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“What the hell Rich? Don’t stop.” She let out a pained moan, her hips
lifting, seeking more contact.

“It’s all right. Trust me baby. It’ll be worth the wait, I promise.” He
moved again, sinking deeper inside of her, faster now. She moved with him,
meeting him thrust for thrust, murmuring her pleas for more. Again, and then
once more, he brought her to the brink of her climax before stilling his

“I need it. I need you Rich. Please, please fuck me.” Her breathing was
erratic now, a thin sheen of sweat covering her entire body. Lifting her hips
she begged him, “Make me come.”

Gritting his teeth, he pummeled into her relentlessly, not letting up
this time. Moving a hand to her breast, he tweaked her nipple as he applied
firm pressure to her clit, “Come on my dick. Right now Angie, do it now.”

A strangled cry escaped her lips as she rocked against him, her pussy pulsing
around his cock. He smothered the sound with his mouth, thrusting his tongue
against hers in time with his movements. As the contractions subsided he let
himself go, burying himself deep inside as he rutted against her, grunting his
pleasure as he exploded, filling the condom.

It took him several minutes to catch his breath, but finally he slipped
out of her and disposed of the rubber in the waste basket, pulling her close as
he eased back onto the bed. “That was perfect.” He kissed her damp hair, sweaty
from the exertion.

“Perfect.” She agreed, sliding her thigh over his, “Sleep now?”

He chuckled, “Yeah, sleep now Angel.”

Chapter Eight


Rich woke up with Angie still curled around him. He took his time
observing every detail of her face, her hair sprawled out on the pillow, her
lips parted as she inhaled and exhaled steadily. Unlike the few times he’d
previously woken up panicked after crashing at a girls place, he was completely
calm. He wanted her right here, right next to him always.

Her stomach growled and he shifted, smiling as he stroked the side of
her face. Her eyes peeked open and for a moment she seemed disoriented, then
she returned his smile and stretched, covering her mouth as she yawned, “Sorry,
morning breath. Is it morning?” She asked as she placed her head on his chest.

“It’s a little after nine. I think I’ve slept more in two days than I
did all semester.” Stroking the soft curve of her shoulder he let out a
contented sigh, “Want to go see what we can scrounge up for breakfast?”

Running her fingers through her hair she winced as her fingers tangled
in the mess, “I really need a shower.”

“If I promise to help you get clean and not dirty, can I join you?” He’d
never get enough of her body, even now his cock lengthened at the thought of
soaping her up, but he also knew she was probably a little sore and he wanted
to make sure she knew this was about more than sex.

She considered his request for a moment before narrowing her eyes at
him, “No funny business mister, I can’t come downstairs walking all funny.” She
sat up, rubbing her eyes. “I need to go grab some stuff out of my room.”

He shifted off the bed and grabbed a shirt out of his bag, tossing it to
her, “Okay.” He was tempted to ask her to bring her things to his room but he
thought better of it.

Walking to the bathroom he gave her a pat on the ass as she hurried past
him to her room. He emptied his bladder quickly before brushing his teeth then
adjusted the water and stepped in. She joined him moments later and they made quick
work of it, each soaping up the other before taking turns under the spray. He
gave her some privacy after she ran her hands over her calves and wrinkled her
nose, saying she needed to shave.

He dressed quickly in his room, checking his phone for any messages. His
mom had sent him a text, asking if everything was going okay. He shot a quick
reply back to her, still amazed that the woman was texting. Angie entered the
room fully dressed, her hair still wet.  He much preferred her naked, but
she looked adorable, her skin still pink from the heat of the shower.

“So hungry, need food.” She mumbled, stepping closer to him, “I think
I’m going to see if Tracy wants to work out with me today. She mentioned
wanting to keep up on her routine.”

“You work out?” He wrapped his arms around her, inhaling her scent.

She pinched his back, “Of course. The way I eat? If I didn’t exercise
I’d be three hundred pounds.”

He laughed at that, “I thought you were just one of those lucky girls
that had a fast metabolism.”

She let out a little growl, “I hate those girls. Not fair!”

They made their way down the stairs, surprised to find everyone already
in the kitchen. Pete was removing some eggs and bacon from the fridge and he
gave Rich a quick smile, “Morning.”

“You’re already done? Damn, I bet ten bucks we wouldn’t see you for
another few days.” Tracy let out a loud laugh, “When Pete and I first hooked up
we didn’t leave my apartment for a week.”

Angie blushed but didn’t seem too bothered by the comment. “Need some
help?” She squeezed his hand before releasing him to make a beeline for the
coffee pot.

“I got it, thanks.” He turned to Rich, “Mom text you?”

He chuckled, “Yeah, crazy right? The woman hates technology.”

