping her hand to the sensitive globes beneath, she palmed them
carefully, “I’ve never touched a guy’s balls before.”

There seemed to be a lot of things she’d never experienced before, and
though he didn’t  care what she’d done in her past, the fact that he was
the first guy she’d really taken her time with pleased him immensely.

Moving her hand back up to his shaft, she stroked him harder now,
smilingly when more moisture seeped from the tip. She released him and dipped
her finger into the liquid before seeking out his gaze and slipping her finger
into her mouth.

He almost came right then, watching her as she considered his taste,
“That’s one of the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” He repeated a variation of
her earlier words as she’d watched him work himself. “Do you like how I taste?”

She nodded, licking her lips before lowering her head and running the
tip of her tongue over his slit. “I never thought I’d want to do this as bad as
I do right now.” She murmured, looking up at him with a question in her eyes.

Letting out a long breath, he gripped the sheets tighter, “I’m all
yours. Anything you want.”

Her brows furrowed for a moment and her cheeks reddened, “I might not be
any good at this.”

“I’ll show you what I like. Suck me.” He demanded as he lost the tight
reign of control he’d been trying so hard to maintain. He wanted, needed, her
mouth on him.

She moved, slipping between his thighs and grasping him in her hand,
“Promise to tell me if I do anything wrong?”

“You won’t.” He breathed, arching into her hand. “I need it, please.”

A look of determination crossed her features and he almost laughed at
the serious look of concentration on her face. As she lowered her head he
tensed, all humor gone. She ran her tongue up the entire underside of his
length, twirling it around the tip before licking her way back down, moistening
his entire shaft before taking the swollen head into her mouth, sucking gently.
The warm, wet heat made his toes curl, and he used the last bit of control he
had to remain still instead of surging into her hot mouth in one long thrust.

Working him with her hand she adjusted her angle, taking him inside
until her lips met her fist, her tongue flat against him as she opened wider to
accommodate his size. When she finally began to move, he could no longer remain
passive, lifting his hips to meet her mouth with each downward thrust.
Releasing the sheets, he snaked his fingers into her hair, guiding her
movements. She moaned around him and his balls tightened against his body.
Fucking up into her mouth, he gripped her hair tighter, incoherent moans and
curses coming from his lips.

She pumped him harder with her hand before surging down, trying to take
more of him. He felt her gag and released her hair as his body stilled, waiting
for her to recover. “Only take as much as you can baby. You’re making me feel
so fucking good.”

Her lips wrapped around the head and she sucked hard before releasing
him with a loud pop, “I like you pulling my hair.” She gasped before taking him
back in her mouth, bobbing her head with renewed vigor.

“Oh yeah, that’s it Angel.” Tugging at her hair, he guided her up and
down, fucking her face while still being careful not to choke her. Knowing he
wouldn’t last much longer if she continued, he panted his order, “Stop before I

“What if I want you to come?” She mumbled before redoubling her efforts,
cupping his balls in one hand while she stroked him expertly with the other,
taking him deeper than she had before.

“Need to fuck you. Want to be inside.” He ground out as he pulled her
off his straining length. Flipping her onto her back, he kissed her swollen
lips before leaning forward and reaching into his bedside drawer, grabbing a
condom. He stilled, realizing this was always where things had gone wrong
before. He couldn’t fuck up this time. “Are you ready for me?”

Slipping her hand between her legs, she gasped, “Yeah, I’d say so.”

Tugging her hand away he observed her glistening lips. She was
completely drenched, her inner thighs wet with her arousal, “Fuck baby, you’re
soaked.” He ached to sink inside her warmth, to feel her around him.

“That’s from me sucking you Rich, look at how turned on it made me.”
Even Angie sounded surprised at the revelation.

He groaned and lowered himself onto her, “You’re made for me. You know
that right?”

“Condom, now, I’ve waited long enough.” She opened her thighs wider,

After he was ready, he rubbed his rigid length against her slit, using
her wetness to lube himself up. Shifting to get the right angle, he placed
himself against her entrance, “Watch me, watch us.” He motioned for her to sit
up, pulling the pillow behind her as she braced herself on her elbows. Inching
inside, he took his time, barely slipping in before withdrawing, going further
on his next slow thrust. He couldn’t take his eyes away from their joined
bodies, “Feels so good.” He slid home with no resistance this time, just slick
heat. Despite his bodies urging he paused to let her body adjust to the
invasion. She flexed around him, gripping him tighter and he bucked, unable to
hold back.

With steady deep thrusts he took her, his fantasy coming to life, only
better. Using his thumb, he rubbed slow circles on her clit in rhythm with his
movements, delighted at her gasps each time he bottomed out inside her tight
sheath. Her eyes began to close, her mouth parted invitingly. “Stay with me
Angel, right here with me. Open your eyes.” He smiled as her lids lifted,
“That’s right, keep them open. Watch me claim you.”

Increasing the intensity of his thrusts and the movement of his thumb,
he slammed into her forcefully, keeping a slow pace. “I’ve dreamed of this.” He
murmured, pulling all the way out before sliding balls-deep inside her. “I
don’t ever want to stop.” Moving faster now, enjoying the sounds of their
bodies as they met time and again, he watched her face, gauging her arousal
level. When she bit her lip and began to moan he stopped, slipping almost all
the way out. He could feel her inner walls grip him, trying to prevent his

BOOK: Convincing Her
7.45Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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