Angie took a seat next to Tracy at the small table, “Want to teach me
your routine today?”

Tracy squealed, “Yes, I try to make it fun. I actually hate working out,
that’s why I decided to try for the aerobics instructor position when there was
an opening at the gym. I get paid to do something I’d have to do anyway. We’re
going to need it from the looks of it. Pete’s trying to give us a heart
attack.” She motioned to the four packages of bacon sitting on the counter.

“One package is for me, you can all fight over the rest of it. I told you
Tracy, I’m taking a week off from the diet you prepared for me. I plan to stock
up.” Pete rubbed his stomach as he spoke, “So it’s going to be pretty warm
today, you want to try the jet skis?”

“Hell yeah,” Rich accepted the coffee Angie offered him, mouthing thank
you. “Hey, since you guys helped out around here with the cleaning and the
computer stuff, why don’t you take the first shot at it?” He offered to Trevor
and Charlie. He’d been thinking of a way to show he appreciated what they’d
done. He certainly hadn’t wanted to clean up or deal with hooking up the

“Sweet, I want the red one.” Charlie perked up, downing the rest of his
Red Bull.

Trevor gave Rich a nod and grinned, “Sounds good to me. Thanks man.”

Pete turned out to be pretty handy at the stove, eating as he cooked and
still making a plate after he’d served everyone else. As promised, he downed
about fourteen slices of bacon, eyeing Tracy with every bite.

“The eggs were damn good brother, how did you make them so fluffy?” Rich
mumbled around a mouthful.

“Fuck if I know, I just add a little cream and beat the hell out of
them.” Downing his orange juice, he tipped his head at Tracy. “Do you want to
come with us?”

“We’ll find you later.” She finished her eggs and stood, cleaning her
plate at the sink, “Rich is right, those were really good.”  

Pete grabbed some bacon from the pan and waved it in her face, “Are you
sure you don’t want some? It’s so good. You’ll love it.”

Letting out a little yelp she backed up, laughing, “Keep that away from
me. I’m getting heart disease just looking at it.”

Angie plucked the bacon from his fingers, “I’ll take it.” She shoved it
in her mouth and moaned. “You’re a stronger woman than I Tracy.”

“C’mon, I’ll help you work it off.” Tracy grabbed Angie’s hand, pulling
her into the front room, “Will you move the couch please?”

After helping
Pete move the couch, he gave Angie a quick kiss, raising his eyebrows in
question. He didn’t want her to feel like he was abandoning her, especially
after last night. She gave him a quick nod, assuring him she was good. He
kissed her again, “Call if you need anything.” He ran upstairs and changed into
some swim trunks before heading out.

After getting the jet skis to the water Charlie and Trevor familiarized
themselves a bit before speeding off, complaining that the water was still
freezing. Rich flopped back in the lounge chair next to Pete. “It’s cool I let
them go first right?”

He gave a nod, “Yeah that was cool of you.”

“So what have you been up to? It’s been too damn long since we actually
just hung out.” Rich slipped of his shoes, getting comfortable.

Pete gave a little laugh, shrugging his shoulders, “We haven’t hung out
since we were kids. I’ve just been going to school, working out like crazy.
What about you?”

“Same man, I’ve been working at a machine shop. It’s pretty cool, it
doesn’t pay much since I’m not an operator, but it gives me some extra cash
without having to ask mom and dad.” He’d been shooting hoops at the gym with a
group of guys for a few weeks when Troy asked him if he wanted a job. He hadn’t
even had to fill out an application.

“That’s good, sometimes I feel bad about taking their money, but then I
say fuck it. I deserve it.”

Rich raised his brows, surprised at his brother’s change in tone, “Not
saying you don’t, but what do you mean?”

Pete let out an angry little huff, “They never did shit with us as kids.
Even when we were here, mom would just sit around and read, and dad would putt
around in the garage, acting like he was fixing up his boat. The old man was
probably just jerking off.”

Rich hadn’t realized their parent’s standoffish demeanors had affected
Pete so much. If he was being honest with himself, it had gotten to him too.
“They’re trying now though right? Dad let you pick your major without giving
you too much shit didn’t he?”

“Mom’s trying. Dad’s trying with her, I guess.” He ran a hand through
his thick blond hair, “He didn’t
me doing anything. I told him what
I was going to do and that if he didn’t support it I’d find my own way. I meant
it to.”

Rich was silent for a while, observing Pete closely, “I’m sure you would
have. It’s good you stood up for what you wanted. I’m proud of you.”

His brothers piercing blue eyes met his, “You realize that’s the first
time you’ve ever said that?”

It didn’t take much consideration to know his brother was right, “I’m
sorry about that.”

“Are you? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad we’re getting this chance to hang
out. But you were always a dick to me man, just because you didn’t understand

Rich leaned forward, “Don’t say always. When we were kids we were
close.” He clenched his fists, “You’re right though, I didn’t understand you.
You were so damn quiet, and I sort of felt like
looked down on
You’ve always been so fucking smart.”

“You really like Angie don’t you?” Pete broke their stare as he stood,
picking up a rock and throwing it into the lake.

“Yeah, more than I’ve ever liked any girl before.” It was true. There
was no reason to pretend otherwise.

“I can tell. You want to know how?” He didn’t wait for an answer, “You
haven’t pulled one of your spit or swallow jokes on her, you don’t talk about
what you guys were doing up in that room all day and night yesterday, and you
actually blushed when you realized we knew you’d gotten freaky with her in the
front room.”

Rich sighed, “Was I really that bad with the other girls?”

“Yeah, you were. It was really hard to watch. The way they just kept
going after you, it made me hate women for a while.” Pete sat back down, “I get
it now. I mean, if I’d had girls throwing themselves at me all through school I
probably would have been a pompous ass too, but I’m just now experiencing the
things you did when you were only fifteen.”

“You’re certainly handling it a lot better than I did. Don’t you think
it was weird for me too? I didn’t get it then, and I don’t get it now. The fact
that Angie’s even giving me the time of day is a miracle.” As he spoke the
words, he knew they were true. He was the luckiest bastard on earth.

“Do you ever wonder why you went through women like I went through

Rich blanched, unsure how to answer that one.

“You were seeking female attention. Mom never hugged us, ever. Not even
after I almost died right here in this lake. She tapped the top of my hand and
told me to be more careful.”

Pete had obviously given this a lot of thought. “You’re really pissed at
her aren’t you?”

“Sometimes, I don’t know anymore. Tracy’s helped a lot. Even that was
hard. I’d only been with a couple other girls before her. I had no idea how to
act around a woman. I’d never seen dad do anything special for mom. I had to
read fucking relationship books for god’s sakes.” He finally laughed, standing
again. “Look, I’m sorry for unloading on you like this, but we haven’t really
talked in years.”

“I can’t take back anything I did, or didn’t do, but we can try to make
the best of this trip. I’d like it if we hung out more. Maybe got together for
holidays or something.” Rich felt like total shit, but he’d learned from this
short time with Angie that if something really mattered, it was worth pursuing.

Pete gave a quick nod out to the water, “Sounds good to me. Looks like
they’re coming in, you ready to race?”

“You’re on.”

For the next four weeks Rich’s days were filled with hanging out with
his brother, and sometimes Angie when she wasn’t with Tracy or reading on the
porch. The girls had taken up the weekly shopping visits, always in good
spirits when they returned. His nights were spent with his girl, discovering
every inch of her body and trying to get into her complicated mind. He couldn’t
see the future, but he was pretty sure life simply couldn’t get any better than
this. After Pete had gotten some of his resentment off his chest they’d gotten
along better than Rich could have ever imaged. They still didn’t have a ton of
stuff in common but they both enjoyed going on hikes, riding the hell out of
their jet skis, and fishing at least a couple times a week.   

He’d watched Angie relax more and more each day and she assured him
every night that she actually liked his brother’s girl. She didn’t go too much
into it, but she explained that she never really had girlfriends and it was
sort of nice for a change. Turns out they both liked some of the same
television shows and had several marathon TV sessions while he and the others
were out enjoying the summer.

The Sunday before they had to head back to school he woke up alone,
curious as to where Angie was. She almost always slept later than him. After
dressing quickly and heading downstairs, he made his way into the kitchen. What
he found caused his dick to harden instantly and he let out a gasp of surprise.

Angie was in an apron and nothing else, icing a huge chocolate cake. She
jumped when she heard the sound, turning quickly. “No! You’re not supposed to
be up yet.”

She had
chocolate on her face, and her angry expression just about did him in. It was
at that moment that he realized he was in love with her. Holy shit, he was in
love with Angie.

She pointed the knife at him, “I told Pete I should have drugged your
ass. Go in the front room, you didn’t see any of this, got it?”

“Where are your clothes?” He whispered, still shocked.

She waved the knife, “I’ll explain later. Don’t worry, everybody is
gone. Go!”

Stumbling into the front room he flopped on the couch, wondering when
he’d become such a pushover. Placing his head in his hands, he let out a low
groan. His cock was still stiff, but he couldn’t even concentrate on that. His
mind was still reeling as he attempted to comprehend what his feelings meant.
This time with her had been better than he’d ever imagined but neither of them
had broached the topic of what would happen once they left this place. He’d
thought about it hundreds of times, but the fact was he frightened about what
she’d say, especially after their conversation on the way here.

BOOK: Convincing Her
3.49Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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